[Users] Run command after checking for email

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Sun Dec 11 19:53:03 CET 2011


> 1) I am not sure what this is all about.

My link was meant as a harmless joke.
> 2) I am sure it is OT

Yes, it is !
> 3) Slashdot is the recommended forum for Microsoft bashing.

ok, i try to memorize it.

> 4) Are you so naive as to believe that they would actually respond to
> your message? 

Jerry, do you really ask _me_ here ? But i really was not involved in this topic discussion. I was quoting a piece of text from someone, but thought it shouldn't be important who it was. You can find it in the thread easily.

I just wanted to do a little joke. I thought it would help to pacify emotion. Now i am astonished ! Please do not flame, it wasn't pointing to you at all.

Regards, Micha

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