[Users] Reply with quote does not include the full message

Ingo Arndt scachi at gmx.de
Sat Dec 17 13:03:33 CET 2011

Am Sat, 17 Dec 2011 06:04:48 -0500
schrieb Pierre Fortin <pf at pfortin.com>:

> Do you see the full message BEFORE you hit Reply?

I only see the full message before hitting reply if I have activated
the Option 'Choose html part if msg is 'multipart/alternative''
in preferences. Sorry, I haven't noticed that before.
> If so, at the point the message STOPS being quoted, what is in the
> message?  
The 'Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8' part ends.

> Any chance the sender included a line containing only "-- " (dash, dash,
> space**)? This is the default signature separator after which no quoting
> occurs.
The sender does not include the default signature sperator.
And I haven't changed it from default.

> >He sends his mail via a webmailer from "A1 Webmail" (Austrian Telekom)
> >and it seems to be a multipart message and only the first part seems to
> >used when quoted. 
> Here, it sounds like only the first part is visible when reading.  
"when quoted", not when reading

> >There is nothing more in the first text part, only the
> >second one is complete. The full mail is visible when reading/looking at
> >it in the inbox preview window.
> BUT...  here you say "The full mail is visible"...  so partial quoting is
> most likely due to a signature separator...  anything else would likely
> be a bug.
The full mail is visible when reading, not quoting.

Okay, long story short.
The webmailer is broken as it only includes a small piece of the mail in the 
text/plain part but the full mail in the text/html part.

Is it possible to have an option like the one for reading
Choose html part if msg is 'multipart/alternative'
but for quoting ?
Or shouldn't it quote the html part of the message if I have choosen it
to be viewed ? This way the result would always be the same, you quote what you see ?


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