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Sun Nov 6 13:01:04 CET 2016

The annotated tag, 3.14.1 has been created
        at  1ef2ee3b341f148744c62df4773b91de8a344d71 (tag)
   tagging  805f99a6503261905694dbfefffc7bfdd2e62474 (commit)
  replaces  3.14.0
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Nov 6 12:00:52 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.14.1

Andrej Kacian (57):
      Fix a potential bug in vcalendar's libical.
      Fix potential crash in vcalendar's icalcomponent_vanew() on 64-bit archs.
      Fix a crash on IMAP login when using a password plugin.
      Use GDateTime instead of mktime() in vcalendar's libical.
      Few miscellaneous fixes for RSSyl.
      Avoid usage of deprecated bcopy/bzero in pbkdf2 routine.
      Set correct LDFLAGS for OS X.
      Removed fork() prototype from w32lib.h.
      More support for pre-Epoch dates for Windows.
      More fixes for parsing dates in vcalendar on Windows.
      Revert "More fixes for parsing dates in vcalendar on Windows."
      More fixes for parsing dates in vcalendar on Windows.
      Fix crash when an Atom feed's opening tag doesn't have xmlns attribute.
      Fix NULL pointer dereference in Atom parser.
      Deduplicate string for plugins' block prefix in clawsrc.
      Do not explicitly disable SSLv3 if GnuTLS does it already.
      Fix previous commit b88c772, use correct preprocessor directive.
      Fix crash in vcalendar passwords handling on prefs save.
      Do a basic check for widget validity in CLAWS_SET_TIP().
      Handle password loading more safely in prefs_account.c
      Always set GnuTLS priority string.
      Allow multiple file selection in Windows native file chooser.
      Refactor gtk/w32_filesel.c for better code reuse.
      Make filesel API more consistent.
      Fix crash on Windows when doing a LDAP search.
      Fix NULL pointer dereference in LDAP lookup code.
      Be more strict about minimum DH prime size for TLS connections.
      Fix a memory leak in folder_register_class().
      Fix memory leak in password store reading.
      Fix memory leak when freeing RSSyl's FeedItem struct.
      Fixed two memory leaks when creating folderitems.
      Fix a memory leak when setting summaryview and folderview fonts.
      A fix for commit b274c72.
      Do not ignore CFLAGS environment variable in configure.
      Fix a memory leak in rssyl_update_comments().
      Fix an impossible crash to shut Coverity up.
      More fixes for vcalendar crash on 64-bit arch.
      Yet more vcalendar varargs functions fixed for issue described in d20742e.
      Removed unused macro from prefs.c.
      Remove an unused, mistyped ifdef in imap.c.
      Fix using client TLS certificates for GnuTLS 3.0 and up.
      Better handle NULL path arguments in w32_filesel.c
      Fix absolute path detection in mh_create_tree() on Windows.
      Change home directory fallback to "C:\Claws-mail" on Windows.
      Make Message-ID string generation less confusing.
      Fix some harmless compiler warnings.
      Do not add Message-ID for draft, unless it already has one.
      Remove useless code from e22cbed.
      Removed a superfluous debug_print() call.
      Improve plural handling of a file insert string.
      Change mention of "mydomain.com" to "example.org".
      Fix wrong argument order in Windows file choosers.
      Fix typo from commit 63e19c6.
      Added missing symbol to vcalendar's claws.def.
      Do not process folder marks when just refreshing summaryview.
      Only scroll summaryview to the middle when necessary.
      Minimize scrolling in gtkut_ctree_node_move_if_on_the_edge().

Colin Leroy (3):
      Remove useless code
      Remove useless code
      Fix a few Coverity issues

Holger Berndt (4):
      GData plugin: Unify indent accross file
      GData plugin: Make global data static
      GData plugin: Refresh auth token periodically
      Notification plugin: Port from libindicate to unity/messaging menu

Paul (29):
      List the current Catalan translator rather than the previous one.
      update ru.po
      add missing semi-colon
      update location of addrbook sub-folder in address conversion scripts
      maintain alphabetical ordering
      Add OpenBSD CA cert path.
      indicate IMAP mailboxes which show subs only with a green folder
      implement the 4-state icons for 'noselect' folders
      fix non-resizeable Icon Legend dialogue
      add 'noselect' and 'subs-only' folder icons
      fix capitalisation
      remove icons that will never be displayed
      place icons in 2 columns
      fix `make dist`
      use file name for WebCal subscription folder name
      fix `make dist`
      add hidden pref 'reqrite_first_from'
      fix pixmap
      make /View/Go to/... respect the always_show_msg option, and refactor a bit
      rename SSL to SSL/TLS
      more 'SSL' to 'SSL/TLS'
      more 'SSL' to 'SSL/TLS'
      and another 'SSL' to 'SSL/TLS'
      in the UI replace 'POP3' with 'POP' and 'IMAP4' with 'IMAP'
      removed unnecessary do_refresh flag from summary_select_node()
      more fixes for Go To actions not obeying 'always_show_msg' option
      missing from g8bd6066
      updated translations
      for release 3.14.1

Pawel Pekala (1):
      Don't check for encrypt() on FreeBSD, it's not required to build.

Ricardo Mones (38):
      Fix typo
      Fix bug #3666: Typos in Turkish translation
      Fix regression: show simple text/calendar with plugin
      Fix bug #2975: Implement setting -0000 timezone to hide sender localtime
      Document the new hidden preference 'hide_timezone'
      Fix bug #3515: Ctrl-Shift-X opens multiple external editors
      Synchronize Spanish manual
      Better alignment for icon legend columns
      Improve icon legend appearance a bit
      Forgot to adjust default window size
      Add 64x64 icon version to stock pixmaps
      Fix bug #2918: Notification Popup icon is hardcoded
      Add warning icon to warning message
      Remove unused declaration
      Normalise theme icon names which were different
      Remove unused pixmap
      Remove another unused pixmap
      Do not reuse pixmaps for theme icons
      Fix potential out-of-bounds read
      Adjust to our toolbar button size of 24x24
      Fix potential segfault
      Fix another two strangely sized buttons
      Remove (obsolete) FSF address from welcome mail
      Remove useless workaround
      Do not abuse macro for debugging
      Remove unused function
      Enable keeping old items by default
      Use hours/minutes UI for vcalendar alert time
      Use a spinbutton for port number also in clamd
      Fix #3014: The icon for folder drafts with hide…
      Fix a couple of typos
      Fix bug #3705: active account Mail Address corrupted…
      Libravatar: refactor image retrieval
      Fix resource leak and missing return
      Fix typo (thanks lintian.d.o!)
      Make pdf_viewer icons themeable
      Update license stanza
      Update list of TLDs for release

wwp (4):
      Templates: add a way to attach a file, 'attach_output' or 'A', file whose absolute path+filename
      Normalize Webcal name capitalization everywhere (instead of WebCal, webCal,
      Use Delete button instead of Remove (tooltips and other places already
      While we're at it, fix typos like prefered occurences in variable names.


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