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Sun Dec 17 12:47:09 CET 2017

The annotated tag, 3.16.0 has been created
        at  77f4f15558d99abed2b75f3128c1f43229525098 (tag)
   tagging  39bc9beb6a0772d71b291d50c6fe238c241e4741 (commit)
  replaces  3.15.0
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Dec 17 11:46:55 2017 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.16.0

Abhay S. Kushwaha (1):
      Rssyl: fix Windows build

Andreas Bierfert (2):
      Fix bug #3796 format-security warnings in alertpanel_ use
      Fix bug #3795 ‘typo in utils comparison’

Andrej Kacian (121):
      Fix an off-by-one error in textview's quote unfolding.
      Fix the other off-by-one bug in textview quoting.
      Revert "Fix the other off-by-one bug in textview quoting."
      Revert "Fix an off-by-one error in textview's quote unfolding."
      Make sure outgoing messages have a trailing newline.
      Fix GUI not updating after deleting a tag.
      Add "Show password" checkbox next to password fields in account prefs.
      Add "Show password" checkbox next to LDAP server password field.
      Fix a memory leak around password field in editldap.c.
      Assume direct TLS if SMTP autoconfig finds port 465.
      Fix 'add_to_addressbook' filtering action to correctly add the name.
      Promote warn_sending_many_recipients_num from hidden to regular pref.
      Fix configure logic around tnef_parse plugin.
      Rewrite ssl_manager cert filename parsing to allow for ipv6 addresses.
      Remove an unused function - cleanup after 680a2ee67.
      Fancy: correctly handle when text selection event ends on a link
      Fancy: simplify open-or-not decision to x,y matching or not
      Fix get_serverport() in ssl_manager.c to better handle bad filenames.
      Fix building against older webkitgtk versions.
      Remove vertical padding from rows in folder selection dialog treeview.
      Fix build for webkitgtk versions between 1.5.1 and 1.9.3.
      A fix for a fix in ea866a633.
      Fix crash in sieve manager window when no account has sieve enabled.
      Use g_strndup() instead of strndup() for better portability.
      Include more details in doc/src/password_encryption.txt.
      Fix crash in mailimf_group_parse() in mailmbox plugin.
      Show, hide and set sensitivity of basic page 'Show password' checkbox as appropriate
      Fix incorrect labels in folder selection dialog
      RSSyl: Stop earlier when an invalid feed is encountered.
      Hopefully fixed sporadic crashes in Windows native file chooser.
      Some forgotten cleanups for previous commit, 70ea2d849.
      Add keyboard shortcuts to pluginwindow Load.../Unload buttons.
      Use a better shadow type on pluginwindow's "Description" frame.
      Do not try to handle quotes in text attachments.
      Only preserve existing Message-ID when reediting a draft.
      Fix building for Windows after commit b320c5095.
      Improve password_decrypt_gnutls() to handle encrypted strings of any length.
      Add a 'signature.asc' filename for PGP MIME signatures.
      Removed the "Change to..." fake menuitem from spelling dictionaries menu.
      Revert "Add a 'signature.asc' filename for PGP MIME signatures."
      Removed unused widgetfont pref from PrefsCommon.
      Fix reading past buffer boundary in RSSyl's strreplace.
      Fix for 2f1eda3f0.
      Correct the use of pthread_create() in several places.
      Fix a long-standing memory leak in account prefs.
      Fixed a memory leak in GnuTLS password decryption.
      Fix a memory leak in libSM use.
      Fixed a memory leak when checking TLS certificates.
      Fix two memory leaks around use of privacy_get_system_ids().
      Fix a memory leak in the "no imap" account prefs label.
      Fix two similar memory leaks in pgp and managesieve prefs.
      Fix uninitialized values in sieve privacy prefs parsing.
      Fix a typo.
      Add Sign/Encrypt toggle buttons to Compose toolbar.
      Fix a memory leak around buttons in Colors prefs page.
      Fix two memory leaks in Logging prefs page widget packing.
      Fix several memory leaks around template parsing.
      Fix a memory leak in matcherrc rule parsing.
      Fix a few memory leaks when enumerating keys with GpgME.
      Fix use of uninitialized value in sgpgme_has_secret_key().
      Fix two memory leaks in filtering action dialog widgets.
      Fixed a memory leak in folder selection dialog.
      Fixed a memory leak in prefs_account_generate_msgid().
      Fix a memory leak in compose_write_to_file().
      Fixed a few memory leaks in LDAP search results handling.
      Fixed one more memory leak that was missed in b77707343.
      Fix a file descriptor leak in procmime_decode_content().
      Correction of previous commit 6fedb78e7.
      Fix three small memory leaks in addressbook.
      Fixed an uninitialized variable use in check_cert().
      Fix a memory leak in get_fingerprint().
      Revert "Fix a memory leak in matcherrc rule parsing."
      Second attempt at fixing the memory leak in matcherrc rule parsing.
      Fixed two tiny memory leaks in filtering pref dialog.
      Fixed another memory leak in filtering pref dialog.
      Managesieve: fix memory leak when saving password from account prefs
      Fixed two memory leaks around procheader_get_one_field().
      Pgpmime: fix two memory leak in MIME boundary handling.
      Fixed a memory leak in address completion.
      Avoid one strdup in address_completion_complete_address_in_entry().
      Removed a nonexistent function from addressbook.h.
      Fix template parsing broken by commit 814b087.
      Fix a memory leak in empty subject warning dialog in compose.c.
      Fix a small memory leak in procmime_get_mime_type().
      Fixed incorrect PERL_LDFLAGS modification with sed.
      Fix typo around libarchive in configure.ac.
      Handle config_version update separately for accounts.
      Use separate account configuration for OpenPGP and for S/MIME.
      master_passphrase_is_set() and _is_correct() do not return const bool.
      Fancy: Escape the custom stylesheet path for use in URI.
      Made Fancy's custom stylesheet pref work on Windows
      Fetch XOVER and XHDR data in batches of 5000.
      Removed two obsolete statuswindow_* aliases.
      Fix memory leaks introduced in recent commit 9729bf0e0.
      More and better leak fixes after commit 9729bf0e0.
      Use subst_char() in fancy_set_defaults().
      Disallow newline character in POP3 account username or password.
      Fix missing invalid regexp indication in folder preferences.
      Updated Fancy's claws.def for the Windows build
      Disallow '?' in filename when saving message part on Windows.
      Revert "Disallow '?' in filename when saving message part on Windows."
      Disallow '?' in filename when saving message part on Windows.
      Avoid use of stat() in procheader_parse_file() on Windows.
      Use GIO API instead of g_stat() in mh_is_msg_changed() on Windows.
      Use GIO API instead of g_stat() in compose_insert_file() on Windows.
      Use GIO API instead of g_stat() on Windows in compose_add_attachments() and get_file_size().
      Use GIO API instead of g_stat() in compose_draft() on Windows.
      Use GIO API instead of g_stat() in prefs_themes_file_stats() on Windows.
      Do not limit password/userid newline check to just POP3.
      Show full key/signature fingerprints.
      Fix commit 9f1c5fef1 when building with GpgME < 1.7.0.
      A hopefully better fix for commit 9f1c5fef1 when building with GpgME < 1.7.0.
      Reenable filtering log on Windows, as it is no longer crashy.
      Use statusbar progress meter when opening/refreshing a NNTP folder.
      Some FileDescription fixes in plugins' version.rc files.
      Copyright year update in plugins' version.rc files.
      Add public call to get master password
      Fix bug 3793: segfault when autocompletion asks for master passphrase
      Fix bug 3931: segfault searching server with master password
      Fix buffer length handling in GnuTLS password encryption and decryption.
      Add proper ifdefs around master_passphrase() calls.

Colin Leroy (6):
      Fix Fancy showing a previous email in some cases.
      Fix Toggling of preferences leaving empty view
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      CLI: Add a --insert option to --compose, allowing to insert files.
      Fix double-free of keys
      Fix a possible leak

Flavio Leitner (1):
      Fix bug #3881: Keep read thread during update if it is selected.

Michael Gmelin (1):
      Fix bug #3924: Unbreak sieve host configuration on FreeBSD

Michael Rasmussen (1):
      Fix bug #3808: Replace icaltime_from_timet with icaltime_from_timet_with_zone

Olaf Hering (4):
      Move pointer usage after pointer check
      Fix truncated input widgets in preferences window
      Remove stale MSG_IS_RETRCPT_PENDING
      Set flags of all selected messages before updating view

Paul (15):
      update German translator
      update Czech and Slovak translations
      default selection on entering a folder: make first new|unread|marked message sort-order aware
      old/new version display
      fix bug 3801, 'Broken auto wrapping'
      fix Resent-Date value
      add more utf8 listitem characters
      fix building on MAC. fixes bug 3835, 'autogen.sh fails with invalid test on line 33'
      fix bug 3886, '"About to send mail to 2 recipients" warning when one of them is Reply-To'
      fix bug 3852, 'delete header entry button doesn't restore colour'
      fix bug 3892, 'build fails with enchant-2.1.0'
      fix bug 3893, ' Text mode open/copy web links ignores trailing tilde(s)'
      oh-so-minor string correction
      update translations
      for release 3.16.0

Ricardo Mones (43):
      Add missing library to output of --version-full
      Really fix bug #3784: Very similar strings in src/gtk/about.c
      Adjust addressbook's tree icons
      Adjust yet another addressbook icon
      Fix use after free
      Unify summaryview icon sizes
      Initialize variable (CID 1405467)
      Add a simple bash completion helper
      Fix bug #3819 “Duplicate definition of global pygtk symbols”
      Remove one unused and one unnecessary macros
      Fix little mess introduced two pushes ago
      Remove unused struct
      Fix bug #3721 ‘Fails to build in Debian kfreebsd-*’
      Use correct variable in printf
      Fix bug 3822 ‘AttRemover deletes message and fails to create new one when disk is full’
      Fix bug #3348 ‘Contact pictures not deleted when contact is deleted’
      Fix initialization of privacy buttons sensitivity
      Check for NULL buttons also here
      Dedicated icons for toolbar's new privacy buttons
      Check for NULLs params within the functions
      Really handle the NULLs, don't scream at them
      Fix D-Bus detection
      Fix bug #3855: segfault at startup with old profile and IMAP account
      Update authors' files
      Revert "Fix bug #3855: segfault at startup with old profile and IMAP account"
      Document the new --insert command line option
      Use appropriate array for searching
      Implement HTML entity decoding in one function
      Complete, normalize and fix table of entities
      Rssyl: use new entity decoding API
      Use entity decoding API in HTML parser
      Make column selector UI like open actions
      Complete previous patch
      Remove list of bugs which are not outstanding
      Adjust spelling preferences widgets
      Color buttons proportional to font size
      Prune gtk_widget_set_size_request calls
      Update Spanish translation
      Update lists of authors
      Fix bug 3935: build from GIT master broken on arch linux
      Space preview icons equally
      Update list of TLDs for release

wwp (9):
      Add new print button to pdf view.
      Add new print button to pdf view.
      Fix missing include for new pixmap file.
      Fix copy/paste error, thanks to Coverity (#1403767).
      Fix missing new printer_btn.xpm in `make dist` archive.
      Lower the librsvg requirement to 2.39 (works on CentOS7 with
      Fix wrong 'attach_output' in description of symbols (templates), it's
      Yet another string correction.
      Update French translation.


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