[Users] V. 3.80 Linux line highlighting colour

Charles Kroeger mbone at gmx.co.uk
Tue Dec 20 18:34:29 CET 2011

It would be a great addition to CM if in the Configuration menu related to
colours there was a way to adjust the line highlighting colour one sees when
clicking on the line with the mouse.

In this current version there's this very dark blue band that appears when a
line is highlighted and that wouldn't be so bad if the text in lines of the
message list and folders list turned white like in the configuration menus
etc. At least those lines are readable.

The DE I use here, xfce4 doesn't seem to control this with any of its window
managers, and I don't know about GTK and how much CM relies on that
configuration for this highlighting colour.

Is there a hidden way to adjust this colour?




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