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Fri Jul 26 12:59:49 CEST 2019

The annotated tag, 3.17.4 has been created
        at  5ddf74abcbc84dbc57a5e9da6afae8ba8ecbb470 (tag)
   tagging  215b6adc8aecb1d81867f144c6d8ed188827fd8d (commit)
  replaces  3.17.3
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Fri Jul 26 11:59:35 2019 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.17.4

Andrej Kacian (129):
      Fix incorrect charset conversion in sc_html_read_line().
      Fix alertpanel API use in win32 part of mimeview.c
      Remove use of %hhu format in managesieve for g_strdup_printf()
      Remove an unused enum which was committed by mistake
      Fix missing ws2tcpip.h include for Windows
      Emulate strftime's %r on Windows which does not have that
      Fix pid handling in debug output of kill_children_cb()
      Fix printf formats for size_t and goffset arguments.
      Do not needlessly cast time_t to long long int for debug_print()
      Fix incorrect pointer arithmetic in w32_filesel.c
      Restore line removed by mistake in previous commit.
      Fix use after free in rare code path in rssyl_subscribe()
      Make "Edit Person Details" window not modal
      Respect quicksearch focus when refreshing summaryview to show new messages
      More user-friendly dependency check for python plugin
      Fix configure for rare cases where python is not installed
      Fix return type for vcal_manager_get_cutype_for_attendee()
      Fix an impossible to trigger buffer overflow
      Make children tracking in execute_actions() more async-aware
      Improve line breaks in compose window
      Fix a few small memory leaks in scan_mailto_url()
      Improve new feed item detection algorithm in RSSyl slightly
      Remove an unused path variable in python plugin
      Fix crash when LDAP address source is defined in index, but LDAP support is disabled
      Fix session proxy initialization for Windows
      Only call the fd_is_w32_socket() check on Windows
      Add a menu item to open debug log file on Windows
      Replace deprecated _sleep() with Sleep() in w32_unistd.c
      Use G_GSIZE_FORMAT for printing time_t values
      Disable operations around the x_display variable on non-Unix
      Remove unneeded w32_stdio.c
      Fix a compiler warning
      Do not define our own strcasestr() if it is available
      Make is_toplvl_domain() aware that TLDs can be longer than 6 characters
      Use hardcoded SHA digest length in pkcs5_pbkdf2.c
      Fix possible stack overflow in vcalendar's Curl data handler
      Fix a small memory leak in rssyl_remove_msgs()
      Fix URL display in statusbar when hovering over a link in litehtml_viewer
      Use debug_print() and g_warning() instead of g_log() in litehtml_viewer
      Added preferences page to LiteHTML plugin and make it respect the enable_remote_content pref
      Make Litehtml plugin open links in configured way
      Properly free previous document from memory in litehtml's clear()
      Fix a huge memory leak in Litehtml
      Fix a memory leak in Litehtml plugin's http loader
      Make Litehtml's curl write function a regular function instead of a static member function of the http class
      Make Litehtml's curl writefunction add data directly to the GInputStream
      Add lh_widget::get_href_at()
      Implement link context menu in Litehtml
      Make Litehtml's "Copy Link" menuitem actually do something
      Do not build the litehtml plugin if a C++ compiler is not available
      Switch Litehtml's image cache from std::map to std::list
      Implement size limit for Litehtml image cache
      Add image_cache_size pref to Litehtml
      Show number of cleared Litehtml cache images on debug
      Reset Litehtml scrolledwindow to top-left when displaying new content
      Use height of the viewport, not the scrolled window when telling Litehtml size of the area it has available for rendering
      Make Litehtml display sub- and superscript correctly
      Change addressbook's internal UI name for Edit submenu to match its label
      Make key accelerators from menu work in addressbook window
      Add default_font preference to Litehtml plugin
      Use prepend document base url to #fragment links in Litehtml plugin
      Use Pango to render text in Litehtml plugin
      Remove pgpcore's fp_read_noconv() in favour of file_read_stream_to_str_no_recode() from file-utils.c
      Move file header to the top in pgp_utils.c
      Fix previous commit
      Move pgpcore's get_part_as_string() to procmime.c
      Simplify Litehtml plugin's show_mimepart
      Simplify vcalviewer_get_uid_from_mimeinfo()
      Rewrite pgp_locate_armor_header() to more strictly follow RFC4880
      Write missing prefs_done() in Litehtml plugin
      Add a mutex lock for Litehtml plugin image cache
      Make Litehtml image loading non-blocking using threads
      Require GLib >= 2.36 for Litehtml plugin
      Fix a typo in previous commit
      Rewrite procmime_get_part_as_string() to not use a temporary file
      Write procmime_get_part_as_inputstream()
      Update callers of procmime_get_part_as_string()
      Rewrite image_viewer.c to not create a temporary file for the image being loaded
      Make textview load image attachments not via temporary files
      Restore compatibility with gdk-pixbuf version 2.26
      Add a forgotten fclose() call
      Add missing config.h include to utils.h
      Added support for local image attachments to the Litehtml plugin
      Always remove local images from Litehtml image cache
      Fix buf #4166: corrupted double-linked list
      Fix a memory leak in Pine address book support
      Fix two small memory leaks in addressbook code
      Remove mgu_clear_list() function
      Remove functions mgu_*_test_unq_nc()
      Remove mgu_free_list() and mgu_free_dlist()
      Make cursor and statusbar URL display smarter in litehtml plugin
      Add a getter for litehtml::document's m_over_element member
      Fix incorrect logic in lh_widget::set_cursor().
      Fix memory leak in RSSyl's feed_item_free()
      Fix a memory leak in rssyl_deleted_expire()
      Fix a memory leak in stock_pixmap_widget_with_overlay()
      Fix a memory leak in rssyl_add_item()
      Fix a memory leak in rssyl_rename_folder()
      Fix memory leaks in pgpmime_sign() and pgpmime_encrypt()
      Fix memory leak in smime_sign() and forgotten removal of a temporary file in smime_encrypt()
      Fix a blatant textbook case of use-after-free in rssyl_update_feed()
      Fix a long-standing use-after-free in mainwin_actions_execute()
      Fix a memory leak in icon_list_append_icon()
      Fix a memory leak in sgpgme_sigstat_info_short()
      Fix a memory leak in rssyl_add_item()
      Fix a runaway string read in procmime_decode_content()
      Fix a memory leak in litehtml plugin's container_linux::load_image()
      Fix two memory leaks in litehtml plugin
      Fix a memory leak in sc_session_manager_connect()
      Fix memory leaks in imap_handle_error()
      Free a memory leak in libetpan-backed server connections
      Fix a syntax error in sock_close() causing windows build to fail
      Simplify item body parsing in rssyl_parse_folder_item_file()
      Remove unnecessary debug output from previous commit
      Fix previous commit
      Fix parsing items with empty bodies from on-disk RSSyl items
      Fix a memory corruption bug in RSSyl's feed_item_copy()
      Fix CID 1444847 - Uninitialized variables in sock_close()
      Make Enter key in mbox export dialog's file entry start the export
      Fix markup in 'key not fully trusted' warning in pgpcore
      Fix verify_folderlist_xml() for fresh starts
      Fix a use after free crash when deleting message via a separate messageview
      Move log timestamp format string to a separate macro in log.h
      Return summaryview cursor to selected mail when popup menu is done
      Add missing libgumbo cflags and ldflags to litehtml_viewer
      Fix a typo - it's CURL_CFLAGS, not CURL_FLAGS
      Get rid of magic numbers in summary_msginfo_*_flags
      Fix a crash in litehtml plugin if one of the MIME parts has no Content-ID
      Fix a crash in Fancy plugin if one of the MIME parts has no Content-ID

Colin Leroy (6):
      procmime_get_part_as_inputstream doesn't touch error, so remove it
      Implement copying of attached images to clipboard
      Compose: handle pasted images and text/uri-list (files) and attach them
      litehtml_viewer: use new procmime_get_part_as_pixbuf helper function
      procmime_get_part_as_pixbuf: set error if we can't decode part.
      Fix dereferencing of potentially NULL *error

Michael Rasmussen (31):
      Remove mysterious chars and replace with correct tab chars
      Remove mysterious chars and replace with correct tab chars
      Remove mysterious chars and replace with correct tab chars
      Fix deprecation warning
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Initial commit of litehtml_viewer
      Implement image handling
      Refactor image loading to a separate class. Add dependency to curl
      Cleaner code a fix memory leak
      I am tired ;-)
      Implemented support for links
      Update TODO
      Change cursor type when hoover over link
      Fix wrong cursor type
      Fix missing includes
      Do not use G_LOG_LEVEL_ERROR. Makes claws crash
      Fix memory leak
      Proper fix for memory leak
      Use statusbar for notification. Begin print implementation
      Update current version of litehtml. Fix a crash when document contains no fonts
      No need to configure CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION twice
      Remove unused stuff
      Refactor http class to prevent memory leak
      Fix possible memory leak
      Fix build error
      Remove useless debug code. Add copyright
      Fix possible segmentation fault
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Since procmime_get_part_as_inputstream can return NULL and never touches error we need to bail if stream is NULL
      If error is NULL print a static message instead
      Return decode error in GError if pointer to GError structure provided

Paul (15):
      fix bug 4143, 'fingerprint in SSL/TLS certificates for ... (regress error)'
      update copyright year
      fix bug 4142, 'Translation error on Russian'
      add option 'enable keyboard shortcuts'
      save checkbox choices of display/summaries/defaults prefs
      put displayed headers on the right, hidden headers on the left. a layout shared by other, similar prefs windows
      fix bug 4155, 'remember directory of last saving'
      add 2 includes
      fix build with gdk-pixbuf 2.26
      recognise model/* mime type
      fix bug 4167, 'Max line length exceeded when forwarding mail'
      rework folderview styles
      updated translations
      more translation updates
      for release 3.17.4

Ricardo Mones (11):
      Remove mention of unused library
      Give a hint when option is unknown
      Fix typo in variable name
      Check writting crash-indicator (CID 1440021)
      Check result of fputs (CID 1440024)
      Fix segfault using gdata plugin in German locales
      Update Spanish translation for release
      Update list of TLDs for release
      Don't show mojibake when encoding is not UTF-8
      Add minimalistic plugin description
      Fix leak on error variable

Stephan Sachse (2):
      fix nntp filtering on incoming messages
      fix nntp manually filtering with account specific rules

wwp (9):
      Window sizes are now remembered for the Python console,
      Set a proper copyright header to the files added to the Python plugin
      Fix few (possible) crashes due to missing return code checks (patch
      Review label of webkit menu items in Fancy: remove the '(enable
      Do not throw an error when cancelling 'Save email as...'.
      Stop proceeding if file-save-as has been cancelled.
      Make Fancy plugin's download-link feature following redirections.
      Add date (ISO format) to log timestamps.
      Update French translation.


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