[Users] Deleted messages when switching folders / no old messages from imap server

Cliff Laine lainecliff at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 12:02:18 CET 2011

Hello everyone

I hope it's OK to put two problems in the same post. These arose
suddenly without me changing anything on my system a couple of days
ago. And yes, I am using Gmail, which I accept is not a fully
standards-compliant email system, but Gmail and Claws have always got
on fine until the other day.

1) CM isn't showing all my old emails from imap.gmail.com. The post
count is 1406 of read emails but it's only showing about 50 which are
the emails which have arrived since this problem started. How can I get
Claws to recover all my email from the imap server?

2) I change folders, from the inbox to a child folder, then, when I
return to the inbox, the newest message in the inbox is deleted
permanently, bypassing the trash.  I wonder if anyone's got any ideas
about how to stop this behaviour.

CM 3.7.5
Mepis Linux 8.5 

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