[Users] redundant attachments in mimetmp

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Mon Dec 19 17:17:59 CET 2011

When i do 'open with' on an image attachment if offers me xyz '%s' where xyz is the default viewer. 

Do i really need the '%s' in the first place ? I can not imagine any scenario where you would not want the filename as argument...?

Then i right-click on the first image of several, which are attached to a sent mail by claws itself, when i selected files just as usual. The following happens:

(1) The image gets decoded and placed into mimetmp as 00000005.<filename>.jpg.

(2) The same image gets decoded and placed into mimetmp as claws.TtEmbv (or so).

My default viewer is geeqie, which may be buggy. But the same happens with gwenview, too. These viewers always open the image folder and show all images. So they show me me the redundant files in mimetmp. 

[ I clarify, there was only one image of that name attached to the mail, but along some others with different names.]

When i change to another mail folder, the images in mimetmp don't get removed. But when i change back and repeat the attachment opening, more images of the "0000000<n>.<filename>.jpg" type are created. Also the "claws.TtEmbv" type is repeated. The existing are not reused.

Confusingly, some of the images are cleared sometimes (but never all) when i change folders, but i could not find understand why and when exactly. To me it appears like random.

Is this really intendet behavior ? Would it not mean unnecessary resource consumption ?

Another thing happens when i say 'open with' -> geeqie (without the %s). then 3 images are created at once, in mimetmp, (05 and 06 and the internal viewer one) but geeqie does not launch. I wonder ?

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