[Users] Reply with quote does not include the full message

Ingo Arndt scachi at gmx.de
Sat Dec 17 08:57:07 CET 2011


Little Girl wrote:

> Hey there,
> Ingo Arndt wrote:
> > I really like Claws-Mail. Only one thing is driving me nuts.
> > When replying to one specific friend with quote
> > only a small part of the message is quoted, most is lost.
> This probably isn't what's causing it, but if you highlight or select
> part of a message before replying, then only the selected part is
> quoted.

I do not select or highlight anything, just replying.
If I select the whole content of the mail an hit reply the full message
is quoted. 
When I select a part of the message only the selected part is quoted.
When I select nothing only the first part seems to be quoted.
Is there an option in Claws-Mail that I may have to select to get the full message
quoted ?


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