[Users] Firefox 8.0

Michael codejodler at gmx.ch
Wed Dec 7 13:03:53 CET 2011

...what a mess :)

~ mi: cd .mozilla
~/.mozilla mi: ls
appreg  default  extensions  firefox  pluginreg.dat

There is the 'default' folder. It's not this one, but the 'firefox' one.

~/.mozilla mi: cd firefox/

~/.mozilla/firefox mi: ls

0x77fltk.default  pluginreg.dat  profiles.ini

~/.mozilla/firefox mi: grep  mailto  0x77fltk.default/mimeTypes.rdf 

Now use any editor to modify that file. How about 'sed -i' huh :)

The GUI is the Graphical User Interface, that's just what you call 'the firefox'. The mimetype GUI manager is the dialog in the Preferences.

To understand why your grep did nothing try this: 'grep 123' then type in 123 <ENTER>

Anything left....ah, 'hacking': .... in this case, means choosing a shortcut (editing a config directly) where official ways (the GUI) seem to be nonfunctional.

Tell us if it worked :)

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