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Mon Oct 20 21:07:31 CEST 2014

The annotated tag, 3.11.0 has been created
        at  b3186062107a9a31a9d59be2552a0ef56852d195 (tag)
   tagging  06f8bb0a3e2ab90ad876bb1e8d96cadea138b625 (commit)
  replaces  3.10.1
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Mon Oct 20 20:07:20 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
3.11.0 unleashed

Andrej Kacian (30):
      New RSSyl replacing old one.
      Get rid of deprecated use of GtkComboBox text functions in favour of GtkComboBoxText.
      Revert "Make Up key bring focus to Subject line, if the cursor is on the first line of body textview."
      In compose window, prevent account selection combobox to get focus when navigating widgets using arrow keys. Closes bug #3216.
      Added comments explaining the use of gtk_container_set_focus_chain(), for future generations.
      Get rid of non-existent CLAWS_MAIL_CFLAGS in Makefile templates where it was forgotten.
      Get rid of unneeded GTK_CFLAGS in Makefile template for rssyl/libfeed.
      Fix b976c1d by actually having a mnemonic char in the Subject label, so alt+s works.
      RSSyl: do not use feed item's URL to populate an empty ID, it just confuses the comparing logic
      RSSyl: during format update, copy also folder properties
      RSSyl: handle expiring comments after their parent is gone
      RSSyl: fix memory leak in rssyl_deleted
      RSSyl: make the libfeed parsers' FILL macro brace-safe. Thanks Colin!
      RSSyl: make sure we do not operate with NULL text in libfeed parsers' end-handlers.
      RSSyl: remove surplus semicolons from FILL macro use.
      RSSyl: Fix some more issues reported by Coverity.
      RSSyl: more fixes for Coverity issues
      RSSyl: Fix errno declaration in rssyl_add_item() breaking compilation on *BSD
      RSSyl: Fix Atom parser getting lost within feed/author.
      RSSyl: Convenience checkbox allowing user to open feed properties window after subscribing a new feed.
      Actually display "(No From)" in messageview's From column when appropriate.
      Add check for a NULL parameter to extract_address(), to prevent possible null pointer dereference.
      RSSyl: fix OPML import creating incorrect folder hierarchy
      When changing focus in folderview, make sure the newly focused folder is visible first.
      RSSyl: Do not use g_strsplit_set() to get the ID from message file, since the ID itself can contain < or > characters. Should fix bug #3282.
      RSSyl: Just copy all of the custom folderlist xml tags in copy_private_data via folder_item_{get,set}_xml class functions, instead of handling feed properties one by one.
      Revert "RSSyl: Just copy all of the custom folderlist xml tags in copy_private_data via folder_item_{get,set}_xml class functions, instead of handling feed properties one by one."
      RSSyl: Copy RFolderItem private data properly.
      RSSyl: Lose the .deleted file on folder move for now
      RSSyl: when user chooses a different folder name for a newly subscribed feed, store the official title, so that it doesn't revert back after first feed update.

Colin Leroy (40):
      Make revoked keys explicit
      Drop old unsupported GTK+ conditionals too
      Coverity fixes
      Coverity fixes
      Fix new Coverity defects
      Fix wrong replace in default strings, introduced by
      Merge branch 'i18n' of https://github.com/ignatenkobrain/claws
      Start translating .desktop and .appdata to test new system
      Unmark some warnings from translations
      Mention intltool
      Missing @INTLTOOL_XML_RULE@
      Same for bsfilter
      Fix creating a numeric directory when a message with the same number exists
      Fix creating a numeric directory when a message of the same number exists
      Cache files with a dot in front when a directory with the same number exists. Fixes bug #3212, "When msgnum matches a sub-folder name, fetch fails"
      New files to ignore
      Don't bother renumbering messages before creating a folder with the
      Distribute .in files too
      Fix typo
      Fix typos
      Finish fixing bug #3212 (case where the folder exists, but is uncached
      Migrate the old feeds' caches if possible.
      Don't forget the ssl_verify_peer pref when migrating
      Fix bug #3212, "Make wildcard address matching/autocomplete a bit smarter by sorting results in a more human way". Patch by Michael Gemlin.
      Make sure we don't access out of bounds of the match string.
      Fix obvious mistake, thanks Michael (bug #3215)
      Undeprecate libarchive calls; Patch by Christian Hesse.
      Fix possibly uninitialized variables; patch by Christian Hesse
      Add missing include; patch by Christian Hesse
      Remove unused variables; patch by Christian Hesse
      Fix unchecked return values - patch by Christian Hesse
      Fix unchecked return value - Patch by Christian Hesse
      Don't automatically re-check signatures
      Fix unchecked return values. Patch by Christian Hesse
      Add support for NOCONFIGURE environment variable. Patch by Charles A Edwards
      Make INBOX case-insensitive (as RFC states), and add a check for a "Draft" folder when building folder tree. Fixes bug #3221, "Claws Mail has issues with Yahoo IMAP server/folders"
      test commit
      Remove test
      Fix missing fclose(), thanks to Kevin Day
      Disable SSL3.0 entirely as a Poodle fix.

Holger Berndt (3):
      Python plugin: Fix ComposeWindow.get_account_selection
      Python plugin: Add flag attributes to MessageInfo object
      Python plugin: Make 'account' property of ComposeWindow read/write

Igor Gnatenko (31):
      metainfo: add acpi_notifier plugin
      metainfo: add address_keeper plugin
      metainfo: add archive plugin
      metainfo: add attachwarner plugin
      metainfo: add att_remover plugin
      metainfo: add bogofilter plugin
      metainfo: add bsfilter plugin
      metainfo: add clamd plugin
      metainfo: add fancy plugin
      metainfo: add fetchinfo plugin
      metainfo: add gdata plugin
      metainfo: add geolocation plugin
      metainfo: add libravatar plugin
      metainfo: add mailmbox plugin
      metainfo: add newmail plugin
      metainfo: add notification plugin
      metainfo: add pdf_viewer plugin
      metainfo: add perl plugin
      metainfo: add pgpinline plugin
      metainfo: add pgpmime plugin
      metainfo: add python plugin
      metainfo: add rssyl plugin
      metainfo: add smime plugin
      metainfo: add spamassasin plugin
      metainfo: add spam_report plugin
      metainfo: add tnef_parse plugin
      metainfo: add vcalendar plugin
      appstream: add tools for checking
      AUTHORS: add me as contributor
      fix automake errors
      i18n: improve translations

Michael Rasmussen (4):
      Fix wrong include
      Revert 23c8b42. Caused by a bug in Debian Sid
      If cur_folder is not NULL then the folder tree will have cur_folder as root
      Fix to apply to new behavior of foldersel_set_tree. See 247a452

Paul (46):
      be a little more verbose with revoked key and expired signature notices
      in full sig info: fix check for revoked key error code, and indicate expired key
      now min version of glib is 2.20, remove all irrelevent conditionals
      fix indent (broken in last commit)
      more code removal due to min version of glib now being 2.20
      fix a typo
      use our own address as <updatecontact>
      keep this listing in alphabetical order
      add a check and warning for missing intltool; add --automake to intltoolize call
      internationalise plugin appdata files
      fix this wonderful screw-up that broke `make dist`
      fix typo (thanks to Charles A Edwards)
      add configure option --enable-appdata and put all appdata in appdata/
      ignore generated appdata
      fix build warning
      fix building RSSyl
      fix erroneous 'untrusted' msg based on validity not trust
      show owner trust in full info
      indicate revoked UIDs
      highlight queue if there are msgs in its sub-folders and the tree is collapsed
      don't switch from 'Thread Date' to 'Date' when clicking column header
      fix bug 3173, 'quick search ignores trailing blank'
      add user specified stylesheet option
      make the compiler be quiet. patch by Christian Hesse
      fix some typos. patch by Andreas Rönnquist
      don't ignore stylesheet when reloading from popup prefs
      add option to toggle mainwindow menubar, (hotkey F12)
      fix the doubled up mnemonic
      fix bug 3235, 'Extraneous double quotes inside base64-encoded From header confuse 'Reply' action'
      fix bug 3236, 'sc_html_parse_tag() does not recognize '<br/>' as line break'
      implement RFE 3238, 'GPG Mime Plugin exports contents to a tmpfile unnecessarily'
      tidy up after last commit
      implement RFE 3239, 'Remove "Content-Disposition: attachment" from PGP/MIME signed messages'
      fix building without gnuTLS support
      Don't differentiate the protocols used when using direct SSL/TLS versus STARTTLS
      fix msg display when utf8_instead_of_locale_for_broken_mail is turned off and you use a UTF-8 locale
      add Reply-To to template config
      disallow editing any account (even current account) when at least one compose window is open
      fix bug 3265, 'procmime.c: unbalanced flockfile() / funlockfile()'
      add more debug_prints in relation to bug 3049
      re: last commit - of course, one debug_print() will do
      fix `make dist`
      you don't get into AUTHORS just for suggesting an idea, and that's all that the contribution is now
      fix building with --disable-nls
      updated translations
      3.11.0 unleashed!

Ricardo Mones (21):
      Fix wrong metainfo.xml.in reference
      Fix bug #3211 “Fails to build in Debian hurd-i386 architecture”
      Fix desktop file Categories and add Keywords
      Use gtk_combo_box_new_text only if supported
      Fix missing file with translations
      Add some missing copyright
      Fix memory leak in libravatar
      Fix copy paste error
      Add missing copyrights in tnef_parse plugin
      Add license and copyright to 9b3fd2b5
      Fix http://bugs.debian.org/755022 (now uses https)
      Fix bug #3246 ‘attachment open: "remember this" ignored if ~/.mailcap does not exist’
      Improve translation (Debian bug #757929)
      Fancy: disallow editing for empty stylesheets
      Add new quicksearch for header's content only
      Add forgotten author of @^^ patch (and others)
      Fix bug 3285 ‘modify tbird2claws.py to handle subdirectory’
      Improve thread-safety in NNTP
      Fix typos reported on irc (thanks!)
      Remove unreachable code
      Libravatar: allow reduced timeout for network requests

wwp (2):
      Use the slist_free_strings_full wrapper func.
      Fix a typo.


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