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Sun Dec 20 15:00:06 CET 2015

The annotated tag, 3.13.1 has been created
        at  d754df32fb2eb902d58d16620d0c0a5e68142405 (tag)
   tagging  e281328d07a8960e5c563a3876b893c156bb7212 (commit)
  replaces  3.13.0
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sun Dec 20 13:59:55 2015 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.13.1

Andrej Kacian (24):
      Fix Shift+arrowkeys selection behavior in summaryview.
      In folderview, Enter key opens the selected folder immediately.
      RSSyl: Accept feeds with no title. Closes bug #3480.
      Add a forgotten RSSyl: prefix to log_print message from previous commit.
      Slightly more complete fix for the keyboard selection in summaryview.
      Do not try to expand a childless folderview row on right arrow keypress.
      Fix folderview focus row not being updated on some keypresses.
      Use folderview_get_selected_item() more.
      Add folderview_get_opened_item() function.
      Convert filename to UTF-16 before passing it to ShellExecute().
      Do not use chdir() in remove_all_files().
      Do not use chdir() in addrharvest.c.
      Let imap_get_num_list() unlock the session itself.
      Do not add mailto: prefix for URIs with protocol part.
      Removed two unnecessary debug_print()s from procheader.c.
      Reenabled regexps on Windows.
      Fix folder renaming for IMAP on Windows.
      Removed obsolete win32-related code from autogen.sh.
      Check for flex version properly in autogen.sh.
      Remove use of fnmatch(), in favour of GPatternSpec.
      Removed a useless debug line.
      Better fix for crash after broken pgp keyring update.
      Some minor changes for win32 build.
      RSSyl: do not add extra dir separator in item_get_path().

Charles Lehner (3):
      Fix enum scan on powerpc
      Fix bug #1918: allow searching of local address books
      Rename address book search label

Colin Leroy (16):
      Add a fast way to search for Message-ID (at least)
      Make sure we don't run out of the output buffer. Maybe fixes bug #3557
      Better fix for buffer overrun
      Fix overflow
      Fix overflow
      Fix overflow
      Fix null pointer dereference
      Remove stupid function
      Fix null pointer dereference
      Fix null pointer dereference
      More null pointer dereference fixes
      Wow. Such data, so leak, very unfreed
      One more leak (introduced in previous commit)
      Fix bug #3563 (URL parser will read out of bounds when closing bracket is missing in get_url_part)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix bug #3559 more correctly

Michael Rasmussen (1):
      Fix broken build after commit 225ab1ccaf5316550576135f416b773d3f45360a

Paul (39):
      fix syntax error
      don't check for libchamplain, thanks to Páder Rezső
      remove check for gnome2, which has outlived its usefullness
      don't build unmaintained de and pl manuals
      add (currently?) hidden pref for choosing to go to older/newer msg on delete
      fix building on OpenBSD, thanks to Daniel Jakots
      fix a format warning, thanks to Daniel Jakots
      fix menu item reference
      remove vanity labelling
      fix format warnings and some OpenBSD specific fixes
      fix erroneous debug text, debug output (and style)
      list tags directory
      define tags dir where all the others are
      implement RFE 3545, 'Support to view encrypted (password protected) PDF'
      fix bug 3375, 'Crash (SEGV) at gtkcmctree.c:4514 after deleting an unread message'
      make safe behaviour the default, autosave_encrypted off
      revert 1b32cc6794190c9fb6124b6de5b6f23e3007eec9
      find correct mime type of files with no suffix, e.g. Makefile
      workaround broken links in html
      fix bug 3561, 'HTML <a> tag with no href makes message display incorrectly.'
      use correct term, so that notes for translators appear in the po files
      remove the internally used plus symbol from the translatable strings
      remove most of the markup from translatable strings
      more sanitizing of translatable strings
      fix typos
      fix bug 3559, 'Opening preferences window causes out of bounds read'
      reinistate 1b32cc6794190c9fb6124b6de5b6f23e3007eec9 but with an addition check, eliminating the unwanted behaviour
      call 'new' address book 'alternate' address book
      rename configure option 'enable-alternate-addrbook' to 'enable-alternate-addressbook'
      cosmetic layout fixes
      update translations
      freshmeat.net does not exist anymore, so this script is useless
      update translation team
      update documentation team
      changed "Claws Mail-w322 to "Claws Mail for Windows"
      remove reference to freshmeat_search.pl
      lt.po updated
      for release 3.13.1
      remove reference to freshmeat_search.pl

Ricardo Mones (35):
      Fix “config.status: error: cannot find input file: `manual/pl/Makefile.in'”
      Updated zh_TW translation by Mark Chang
      Fix Debian bug #801375 “Segfault when activating…
      Updated ru.po by Mikhail Kurinnoi
      Update author lists
      Enable Russian translation again
      Fix spacing (and my .vimrc ;-P)
      Fix bug #3151 ‘loaded vCalendar plugin "disables"…
      Added Russian translation to desktop file
      Set option to its own row
      Add Hebrew translation to desktop file
      Russian translation for desktop file actions
      Fix libetpan version test
      Script to print IANA's TLD list as C array
      Update list of recognised TLDs to current
      Support adding domains from a file
      Add a list of alternative TLDs
      Update array of recognised TLDs
      Fix bug #3565 by reverting “fix bug 3559, 'Opening preferences window causes out of bounds read'”
      Fix bug #3566: add missing locales to Eastern nameorder
      Use an arrow instead of ASCII chars
      Fix bug #2355: Embedding external editor through GtkSocket
      Ungroup to make future tlds.h patches smaller
      Bug #2355: don't send while external editor is open
      Adjust menus for external embedded editor
      Use same label for seconds in timeouts
      Make interface match expectations of plugin_load()
      Remove markup from translatable strings
      Remove more markup from translatable strings
      Correct modified file headers
      Cosmetic: use g_strstrip define when stripping
      Cosmetic: use always g_getenv instead of getenv
      Fix bug #3570 “Feed preferences window appearance”
      Update array of recognised TLDs for release
      Update Spanish translation for release


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