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Mon May 26 11:50:51 CEST 2014

The annotated tag 3.10.0 of project "claws" (Claws Mail) has been created
        at  40dc86c708172579ca9a38e3727382f347639879 (tag)
   tagging  461a286c1cd38b31170913d90c66b3814286613c (commit)
  replaces  3.9.3
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Mon May 26 10:50:41 2014 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleashed 3.10.0

Andrej Kacian (8):
      Removed unused "block_cursor" preference from prefs_common.
      When autoselecting account for a new message, handle quoted recipient names better. Patch by Christoph Ruegge, bug #3100.
      Added Christoph Ruegge to  AUTHORS file, for bug #3100.
      Do not allow the compose window's slider between headers and body to hide widgets on either side.
      Add a mnemonic to compose window's Subject line, allowing alt+s to bring focus there.
      Make Up key bring focus to Subject line, if the cursor is on the first line of body textview.
      Remove test_strftime() that was mistakenly included in previous commits.
      Use the GtkPaned's position value to store compose_notebook_height, since setting this position is what we're using it for now. Since GtkPaned doesn't have any "resize done" signal available, we have to do it in the notebook's "size-allocate" callback.

Christian Hesse (4):
      Fix bug #3108 “link libravatar plugin against libcurl”.
      Fix bug #3109 “libravatar: make mail address lower case before hashing MD5”
      replace non ASCII-characters
      Fix bug #3126 “libravatar: do not collect empty files”

Colin Leroy (129):
      Add preference to allow disabling automatic drafting of encrypted
      Fix bug #3038, "Select A Folder incorrectly matches on number
      Fix bug #3040, "Handle revoked GPG private keys". Patch by Palmer Dabbelt.
      Add Palmer Dabbelt to Authors
      Fix bug #3020, "Use theme doesn't change some icons until restart"
      Fix bug #2991, "POP3 sessions duplicated" on race conditions. Patch by
      Fix bug #2875, "SMTP session disconnects before recieving multi-line
      Fix bug #3107, " Height of row in message list does not
      GIT-Ignore the results of libravatar's compilation
      Add the GPG keyring as possible source for address autocompletion.
      Fix crash due to wrong use of the gpointer source (which is a
      Fix bug #3120, "Error - file is empty" when redirecting a mail with
      Fix bug #3123, "Clean up git". Patch by Christian Hesse.
      Fix bug #3055, "Claws segfaults when cancelling a sticky search
      Probably fix bug #3050, "Claws mail closes when one attempts to delete a tag"
      Fix bug #3145, "Memory corruption in imap_disconnect_all"
      Fix bug #3146, "Memory corruption when deleting a message from folder"
      Fix bug #3147, "verify_folderlist_xml() leaks memory"
      Fix bug #3148, "Logic error in claws_get_socket_name()"
      Fix bug #3150, "etpan_certificate_check() leaks memory"
      Fix bug #3116, "invalid DTSTART in ics subscription makes claws crash"
      Fix bug #313, "Crash on reccurent events with no DTSTART"
      Fix recognition of quoted parameter values, which are legal.
      Fix bug #3117, "full-day event shown from 01:00 to 01:00 next day"
      Fix bug #3139, "Mainwindow unresponsive due to a busy loop"
      Fix bug #3105, "vCal plugin via https does not check SSL peer certificates or host"
      Factorize SSL things in etpan
      Implement certificate chain retrieval and passing. CAs are not loaded
      Implement certificate chain verification; fix leak; fix return code
      Fix claws exports for windows
      Remove dead code from OpenSSL days
      Fix using ints for gnutls_x509_crt_fmt_t.
      Rename i2d/d2i internal functions to clearer import/export.
      More cleanup
      Add missing syms. Serious Win32 PITA
      Update root CA certificates
      Fix ChangeLog generation when only one file changes
      Fix unitialized variable. Maybe cause of crash under Win32.
      Replace deprecated INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS; where needed, still
      Fix double define
      Fix another double define, and add subdir-objects where needed
      Add avatar to the prints.
      Change the blueness in Drafts folders to saving drafts as New. It makes
      Add timeout and nosignal curlopts
      Oups. Fix previous commit.
      First implementation of auto-configuration (bug #3140)
      Fix leak (bug #3148, thanks for the heads up!)
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix most of the leaks referenced in bug #3155
      Fix type
      Remove useless cruft from OpenSSL days
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix pref label
      Implement SSL certificate verification option (default, and per-feed).
      Fix english
      Don't save libravatarr avatars to addressbook
      Remove the copy-paste that was folder[view]_fast_scan_tree, and
      Debug bug #2257
      Fix invalid free
      Don't encrypt with a public key for which the email matches,
      Fix bug #2398, "Race when closing compose during drafting"
      Fix type
      Better fix
      Track the mark-as-read timeout to be able to cancel it properly
      Better fix: cancel cb also when moving, exec'ing, etc
      Really fix leak (Thanks!)
      More leak fix for bug #3155
      fix format
      Fix wrong free, and fix useless g_slist_concat
      Have a way for folder klasses to register specific prefs pages
      Make autoconfiguration non-blocking
      Implement autoconfiguration in wizard
      Check smtp auth if autoconfig works. This is probably required.
      Implement saving of the certificate chain, making the offline status
      Fix leak
      Fix g_timeout usage
      Fix g_timeout usage
      Fix warning
      Fix warning
      Fix typo
      Fix libravatar depending on auto_configure_service in a synchronous manner.
      Fix early reset of main_window_reflect_tags_changes_real tag
      Fix insert point after filling in textview
      Factorize to make clearer
      Remove obviously dead code
      More simplification
      Fix disappearing highlight in mails with PGP signatures
      Factorize if
      Fix use after free
      Fix endianness
      Warning fixes
      Make federated_url_for_address() return the same thing whether a
      * Update year
      Reference new hidden options (address_search_wildcard and folder_search_wildcard)
      Reference enable_avatars
      Rewrap and update links
      revert erroneous 2b0b467727d110b8505517bd92261608e499f57f; we need
      More specific rewording of the 'r' quicksearch. Patch by Andreas Ronnquist.
      Revert commit 5454ca5af43ebb23c45f6f1890705a7425008d86, fixes bug #3161
      Fix remove_numbered_files_not_in_list doing exactly not what it said.
      Fix insertion
      Fix un/registering hooks at each message parse.
      Don't go up in subject if we're selecting
      Remove useless returns
      Factorize folderview_find_next_{unread,new,marked}
      Don't enter draft folders when navigating to next unread/new/marked
      Fix bug 3039, very long parsing time in HTML email. Avoid strcasestr
      Fix bug 3039 more - Why read line by line?
      Add a note about bogo's initial learning
      Add note about Fancy & remote content
      Remove mention of ircNet
      Update french manual (plugins)
      Sync missing hidden prefs
      Possibly fix bug #3169, threaded message list performance issue
      Fix leak
      Fix missing end-of-string
      Avoid using gtk_widget_set_style(), so these widgets can get theme or
      Fix bug #2179, "Improve quotation wrapping support": Make manual wrapping also wrap quotes.
      Fix Undo after wrapping a paragraph, which undid every line wrap one by one, and make it atomic.
      Fix bug #2238, "Incorrect undo/redo operations after paste with replace from context menu".
      Fix bug #2447, "Compose window crashes if moving a folder that is being replied to". Also constify compose_get_compose_list()
      Constify messageview_get_msgview_list()
      Better solution than a global function call, use our hook infrastructure
      Fix crash with auto-indent
      Remove draft_timeout_tag too before destroying
      Better place to remove the draft callback, where we hold the mutex
      Added appdata helper file - http://people.freedesktop.org/~hughsient/appdata/
      Fix wording, thanks to Paul!
      Fix bold font not being derived from normal font, but from system font

Holger Berndt (1):
      Python plugin: Also check for _PyGtk_API being a PyCapsule

Michael Rasmussen (3):
      Fix build bug.
      Only show error popup first time an error is found.
      Fix bug in string thanks to Mones

Paul (30):
      fix typo
      add Esperanto translation. submitted by Sian Mountbatten
      LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0, thanks Ticho!!
      add option 'Generate X-Newsreader header' for NNTP accounts and complete the 'Generate X-Mailer header' option
      implement RFE bug 3053, 'Can't add "replace signature" to the toolbar'
      add hidden prefs to choose old or new style addr and folder matching
      combine xmailer/xnewsreader header options into one, using generic term "user agent"
      indicate when there are messages in Drafts
      add dist-z to AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS
      fix overlapping labels and boxes when user has large GTK font
      fix build error: "#error GPGME was compiled with _FILE_OFFSET_BITS = 64"
      tidy up and get the string translated
      translate libravatar plugin
      fix implicit declaration warning
      3 months into 2014, about time copyright was updated
      don't reply to self when doing reply to all
      add --from-code=UTF-8 to Makevars
      when using Redirect, use the redirecting account's address in the SMTP MAIL FROM
      remove references to 'enable_dotted_lines', this option was removed some 2 years ago
      belatedly update details of Hebrew translator
      reword plugins section, and add info about auto-configure to starting section
      put back closing tag accidentally cut in previous commit
      remove long forgotten FAQDIR
      fix Language value and charset
      fix %c and %x date/time formats
      remove no-longer-needed fast_strftime()
      some minor improvements in English usage
      reword note about training bogofilter
      update translations
      release 3.10.0

Ricardo Mones (56):
      Fix parsing universal time zone in mailmbox
      Update manpage
      Fix bug #3964 "headers in wrong order -- file src/common/ssl.c"
      Fix memory leak
      New slist_copy_deep utility
      Support any number of avatars per message
      Remove unneeded arguments of xface_get_from_header
      Remove some X-Face cruft and check after realloc
      New hooklist to collect avatar data from headers
      New hooklist for rendering avatars and some utils
      Use new internal plugin for rendering avatars
      Show header pane only when enabled
      New libravatar plugin
      Fix a couple of bugs
      Improve plugin description a bit
      Even more crazy idea added
      A better README for libravatar plugin
      Simplify and remove some obsolete entries
      Fix default custom URL: needs 3 redirects
      Update source code references to add git and re-wrap
      Update plugins section of manual
      Fix typo
      Fix bug #3094 “OK or Yes to create new directory?”
      Fix bug #3138 “pgpinline crashes on signature check if gppme fails to init”
      Don't disable rssyl when checking libravatar
      Fix hardened builds and typo in configure.ac
      Retrieve avatar service URL from address
      Allow disabling federated domains
      Implement support for federated avatars
      Add libravatar plugin to documentation
      Fix label to make a complete sentence
      Ignore notification's plugin .dirstamp
      Fix 'warning: passing argument 2 of ‘slist_copy_deep’ from incompatible pointer type'
      Close paragraph to fix make install
      Remove include to complete 5a17be4e
      Sync Spanish manual with 0e9e5fa0
      Sync Spanish manual with ed20c6b9, #1
      Doesn't belong to manual
      Remove <title> and use <quote> to quote
      Sync Spanish manual with 6fc1c5d1
      Sync Spanish manual with ed20c6b9, #2
      Add also ClamAV URL
      Update example list of plugins using network
      Sync Spanish manual with ed20c6b9, #3 and the last one!
      Remove unnecesary file with required autoconf version
      Fix typo, thanks wwp!
      Revert "Remove unnecesary file with required autoconf version"
      One channel is singular
      Sync Spanish manual with 76e5ce47, be94ad0a and a9a242b2
      Licensing review for translation files
      Update licensing for Makefile.am files
      Add missing copyright notices to m4 files
      Restore licensing for embedded libical
      Some other minor license fixes
      Oops, no relation with this
      Fix desktop file reference

wwp (5):
      Fix few implicit references warnings.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.claws-mail.org/home/git/claws
      Fix possible crash when making use of proxy_checkbox before initiliazing it.
      Fix wrong address book contact in message list's From column and potentially
      Add g_utf8_substring function for compiling with GLIB < 2.30.


Claws Mail

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