[Users] Another wish : confirmation before sending

Little Girl littlergirl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 01:50:09 CET 2011

Hey there,

Brad Rogers wrote:
> Little Girl wrote:
> > I can't think of any reason why anyone would do that without
> > having been asked, and I can definitely say I've never done it. (:
> Happens on several lists I'm on.   As Jerry says, some people insist
> it's the "correct" thing to do.  I'm told some lists make it policy.

I didn't realize that, but I'm only on a couple of mailing lists, so
I don't have much experience.

> I know why some people do it;  The "Reply All", rather than "Reply
> List" thinking they're the same thing, or because that's the only
> way they can get the list address up in the To: field.  They're
> then too lazy to delete the CC:, or other To: of the OP.

I have the opposite problem. Someone will send a message with
multiple recipients, and my default behavior is to reply to list.
It's generally only after I've sent the message that I realize it was
probably expected at more than one address. That's why I responded to
this wish thread to begin with, because the wish would solve my
issue nicely. (:

> The worst scenario is when I reply to somebody's question, then
> somebody else replies to my message, but is /actually/ replying to
> the OP. Totally asinine, and shows they've spent too long in web
> forums.

I've probably done that a couple of times as well, although not
intentionally, and not as a result of any kind of appeal for forums.
It's also possible that others do what I do, which is to delete any
message that doesn't interest me or doesn't sound like something I
could offer valuable input on. Then later there's a reply that shows
me that I misunderstood the original message and could have offered
something after all. At that point I can either join in late and
clumsy in an attempt to reach the original poster (just like you
describe above) or slink off into the shadows. (:

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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