[Translators] Support for msgctxt

Andrej Kacian andrej at kacian.sk
Sat Nov 17 00:59:35 CET 2012

On Tue, 13 Nov 2012 10:57:41 +0100
Andrej Kacian <andrej at kacian.sk> wrote:

> I wonder if it is time already to stop using deprecated msgid context
> strings for gettext, and move to msgctxt. Basically, this would have
> following effect for po/pot files.
> Instead of:
> #: src/account.c:1537
> msgid "Accounts List Get Column Name|G"
> msgstr ""
> The files would contain:
> #: src/account.c:1537
> msgctxt "Accounts List Get Column Name"
> msgid "G"
> msgstr ""
> Programatically, We'd just switch from Q_("context|string") to
> C_("context", "string"), so the potential impact would be bigger
> for translators than for developers.

Hello again,

I've gone ahead with this change in 3.9.0cvs12. I have also updated message
catalogs for all languages we have translations for, so none of the hard work
you translators put in was lost (at least according to msgmerge statistics).

Let me know if you find anything wrong or missing related to this change.

Andrej Kacian

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