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Sun Mar 26 11:57:45 CEST 2017

The annotated tag, 3.15.0 has been created
        at  af4e071797b1dbc1f21f51a4405dd54c8f83faf0 (tag)
   tagging  a2ef59662c772086048588c82a5baa9671a99bcc (commit)
  replaces  3.14.1
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Mar 26 10:57:31 2017 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.15.0

Andrej Kacian (40):
      Honor display_msg == 0 in PostponedSelectData struct.
      Add open_selected_on_folder_open to common prefs.
      Allow sending empty messages in Session (just \r\n).
      Improve scrolling in summary_key_pressed().
      Use summary_select_node() more, to get more consistent behaviour.
      Fix two unused variable warnings in ssl.c for Windows build.
      Removed unused w32_get_uid_equiv() function.
      Fix more compile warnings for Windows in socket.c.
      Fix closing of description window using WM controls.
      Enable icons of stock GTK buttons on Windows.
      Honor autosave_encrypted preference when using external editor.
      Update AUTHORS file for the previous commit ea40116.
      Also update authors.h for commit ea40116.
      Do not strip plus sign when drag&drop attaching files.
      Allow toplevel folders to be copied.
      Use left/right keys to collapse/expand rows in foldersel dialog.
      Removed an unneeded trailing '\' from Windows' START_TIMING.
      Moved compose_can_autosave() outside of #ifdef G_OS_UNIX.
      Stop left/right keypresses from propagating further in foldersel.
      Moved found_in_addressbook() from plugins to core.
      Make a relative signature_path relative to home directory.
      Use PLUGIN_NAME macro instead of "vCalendar" string literal internally.
      Handle timezones correctly in vCalendar.
      Unify display of event times in vCalendar's mimeviewer on Windows and Unix.
      Make --disable-dillo-plugin actually do something.
      Remove internal libytnef and require an external one instead.
      Remove rssyl_feed_subscribe_new(), it was redundant.
      Replace verbosity boolean flag with a bitfield of flags.
      Add support for date-only variant of ISO8601 timestamp format.
      webkitglobals.h exists since 1.3.10, not 1.3.13.
      Added debug output for failure cases in sgpgme_data_release_and_get_mem()
      Remove obsolete files icaltime_as_local.[ch].
      Initialize icaltimetype variables in Vcalendar's feed_fetch().
      Added summary_get_selection_count() function.
      Allow custom window title for the folder selection dialog.
      Show context of foldersel dialog in a label, instead of in a title.
      Add more granular options on when to open a selected message.
      Fix crash on e-mails with invalid date on Windows.
      Fix timezone handling in procheader_date_parse() on Windows.
      Make summary_show() open-when-selected behavior more consistent.

Holger Berndt (1):
      GData plugin: Require libgdata at least 0.17.2

Michael Rasmussen (7):
      Fix build on OSX. Patch provided by Perry E. Metzger
      Fix bug #3673. Patch provided by Perry E. Metzger
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix build when using alternate addressbook
      Fix bug #3787. Create tooltip i helper function
      Use fix bug #3787 for specifying format as well
      Update copyright year

Olivier Brunel (1):
      Fix memory leak

Paul (40):
      fix string. thanks to Pierre Fortin.
      updated de.po
      fix some menu sensitivity issues
      make up/down key navigation obey 'always_show_msg'
      amendment to last commit, to avoid interfering with Shift+[Up|Down]
      fix text selection when double-clicking quoted text and 'collapse quoted text on double click' is turned off
      fix 'Go to' moving off current, unopened msg, and dialogue to go next folder
      obey 'always_show_msg' on "no more [...] msgs. go to next folder?"
      don't ignore auto-account selection when forwarding on IMAP and NNTP accounts
      make go to next/previous sort order aware
      on first run, use --alternate-config-dir (if set) on prefs migration
      fix colouring of auto-filled headers
      some more colouring based on folder prefs override
      don't remove the To when changing account
      more highlighted of automatically set header entries in Compose window
      rename compose_entry_mark_default_to() to compose_entry_indicate()
      rename compose_guess_forward_account_from_msginfo() to compose_find_account()
      make list a bit more manageable and remove duplicated items
      fix black on black in From header
      removed all useless comments from the end of the po files
      make Go to/[Next|Prev] sort order aware
      fix typo
      fix bug 3734, 'undefined symbol error with flex-2.6.2'
      when renaming folder, only update summaryview folder name if the current folder is being renamed
      add shadow to rule list (like everywhere else)
      sensitise trayicon's 'get mail' and 'exit'
      vCalendar plugin: use external libical
      no tranlslation needed here
      remove unused variable
      add Bcc to default headers in drop-down
      use xdg-open as default mime_open_command
      bump copyright year
      fix disabling prefs_common.warn_sending_many_recipients_num by unchecking the 'show this msg again' checkbox in the dialogue
      fix using building with --disable-deprecated
      add new hidden prefs for various colours
      improve label text
      update translations
      update German translator
      update German translator and use UTF-8 for this file.
      for release 3.15.0

Ricardo Mones (50):
      Fix space after comma
      Fix bug number and spacing
      Fix Debian bug #846170: incorrect IMAP UID handling
      Update authors lists
      Fix bug #3574: Template addressing
      Fix initialization of two pixmaps
      Remove unnecessary commas
      Revert "Revert g9737584." and fix it ;)
      Attachwarner: fix leaked string
      Update quicksearch info to cope with rfe 2260…
      Better English (thanks Paul for reference)
      Spanish translation: fix headers to be shown in UI
      Partially revert "Spanish translation: fix headers to be shown in UI"
      Better error handling and feedback for save all attachments
      Generalise theme extension handling
      Remove obsolete font prefs
      Make all headers abide by config and features
      Oops! forgot one themeable icon in pdf_viewer
      A bit more room for alertpanel messages
      Remove generated file
      Configure SVG library
      Load SVG files the deprecated way
      Render SVG scaled to default icon size
      Add SVG icon scaling/rendering preferences
      User interface for SVG preferences
      Fix included header
      Set same size as its companions (new and unread)
      Fix pixmap name to reflect what it really does
      Migrate icon filename stored in toolbar XML files
      Remove spurious comment
      Fix 'Apply' when changing scaling options only
      Do not hardcode resolv.conf location
      Fix bug #3741: Deleting an account doesn't delete imapcache
      Remove duplicated code and include
      Simplify hidden prefs for too many recipients
      Document hidden pref 'warn_sending_many_recipients_num'
      Make 'Save all...' report more accurate
      Remove unused variable
      Fix option item and update dates
      Declare and use only when needed
      Add forgotten file to manpage
      Capitalise, punctuate and clean manpage
      Synchronize Spanish manual
      Fix some color names and lists
      Synchronize Spanish manual
      Require SVG library version 2.40.5
      Fix bug #3784: Very similar strings in src/gtk/about.c
      Update list of TLDs for release
      Update Spanish translation for release
      Fix file name in manpage

wwp (112):
      Get rid of this \t char.
      Fix FR string.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Remove dead code, this changed signal doesn't exist and we've also
      Revert "Remove dead code, this changed signal doesn't exist and we've also".
      Make last colors configurable using hidden prefs: tags bg/fg colors in
      Fix missing initializers (last field in data struct),
      Remove extra entries, not yet in git.
      Fix format, no tabs to align everywhere (at last!).
      Rename default_to_(bg)color hiddeng pref and variable to default_header_(bg)color.
      Add new mark-all-unread (and recursively when relevant) action to folder
      Add new actions to main window's toolbar: mark, unmark, lock, unlock,
      Fix wrong call to missing *_unread func (we use the *_read() func
      Fix missing items in summaryview's menu declarations.
      Fix table order.
      Internal API change: split read/unread marking features from functions used
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Updates and hotkey fixes.
      Fix possibly broken toolbar_compose.xml by migrating A_SENDL actions names
      Silent up coverity scan.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix untranslatable concatenated strings (i.e. "Default "+"To:"),
      Fix extra arguments to g_strdup_printf (thanks to coverity scan),
      Fix wrong string split and list of arguments.
      More translatable header names in UI strings.
      Capitalize header names (as everywhere else).
      Update French translation.
      Review of the French translation for Xmas:
      Add translation context helper text where some %s' are used and
      Revert g9737584.
      Fix a leak.
      Revert "Revert "Revert g9737584."" (but the fix) by reimplementing
      Update French translation.
      Silent up a compiler warning by making the ComposeCallAdvancedAction
      Line-up arrays (w/ space chars only).
      More places where printf() and C_() have to be separated.
      Fix enum boundaries we check in func_selection_changed (when
      Factorize toolbar reset code, and don't compute array sizes using
      Fix compiler warnings when we test enum-based variables for impossible
      Fix 'search folder' not working in some cases (it needs a 'clear' click to
      Archiver plugin update and review:
      Cosmetic changes: align arrays, remove debug statements.
      Really align array (using whitespaces).
      Fix missing array initializers and line everything up.
      Fix missing array initializers and line everything up.
      Rename a misnamed function, remove debug statements.
      Fix marking all as (un)read recursively when the confirmation
      Make the FOO vanish.
      Fix wrong libarchive version check.
      Fix wrong function definition, declare it before using it, and make it
      Revert parts of 3.14.1-91 (the summary_select_node_no_mard_read func), obviously it's
      Rework antialiasing a bit around toolbar and logo icons, in order
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix a leak.
      Fixes Coverity CIDs: 1220388 1372362 1220222 1358399 1223756 1223757 1220305 1220269 1220243 1396991.
      Better fix for Coverity #1220388, use effective indexes and boundaries.
      Don't behave as if avail_d was not hardcoded, it is hardcoded
      Real fix for Coverity 1372362.
      Fix Coverity CIDs: 1220274 and 1220377.
      Fix Coverity CIDs: 1220259 1364687 (and discarded 1220496) and added more checks for returned
      Fail if attempting to create a UNIX socket w/ path len >108c.
      Be more clear about what 108 means here towards the Unix socket
      Don't #undefine UNIX_PATH_MAX, move #define's up.
      Rework icon antialiasing to look OK on dark and light themes.
      POPPLER_ACTION_MOVIE was not introduced w/ Poppler 0.14.0, but in
      Rework icon antialiasing to look OK on dark and light themes.
      Quit function if no connection instead of assigning variable that
      Add deallocation call.
      Remove accidentally added xpm file.
      Kill dead code, fixing Coverity CID #1220511.
      Rework logics, remove dead code. Solves Coverity CID #1220297.
      Remove dead code, fixing Coverity CID #1398568.
      Add context missing info to few system call errors (mostly:
      Warn when sending to more than N recipients. This features obeys
      Revert ga0fbaac (3.14.1-88) as it gets things worse in folder search,
      Don't dump more than 100 char in g_warnings about missing HTML tags errors
      Prefer dynamically allocated buffers to fixed-size ones, use the same
      Revert part of 3.14.1-128-g498b61c, fixing Coverity CID #1398594.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix big leaks (thanks to valgrind) in filtering/matching by headers,
      Fix another (not so big but still common) leak, thanks to valgrind.
      Fix yet another average leak in matcher.c when parsing headers (valgrind).
      Fix g4850949 (use correct API calls).
      Fix bug 3571, 'recipient list lost and truncated'
      Fix Coverity CIDs #1398812, #1398813, #1398814.
      Update French translation and fix translated header names (no space).
      Fix more header names in French.
      Fix bug 3251, 'A translated In-Reply-To header is sent translated'
      Improvements and fixes in the folder search: prevent changes in
      Fix bug 3762, 'redirect fails'
      Make few edit fields wider in matcher dialog, better suit their
      Fix a memory leak.
      Add "Delete duplicates" (delete duplicated messages in current folder) to
      More work on default pixmaps theme, few details in corners to get
      Normalize rfc822 date handling by using decent buffer sizes everywhere (128,
      Update func name in g_warning message (_full() may matter since
      Main window's toolbar delete dupes button is now a dropdown, allowing
      Show attachments total size in compose window's relevant tab (only counts
      Always show a notice dialog after delete-dupes, even if nothing has
      No need to test what g_malloc returns, as if it fails, it stops the
      Update French translation.
      Fix typos and a wrong switch expression (coverity CID #1399549).
      Re-introducing the Dillo plugin. Tested against Dillo
      Fix wrong return value type.
      Fix impossible action duplication: don't check for duplicate action name
      Fix bug #3775, wrong plural form string.
      Reduce translators' work by merging almost-duplicated strings
      Fix typos, fixes bug 3786: typo in src/mimeview.c.
      Fix bug 3785: custom headers not stored in queued messages (and thus,
      Correct/update comment.
      Update French translation.
      Remove deprecated entries in fr.po.


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