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Sun Oct 11 10:18:44 CEST 2015

The annotated tag, 3.13.0 has been created
        at  75a1a98ac02bbcc01aa6611c9ea9815eb9c1e975 (tag)
   tagging  88fc087654df75e5cc0e5d11f506ebf0cf3c347a (commit)
  replaces  3.12.0
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Oct 11 09:18:34 2015 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
3.13.0 unleashed

Andrej Kacian (23):
      Fix building on GLib older than 2.25.
      Fix a small (copy&paste ?) typo in time zone parsing.
      Fixed handling of drag&drop onto compose text area on Windows.
      Fix drag&drop attaching files with % in filename.
      Correct handling of RFC3339 format with second fraction.
      Remove broken reimplementation of a few Glib file functions.
      Do not build libfeed if RSSyl plugin is disabled.
      Provide an up to date version of g_base64_decode() for older GLib.
      Improve how message body is quoted for reply/forward/etc.
      Fix crash on double notification popup.
      Use getaddrinfo() instead of gethostbyname() in socket.c.
      Moved struct and enum declarations from prefswindow.c to .h.
      Pass PrefsWindow pointer instead of GtkWindow to prefswindow's open and close callbacks.
      Added dialog_response member to PrefsWindow.
      Use PrefsWindow's close_cb callback to save common prefs to disk, if OK or Apply button was pressed.
      Add a PrefsWindow callback for apply button, and use it for common preferences to save them to disk.
      Make Home and End keys work in folderview pane.
      Make Left and Right keys collapse and expand item under cursor if appropriate.
      Make IPv6 work on Windows, for connections not handled by libetpan.
      Remove unneeded Windows-specific code path in Notification plugin's trayicon popup menu callback.
      Fix several memory leaks in RSSyl.
      Shameless plug, adding myself to AUTHORS in win32 section.
      Updated plugins' symbol list files for Windows build.

Charles Lehner (9):
      Fix typo in email address
      managesieve: fix list header tooltip
      managesieve: close windows when unloading
      managesieve: ensure space above Refresh button
      managesieve: fix memory leak
      managesieve: count script length in bytes, not characters
      managesieve: read literals in chunks, not line-by-line
      Remove use of G_SOURCE_REMOVE (convenience typedef)
      Always check for GnuTLS (fix #3507)

Christian Hesse (4):
      Auto-configuration: set port only when not default
      Hidden preference to limit PGP autocompletion
      Fix bug #3527 ‘autoconfiguration: move button below server type’
      msg is not const

Colin Leroy (28):
      test push
      rm test
      test add
      rm test
      Fix bug #3352, "found_in_addressbook matches entries from GPG keyring"
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Remove file that should be ignored
      Fix string leaks
      Save temporary file in mime temporary directory when using right-click/Open image instead of saving in current working directory.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix off-by-one.
      Fix theoretical off-by-one (which should never happen)
      Remove unused field
      Fix wrong variable in for loop
      Fix possible overrun
      Fix TOCTOU (time-to-check, time-to-use) race
      Fix possibly non-null-terminated string
      Fix possibly not null-terminated string
      Fix null pointer dereference
      Fix unchecked return value
      Fix null pointer dereferences and missing return checks
      Fix resource leak
      Fix missing check
      Fix missing check

Holger Berndt (1):
      Python plugin: Add Folder to MessageInfo objects

Michael Rasmussen (6):
      Fix error from config/missing 'missing: Unknown --is-lightweight option'
      Fix possible crash when gpg is upgraded to gpg-v21
      Reduce size of error message
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix buffer overrun
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws

Paul (26):
      add missing NL, sorry Marcel
      update Andreas' email address
      after deleting/trashing msg, select next msg depending on sort order
      remove useless check
      fix crasher when using descending sort and deleting a msg
      fix msg selection after delete/trash
      fix spacing around dictionary prefs
      do sgpgme_init() after prefs_gpg_init() because prefs are used in sgpgme_init()
      use the PACK_CHECK_BUTTON macro in prefs_gtk.h
      add option to specify location of GnuPG executable
      let's not suggest possible, not necessarily correct, solutions in debug output
      when replying to our own msg, select the account that sent it
      add prefs for default folder sort and direction, no ui yet
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      add UI for default sort key and type
      modify label to give more clarity
      modify label to give more clarity
      make 'date' (not thread date) the default sort when clicking column header to switch to date sort
      remove dead GeoLocation plugin
      fix bug 3531, 'a/z hotkeys crash Claws immediately after startup'
      move 'delete thread' to Message menu, fix it's name (trash thread) and add a real delete thread item
      update en_GB translation
      update i18n
      updated translators list, etc.
      updated for release 3.13.0

Ricardo Mones (27):
      Update statement wording for GPLv3
      Add Libravatar also to README
      Minor fixes to es.po
      Updated to match current configure options
      Add ManageSieve to appdata
      Fix bug 2458 “Option to force header type to pre-defined-only”
      Libravatar: fix typo in label
      Fix bug #3209 ‘autoconfig does not use full email address as username’
      Fix bug #3342 ‘"Automatically accept unknown valid SSL certificates" is unfortunate wording’
      Fix cut-and-paste error
      Also fix #3209 on initial wizard
      Make a single updated list of hidden options
      Update manual year
      Remove reference already in manual
      Libravatar: remove hooks on failed init
      Do not translate g_warning() strings
      Archiver: remove unnecessary allocations
      Remove line breaks from g_warning()
      Fix bug #3526 ‘autoconfiguration: get more detailed error message’
      Fix bug #3516 ‘vCard icon misplaced’
      Fix bug #3524 ‘vCard does not decode all quoted-printable values’
      Fix bug #3263 ‘Wrong timezone while using date_fmt function’
      Synchronize advanced section of Spanish manual
      Document tunnel command's environment variables
      Document also FAQ location in manpage
      Complete GeoLocation removal
      Update Spanish translation for release

wwp (3):
      Fix crash in address completion when matching group name.
      Better fix for 3.12.0-35, thanks to Michael Rasmussen.
      Oops, added back one line, swallowed by 3.12.0-36, fixing address completion


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