[Users] Some questions from a possible new user

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Thu Dec 15 22:39:33 CET 2011

I am a long time user of mutt but I'm considering using claws as my main
E-Mail client.

However I have a couple of questions about claws:-

    How do you actually implement the external editor?  I can see the
    menu option to use the external editor and there's a configuration
    option to open the external editor automatically but I can't for the
    life of me find where one actually specifies the external editor.

    I have loaded the mailmbox folder plugin, can I keep all my mail in
    mbox format having done this or does it just allow me to import and
    export mbox?  What I *really* want to be able to do is to use either
    mutt or claws on the same hierarchy of mbox files, I can then use
    claws on my desktop and mutt when I log in remotely using ssh.

If it's of relevance I'm running Claws version 3.7.8 on xubuntu 11.04.

Chris Green

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