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Sun Aug 7 10:07:31 CEST 2016

The annotated tag, 3.14.0 has been created
        at  e5bffb9a473cd5f4437e52d7b46174ec1495b252 (tag)
   tagging  3fc167802be1b5c0fdad3de34d9580f2f33ac1d8 (commit)
  replaces  3.13.2
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Aug 7 09:07:17 2016 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.14.0

Andrej Kacian (126):
      Fix typo in handling feed name ending with a period on Win32.
      Fix for fc42499 - really set correct rcdir on Win32.
      Make procmsg_msginfo_free() zero out pointers to freed memory.
      Zero out few forgotten pointers in procmsg_msginfo_free().
      MH class now should not change working directory anymore.
      RSSyl: Handle XHTML content correctly for Atom feeds.
      Fix superfluous semicolons from 543c7d3.
      Remove the outer scrollbar from header area.
      Removed simple-gettext.c, as it is not being used at all.
      Rewritten account passwords handling.
      Added password_encryption.txt to docs/src.
      Fix a null pointer dereference introduced by 54adfb4.
      Forget entered master password before trying to change it.
      Added "Forget master password" mainwindow menu entry.
      Fix build with --with-password-encryption=old
      Make procmime_mimeinfo_free_all() zero the passed pointer.
      Real fix for #3598. We were zeroing out wrong pointer.
      Fix a possible use-after-free for ContactData pointers in new addressbook.
      Fix a teensy weensy memory leak in Action configuration dialog.
      Revert "Fix a teensy weensy memory leak in Action configuration dialog."
      Improved master password change dialog a bit.
      Addendum to 503cb50 (Fix build with --with-password-encryption=old)
      Fix a segfault caused by freeing a string on incorrect place.
      Fix a logic error in handling results of master password change dialog.
      Another logic fix for handling master password change dialog.
      Fix inputdialog modality and focus issue.
      Fix two crashes in IMAP introduced by the passwords change.
      Enable SASL PLAIN auth mechanism for IMAP accounts.
      Implement real LOGIN auth method for IMAP.
      Fix a compile error on Win32.
      Made the gnutls password encryption work on Win32.
      Revert "Made the gnutls password encryption work on Win32."
      Made the gnutls password encryption work on Win32.
      Add warning about missing LOGIN SASL plugin for IMAP.
      Upon master password change, ask for old password immediately.
      Implement a password store.
      Make accounts use new password store for their passwords.
      Fix SMTP password use with password store.
      Fix a Coverity warning caused by previous commits.
      Fix previous fix ;-)
      Make POP3 use password store too.
      "Master password" is now called "master passphrase".
      Use account ID instead of name in passwordstorerc.
      Change default show/hide shortcut to Ctrl+F12.
      Update manual regarding new show/hide menu shortcut.
      Make GData plugin use the password store.
      Fix crash when unloading GData plugin when it's not configured.
      Do not create password block when deleting a password from store.
      Removed a forgotten debug line.
      Make SpamReport plugin use the password store.
      Write passwordstore into file more often, not just at exit.
      Treat storing empty password same as storing NULL password.
      Write passwordstore into file also after account passwords migration.
      Make gnutls password encryption the default if gnutls is available.
      Use SHA-256 for master_passphrase_hash, since SHA-512 is too new.
      Use a hardcoded IV length in password encryption.
      Fix crash in rare corner case in password en/decryption.
      Empty account block in password store when deleting an account.
      Set empty block->entries to NULL in passwd_store_delete_block().
      Fix incorporation dialog focus with master passphrase dialog.
      Rewrite unfold_line() to handle UTF8 line breaks.
      Make vCalendar plugin use the password store.
      Migrate SpamReport passwords to password store correctly.
      Migrate GData plugin refresh token to password store correctly.
      Require GnuTLS version 3.0 for password encryption.
      Move RSSyl plugin name to a macro.
      Make RSSyl plugin use the password store.
      RSSyl: zero out password variables after migration to password store
      Remove unneeded plugin_master_passphrase_change().
      Update plugins' claws.def filess for Windows build.
      Added PBKDF2 implementation, copied from OpenBSD.
      Use PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA1 for master passphrase in clawsrc.
      Close PRNG source after reading our PBKDF2 salt from it.
      Fix parsing logic in RSSyl OPML import.
      Remove obsolete comment in RSSyl's OPML import.
      Fix crash on deleting password from passwordstore.
      Update passwordstore if RSSyl feed's URL gets changed.
      Remove password from passwordstore when deleting a RSSyl feed.
      Addressbook now uses password store for LDAP passwords.
      Prevent an unlikely crash during RSSyl feed properties save.
      Make double-click open edit dialog also for addressbook datasources.
      Show duration of PBKDF2 computation in debug output.
      Use native file and folder selection dialogs on Windows.
      Document 'master_passphrase_pbkdf2_rounds' hidden preference.
      Make Windows native file/dir choosers work with non-ASCII characters.
      Disallow folder names ending with a space on Windows.
      More fixes for the Windows native file choosers.
      Use correct dir separator for "Scanning folder ..." in statusbar.
      Fix behavior in selecting PGP MIME signature on Windows.
      Ask GpgME for path to gpg executable for manual key import.
      Made manual GPG key import work on Windows.
      Improve plural handling for "Delete message" dialog.
      Remove imap_use_trash account preference.
      Moved getting random bytes into a separate get_random_bytes() function.
      Use PBKDF2 to derive encryption key for passwords.
      Fix --select CLI option on Windows when selecting a particular message.
      Fixed calculation of timing.h timer for Windows.
      Updated claws.def file for win32 build of notification plugin.
      Made exporting GPG key to keyserver work on Windows.
      Added --batch option to manual gpg executable calls.
      Fix filesel dialog with filter for Win32.
      Simplify handling of gpg_ask_create_key pref.
      When generating a PGP keypair, only ask for passphrase with gpg1.
      Added config versioning.
      Remove obsolete A_APOP and A_RPOP account protocols.
      Remove APOP and RPOP also from account prefs.
      Do not repopulate folderview after account prefs save.
      Fix up previous commit.
      Remove unused GtkWidget* argument in stock_pix* functions.
      Make exit_claws() use folderview API and not reach inside _FolderView struct.
      Use folderview_freeze/thaw() functions outside of folderview.c.
      Use folderview_grab_focus() outside of folderview.c.
      Further improve API isolation of folderview.
      Remove last outside gtk_cmclist_freeze/thaw for summaryview&folderview ctrees.
      Updated plugins' claws.def files for win32 build.
      Added working_directory parameter to execute_command_line()
      Embarrassing typo fix in rssyl_subscribe().
      Do not run config update routine on first run.
      Remove the (now unused) master_passphrase_change plugin function.
      Fix sensitivity of "Delete book" menu entries in addressbook.
      Only enable "New Book" context menu entry for internal addressbook.
      Remove an obsolete comment in password.c.
      Added recently added source files to POTFILES.in.
      Set correct config_version after first-run wizard finishes.
      Removed SessionMsgType enum and its use, since it is useless.
      Fix filesel_select_file_open_folder() for Win32.

Charles Lehner (6):
      Migrate managesieve to passwordstore
      Indicate list items in html
      Line break after <dd>
      Indent html in blockquotes
      Handle ical lines longer than 256 bytes
      Allocate quoted-printable output buffer on heap

Colin Leroy (14):
      Fix unused variable warning
      Fix a leak and g_log() in case of null passwords
      Fix indentation, sorry
      Fix another g_log warning
      vCalendar: Use new password API
      Forgot to memset. We should add an helper function for this.
      GData: use new password API. Completely untested as I don't have the dependancies available to build!
      SpamReport: use new password API
      Require new password API
      Actually encrypt passwords before storing them
      Add a plugin method to allow updating stored passwords on master password change.
      Fix unitialised access
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix cast issue

Holger Berndt (1):
      Python plugin: Add set_header_list() function for ComposeWindow objects

Michael Rasmussen (1):
      Add help text and change text of second label

Paul (25):
      automatically use external editor on fwd-as-attachment if option is set
      fix Compose account selection when imap folder is selected
      prevent always selecting html part in multipart/alternative
      add missing include
      remove spurious single quotes in mailcap_get_command_in_file()
      remove the whole unncessary if block, completing the last commit
      fix typos in function name
      a handful of documentation updates
      pay attention there!
      remove matcherrc.pre_names migration. 10 years later, we'll assume everyone has been migrated
      fix crash introduced in c7e1e0bbdf72269708a53075a4accecb61ebebe2
      modify 61f7c3c5e to catch another hardcoded gpg call
      make 'next_on_delete' hidden pref apply after trashing or moving a msg in addition to deleting a msg
      include Reply-To value when using 'reply to all'
      fix bug 2518, ' "Reply-All" message from NNTP-account does not contain CC'ed correspondents'
      Remove unneeded 'Other' from View/Go to/Other folder...
      remove unnecessary 'Encoding' frame
      standardise singlular/plural mix on labels
      another one (see last commit)
      replace another: "pixel(s)" -> "pixels"
      Improve label
      fix typo
      add Turkish translation to claws-mail.desktop
      update/add/disable translations
      for 3.14.0 release

Pawel Pekala (4):
      Fix python plugin test for BSD family, dlopen(3) on those
      Implement focused widget saving between iconify/deiconify events in
      Place dialogs on center of main window. Most window managers place
      Revert "Place dialogs on center of main window."

Ricardo Mones (47):
      Fix segfault when account password is not saved…
      Fix bug #3028: Claws doesn't select html part if attachments present
      Fix bug #3581: sys:1: Warning: Source ID # was…
      Fix bug #3578: Strings around MAILIMAP_ERROR…
      Fix bug #2604: Add support for -geometry
      Fix a couple of typos
      Fix leak on error and error reporting
      Add scroll to SSL certificates list
      Remove dead code when the #ifndef is true
      Fix bug #3628: Typo in zh_TW.po
      Fix some odd debug outputs
      Keep current order and add the default value
      Synchronize Spanish manual
      Fix semantic error
      Fix closing tag placement
      Fix some typos in perl plugin's manpage
      Fix frequently ocurring typos :)
      Fix typo in manual
      Use Unicode, don't restrict ourselves to ASCII
      Add new action script for fixing threads
      Fix phrasing, terminology and typos
      Improve script documentation
      And more documentation
      Install new script also
      Fix bug #3652 “warning: ordered comparison of pointer…”
      Warn on unsuccessful gpgme_set_engine_info calls
      Add forgotten block delimiters
      Update Spanish manual
      Fix #3653: document plugin path configuration
      Sync Spanish manual
      Fix bug #3573: Out of bounds read in macro LBREAK_IF_REQUIRED
      Update lists of authors
      Fix warning about what directory cannot be open
      Restore size of toolbar trash button
      Restore also size of toolbar arrows
      Reorganise send options a bit
      Fix bug #2176: autochk_interval granularity is low
      Update copyright headers for previous commit
      Make label more readable
      Use current style of preferences for time fields
      Handle configuration versions from the future
      Remove also unused struct member
      Fix some debug messages and update headers
      Remove more line breaks from g_warning()
      Add passwords file to manpage
      Update Spanish translation for release
      Update list of TLDs for release

wwp (3):
      Make use of GNUTLS_CFLAGS to compile.
      Add  'Get mail from account..' to notification plugin's trayicon menu.
      notification plug-in: skip SMTP-only accounts when building the


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