[Users] wish : a previous button (following my reading history)

Daniel Caillibaud ml at lairdutemps.org
Thu Dec 1 10:05:27 CET 2011

Le 30/11/11 à 16:21, MSulchan Darmawan <bleketux at gmail.com> a écrit :
MD> > A back button (to the previous read mail, following my reading
MD> > history) would be really usefull in such case ;-)
MD> Maybe this one ???
MD> View > Go To > Last Read Message

It works only once in the same folder (try to do thi several times, you only toggle between 2
messages). The wish I have is to really go to the previous displayed message following my


Vous prouver que j'ai raison serait admettre que je puisse avoir tort.

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