[Users] avoiding claws-mail special headers in sent messages files

Zibeli Aton zibeli at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 18 16:30:03 CET 2011


I'm looking for a new email client so am experimenting with 
claws-mail and am impressed so far.  I'm wondering, though, if there is 
any real necessity for or way to prevent the addition of a long set of 
often cryptic header lines that seem to end with 
"X-Claws-End-Special-Headers: 1" to the copy of outgoing emails saved in
 the Sent folder.  These headers do not appear to be included in the 
emails as they are sent to the outgoing SMTP server but are saved in the
 MH files and are also visible by using Claws-Mail's view source option 
on items in the Sent folder.

Aside from a general preference that
 the email source as saved match that which was actually sent, I intend 
to use other scripts/programs to do various processing against the 
source email files and would prefer not to have to work around these 
extra headers.

As a messy alternative, is any harm likely to 
occur if I just delete all header lines up to and including the 
"X-Claws-End-Special-Headers" line from the Sent items via a 
post-processing rule executing an external script?  These headers appear
 to contain primarily information about the options that were used in 
composing the message, and I have no particular interest in keeping 
track of that, but I'm not sure if that is their only function.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this,

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