[Users] Bug 2561: delay fetching mail after having been connected for awhile

Pierre Fortin pf at pfortin.com
Fri Dec 9 01:28:35 CET 2011

>When I have been connected to the Internet for a few (undetermined)
>minutes and then hit the Get Mail button, Claws Mail takes FOREVER to
>retrieve mail. I often have to disconnect from the Internet and
>reconnect.  Mail fetching is always normal after I have freshly
>connected to the Internet.
>No errors are given.  I am checking several mailboxes, and I can see
>them pass thru the status line at the lower left of the CM window.  And
>they hang up on each one...slowly stepping thru them.  Its always much
>quicker to disconnect and reconnect, and then it blasts thru, depending
>on how much mail, of course.
>This has occurred in all version of the Windows port I have used.  Have
>been using CM for about a year.

Windows...   that's why I'm bringing the discussion here instead of the
bug DB...

Windows is notorious for connection problems...  it sometimes auto-creates
new interfaces and then gets confused as to which one is the correct
one to send packets out over...  you didn't provide:
- Windows version
- wireless v. wired.
- details on disconnect/connect method
- router or direct connected to 'net modem
- are other apps working to remote locations?

Is your router and/or modem disconnecting/reconnecting from/to the net?
Have you tried opening a DOS window and using:
   ping -t 
(use Ctrl+c or close window to stop) to see if the network is still
working? is a Google DNS server.  If the responses stop, then
you probably have a Windows or network problem, v. CM.

Are you running Windows7 under VirtualBox?  I used to see that very
problem more often under VB than when running natively -- either way,
Windows7 bug somewhere.  I don't run W7 long enough any more to know if
this has been fixed.

I may not be able to respond until Monday; hope someone can help in the

Ah... you just posted:

>In addition to the delay in fetching mail.  Moving mail between folders
>is also delayed when the Internet connection becomes "stale."

Have you checked the Task Manager to see if a process is hogging the CPU
when this happens?

>There is no other evidence with other programs of having any connection
>problems whatsoever.  I am often actively communicating with websites,
>both visiting and FTP'ing, etc, and then turn to check mail and....groan.

Don't rely on this for confirmation...  try the above ping to see if
there are connection gaps as identified by missed responses...  
Browser data may be buffered, making it appear to work...   ftp uses
fast-backoff/slow-start algorithms which would mask some outages unless
you are watching closely and know what to look for.

>Also, never had this problem with my prior email clients, Thunderbird and
That doesn't impress me...  LOL

Not discounting your issue; just wanting to make sure you're not missing
a Windows or router/network issue...


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