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Fri Dec 14 08:45:34 CET 2018

The annotated tag, 3.17.2 has been created
        at  7f2681a3c062daf4f64e96d901cf26fbeed956c2 (tag)
   tagging  cb50c41c8bcc2cf9a1396aa4ec9770ec5fea1ce5 (commit)
  replaces  3.17.0
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Fri Dec 14 07:45:21 2018 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.17.2

Andrej Kacian (77):
      Remove unneeded includes from entity.c.
      Removed an unused #include from libfeed's parser.c.
      Move the typedef for "u32" from utils.h to md5.h, since it is only used there.
      Added null parameter checks in codeconv.c where appropriate.
      Add null pointer checks to pkcs5_pbkdf2().
      Fix configure version detection when building outside of srcdir.
      Fix various plugins including generated .h files when building outside of source dir.
      Fix building manual PDF and PS formats when building outside of source dir.
      Improve Left Arrow keypress handling for childless folders in folderview.
      Update vcalendar's claws.def file for Windows build after recent changes.
      Add parameter sanity checks to md5_hex_digest() and md5_hex_hmac().
      Decouple codeconv.c from prefs_common.
      Moved codeconv.[ch] and unmime.[ch] to common/ subdir.
      md5.c doesn't need to include entire utils.h.
      Added unit test framework, and some initial unit tests.
      Updated INSTALL file.
      Remove unused string copy from procmsg_msg_exist().
      Fix links not being opened in browser when Fancy menu is opened with a keyboard.
      Bump up minimum required webkitgtk version to 1.10.0.
      Avoid an unnecessary string copy in xml_attr_new_int().
      Handle corrupted decrypted passwords gracefully.
      Show correct address:port in SOCKS5 proxy connection failure message.
      Fix dangling pointer in proxy password handling.
      Restore the hovering-over-link callback in Fancy viewer.
      Remove unused macro G_STRING_APPEND_ENCODED_URI.
      The pubDate timestamp in RSS2.0 sets date_published.
      Set missing pubdate/moddate in RSSyl items to the other one, if available.
      Add a NULL check in summary_select_by_msg_list when selecting tree nodes.
      Remove Webkit version check ifdefs, since we depend on a new enough version.
      Make entity_decode() handle invalid input better.
      Do not use trim_string() in RSSyl's rename folder dialog.
      Improve debug output in passwd_store_set().
      Fix file-utils related compiler warnings in crash.c.
      Fix unit tests building, broken after the file-utils addition.
      Added some NULL checks in passwordstore.c to avoid potential crash.
      ...and one more forgotten NULL check.
      Fix an off-by-one error in summary_key_pressed().
      In summary_key_pressed(), do not try to reopen the same message if cursor does not change.
      Do not redraw focus of GtkCMCList if the row is unchanged in move_focus_row();
      When deleting an account, delete its password store block, instead of just NULLing the block's entries hash table.
      Rework debug output in passwd_store_set() to be less confusing.
      Removed deprecated g_type_class_add_private() call in GtkSHRuler.
      Use GTK private struct feature correctly in ClawsSpellEntry.
      Removed deprecated g_type_class_add_private() call in ClawsSpellEntry.
      Do not use gtk_cmctree_set_line_style(), since it does nothing.
      Pack account prefs' checkbtn_crosspost into correct hbox, rather than leaving it unused.
      Handle compose "Save Message to" checkbox state in compose_set_save_to() only.
      Add config_version to folder item prefs.
      Save folder color as P_COLOR in folderitemrc.
      Use same integer type for color folder item prefs like everyone else.
      Make sure all users of GtkCMCList do not blindly assume that a button-press-event happens inside of the tree view.
      Restored a mistakenly removed ifdef.
      Use much less disk IO when working with .deleted files in RSSyl.
      Further optimize .deleted file reading in RSSyl.
      Fix WEXITSTATUS build error on Win32.
      Sanitize filenames for saved TLS certificates.
      Added NULL parameter check for unmime_header().
      Added some basic unit tests for unmime_header().
      Use black as default value for folder_color folder pref.
      Implement batch message removal for RSSyl.
      xml_parse_file() fails without assertion warning if xml_open_file() returns NULL.
      Removed deprecated g_type_class_add_private() call in ParasitePythonShell.
      Finish buffer overflow fix attempted in e025cbc3b.
      Mailmbox: fix buffer overflow in mailimf_get_message_id().
      Fix a memory leak in folderview_update_node().
      Added PACK_HSPACER macro to prefs_gtk.h
      Added header popup menu to summaryview, with two menuitems.
      Fix improper GTK API usage in sourceview's "select all".
      Sourcewindow doesn't need explicit handling of Ctrl+A, GtkTextView already interprets it as "select all".
      Remove file gtk/gdkkeysyms-new.h, since we now require new enough GTK+ version.
      Modernized and simplified plugin's GtkHotkeyInfo class implementation.
      Added MainWin* parameter to folderview_create().
      Create "/Menus" in mainwindow's UI manager in mainwindow.c, not in summaryview.c.
      Added header popup menu to folderview.
      Corrected values in recvtype comment in wizard accountrc template.
      Do not install "sylpheed-claws" symlink into bindir.
      Handle corner case in news_get_extra_fields() where msglist is empty

Colin Leroy (48):
      Only handle GTK events when matcher test thread takes more than 0 seconds.
      Filtering: add date_before and date_after
      Filtering: simple GUI for date_after/before
      Move time selector from vCalendar to gtkutils
      Better GUI (with calendar) for date filtering condition.
      Fix Quicksearch eating keypresses it didn't handle.
      Fix possible null-dereference (thanks Coverity)
      Fix bug #3889, "Address and quoted message inconsistent in reply"
      Fix Coverity warning (unsafe fscanf)
      Fix build on Debian 7
      Add a few ignores
      Fix implicit declaration of g_close()
      Fix possible resource leak
      Fix Coverity #1220444
      Fix Coverity #1220388
      Fix build warning
      Fix Coverity #1372351
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix Reply from mainwindow menu and toolbar when mainwindow's
      Implement safe_fclose() so we can respect the "Metadata handling"
      Halve the time spent manipulating case in case-insensitive searches
      Fix big leak on mimeinfo freeing
      Don't bother parsing headers when we want to skip them
      Use a memory-based FILE pointer when we can; speeds up search.
      Fix build
      Fix indent, sorry.
      Remove old files that shouldn't be there
      Hey I'm married :)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Wrap file I/O to claws_* to benefit from custom locking when
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Rename claws_io to file-utils, and move file-related functions
      Add a memory-backed my_tmpfile() implementation.
      Fix performance loss on certain file I/O that doesn't need
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Make safe_fclose static now that it can be
      Fix hang on IMAP - the log file is accessed by multiple threads
      Fix in-memory temporary file length
      Comment the my_tmpfile_with_len() function.
      str_open_as_stream() doesn't need a real file either.
      Fix wording, thanks wwp
      Revert all memory-based tmpfile I/O, it comes with too much drawbacks
      Make the "Saving sent message..." debug prints more interesting.
      Fancy: fix left-click on links not opening in browser.
      PDF Viewer: handle Ctrl+scroll for zooming
      Fix crash in dangling message search.
      Rewrap fr manual for lisibility
      Fix bug #4120, "New cert files are created in $HOME instead  of in ~/.claws-mail/certs"

Olivier Brunel (3):
      Speed-up searches in References via "x"
      action: Keep selection set afterwards
      Preserve flags & tags when re-editing a message

Paul (44):
      for release 3.17.1
      always show the full version on the mainwindow regardless of --enable-maintainer-mode
      fix lintian autotools-pkg-config-macro-not-cross-compilation-safe warning
      fix warning dialogue when a re-edited draft compose window is closed after a send failure
      Fix protocol part of some more URLs
      fix invalid cast runtime warning
      fix bug (rfe) 4102, 'Show SHA-256 fingerprint in certificate verification popup'
      don't leave the user in limbo when privacy system is 'none' and auto signing/encrypting is set
      remove wrongly pushed change in bfc95529975d50e8cda7a85b439aab23f2021c53
      less haste
      allow account pref and folder pref to override global pref for saving sent msgs
      always use folder pref for save msg location if set
      add error checking on account prefs Advanced page
      only show warning about privacy system 'none' on replies to signed or encrypted msgs
      revert g45500aa, it breaks stuff
      fix for smtp-only accounts when global pref for save sent msg is set
      fix annoyance where your current reading is disturbed when a new msg is filtered into the current folder
      fix bug 4115 'autogen: avoid unwarranted re-configure'
      fix bug 4114, 'autogen.sh: Fix argument quoting'
      implement RFE 3810, 'SSL certificate manager: add Signature Status and Expiration'
      drop redundant md5 fingerprint; more clearly indicate expired sigs
      remove --enable-gtk3 configure flag
      remove all gtk3 conditionals
      fix check for mail at start-up
      modify label text
      rework Display/Summaries
      Display/Summaries/... re-arrange some items
      update en_GB.po
      rearrange /Display/Summaries/Message list (some more)
      contiunue the fix for check-at-startup, eade694613c19ffe747ccb77466070e474e3f968
      move 'msg selection when entering a folder" button to Message List page
      match the wording of the /View menu
      fix bug where creating a new folder wth inheriting properties doesn't write processinf rules
      mention inherited processing rules also, as this is what happens
      fix lost processing rules when renaming folder
      fix engrish
      be more informative in 'Add mailbox' dialogue
      fix bug 4132, '"Mark all as (un)read" dialog appears when acting on 1 message only'
      these never were directories even before renaming
      complete fix for bug 4132
      fix the indentation
      update translations
      document new Portuguese translator
      for release 3.17.2

Ricardo Mones (18):
      Update plugins in README
      Restore Fancy entry in README, still in tarball ;)
      Fix bug #3418 ‘Building on a Cross Compiling toolchain doesn't work’
      Remove dead code
      Fix protocol part of some URLs
      Don't try to be too clever and remove superuser_p()
      Fix CID 1439871 and validate Unicode char strictly
      Disallow zero-length entity
      Simplify comparison
      Clean more rubbish
      Don't ignore required file
      Fix CID 1439996 and remove unnecessary comparison
      Update thread tools
      Update textviewer.pl
      Fix translation for octet-stream view
      Simplify Tools section in README
      Update Spanish translation
      Update list of TLDs for release

User Corn (1):
      Fix build on FreeBSD, sys/wait.h is needed for WEXITSTATUS macro

wwp (15):
      Sucesfuly fix typos in LDAP log prints.
      Fix/normalize product name in few places in UI and in several source
      Fix for Bug 4072: Crash when clicking 'reply' or 'reply with quote'
      Warn and fail rather than miserably crashing when format string in
      Fix wrong time unit shown in offline-override dialog (IMAP), and
      Fix missing check for a retrieving interval minimum value in
      Optimize (for speed) and factorize code related to marking folders
      Fix wrong test leading to dead code (and dead func), CID 1438531.
      Fix wrong logics leading to writing possibly broken config file,
      Fix capitalization of a one Web[cC]al occurrence.
      Rename activate_privacy_system() to compose_activate_privacy_system().
      Add new folder options: enable/disable per-folder signing and
      Quicksearch: expand extended symbols on "Edit", patch by Olivier Brunel.
      Update French translation.
      French translation: updates & fixes.


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