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 tagged by  Ricardo Mones
        on  Wed Mar 20 00:17:28 2013 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Unleased 3.9.0

Alexander Barinov (2):
      initial message templates support
      fixed compilation bug in prefs_common.c

Alfons Hoogervorst (517):
      sync with cvs 4.64cvs4
      added .cvsignore for src dir
      Tag name in configure in to differ between main and claws branch
      added Makefile.in, stamp-h.in, configure,aclocal.m4 to root .cvsignore
      Battle of the ChangeLogs continues
      removed Makefile.in
      ChangeLog battling
      fixed XIM detection
      Added gtkstext.[ch]
      uses gtkstext instead of gtktext
      gtkstext widget (replacing gtktext with more mail friendly editor)
      tags file added
      buggy cursor nav. handling fixed; cursor drawing also takes in account the font descent
      battle of the changelog continues
      added *.swp (vim "swap" file)
      some very minor cleanups in cvsignores
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.65cvs10
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.65cvs10
      corrected to have the new gpg checks
      sync with 0.4.65cvs11
      created date format ui for darko
      bug sync with sylpheed
      colorization of email addresses in headers
      sync with 0.4.65cvs12
      sync with 0.4.65 (now arrived at 0.4.66claws1)
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      sync with 0.4.66cvs2
      fix for row up/down cursor navigation
      preps for fixing the email address scanner
      updated row up / down cursor navigation
      completed sync of sylpheed cvs2
      removed adding back / forward lines to cache
      fix top of buffer bug
      hopefully fixed the row up navigation bug
      bug in cursor up navigation fixed
      fixed another unsigned / signed comparison
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.66cvs3-5
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.66cvs3-5
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.66cvs6
      trace logs added
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.66
      fixed a bug in textview_show_header(), which displayed two colons (':')
      Ctrl-Home / Ctrl-End have proper cursor navigation
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.66cvs1-3
      messed up version numbering...
      sync with 0.4.66cvs4, and incorporated EricL's no dialog patch.
      reverted previous patch because of potential errors
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.67cvs5
      further merging: 0.4.67cvs6
      changed date format logic, moved rrr to send tab (prefs_common.c)
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.67cvs7-8
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.67cvs9
      gnome menu entry installation added (may be buggy)
      adding mail addresses to address book from the textview, and some minor gnome config changes
      unicode fix submitted by Alte <010 at imis.ru>
      messed up png /xpm in sylpheed.desktop
      bugfixed a premature assignment in  summaryview_add_sender_to_cb()
      Minor GUI fixes: adding horizontal scrollbars to Hoa's matcher dialogs, and fixing the persistence troubles when using separate windows.
      skip quoted email addresses in textview:get_email_part()
      sync check for 0.4.99claws3
      don't crash when no or invalid sender
      bugfix-try: always try to show msginfo in headerwindow.c
      use the selected summary view item, not the displayed item.
      minor gui nag fix: setting font name in font selection dialog
      minor ui nag: corrected description of quote format characters
      support for --sysconfdir; use this for locating the mime.types
      temporarily removed Hoa's preparations for matcher parser / lexer
      made the composer ruler correctly disappear / appear
      minor nags
      Partial implementation of Leandro's cool button
      completed Leandro's composite compose button stuff
      some minor updates
      allow forwarding multiple selected messages
      bugfix: don't crash if parent node deleted from thread attracted by subject line
      nl.po updated
      better mime type selection in `file attachment' property dialog
      changes and bugfixes submitted by Andre Eibel
      allow multiple attachment / insertion in the compose window
      memory leak fixes
      added generated matcher sources to src/Makefile.am
      several minor things Match forgot, and first stab at fixing the folder update problem
      remove conflict marker...
      made smart wrapping an option
      add persistence for collapsed / expanded folder trees
      Release 0.5.0claws "Paul Will Be Back Soon, Promise!"
      Committing reverts
      missing things
      last things
      ... and also redo the SSL stuff.
      added updated Dutch and German translations
      add updated pt_BR.po translation
      fix duplicate message in pt_BR.po
      start rewrite label colouring menu
      more label colouring rewrite
      sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0cvs1
      change text labels for news and mail message so there's plenty of toolbar estate left
      finish off label colouring
      sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0claws2-3
      sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0claws2-3
      address completion in prefs_filtering dialog too
      add missing files with translatable strings
      remove debug print
      fix folder update stats (I hope)
      sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0cvs4
      sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.0cvs5; back up claws to 0.5.0claws5
      revised filtering; currently only copy, move, mark (and combinations) have been tested
      fix actions: escaping, forwarding, execute
      revise label colouring, add filter action for label colouring, fix filtering issues
      remove debug messages
      readying release of 0.5.1claws
      readying release 0.5.1claw - adding English user manual
      Release Sylpheed 0.5.1claws
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.1cvs1-3
      sync with 0.5.1cvs4
      add CLAWS macro
      more sync with Hiroyuki's 0.5.1cvs5
      better checking for ldap and jpilot headers
      add gtkspell source files from stuphead + GtkText compatibility header
      add global setting stuff for spelling checker; 'nother 20% done
      remove conflict indicator
      quick fix for ispell detection
      add tools to distribution
      fix trash folder font using default folder font (lost in merge)
      add README.claws for things users need to know
      re-implement per folder threading setting (now stored in folderlist.xml)
      add README.claws to the distro files
      More plumbing: migrating request return receipt folder setting to folderlist.xml
      edit gtkspell.c so it complies a little bit more with main branch coding style
      more plumbing in Hoa's code (can't wait to have all these settings moved into folderlist.xml)
      reintroduce return-receipt-request things lost because procheader_parse() seems to have been changed (???)
      add block cursor
      and don't forget to bump up version...
      remove Chinese translations until someone picks it up
      Remove Chinese translations until someone picks it up
      something else I forgot. :)
      auto-chango compose toolbar button depending on folder selection
      remove debug_print()
      fix bug of selection of last inserted tree node, not necessarily the last displayed node
      select correct row when deleting last row in the summary view
      and don't forget to remove my experimental code
      remove syldap.c's call to sched_yield()
      removed some funny bugs
      my stab at fixing the non MT safety code in the LDAP lookup
      don't forget to set thread member to null
      fix compilation problem with pgptext.[ch]
      ensure style of GtkText widget is used, also sync with GtkText of GTK 1.2.10
      don't forget to remove conflict marker...
      fix prototype of strstr2() (forgotten by Christoph)
      add jonathan ware
      and add Jonathan to AUTHORS
      fix bug in textview introduced by enhanced clickable links
      comply with coding style
      replace gtk_text_insert with gtk_stext_insert; GTK_TEXT with GTK_STEXT
      add ; Hoa forgot :-)
      subject threading not when subject starts with "Re: "
      fix incorrect subject by threading
      don't thread a node by subject if it has already been threaded by subject
      remove undo.[ch] for now
      revert undo stuff that belong in 0.6.6claws
      change GTK_TEXT in GTK_STEXT
      update Dutch translation
      update claws README to reflect recent merges
      add things from main in session.h so claws compiles
      clean up and plug some leaks
      remove an unnecessary g_free()
      visual indicator locked ("keep"); not yet completed
      add undo/redo patch submitted by Jens Oberender
      edit compose.c a little bit so it complies with coding style
      don't forget to update configure.in too
      make lock stuff added some days ago more functional
      save and correctly display lock sort mode and type
      rever to filter from inbox approach
      more translatable strings
      add markfile declaration to appropriate functions when fchmod is not available
      more revision of filtering system
      make sure that we use the inbox set per account when filtering
      make filtering work too on local mbox (spool)
      oh and don't forget to remove conflict marker from ChangeLog.claws...
      work around problem of not correctly updating folder stats when deleting
      correct date in my entry
      prevent secondary selection claim after "add to sender" dialog
      clean up warnings wrt. returning values in functions that should return void
      make info button for execute action sensitive
      make unescaping / escaping in filtering work again
      revert matcher.c and matcher_parse_lex.l to previous revision
      another attempt to fix escaping and unescaping and revise the filtering.
      update dutch translation for coming release
      minor code clean up
      sync with 0.6.6hiro3-0.6.6hiro9
      add SSH tunnel stuff
      correct function signature
      better support for mime/digest
      quick fix for martin's omission of a account specific setting. imap over ssh tunnel only works with IMAP
      fix bug that did not allow at least me to clean my trash folders for a long time...
      add and adapt Thomas Link's subject simplification patch
      update AUTHORS to include Martin Pool and Fredrik Olofsen
      be a little bit more stringent in checking input strings
      clean up a little bit
      apply patch that allows accepting a file name typed in the multi file selector (submitted by kov at debian.org)
      add the locked pixmap thing I missed in the sync with Hiro (which reorganized the pixmap code)
      use new style regexp for subject stripping (submitted by Thomas Link)
      make default to address in folder property dialog really use address completion
      catch an inadvertent (as in *probably* at the wrong time) saving back of summary caches
      show pixmap in mark and locked column headers and a bugfix by adding locked and score to haeder sort array
      make clicking on mailto url in texview use the default account of the currently selected folder; and put a reminder in compose.c to fix something that's just wrong.
      make default inbox really work for multiple POP3 account (on popular demand)
      sync hiro's bugfix for BSD (include omission)
      cleanup namespace and put <sys/types.h> where it belongs so the stuff should compile on *BSD
      make folder properties persistent so they are properly restored after rescanning the folder tree
      clean up some code
      add #ifdefs that Melvin forgot in his previous commit
      fgetc() returns an int which should never ever be put in a char.
      Sync with hiro's cvs 10 to 17.
      clean up account.c (remove pixmap files) and add sylprint script for printing from sylpheed (contributed by Ricardo)
      fix the date in the changelog entry...
      make separate view work new style
      retry to make the separate window stuff work again
      put Hiro's logs in claws too
      bring in Hiro's last wm class fixes of 0.7.0 to claws
      pick up Ricardo's patch, so sylprint will also work with other perl versions
      bring in Simon Schubert's general GPG clean up patch
      make filtered message don't stay in .processing but try to move them to inbox; also fix a bug with summaryview locking which prevented some claws specific things.
      clean up some of my dirty digging remnants
      delete one more dirty debug line...
      use claws' semantics for getting folder item when importing an mbox file to a folder (thanks to Dale P. Smith)
      fix Fredrik's last name
      undo melvin's latest change to summaryview because when selecting a folder, the summary view doesn't select the first unread message
      plug a fossilised (as in been there a long there) memory leak
      update dutch translation
      remove some debug prints because of security / privacy concerns
      don't stop timer for auto mail checking when opening filtering prefs dialog
      change gtk_ctree_sort_node() into gtk_ctree_sort_recursive() so messages on same thread level are correctly sorted
      some minor changes
      prevent writing the cache based on current message list in summary view when filtering also put messages in currently selected folder
      prevent summary view from updating when the associated folder doesn't have new messages delivered by filtering
      assimilate Ricardo's patch which displays unread/read pixmaps instead of text in column headers of folder view
      put GtkSText class name change back
      make destin folder in import mbox dialog have the correct folder identifier
      change implementation of return-receipt-request so it uses a permanently stored flag.
      make RR dialog go away if you said no and you meant no...
      implement news->remove_msg()
      don't delete messages...
      fix interesting buglet and clean up coding style
      plug mem leaks in stock pixmap code, and refactor code a tiny little bit
      fix inadvertent free of NULL pointer in dialog's delete_event which made sylpheed crash
      we're loading functions explicitly from dynamically loaded so's, so remove explicit func checks
      make Tool | Filter Message work with filtering system, so setting flags in actions also works
      fix threading for null message ids, closes patch #521601, submitted by Bob Forsman <hammor at users.sourceforge.net>
      add presets for Opera and Konqueror, closes patch #517261, submitted by Ville Skyttä <scop at users.sourceforge.net>
      clear old color flags first when applying a new color to a message info. (spotted by Lo'oRiS il Kabukimono <lo_oris at libero.it>)
      #undef ALLOW_HEADER_HINT (this was supposed to be undef'ed) (spotted by Chris Hessman <idatech at gmx.net>)
      apply fix by Oliver for selective download (because of changed semantics in pop.c)
      add filtering conditions message greater than, smaller than, and exactly matching a size in bytes
      move Edit/Actions to Tool/Actions
      revert because it crashes on Reply and Compose
      more stringent checks for NULL params when writing filtering actions to a file
      refactor should_delete() a little bit
      apply colin's patch and refactor
      more refactoring for delete after xxx days; plug mem leak introduced by delete from server
      fix use of incorrect uidl string
      initialize GDate stack variable correctly (sorry!)
      honour feature request item #537427 to allow for displaying names from address book for sent mail also
      put back a g_free()
      escape \' and \" in strings passed as filtering strings; bug reported by Alex Evseev. See http://www.geocrawler.com/lists/3/SourceForge/11619/25/8279435/)
      make email address parser also stop scanning when encountering separators ',' and ';' (reported by Fabien Vantard <fvantard at opsion.fr>)
      add #include <sys/types.h> for mode_t and off_t
      apply sync patch from Paul; use old claws prefs_folder_item_create() for now
      add colin's new pixmaps to src/Makefile.am EXTRA_DIST
      allow quote / reply date & time format to be set using %D{format}.
      better quotation formatting - does not convert to local time, but uses the original date string.
      make sylpheed configure correctly with the latest and greatest of GNU automake / autoconf / gettext
      don't forget to call mktime() so we have a valid week and year day (Bug report by Roger Sondermann <mail at jumaros.de>)
      remove bad formatting string in it.po translation (close "[ 548336 ] --debug segfaults!!! with it_IT at euro")
      perform a sync to bring in Hiro's separate view implementation
      add init of score column lost in 0.7.6claws42
      more cleanups (removing unnecessary menu items Expand summary / message view)
      control size of log text in log window; closes patch #569155 submitted by Mitko Haralanov.
      forgot to commit AUTHORS
      fix persistence of folder sort mode (broken by adapting Hiro's new folder persistence code)
      make sure lock sort mode (claws specific) is also persists after a tree rescan
      add omitted prototype
      fix assorted mix of allocation errors (should solve problem reported by Philippe Gramoullé, see: <http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?thread_id=828668&forum_id=2006>)
      gpg-sign <-- gpg-sign-syl
      fix another unnoticed leak; cleanup code
      fix a stupid mistake I made (no allocation of MsgInfo necessary when msginfo->date_t is 0)
      - apply and adapt Bram's patch which allows user to set SMTP AUTH
      make notification_convert_header obey const correctness (next step will be fixing the broken return receipt)
      don't allow return receipts when composing a news article
      fine tune ldap library detection
      simple fix for putting older nodes before newer nodes when threading by subject
      dupe folder item's path because it's being reallocated by new folder scanning code
      add new pixmaps for upcoming notice pane
      easy to forget this...
      remove noticeview.[ch] dependents for now.
      submit todo
      make thorsten's changes obey const-correctness
      sort message list when selecting unthread messages
      make enter clear selection
      make return receipts work again
      o fix bug notice view being displayed when going to empty folder
      remove option "Send return receipt on request"
      alf todo
      Thorsten knows what I mean. :-)
      Should provide input to Win32 development. Should also ask Thorsten
      sort correctly when using simplified subject line
      fix a brown paper bag bug, and also add some more checks
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.c
      check folder item and its path for NULL on
      o more check for NULLs
      see if freeing remaining headers (setting Show other headers turned off) plugs memleaks
      detect XIM by trying to link rather than compile a XIM program
      correct pixmap for delete action
      doing right now
      initial gdb crash handler
      clean up some warnings
      edit ChangeLog.claws
      add crash.c to translatable files
      save crash log button works; some other minor tweaks
      correct typos
      * src/main.c
      plug memory leak reported by Kim Schultz & Martin Kluge
      use execvp() correctly (suggested by wwp; thanks!)
      plug another memleak reported by Martin Kluge
      plug another memleak reported by Martin Kluge
      and another one
      and another one
      hide notice view when selecting seperate folder view (reported by Urke MMI)
      fix one of the earlier memleaks reported by Martin Kluge
      use bt instead of bt full which seems to work
      move cursor to "To" entry when forwarding as attachment
      * src/main.c
      remove unnecessary allocations for search bar fixing leaks reported by Martin Kluge (see "[ 599451 ] Further memory leaks?")
      todo update
      o fix another memory leak reported by Martin Kluge (see "[ 599568 ] Small Memory Leak")
      fix memleak reported by Martin Kluge (see: "[ 599677 ] Very small memory leak in 0.81claws115")
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/selective_download.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      me todo
      * sylpheed.desktop
      * AUTHORS
      credit Martin Kluge's with another bug fix
      * acconfig.h
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/mh.c
      * src/folder.c
      fix warnings
      beautify a little bit
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/addr_compl.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      patch by Satoshi Nagayasu: allows appending / saving multiple
      * src/logwindow.c
      * src/compose.c
      * sync with main changes of 2002-10-04
      complete sync of 2002-10-04
      * sync with main changes of 2002-10-07
      * sync with main changes of 2002-10-08
      * sync with remaining main changes 2002-10-09 - 2002-10-11
      * src/compose.c
      * src/mbox.c
      * src/foldersel.c
      * src/filtering.c
      * src/crash.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/imap.c
      * src/textview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/matcher.[ch]
      * src/matcher.[ch]
      * src/prefs_matcher.[ch]
      make searching for extended search in README.claws somewhat easier ;-)
      re-organize matcher part 1
      re-organize matcher part 2; more to come but this should
      re-organize matcher part 3; more to come
      re-organize matcher part 4; more to come
      re-organize matcher part 5; more to come
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/matcher.[ch]
      suggestion for doxygen commenting style
      * src/mainwindow.c
      fine tune solution to focus problems (bug #7)
      re-organize matcher part 6; more to come
      re-organize matcher part 7; more to come
      keep myself inspired to re-organize matcher part 8;
      * src/addressadd.c
      add Kim Schulz
      * src/inc.c
      * src/prefs_toolbar.c
      * src/prefs_toolbar.c
      * src/addressadd.c
      * src/filtering.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * AUTHORS
      * src/textview.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/crash.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/textview.c
      * src/colorlabel.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/prefs_gtk.[ch]
      * src/prefs_gtk.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      correct typo
      * src/main.c
      * src/send_message.c
      * src/send_message.c
      * src/send_message.c
      * src/main.c
      * src/common/session.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/imap.c
      wrong date...
      * src/common/utils.c
      * src/common/plugin.[ch]
      get type checking for free
      * src/compose.[ch]
      * src/prefs_toolbar.[ch]
      * src/common/session.c
      * src/prefs_matcher.c
      * src/toolbar.[ch]
      * src/mimeview.c
      * configure.ac
      * src/filesel.c
      * src/prefs_common.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/filtering.[ch]
      * src/compose.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/compose.c
      * AUTHORS
      * src/utils.c
      * AUTHORS
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/gtk/gtkstext.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * tools/Makefile.am
      * src/prefs_common.[ch]
      P. <- Pawel
      * src/addressbook.c
      * src/common/log.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * configure.ac
      * src/send_message.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * configure.ac
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/matcher.[ch]
      * src/main.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      configure.ac too
      * src/mainwindow.c
      remove stupid debug print
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/main.c
      * src/folderview.[ch]
      * src/inc.c
      * src/procmime.c
      * src/common/hooks.[ch]
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/folderview.[ch]
      * src/common/plugin.[ch]
      * src/compose.c
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/prefs_folder_item.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/inc.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/procmsg.[ch]
      * src/mimeview.[ch]
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/common/utils.[ch]
      const correctness
      * src/common/plugin.c
      * src/common/hooks.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/gtk/prefswindow.c
      * src/prefs_spelling.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/gtk/gtkaspell.[ch]
      * src/gtk/filesel.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/procmime.h

Andrej Kacian (41):
      - added info about RSSyl
      2006-06-25 [ticho]	2.3.1cvs19
      2006-06-25 [ticho]	2.3.1cvs20
      2006-06-27 [ticho]	2.3.1cvs24
      Fix ChangeLog message for 2.3.1cvs24.
      2006-07-01 [ticho]	2.3.1cvs48
      2006-07-01 [ticho]	2.3.1cvs49
      2006-09-26 [ticho]	2.5.1cvs1
      2006-09-28 [ticho]	2.5.2cvs13
      2006-10-03 [ticho]	2.5.2cvs39
      2006-10-09 [ticho]	2.5.3cvs24
      2006-12-15 [ticho]	2.6.1cvs38
      2007-08-06 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs93
      2007-08-08 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs102
      2007-08-12 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs114
      2007-08-14 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs120
      2007-08-14 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs122
      2007-08-14 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs123
      2007-08-15 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs124
      2007-08-15 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs125
      2007-08-16 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs127
      2007-08-18 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs131
      2007-08-20 [ticho]	2.10.0cvs138
      2007-09-03 [ticho]	3.0.0cvs4
      2008-07-19 [ticho]	3.5.0cvs26
      2008-07-20 [ticho]	3.5.0cvs29
      2010-02-16 [ticho]	3.7.5cvs19
      2010-02-17 [ticho]	3.7.5cvs20
      2010-10-26 [ticho]	3.7.6cvs59
      2012-06-20 [ticho]	3.8.0cvs55
      2012-07-08 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs11
      2012-07-25 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs16
      2012-07-25 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs17
      2012-07-25 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs18
      2012-07-25 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs19
      2012-07-27 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs20
      2012-07-27 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs21
      2012-07-27 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs22
      2012-07-28 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs23
      2012-07-28 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs24
      2012-08-05 [ticho]	3.8.1cvs25

Carsten Schurig (31):
      *** empty log message ***
      wmclass distinct from main window for address book
      news menu entry and toolbar button insensitive when no news account exists
      changes to the reply, forward, email/news buttons (popup menu now  invoked with right mouse click)
      removed at last
      *** empty log message ***
      fixing a typo in filtering.c
      removed a compile warning (forgot to mention it in the Changelog)
      some tweaks, please see Changelog
      some UI tweaks, see Changelog
      Changes to the rcoabm popups (thanks to Melvin)
      Changes to gtkut_clist_set_focus_row
      fixed my last fix; thanks to Hiroyuki  -- I just didn't test (and think) thoroughly enough
      fixed the dnd bug reported by wwb hopefully
      Fixed bug #473785
      pressing CTRL while DND will copy the mail now
      removed most of the hardcoded shortcuts
      changes to shortcuts again
      hack to prevent segfault when href is empty
      mainly changes for the hardcoded shortcuts again
      Pixmap theming
      Pixmap theming part 3: remove the stock_* and some others (renamed actually)
      Pixmap theming part 4: forgot to remove one
      Pixmap theme the 4th(?): a nasty bug hunted down
      Patching the pixmap theming again (bug of not existing theme dirs fixed)
      works on pixmap theming (most of this code is from Paul)
      works on pixmap theming (most of this code is from Paul)
      bug fixes for pixmap theming: removed use of scandir
      removed 2 more mem leaks in the pixmap theming code
      fixed a bug for 'go to next unread message'
      bug fixes for pixmap theming related code

Christoph Hohmann (498):
      make building threads by subject work when thread view is enabled
      automatically select account for mail replys
      make building threads by subject work when thread view is enabled
      added scrolled window for list in progressdialog
      show recipient on 'from' for all accounts
      show recipient on 'from' for all accounts
      disable error popup on mail receive errors
      mail retrieval dialog can be enabled, disabled
      bug fix in font selection
      use sylpheed's normal font instead of gtk default font for folders without new messages
      fixed font for trash
      fixed font for trash
      move ctree to unread message
      remove flag conflict
      ignore threads
      fixed address book
      added RFC doc
      added SSL support for POP using OpenSSL
      add destination folder to table of folders that need to be updated after incorporation
      added src/pixmaps/ignorethread.xpm
      added rfc2015
      fixed folder stats update after incorporation
      timestamp log
      moved ssl stuff to a seperate file
      added missing line
      added src/ssl.c to POTFILES.in
      fixed segfault
      updated es.po
      preferences for folder items
      fixed segfault in src/scoring.c
      scroll list when moving rows up or down
      SMTP over SSL (untested, feedback requested)
      code cleanup
      added version check in configure.in
      show usage of SSL in protocol column in account overview
      added rfc 2487 (SMTP Service Extension for Secure SMTP over TLS)
      receive at get all column showed wrong state for APOP
      fixed segfault in mainwindow.c
      set request return receipt when replying if it is set is the folder prefs of the message
      keep filename when browsing directories in file selection dialog
      fixed wrong spelling in menu
      removed no longer needed code for decreasing number of new messages if thread is ignored
      no bold font for ignored threads in summery view
      removed autconf version check
      comment out menu entry not existing in claws
      replace LOG_MESSAGE with debug_print
      more portable debug_print with source filename and linenumber
      added border around header fields
      readded auto cc, bcc and reply-to in compose dialog
      fixed non translated header bug in compose window
      using table for widget alignment, fixed memory leak and broken octal display in folder item prefs
      remove file selection dialog lost filename workaround (causes segfault on doubleclick)
      fixed segfault caused by lost filename workaround
      added some more infos about default to and feature requests to claws readme
      Fixed wrong german translation
      removed forgotten comment
      ignore empty or whitespace only header lines
      reimplement ignore thread
      last header entry should default to "To:" or "Newsgroups:" and not copy the last entry line in a new compose window (closes bug #472686)
      ChangeLog updates
      ChangeLog update
      fix ssl deadlock, when peer closes connection
      made search for accounts by email address not case sensitive
      make the folder's default account to be used when replying. (patch by wwp <subscript at free.fr>)
      code cleanup
      error panel when a folder could not be created (closes bug #471080)
      fixed that filtering did not work if there were no filter rules (closes bug #472003 and better implementation of patch #474644)
      fixed mess in account settings dialog
      ups, wromg date in changelog
      init some pointers that possibly caused a segfault reported in the claws-users ML
      replace Xalloca + strdup with Xstrdup_a
      use SSL_peek for sock_gets
      Changed two string with the same german translation
      only changelog update
      Cleanup a mess i add before commiting
      added ylwrap to .cvsignore
      fixed one more umlaut in german translation
      changed german translation of undo
      fix another header translation problem in compose window
      set pointer to string in LOCKED column to NULL (might fix bug #490800)
      fixed wrong german translation for prev. unread msg
      implement saving of outgoing messages to current folder.
      add ignore thread pixmap
      correct copy and paste error
      * src/mh.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/prefs.h
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/compose.c
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2
      small bug fix in last sync
      * src/codeconv.c
      * src/Makefile.am
      * src/quote_fmt.c
      * src/filtering.[ch]
      * src/procmsg.c
      * configure.in
      * src/mh.c
      * src/quote_fmt_parse.y
      * src/procmsg.c
      fix missing \n in de.po
      * src/matcher.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/Makefile.am
      * src/Makefile.am
      * src/Makefile.am
      merge new cache branch
      merge new cache branch
      * src/imap.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.c
      fix bug in last commit
      * src/summaryview.c
      * major code cleanup (part 1)
      * major code cleanup (part 1)
      * src/imap.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.[ch]
      * src/compose.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/matcher.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/mh.c
      * src/mh.c
      * src/filesel.c
      * src/folder.c
      remove processing fix from todo list
      update todo list
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/filter.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/imap.[ch]
      * src/imap.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/folderview.[ch]
      * src/folder.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/utils.[ch]
      * src/utils.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/msgcache.c
      * src/folder.c
      fix news folder scan (didn't check this before last commit)
      remove debugging printf
      * src/compose.c
      update TODO
      * src/filtering.c
      * src/filter.c
      folder item is returned, memory should not be freed
      * src/folder.c
      * src/pine.c
      * src/procmime.h
      * src/prefs_common.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * doc-src/readme.txt
      * major code cleanup (part 2)
      * acconfig.h    ** REMOVED **
      * po/de.po
      * src/inc.c
      * src/imap.c
      small changelog update
      * src/gtkstext.c
      check local variable cache instead of text->line_start_cache
      * src/compose.c
      * src/folder.[ch]
      * Makefile.am
      * config/.cvsignore
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/folder.[ch]
      * src/compose.c
      * src/procmime.c
      * src/folder.[ch]
      * src/textview.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/folder.[ch]
      correct changelog entry
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/folderview.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/folder.c
      correct bug in last commit
      you should always test you code, shame on me ;)
      * src/folder.c
      * src/folder.c
      * src/compose.c
      * src/imap.c
      * src/procmsg.c
      * src/compose.c
      update ui_seperation.txt
      update ui_seperation.txt
      vlaws -> claws
      revert changes that should not have been commited
      update INSTALL and INSTALL.jp for --enable-openssl
      update ui_seperation.txt
      fix type
      update doc-src readme.txt
      forgot to sort the filelist
      update spamassassin plugin README
      add (closes bug #X) comments to changelog entries
      * src/folder.c
      sorry, didn't see that patch was submitted by someone else
      fix "availabel" before i get another mail about it
      * Makefile.am
      replace doc-src/rfc2015.txt with updated verion doc-src/rfc3156.txt
      * src/gtk/prefswindow.c
      add README for trayicon plugin
      replace rfc2060 with updated version rfc3501
      update ssl_getline prototype
      correct configure script
      * doc-src/glade.txt
      * README.claws
      * README.claws
      * src/Makefile.am
      commit configure.ac
      doesn't work
      fix configure.ac
      update subject threading description
      add prefs_spelling.c to POTFILES.in
      clean up src/Makefile.am
      readd BUILT_SOURCES
      forgot to add check if the message that is opened in the messageview is
      2004-11-01 [christoph]	0.9.12cvs136.2

Claws Mail Team (17):
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.
      This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'gtk2'.

Colin Leroy (2967):
      Added "automatically display images" option.
      Added "automatically show images" preference
      mistaken Changelog and forgot version.
      Added work offline availability.
      corrected little issue : first image was not disappearing after selecting
      corrected display_image issue (first one remaining when selecting
      Fixed double "subject is empty" question.
      Added user-definable quotation characters recognition.
      Fixed cosmetics bugs due to Outbox renamed to Sent.
      Corrected a bug that prevented sylpheed to open
      Automatically find unread messages in current folder
      add compose_entry_select(), used to select the default_to
      add the ability to select part of a text mime-part to reply.
      remove forgotten debug
      remove debug
      fix mass-cancel problem
      * src/summaryview.[ch]
      * src/summaryview.c
      made quick search case-insensitive
      fix summaryview_searchtype_changed prototype
      * src/Makefile.am
      Fix some of the gdk_warnings
      Fix my new `Creating pixmap from xpm' warning
      fix last gdk warning :)
      fix folder and search exchanging positions
      fix header_pane visibility after playing with folder/message separation
      fix hbox_search visibility after (de)separation of GUI elements
      Added AND search to Search folder
      Fix bug #591676 (MSG_QUEUED lost on restart)
      revert bug #591676 changes
      sanity check for bug 601605
      display signatures in grey
      added autosave
      can't believe i left debug once more.
      add signature color configuration
      fix a typo
      fix bug 550175 - wrong save folder when reediting drafts
      * src/compose.c
      Fix bug #557009 (wrong headers for messages
      Fix bug #590825 (obey Follow-up: poster)
      Add pop before smtp
      fix popbeforesmtp checkbutton sensitivity
      dynamically-added custom headers
      fix problem with custom headers when trans_hdr is on
      fix leak, rename vars
      Made GPG signatures verifiable by clicking the
      * src/prefs_account.[ch]
      Fix pop_bfr_smtp_tm_entry sensivity when switching
      fix Get doing pop-before-smtp
      drop pgp-signature when reediting queued signed messages
      Initialize entry_email, entry_alias and
      fix bug "[ 537413 ] false varification of pgp-signature"
      * src/compose.[ch]
      * src/prefs_common.[ch]
      Fix segfault when mimeinfo doesn't have a
      Add "reply to ml" to the toolbar
      Oops !
      online, offline and quicksearch pixmaps follow theme changes
      fix a few English errors
      Fix an unwanted copy/paste
      differentiate disk full and socket errors
      fix shift-click select after delete
      anchor row and multiple selection fixes
      make space work when no mail is selected
      resize images to fit
      fix a segfault happening when conv_unmime_header fails
      revert 085claws6 changes
      fix warnings
      make space work (again) when no mail is selected
      fix a bug after "check for new messages"; remove unnecessary check
      fix problem where no mail is selected after moving the last one
      save account address when saving as draft
      fix folder flicker introduced in claws22
      remove useless gtksctree_reanchor function
      add --(on|off)line switches
      use tristate to change online mode
      change a printf by debug_print
      revert last changes
      Plug some leaks
      * src/compose.[ch]
      Discard/Draft/Cancel when quitting with messages open
      return NULL if make_dir_hier fails
      folder dnd
      fix a leak
      fix a third case of rule rewriting
      select folder after moving it
      wow, a segfault hiding, waiting to bite
      just for the record
      allow dropping a folder to a root folder
      Change "Property" to "Properties"
      Fixes and optimization to folder dnd
      some forgotten prefs (threaded, sort_key, ...)
      stupido fixes his segfaults
      fix a typo
      sort after move
      fix a segfault when move fails
      copy scoring when moving a folder
      more fixes to folder dnd (folderview locking, feedback to the user, don't copy
      one more fix to processing rules
      fix leak, rename some vars
      remove outdated comment
      Fix prefs_filtering renaming for MH folders (we
      * src/folderview.c
      minor esthetic fix
      fix filtering saving for non-leaf folders
      fix hangs
      fix the statusbar messages
      added missing folder->destroy() initialisation for mbox folders
      Fix hanging after viewing properties
      statusbar push/pop fix
      Check SSL certificates
      fix a typo
      cleaned, better use of ssl api
      fixed leak
      _Really_ clean it
      cleaner messages, no popup if required
      add port to certificate checker
      use FQDN host in certificates
      reverse msgcache_get_msg_list order
      reverse last commit but still reverse the list
      fix "socket error" not showing
      Network endian for mark and cache files
      revert, problem... :(
      fix a segfault in the parser
      fix unbalanced " problem in rules
      fix file operations
      fix forward and save to special folder
      fix default account selection when forwarding
      update folderitem after send
      Callback system for MsgInfo (better fix for updating the summaryview
      remove gui stuff from folder.c
      fix error handling in folder dnd (thanks to Alfons)
      preventive fix (missing check) found by Alfons
      check for missing parts in the certificates
      (Sorry :() missed a check in last commit...
      Revert too-soon integration of a feature planned for 0.8.6
      remove old filtering stuff
      Fix copying from queue/draft folders
      * src/procmsg.[ch]
      Deletion of duplicates now prefer deleting
      Add S_SEARCH_EXTENDED to the quick search, which
      add SSL manager
      Visual feedback when there are unread answers to marked mails
      add spring-loaded folders
      move slist of nodes to be recollapsed in folderview struct
      Fix collapsed folder not auto-expanding during
      fix CRITERIA_EXECUTE's NOT flag
      almost forgot to commit the file :)
      enable IMAP folder dnd
      fix processing renaming problems after last commit
      fix bugs in prefs_filtering_delete_path
      A few updates to command-line parameters
      folder moving updates (context menu, dnd for mbox)
      add test to allow moving only within the same mailbox
      scroll folderview during dnd
      Don't modify original search_string or it'll change
      new certificate presentation
      put back log.h include (shouldn't have removed it)
      add hook for statusbar logging
      warning fixes
      missing argv0
      put back includes, cleaner ssl certs popups
      hook for certificate acception
      moved ssl_certificate.[ch] to common
      warning fixes
      test existence of cert.pem (problem seems common, Paul and me already
      add src/gtk/sslcertwindow.c
      "fix" crash dialog (other problems appear)
      finish crash dialog fix (i'm so stupid ;))
      Fix folder dnd statusbar logging
      save last used quicksearch type
      fix english ;)
      * src/folder.c
      better handling of quicksearch show/hide
      fix bug 653231 (mainwin's handler problem when in quicksearch)
      forgotten ? ;)
      basic reply-finder
      cleanup & reply-finder now displays the first
      cvs-proxy for Alfons ;)
      no regexp in reply-finder
      * src/mainwindow.c
      two useless changes reverted
      time-warped changelog ;-)
      fix linking with GNU libiconv
      fix bugzilla bug #20
      change crypted message tests to reask passphrase if necessary
      * src/mainwindow.c
      Fix "Connecting to..." status message
      Fix drafted and queued news articles re-edition
      Fix segfault when forwarding nothing
      speed improvements
      freeze/thaw folder updates when deleting dups
      fix a leak introduced in claws24 - sorry
      missing a change for the gpg-signed pixmap
      always read diffs twice... I missed the absence of '!' at first :-/
      really fix the Connecting... status
      option to disable threading by subject
      fix IMAP port selection when using starttls
      Try to starttls if it seems to be the only
      fix compile error
      X11 style colors for every configurable color
      * src/prefs_account.c
      fix smtp logging
      Remove leading emtpy lines from quoted text before quoting it
      speed up a bit folder dnd
      Fix counts in drag and dropped subfolders
      fix ssmtp
      fix prefs type
      * src/compose.c
      fix some dropdown menus
      More gtk2 fixes (compilation, segs)
      fix going to next unread folder
      one more null check
      fix quicksearch
      GTK2 fixes
      Fix message being always [Edited], Encode headers correctly (utf8 buf)
      fix noneditable GtkEntries
      fix quicksearch
      fix parsing of multipart mails
      fix numbering
      refix [edited]
      fix wrapping
      fix signal handling in addressbook
      fix trayicon pixmap update
      revert my mistake
      * src/summaryview.c
      fix gettextization
      * tools/Makefile.am
      remove useless (and buggy) resize_cb handler
      use new gtk file selector
      fill filename when saving
      fix useless (and ugly ;-)) sizeof(char)
      fix mismerge
      forgot to commit this
      fix #warnings in src/
      misfixed that one
      mixfixed this one, too
      #warning in src/gtk
      fix imageviewer
      add Clear button to the quicksearch bar
      * src/folder.c []
      sync sticky pref with HEAD
      sync smtp size verification with head
      fix partial-downloading issues
      use to_human_readable()
      i'm a bit slow, sometimes.
      sync with HEAD
      let the user decide if he wants to download/delete partially received
      strlen checks, refactoring
      fix engrish
      remove log when it's useless
      fix bug, refactoring (no magic numbers)
      Let the user change his mind
      more cleaning
      don't re-use enums for different stuff, it's misleading (what did I thought...)
      reflect version change
      use folder_item_id + msgnum instead of filename to delete old partial
      remove unused function
      fix missing status update in quicksearch
      2004-07-13 [colin]	0.9.12cvs18.3
      fix misplaced block
      0.9.11cvs17.10 patchset was broken, due to some early script glitch
      add 'partial' ('p') to find partially downloaded messages
      mark message for deletion when they are about to be deleted from trash
      fix engrish once again
      be paranoid on the checks
      use alphabetic order
      fix smtp auth when fields are empty
      move partial download stuff to its own file
      fix changelog
      move doc at top, add copyright
      update includes
      forgot this file
      disable gpg signatures check on folder move/scan
      squash warnings
      Sync with 0.9.12cvs30
      Fix 534 quick-search bar not accepting certain letters
      fix wrapping
      also block text_inserted when inserting a file
      sync with HEAD
      fix sync version numbers
      fix 535 (uri not selectable)
      fix tab handling in wrapping
      fix bug 538
      fix 536 (primary clipboard destroyed when moving around)
      more glib warning fixes
      fix bug introduced in 0.9.12cvs31.2
      fix partial download bug with "download all"
      fix non-utf8 strings from files or commands
      fix log scroll
      don't let partially retrieved message get deleted, ever
      fix erratic folder selection in open mode
      save attachment status when drafting
      proper utf8
      remove smart wrapping pref (it does nothing)
      define sensible defaults for wrapping
      Gtk hell... Don't use accels with no (or Shift) modifiers in summaryview's popupmenu.
      remove useless XIM check - thanks to Alfons
      sync with HEAD
      fix messageview remembering old position
      Remove grip from statusbar
      fix bug in header encoding, clean codeconv for glib2
      action output fix
      forgot one hunk in Alfons' patch
      set the separated messageview to the size of the claws one
      fix typo
      fix header encoding
      g_strdup() ;)
      untwist file selection logic - be explicit
      more checks
      fix gtk warning
      use real name :)
      fix numbering error
      generalize a bit
      duh, trashed Christoph's update
      Fix shift+down, add pgup/pgdn/home/end
      Fix 539, 544
      Too much Ctrl-Z harms bug fixes
      Fix space insertion when rewrapping at cursor point
      fix sort going back to previous sort key when changing sort
      fix 547
      Sync ldap with HEAD
      fix over-eager deletion
      Fix speller accelerator (requires hack)
      update po files
      maybe fix 551
      fix account selector
      fix uidl-file parsing when transitioning
      Add icon to alertpanel
      Specialize alertpanel icons
      fix wrong test
      better fix
      fix bug when we don't pass parameters
      more alertpanel fixes
      sync with head
      sync with head
      more nice-looking alertpanels
      fix segfault
      warning -> error
      more warning -> error
      put back two warnings
      fix alertpanel_error_log's icon
      fix an alertpanel type
      never commit before coffee
      sync changelog
      Sync with HEAD 0.9.12cvs46
      autoupdate configure.ac
      Sync with HEAD
      add --syncgtk2 parameter to avoid messing with configure.ac when syncing
      sync with HEAD 0.9.12cvs48
      remove openssl.m4
      sync with head
      fix warnings (sync from HEAD)
      commithelper bug ...
      fix bug in if with more than one arg
      Sync from 0.9.12cvs55 HEAD (nonblocking SSL_connect)
      let the user edit the whole Changelog entry
      2004-08-10 [leroyc]	0.9.12cvs55.4
      we're synced...
      2004-08-11 [colin]	0.9.12cvs57.2
      add me
      2004-08-11 [colin]	0.9.12cvs57.3
      2004-08-11 [colin]	0.9.12cvs57.4
      2004-08-12 [colin]	0.9.12cvs57.5
      2004-08-12 [colin]	0.9.12cvs59.1
      better place for startup notif checks
      2004-08-13 [colin]	0.9.12cvs60.1
      sync with HEAD 0.9.12cvs60
      2004-08-13 [colin]	0.9.12cvs60.2
      2004-08-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs60.3
      2004-08-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs65.1
      sync with HEAD
      2004-08-20 [colin]	0.9.12cvs66.1
      2004-08-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs66.3
      2004-08-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs70.1
      2004-08-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs74.1
      2004-08-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs74.2
      2004-08-22 [colin]	0.9.12cvs76.1
      2004-08-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs77.1
      2004-08-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs77.2
      2004-08-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs77.3
      2004-08-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs78.1
      2004-08-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs79.1
      2004-08-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs79.2
      2004-08-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs79.3
      2004-08-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs80.1
      revert mistaken commit !
      2004-08-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs80.2
      2004-08-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs80.3
      2004-08-25 [colin]	0.9.12cvs81.1
      2004-08-25 [colin]	0.9.12cvs82.1
      2004-08-25 [colin]	0.9.12cvs82.2
      2004-08-26 [colin]	0.9.12cvs82.3
      2004-08-26 [colin]	0.9.12cvs82.4
      2004-08-27 [colin]	0.9.12cvs83.1
      2004-08-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs84.1
      2004-08-30 [colin]	0.9.12cvs84.2
      2004-08-31 [colin]	0.9.12cvs84.3
      2004-08-31 [colin]	0.9.12cvs84.4
      2004-08-31 [colin]	0.9.12cvs85.1
      2004-09-01 [colin]	0.9.12cvs86.1
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs87.1
      I know, I'd better remove deprecated stuff than
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs88.1
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs89.1
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs90.1
      printf removal
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs91.1
      2004-09-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs91.2
      2004-09-03 [colin]	0.9.12cvs92.1
      2004-09-03 [colin]	0.9.12cvs93.1
      2004-09-06 [colin]	0.9.12cvs94.1
      2004-09-06 [colin]	0.9.12cvs95.1
      2004-09-06 [colin]	0.9.12cvs96.1
      2004-09-07 [colin]	0.9.12cvs97.1
      2004-09-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs97.2
      2004-09-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs99.1
      2004-09-09 [colin]	0.9.12cvs99.2
      2004-09-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs99.3
      2004-09-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs99.4
      2004-09-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs99.5
      2004-09-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs101.1
      2004-09-20 [colin]	0.9.12cvs102.2
      2004-09-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs102.3
      2004-09-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs103.1
      2004-09-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs103.2
      2004-09-27 [colin]	0.9.12cvs104.1
      2004-09-27 [colin]	0.9.12cvs105.1
      2004-09-28 [colin]	0.9.12cvs106.1
      2004-09-28 [colin]	0.9.12cvs108.1
      2004-09-28 [colin]	0.9.12cvs110.1
      2004-09-28 [colin]	0.9.12cvs112.1
      2004-09-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs114.1
      2004-09-30 [colin]	0.9.12cvs115.1
      2004-10-01 [colin]	0.9.12cvs117.1
      2004-10-01 [colin]	0.9.12cvs117.2
      2004-10-01 [colin]	0.9.12cvs118.1
      2004-10-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs119.1
      2004-10-03 [colin]	0.9.12cvs119.2
      2004-10-03 [colin]	0.9.12cvs119.3
      2004-10-04 [colin]	0.9.12cvs121.1
      2004-10-04 [colin]	0.9.12cvs122.1
      2004-10-12 [colin]	0.9.12cvs124.3
      2004-10-13 [colin]	0.9.12cvs125.1
      2004-10-13 [colin]	0.9.12cvs126.1
      2004-10-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs126.2
      remove noisy printf
      2004-10-19 [colin]	0.9.12cvs128.1
      2004-10-19 [colin]	0.9.12cvs130.1
      2004-10-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs131.1
      2004-10-21 [colin]	0.9.12cvs133
      fix conflict
      2004-10-26 [colin]	0.9.12cvs132.2
      2004-10-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs136.1
      2004-11-05 [colin]	0.9.12cvs139.1
      2004-11-05 [colin]	0.9.12cvs139.1
      same here
      2004-11-06 [colin]	0.9.12cvs140.1
      2004-11-07 [colin]	0.9.12cvs140.2
      2004-11-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs140.3
      2004-11-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs141.1
      2004-11-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs142.1
      2004-11-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs142.2
      2004-11-08 [colin]	0.9.12cvs143.1
      2004-11-09 [colin]	0.9.12cvs144.1
      2004-11-11 [colin]	0.9.12cvs144.2
      2004-11-12 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.2
      2004-11-12 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.3
      Validate event
      2004-11-14 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.9
      2004-11-15 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.10
      2004-11-15 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.11
      2004-11-15 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.12
      2004-11-15 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.13
      2004-11-16 [colin]	0.9.12cvs146.14
      2004-11-16 [colin]	0.9.12cvs147.1
      2004-11-16 [colin]	0.9.12cvs148.1
      2004-11-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs149.1
      2004-11-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs150.1
      2004-11-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs151.1
      2004-11-17 [colin]	0.9.12cvs156.1
      2004-11-19 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.3
      2004-11-22 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.4
      2004-11-22 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.5
      2004-11-22 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.6
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.7
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.8
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs158.9
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs162.1
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs163.1
      sync with HEAD
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs166.1
      2004-11-23 [colin]	0.9.12cvs168.1
      2004-11-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs169.1
      2004-11-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs171.1
      2004-11-24 [colin]	0.9.12cvs172.1
      2004-11-26 [colin]	0.9.12cvs173.1
      2004-11-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs174.1
      2004-11-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs175.1
      2004-11-29 [colin]	0.9.12cvs176.1
      2004-11-30 [colin]	0.9.12cvs177.1
      2004-12-01 [colin]	0.9.12cvs177.3
      2004-12-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs178.1
      2004-12-02 [colin]	0.9.12cvs179.1
      2004-12-04 [colin]	0.9.12cvs183.1
      2004-12-06 [colin]	0.9.12cvs187.1
      2004-12-07 [colin]	0.9.13cvs2.1
      fix configure.ac to reflect gpgme changes, fix AUTHORS
      2004-12-08 [colin]	0.9.13cvs6.1
      2004-12-08 [colin]	0.9.13cvs7.1
      2004-12-08 [colin]	0.9.13cvs8.1
      2004-12-08 [colin]	0.9.13cvs9.1
      2004-12-09 [colin]	0.9.13cvs10.1
      2004-12-10 [colin]	0.9.13cvs12.1
      2004-12-13 [colin]	0.9.13cvs14.1
      2004-12-14 [colin]	0.9.13cvs17.1
      2004-12-30 [colin]	0.9.13cvs22.3
      2004-12-30 [colin]	0.9.13cvs22.4
      2004-12-31 [colin]	0.9.13cvs23.2
      2005-01-01 [colin]	0.9.13cvs24.1
      2005-01-01 [colin]	0.9.13cvs24.2
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs24.3
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.1
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.2
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.3
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.4
      2005-01-03 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.5
      2005-01-04 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.6
      2005-01-04 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.7
      2005-01-04 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.8
      2005-01-04 [colin]	0.9.13cvs25.9
      2005-01-04 [colin]	0.9.13cvs27.1
      2005-01-05 [colin]	0.9.13cvs27.2
      2005-01-06 [colin]	0.9.13cvs27.3
      2005-01-06 [colin]	0.9.13cvs27.4
      2005-01-06 [colin]	0.9.13cvs28.1
      2005-01-06 [colin]	0.9.13cvs28.2
      2005-01-07 [colin]	0.9.13cvs28.3
      2005-01-08 [colin]	0.9.13cvs29.2
      2005-01-14 [colin]	0.9.13cvs32.1
      2005-01-14 [colin]	0.9.13cvs33.1
      2005-01-16 [colin]	0.9.13cvs33.2
      2005-01-16 [colin]	0.9.13cvs36.1
      2005-01-17 [colin]	0.9.13cvs36.2
      2005-01-18 [colin]	0.9.13cvs36.3
      2005-01-18 [colin]	1.0.0cvs0.1
      2005-01-19 [colin]	1.0.0cvs2.1
      2005-01-19 [colin]	1.0.0cvs2.2
      port ssl cert window to gtk2
      2005-01-20 [colin]	1.0.0cvs3.3
      2005-01-20 [colin]	1.0.0cvs3.4
      2005-01-21 [colin]	1.0.0cvs4.1
      2005-01-21 [colin]	1.0.0cvs5.1
      2005-01-21 [colin]	1.0.0cvs6.1
      2005-01-21 [colin]	1.0.0cvs7.1
      2005-01-22 [colin]	1.0.0cvs8.1
      2005-01-23 [colin]	1.0.0cvs9.1
      2005-01-24 [colin]	1.0.0cvs10.1
      2005-01-24 [colin]	1.0.0cvs11.1
      Add Ivan
      2005-01-24 [colin]	1.0.0cvs13.1
      2005-01-27 [colin]	1.0.0cvs18.1
      2005-01-27 [colin]	1.0.0cvs19.1
      just move comment around :)
      2005-01-27 [colin]	1.0.0cvs21.1
      2005-01-28 [colin]	1.0.0cvs23.1
      2005-01-31 [colin]	1.0.0cvs24.1
      2005-02-01 [colin]	1.0.0cvs24.3
      2005-02-02 [colin]	1.0.0cvs25.1
      2005-02-03 [colin]	1.0.0cvs26.1
      2005-02-06 [colin]	1.0.0cvs28.2
      2005-02-06 [colin]	1.0.0cvs28.3
      2005-02-08 [colin]	1.0.0cvs29.1
      Sync with HEAD
      2005-02-09 [colin]	1.0.1cvs1.1
      2005-02-09 [colin]	1.0.1cvs1.2
      2005-02-09 [colin]	1.0.1cvs1.3
      2005-02-10 [colin]	1.0.1cvs2.1
      2005-02-10 [colin]	1.0.1cvs3.1
      2005-02-11 [colin]	1.0.1cvs4.3
      2005-02-12 [colin]	1.0.1cvs5.1
      2005-02-13 [colin]	1.0.1cvs5.2
      2005-02-14 [colin]	1.0.1cvs5.3
      2005-02-14 [colin]	1.0.1cvs6.1
      2005-02-15 [colin]	1.0.1cvs7.1
      2005-02-15 [colin]	1.0.1cvs7.2
      2005-02-15 [colin]	1.0.1cvs7.3
      2005-02-15 [colin]	1.0.1cvs8.1
      changelog sync
      same here
      2005-02-16 [colin]	1.0.1cvs11.1
      2005-02-16 [colin]	1.0.1cvs11.2
      2005-02-16 [colin]	1.0.1cvs11.3
      2005-02-17 [colin]	1.0.1cvs11.5
      2005-02-18 [colin]	1.0.1cvs11.6
      2005-02-18 [colin]	1.0.1cvs14.1
      2005-02-20 [colin]	1.0.1cvs151
      2005-02-21 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.4
      2005-02-22 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.5
      fix mistake
      2005-02-23 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.6
      2005-02-23 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.7
      2005-02-23 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.8
      2005-02-23 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.9
      2005-02-24 [colin]      1.0.1cvs15.10
      2005-02-24 [colin]	1.0.1cvs15.11
      2005-02-26 [colin]	1.0.1cvs19.2
      2005-02-27 [colin]	1.0.1cvs19.3
      2005-02-27 [colin]	1.0.1cvs19.4
      2005-03-04 [colin]	1.0.1cvs22.1
      2005-03-04 [colin]	1.0.1cvs22.2
      fix font issues in summaryview
      2005-03-18 [colin]      1.0.3cvs2.6
      Update commitHelper so that we don't use EXTRA_GTK2_VERSION by default
      2005-03-20 [colin]	1.9.6cvs6
      2005-03-30 [colin]      1.9.6cvs11
      2005-03-30 [colin]	1.9.6cvs13
      2005-03-30 [colin]	1.9.6cvs14
      this works when switching from LAN to GPRS (different ip, mask, route, dns).
      2005-03-30 [colin]	1.9.6cvs15
      2005-03-31 [colin]	1.9.6cvs16
      2005-03-31 [colin]	1.9.6cvs17
      2005-03-31 [colin]	1.9.6cvs18
      2005-04-01 [colin]	1.9.6cvs20
      2005-04-01 [colin]	1.9.6cvs21
      2005-04-02 [colin]	1.9.6cvs22
      2005-04-03 [colin]	1.9.6cvs23
      2005-04-06 [colin]	1.9.6cvs28
      2005-04-08 [colin]	1.9.6cvs29
      2005-04-10 [colin]	1.9.6cvs30
      2005-04-10 [colin]	1.9.6cvs31
      2005-04-10 [colin]	1.9.6cvs32
      raah forgot to update again
      prevent commiting when configure.ac needs patch
      the same without syntax errors
      -i patch -> Patch
      2005-04-15 [colin]	1.9.6cvs35
      2005-04-15 [colin]	1.9.6cvs36
      2005-04-15 [colin]	1.9.6cvs37
      2005-04-17 [colin]      1.9.6cvs38
      2005-04-17 [colin]	1.9.6cvs39
      2005-04-17 [colin]	1.9.6cvs40
      2005-04-29 [colin]	1.9.6cvs46
      same here
      2005-04-30 [colin]	1.9.6cvs47
      2005-05-02 [colin]	1.9.6cvs48
      2005-05-03 [colin]      1.9.6cvs49
      2005-05-04 [colin]	1.9.6cvs50
      2005-05-04 [colin]	1.9.6cvs51
      2005-05-10 [colin]	1.9.9cvs1
      2005-05-13 [colin]	1.9.9cvs3
      2005-05-16 [colin]      1.9.9cvs4
      2005-05-16 [colin]	1.9.9cvs5
      2005-05-16 [colin]	1.9.9cvs6
      2005-05-16 [colin]	1.9.9cvs7
      2005-05-16 [colin]	1.9.9cvs8
      2005-05-17 [colin]	1.9.9cvs9
      2005-05-17 [colin]	1.9.9cvs10
      2005-05-18 [colin]	1.9.9cvs11
      2005-05-18 [colin]	1.9.9cvs12
      2005-05-19 [colin]	1.9.11cvs1
      2005-05-20 [colin]      1.9.11cvs2
      2005-05-23 [colin]	1.9.11cvs3
      2005-05-23 [colin]	1.9.11cvs4
      2005-05-24 [colin]	1.9.11cvs5
      2005-05-24 [colin]	1.9.11cvs6
      2005-05-24 [colin]	1.9.11cvs7
      2005-05-24 [colin]	1.9.11cvs8
      2005-05-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs9
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs10
      fix bug 477
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs11
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs12
      Help for the next release notes :)
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs13
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs14
      2005-05-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs15
      2005-05-29 [colin]	1.9.11cvs17
      2005-05-29 [colin]	1.9.11cvs18
      2005-05-30 [colin]	1.9.11cvs21
      2005-05-30 [colin]	1.9.11cvs22
      2005-05-30 [colin]	1.9.11cvs23
      2005-05-31 [colin]	1.9.11cvs24
      2005-05-31 [colin]	1.9.11cvs25
      use simple diff for new files
      2005-05-31 [colin]	1.9.11cvs28
      2005-05-31 [colin]	1.9.11cvs29
      2005-06-01 [colin]	1.9.11cvs31
      2005-06-02 [colin]	1.9.11cvs32
      2005-06-02 [colin]	1.9.11cvs33
      2005-06-02 [colin]	1.9.11cvs34
      2005-06-02 [colin]	1.9.11cvs35
      2005-06-02 [colin]	1.9.11cvs36
      2005-06-05 [colin]	1.9.11cvs40
      2005-06-06 [colin]	1.9.11cvs42
      2005-06-06 [colin]	1.9.11cvs43
      2005-06-07 [colin]	1.9.11cvs45
      2005-06-08 [colin]	1.9.11cvs49
      2005-06-08 [colin]	1.9.11cvs50
      2005-06-08 [colin]	1.9.11cvs51
      2005-06-08 [colin]	1.9.11cvs52
      2005-06-08 [colin]	1.9.11cvs53
      o add a bit of status output
      2005-06-09 [colin]	1.9.11cvs55
      2005-06-10 [colin]	1.9.11cvs56
      2005-06-10 [colin]	1.9.11cvs57
      2005-06-11 [colin]	1.9.11cvs58
      2005-06-11 [colin]	1.9.11cvs59
      2005-06-12 [colin]	1.9.11cvs60
      2005-06-12 [colin]	1.9.11cvs61
      2005-06-12 [colin]	1.9.11cvs62
      2005-06-12 [colin]	1.9.11cvs63
      2005-06-13 [colin]	1.9.11cvs64
      2005-06-14 [colin]	1.9.11cvs65
      2005-06-15 [colin]	1.9.11cvs67
      2005-06-15 [colin]	1.9.11cvs68
      2005-06-15 [colin]	1.9.11cvs69
      2005-06-15 [colin]	1.9.11cvs74
      2005-06-15 [colin]	1.9.11cvs75
      2005-06-16 [colin]	1.9.11cvs78
      2005-06-16 [colin]	1.9.11cvs79
      2005-06-17 [colin]	1.9.11cvs80
      2005-06-17 [colin]	1.9.11cvs81
      2005-06-19 [colin]	1.9.11cvs82
      2005-06-20 [colin]	1.9.11cvs83
      2005-06-20 [colin]	1.9.11cvs84
      2005-06-21 [colin]	1.9.11cvs85
      2005-06-21 [colin]	1.9.11cvs86
      2005-06-22 [colin]	1.9.11cvs87
      2005-06-22 [colin]	1.9.11cvs88
      2005-06-22 [colin]	1.9.11cvs89
      2005-06-22 [colin]	1.9.11cvs90
      2005-06-22 [colin]	1.9.11cvs91
      2005-06-23 [colin]	1.9.11cvs92
      2005-06-23 [colin]	1.9.11cvs93
      2005-06-23 [colin]	1.9.11cvs94
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs98
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs99
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs100
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs101
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs102
      2005-06-25 [colin]	1.9.11cvs103
      2005-06-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs105
      2005-06-26 [colin]	1.9.11cvs106
      2005-06-27 [colin]	1.9.12cvs1
      2005-06-28 [colin]	1.9.12cvs2
      2005-06-30 [colin]	1.9.12cvs5
      2005-06-30 [colin]	1.9.12cvs6
      2005-06-30 [colin]	1.9.12cvs7
      2005-07-01 [colin]	1.9.12cvs8
      2005-07-01 [colin]	1.9.12cvs9
      2005-07-01 [colin]	1.9.12cvs10
      Fix PATCHSETS. Hoa: this is the reason commitHelper is important :)
      2005-07-04 [colin]	1.9.12cvs13
      2005-07-04 [colin]	1.9.12cvs14
      2005-07-04 [colin]	1.9.12cvs18
      2005-07-04 [colin]	1.9.12cvs19
      2005-07-05 [colin]	1.9.12cvs20
      2005-07-05 [colin]	1.9.12cvs21
      2005-07-05 [colin]	1.9.12cvs22
      2005-07-06 [colin]	1.9.12cvs23
      2005-07-06 [colin]	1.9.12cvs24
      2005-07-06 [colin]	1.9.12cvs25
      2005-07-06 [colin]	1.9.12cvs26
      2005-07-07 [colin]	1.9.12cvs28
      2005-07-08 [colin]	1.9.12cvs29
      oops, wrong bug
      2005-07-08 [colin]	1.9.12cvs30
      Add details to ease up release notes
      2005-07-10 [colin]	1.9.12cvs32
      2005-07-11 [colin]	1.9.12cvs36
      2005-07-12 [colin]	1.9.12cvs38
      2005-07-13 [colin]	1.9.12cvs40
      2005-07-13 [colin]	1.9.12cvs41
      2005-07-13 [colin]	1.9.12cvs42
      2005-07-13 [colin]	1.9.12cvs43
      2005-07-14 [colin]	1.9.12cvs49
      add .cvsignore
      2005-07-14 [colin]	1.9.12cvs51
      oops, forgot it.
      2005-07-14 [colin]	1.9.12cvs52
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs54
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs60
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs61
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs62
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs63
      2005-07-15 [colin]	1.9.12cvs64
      2005-07-16 [colin]	1.9.12cvs65
      2005-07-16 [colin]	1.9.12cvs66
      2005-07-16 [colin]	1.9.12cvs67
      2005-07-16 [colin]	1.9.12cvs68
      2005-07-16 [colin]	1.9.12cvs69
      2005-07-17 [colin]	1.9.12cvs72
      2005-07-17 [colin]	1.9.12cvs73
      2005-07-17 [colin]	1.9.12cvs74
      2005-07-17 [colin]	1.9.12cvs75
      2005-07-18 [colin]	1.9.12cvs78
      2005-07-18 [colin]	1.9.12cvs79
      2005-07-19 [colin]	1.9.12cvs81
      2005-07-19 [colin]	1.9.12cvs84
      2005-07-19 [colin]	1.9.12cvs85
      2005-07-20 [colin]	1.9.12cvs86
      2005-07-20 [colin]	1.9.12cvs87
      2005-07-21 [colin]	1.9.12cvs90
      2005-08-01 [colin]	1.9.13cvs4
      2005-08-02 [colin]	1.9.13cvs5
      2005-08-02 [colin]	1.9.13cvs6
      2005-08-02 [colin]	1.9.13cvs8
      2005-08-03 [colin]	1.9.13cvs9
      2005-08-03 [colin]	1.9.13cvs11
      2005-08-03 [colin]	1.9.13cvs12
      2005-08-04 [colin]	1.9.13cvs13
      2005-08-05 [colin]	1.9.13cvs16
      2005-08-05 [colin]	1.9.13cvs17
      2005-08-07 [colin]	1.9.13cvs20
      2005-08-07 [colin]	1.9.13cvs22
      2005-08-07 [colin]	1.9.13cvs23
      2005-08-07 [colin]	1.9.13cvs24
      2005-08-08 [colin]	1.9.13cvs25
      2005-08-08 [colin]	1.9.13cvs26
      2005-08-08 [colin]	1.9.13cvs27
      2005-08-08 [colin]	1.9.13cvs28
      2005-08-10 [colin]	1.9.13cvs29
      2005-08-10 [colin]	1.9.13cvs30
      2005-08-10 [colin]	1.9.13cvs31
      2005-08-10 [colin]	1.9.13cvs32
      2005-08-19 [colin]	1.9.13cvs42
      2005-08-19 [colin]	1.9.13cvs43
      2005-08-20 [colin]	1.9.13cvs44
      2005-08-21 [colin]	1.9.13cvs45
      2005-08-26 [colin]	1.9.13cvs59
      2005-08-26 [colin]	1.9.13cvs60
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs61
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs62
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs63
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs64
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs65
      2005-08-27 [colin]	1.9.13cvs66
      no, it works :)
      2005-08-28 [colin]	1.9.13cvs67
      2005-08-28 [colin]	1.9.13cvs68
      2005-08-30 [colin]	1.9.13cvs72
      2005-08-30 [colin]	1.9.13cvs73
      2005-08-31 [colin]	1.9.13cvs75
      2005-09-01 [colin]	1.9.13cvs77
      Add bug number
      2005-09-02 [cleroy]	1.9.13cvs78
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs1
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs2
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs3
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs4
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs5
      2005-09-07 [colin]	1.9.14cvs6
      2005-09-08 [colin]	1.9.14cvs8
      2005-09-08 [colin]	1.9.14cvs9
      2005-09-09 [cleroy]	1.9.14cvs10
      2005-09-09 [colin]	1.9.14cvs13
      2005-09-10 [colin]	1.9.14cvs14
      2005-09-10 [colin]	1.9.14cvs15
      2005-09-10 [colin]	1.9.14cvs16
      2005-09-10 [colin]	1.9.14cvs17
      2005-09-10 [colin]	1.9.14cvs18
      2005-09-12 [colin]	1.9.14cvs22
      2005-09-13 [colin]	1.9.14cvs23
      2005-09-13 [colin]	1.9.14cvs24
      2005-09-15 [colin]	1.9.14cvs33
      2005-09-16 [colin]	1.9.14cvs34
      2005-09-16 [colin]	1.9.14cvs35
      2005-09-17 [colin]	1.9.14cvs36
      2005-09-17 [colin]	1.9.14cvs37
      2005-09-18 [colin]	1.9.14cvs39
      2005-09-18 [colin]	1.9.14cvs40
      me dumb
      2005-09-18 [colin]	1.9.14cvs41
      2005-09-18 [colin]	1.9.14cvs42
      2005-09-19 [colin]	1.9.14cvs43
      Forgot the bug id
      2005-09-19 [colin]	1.9.14cvs44
      1.9.15-rc3 released
      2005-09-20 [colin]	1.9.14cvs45
      2005-09-21 [colin]      1.9.14cvs46
      fix patchsets
      may I please commit.
      2005-09-26 [colin]	1.9.14cvs50
      2005-09-26 [colin]	1.9.14cvs53
      2005-09-26 [colin]	1.9.14cvs54
      2005-09-26 [colin]	1.9.14cvs55
      2005-09-27 [colin]	1.9.14cvs56
      2005-09-27 [colin]	1.9.14cvs57
      2005-09-27 [colin]	1.9.14cvs58
      2005-09-30 [colin]	1.9.14cvs62
      2005-10-03 [colin]	1.9.15cvs1
      2005-10-03 [colin]	1.9.15cvs2
      2005-10-03 [colin]	1.9.15cvs3
      2005-10-03 [colin]	1.9.15cvs4
      2005-10-03 [colin]	1.9.15cvs5
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs6
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs7
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs8
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs9
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs10
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs11
      2005-10-04 [colin]	1.9.15cvs12
      2005-10-05 [colin]	1.9.15cvs14
      2005-10-06 [colin]	1.9.15cvs16
      2005-10-06 [colin]	1.9.15cvs17
      2005-10-06 [colin]	1.9.15cvs18
      make that the same size as down_arrow
      2005-10-07 [colin]	1.9.15cvs20
      2005-10-08 [colin]	1.9.15cvs21
      2005-10-08 [colin]	1.9.15cvs22
      2005-10-08 [colin]	1.9.15cvs23
      2005-10-08 [colin]	1.9.15cvs24
      2005-10-09 [colin]	1.9.15cvs25
      2005-10-09 [colin]	1.9.15cvs26
      2005-10-10 [colin]	1.9.15cvs27
      2005-10-10 [colin]	1.9.15cvs28
      2005-10-10 [colin]	1.9.15cvs29
      2005-10-11 [colin]	1.9.15cvs30
      2005-10-12 [colin]	1.9.15cvs31
      2005-10-12 [colin]	1.9.15cvs32
      2005-10-12 [colin]	1.9.15cvs33
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs35
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs36
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs37
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs38
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs39
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs40
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs41
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs42
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs43
      2005-10-13 [colin]	1.9.15cvs44
      2005-10-14 [colin]	1.9.15cvs47
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs49
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs50
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs53
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs54
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs55
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs56
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs58
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs59
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs60
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs61
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs62
      2005-10-16 [colin]	1.9.15cvs63
      2005-10-16 [colin]
      2005-10-17 [colin]	1.9.15cvs69
      2005-10-17 [colin]	1.9.15cvs70
      2005-10-17 [colin]	1.9.15cvs71
      2005-10-18 [colin]	1.9.15cvs72
      2005-10-18 [colin]	1.9.15cvs73
      2005-10-19 [colin]	1.9.15cvs75
      2005-10-19 [colin]	1.9.15cvs76
      2005-10-19 [colin]	1.9.15cvs77
      2005-10-19 [colin]	1.9.15cvs78
      2005-10-20 [colin]	1.9.15cvs81
      2005-10-20 [colin]	1.9.15cvs82
      2005-10-20 [colin]	1.9.15cvs83
      2005-10-20 [colin]	1.9.15cvs84
      2005-10-20 [colin]	1.9.15cvs85
      2005-10-21 [cleroy]	1.9.15cvs86
      2005-10-21 [colin]	1.9.15cvs89
      2005-10-22 [colin]	1.9.15cvs90
      2005-10-22 [colin]	1.9.15cvs91
      2005-10-22 [colin]	1.9.15cvs92
      2005-10-22 [colin]	1.9.15cvs93
      2005-10-24 [colin]	1.9.15cvs99
      2005-10-25 [cleroy]	1.9.15cvs105
      2005-10-25 [colin]	1.9.15cvs106
      2005-10-25 [colin]	1.9.15cvs107
      2005-10-25 [colin]	1.9.15cvs108
      2005-10-26 [colin]	1.9.15cvs111
      2005-10-27 [colin]	1.9.15cvs124
      2005-10-28 [colin]	1.9.15cvs125
      2005-10-30 [colin]	1.9.15cvs127
      2005-11-01 [colin]	1.9.99cvs2
      2005-11-02 [cleroy]	1.9.99cvs4
      2005-11-02 [cleroy]	1.9.99cvs6
      2005-11-02 [colin]	1.9.99cvs7
      2005-11-02 [colin]	1.9.99cvs8
      2005-11-02 [colin]	1.9.99cvs9
      2005-11-06 [colin]	1.9.99cvs13
      2005-11-07 [cleroy]	1.9.99cvs16
      2005-11-07 [colin]	1.9.99cvs17
      2005-11-08 [colin]      1.9.100cvs3
      2005-11-08 [colin]      1.9.100cvs4
      2005-11-09 [colin]      1.9.100cvs5
      2005-11-10 [colin]      1.9.100cvs7
      2005-11-12 [colin]	1.9.100cvs8
      2005-11-12 [colin]	1.9.100cvs9
      2005-11-13 [colin]	1.9.100cvs10
      2005-11-18 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs17
      2005-11-18 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs18
      2005-11-18 [colin]	1.9.100cvs22
      2005-11-21 [colin]	1.9.100cvs25
      2005-11-22 [colin]	1.9.100cvs27
      2005-11-23 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs28
      2005-11-23 [colin]	1.9.100cvs30
      2005-11-24 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs32
      micro fixes
      2005-11-27 [colin]	1.9.100cvs40
      2005-11-29 [colin]	1.9.100cvs42
      2005-11-29 [colin]	1.9.100cvs43
      2005-11-29 [colin]	1.9.100cvs44
      2005-11-30 [colin]	1.9.100cvs46
      2005-12-01 [colin]	1.9.100cvs47
      add debian files
      2005-12-03 [colin]	1.9.100cvs58
      2005-12-04 [colin]	1.9.100cvs59
      2005-12-05 [colin]	1.9.100cvs67
      2005-12-05 [colin]	1.9.100cvs68
      2005-12-06 [colin]	1.9.100cvs70
      2005-12-06 [colin]	1.9.100cvs71
      2005-12-07 [colin]	1.9.100cvs73
      2005-12-07 [colin]	1.9.100cvs74
      2005-12-08 [colin]	1.9.100cvs76
      2005-12-08 [colin]	1.9.100cvs77
      2005-12-09 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs78
      2005-12-09 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs79
      2005-12-12 [colin]	1.9.100cvs85
      2005-12-13 [colin]	1.9.100cvs86
      2005-12-13 [colin]	1.9.100cvs87
      2005-12-14 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs88
      2005-12-14 [colin]	1.9.100cvs89
      2005-12-15 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs92
      2005-12-19 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs95
      2005-12-20 [colin]	1.9.100cvs97
      2005-12-21 [colin]	1.9.100cvs101
      2005-12-23 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs104
      2005-12-23 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs105
      2005-12-24 [colin]	1.9.100cvs107
      2005-12-24 [colin]	1.9.100cvs108
      2005-12-28 [colin]	1.9.100cvs112
      2005-12-29 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs113
      2005-12-29 [colin]	1.9.100cvs114
      2005-12-30 [colin]	1.9.100cvs115
      2005-12-30 [colin]	1.9.100cvs116
      2006-01-02 [colin]	1.9.100cvs119
      2006-01-03 [colin]	1.9.100cvs121
      2006-01-03 [colin]	1.9.100cvs122
      2006-01-06 [colin]	1.9.100cvs125
      2006-01-09 [colin]	1.9.100cvs130
      2006-01-10 [colin]	1.9.100cvs134
      2006-01-11 [colin]	1.9.100cvs136
      2006-01-11 [colin]	1.9.100cvs138
      2006-01-12 [colin]	1.9.100cvs140
      2006-01-13 [colin]	1.9.100cvs145
      2006-01-14 [colin]	1.9.100cvs149
      2006-01-14 [colin]	1.9.100cvs150
      2006-01-14 [colin]	1.9.100cvs151
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs152
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs153
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs154
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs155
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs156
      2006-01-15 [colin]	1.9.100cvs157
      not much more left to do!
      2006-01-16 [colin]	1.9.100cvs159
      2006-01-16 [colin]	1.9.100cvs160
      2006-01-16 [colin]	1.9.100cvs161
      2006-01-16 [colin]	1.9.100cvs162
      2006-01-17 [colin]	1.9.100cvs163
      2006-01-17 [colin]	1.9.100cvs164
      2006-01-18 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs165
      2006-01-19 [colin]	1.9.100cvs169
      fix username
      2006-01-20 [colin]	1.9.100cvs176
      forgot these! :)
      put more stuff in .cvsignore
      2006-01-21 [colin]	1.9.100cvs177
      2006-01-22 [colin]	1.9.100cvs180
      remove generated file
      2006-01-25 [colin]	1.9.100cvs186
      2006-01-25 [colin]	1.9.100cvs187
      update for the manual -- untested...
      2006-01-26 [colin]	1.9.100cvs190
      2006-01-27 [cleroy]	1.9.100cvs192
      2006-01-28 [colin]	1.9.100cvs194
      debian packages files
      2006-01-30 [colin]	2.0.0cvs1
      2006-01-31 [cleroy]	2.0.0cvs3
      2006-02-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs6
      2006-02-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs7
      2006-02-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs8
      update TODO for some things I'd like to do
      2006-02-04 [colin]	2.0.0cvs10
      2006-02-04 [colin]	2.0.0cvs11
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs12
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs13
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs14
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs15
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs16
      2006-02-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs17
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs20
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs21
      forgotten with last commit
      forgotten files
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs22
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs23
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs24
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs25
      2006-02-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs26
      2006-02-07 [colin]	2.0.0cvs28
      2006-02-07 [colin]	2.0.0cvs29
      2006-02-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs30
      2006-02-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs33
      2006-02-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs34
      2006-02-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs35
      2006-02-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs36
      2006-02-09 [colin]	2.0.0cvs39
      2006-02-09 [colin]	2.0.0cvs41
      2006-02-11 [colin]	2.0.0cvs43
      2006-02-12 [colin]	2.0.0cvs45
      2006-02-13 [cleroy]	2.0.0cvs47
      2006-02-13 [colin]	2.0.0cvs48
      2006-02-14 [colin]	2.0.0cvs49
      2006-02-15 [colin]	2.0.0cvs56
      2006-02-16 [cleroy]	2.0.0cvs59
      2006-02-17 [cleroy]	2.0.0cvs60
      2006-02-17 [colin]	2.0.0cvs61
      2006-02-19 [colin]	2.0.0cvs62
      2006-02-20 [colin]	2.0.0cvs67
      2006-02-23 [colin]	2.0.0cvs78
      2006-02-24 [colin]	2.0.0cvs82
      2006-02-24 [colin]	2.0.0cvs83
      2006-02-27 [cleroy]	2.0.0cvs84
      fix my name
      2006-02-27 [colin]	2.0.0cvs85
      2006-03-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs94
      2006-03-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs95
      2006-03-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs96
      2006-03-01 [colin]	2.0.0cvs97
      2006-03-02 [colin]	2.0.0cvs98
      2006-03-03 [colin]	2.0.0cvs102
      2006-03-03 [colin]	2.0.0cvs103
      2006-03-03 [colin]	2.0.0cvs104
      2006-03-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs114
      2.0.1-rc1 released
      2006-03-06 [colin]	2.0.0cvs115
      2006-03-07 [colin]	2.0.0cvs116
      2006-03-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs121
      2006-03-08 [colin]	2.0.0cvs122
      2006-03-10 [colin]	2.0.0cvs130
      2006-03-10 [colin]	2.0.0cvs131
      2006-03-11 [colin]	2.0.0cvs132
      2006-03-14 [colin]	2.0.0cvs138
      2006-03-14 [colin]	2.0.0cvs139
      2006-03-15 [colin]	2.0.0cvs140
      2006-03-16 [colin]	2.0.0cvs141
      2006-03-16 [colin]	2.0.0cvs142
      2006-03-16 [colin]	2.0.0cvs143
      2006-03-16 [colin]	2.0.0cvs144
      2006-03-17 [colin]	2.0.0cvs149
      2006-03-18 [colin]	2.0.0cvs150
      2006-03-18 [colin]	2.0.0cvs151
      2006-03-18 [colin]	2.0.0cvs152
      2006-03-18 [colin]	2.0.0cvs153
      2006-03-18 [colin]	2.0.0cvs154
      2006-03-19 [colin]	2.0.0cvs156
      2006-03-19 [colin]	2.0.0cvs157
      2006-03-19 [colin]	2.0.0cvs158
      2006-03-20 [colin]	2.0.0cvs159
      2006-03-21 [colin]	2.0.0cvs161
      2006-03-22 [colin]	2.0.0cvs163
      2006-03-23 [colin]	2.0.0cvs167
      2006-03-24 [colin]	2.0.0cvs168
      2006-03-25 [colin]	2.0.0cvs169
      2006-03-26 [colin]	2.0.0cvs170
      2006-03-26 [colin]	2.0.0cvs171
      2006-03-26 [colin]	2.0.0cvs172
      2006-03-26 [colin]	2.0.0cvs173
      noone saw anything!
      2006-03-27 [colin]	2.0.0cvs177
      2006-03-27 [colin]	2.0.0cvs178
      2006-03-28 [colin]	2.0.0cvs179
      2006-03-28 [colin]	2.0.0cvs180
      2006-03-29 [colin]	2.0.0cvs181
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs182
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.0.0cvs183
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.1.0cvs1
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.1.0cvs2
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.1.0cvs3
      2006-04-05 [colin]	2.1.0cvs4
      2006-04-06 [colin]	2.1.0cvs5
      2006-04-06 [colin]	2.1.0cvs8
      2006-04-06 [colin]	2.1.0cvs9
      2006-04-06 [colin]	2.1.0cvs10
      2006-04-07 [colin]	2.1.0cvs16
      2006-04-07 [colin]	2.1.0cvs17
      2006-04-08 [colin]	2.1.0cvs18
      2006-04-08 [colin]	2.1.0cvs19
      2006-04-08 [colin]	2.1.0cvs20
      2006-04-09 [colin]	2.1.0cvs21
      2006-04-09 [colin]	2.1.0cvs22
      2006-04-09 [colin]	2.1.0cvs23
      2006-04-09 [colin]	2.1.0cvs24
      2006-04-10 [colin]	2.1.0cvs25
      2006-04-10 [colin]	2.1.0cvs26
      2006-04-10 [colin]	2.1.0cvs27
      2006-04-11 [colin]	2.1.0cvs28
      2006-04-11 [cleroy]	2.1.0cvs29
      2006-04-11 [colin]	2.1.0cvs30
      2006-04-11 [colin]	2.1.0cvs31
      2006-04-13 [colin]	2.1.0cvs40
      2006-04-13 [colin]	2.1.0cvs41
      2006-04-13 [colin]	2.1.0cvs42
      2006-04-14 [colin]	2.1.0cvs44
      2006-04-14 [colin]	2.1.0cvs45
      2006-04-14 [colin]	2.1.0cvs47
      2006-04-15 [colin]	2.1.0cvs48
      2006-04-16 [colin]	2.1.0cvs49
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs1
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs2
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs3
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs4
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs5
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs6
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs7
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs8
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs9
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs10
      2006-04-17 [colin]	2.1.1cvs11
      2006-04-18 [colin]	2.1.1cvs12
      2006-04-18 [colin]	2.1.1cvs13
      2006-04-18 [colin]	2.1.1cvs14
      2006-04-19 [colin]	2.1.1cvs15
      2006-04-20 [colin]	2.1.1cvs16
      2006-04-20 [colin]	2.1.1cvs20
      2006-04-21 [colin]	2.1.1cvs21
      2006-04-21 [colin]	2.1.1cvs22
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs23
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs24
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs25
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs26
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs27
      2006-04-23 [colin]	2.1.1cvs28
      2006-04-24 [colin]	2.1.1cvs29
      2006-04-24 [colin]	2.1.1cvs30
      2006-04-24 [colin]	2.1.1cvs31
      2006-04-25 [colin]	2.1.1cvs32
      2006-04-25 [cleroy]	2.1.1cvs34
      2006-04-25 [colin]	2.1.1cvs35
      2006-04-25 [colin]	2.1.1cvs36
      2006-04-27 [colin]	2.1.1cvs39
      2006-04-29 [colin]	2.1.1cvs42
      2006-04-29 [colin]	2.1.1cvs43
      2006-05-01 [colin]	2.1.1cvs44
      2006-05-03 [colin]	2.1.1cvs45
      2006-05-03 [colin]	2.1.1cvs46
      2006-05-03 [colin]	2.1.1cvs47
      2006-05-05 [cleroy]	2.1.1cvs48
      2006-05-05 [colin]	2.1.1cvs49
      2006-05-12 [colin]	2.1.1cvs50
      2006-05-12 [colin]	2.2.0cvs3
      2006-05-12 [colin]	2.2.0cvs4
      2006-05-12 [colin]	2.2.0cvs8
      2006-05-13 [colin]	2.2.0cvs12
      2.3.0-rc1 released
      2006-05-15 [cleroy]	2.2.0cvs15
      2006-05-15 [cleroy]	2.2.0cvs16
      2006-05-15 [colin]	2.2.0cvs18
      2006-05-16 [colin]	2.2.0cvs21
      2006-05-16 [colin]	2.2.0cvs22
      2006-05-16 [colin]	2.2.0cvs23
      argh, not the correct hour
      2006-05-17 [colin]	2.2.0cvs24
      2006-05-17 [colin]	2.2.0cvs29
      2006-05-18 [colin]      2.2.0cvs33
      2006-05-19 [cleroy]	2.2.0cvs34
      2006-05-19 [colin]	2.2.0cvs39
      2006-05-19 [colin]	2.2.0cvs40
      2.3.0-rc2 released
      2006-05-20 [colin]	2.2.0cvs41
      2.3.0-rc3 released
      2006-05-21 [colin]	2.2.0cvs42
      2006-05-21 [colin]	2.2.0cvs43
      2006-05-21 [colin]	2.2.0cvs44
      2006-05-22 [colin]	2.2.0cvs46
      2006-05-23 [colin]	2.2.0cvs48
      2006-05-23 [colin]	2.2.0cvs49
      2006-05-24 [colin]	2.2.0cvs54
      2.3.0-rc4 released
      2006-05-25 [colin]	2.2.0cvs55
      2006-05-25 [colin]	2.2.0cvs56
      2006-05-26 [colin]	2.2.0cvs57
      2006-05-26 [colin]	2.2.0cvs58
      2006-05-26 [colin]	2.2.0cvs59
      2006-05-26 [colin]	2.2.0cvs60
      2006-05-26 [colin]	2.2.0cvs61
      2006-05-29 [colin]	2.2.0cvs64
      2006-05-29 [colin]	2.2.0cvs65
      2006-05-29 [colin]	2.2.0cvs66
      2006-05-30 [colin]	2.2.0cvs67
      2006-05-31 [colin]	2.2.0cvs68
      2006-05-31 [cleroy]	2.2.0cvs69
      2006-06-01 [colin]	2.2.0cvs71
      2006-06-02 [colin]	2.2.0cvs74
      2006-06-02 [cleroy]	2.2.0cvs75
      2006-06-03 [colin]	2.2.0cvs76
      2006-06-03 [colin]	2.2.0cvs77
      2006-06-03 [colin]	2.2.0cvs78
      2006-06-04 [colin]	2.2.0cvs81
      Reference bug summary in bugfix commit ;)
      2006-06-05 [colin]	2.2.1cvs1
      2006-06-05 [colin]	2.2.1cvs2
      2006-06-07 [colin]	2.2.2cvs3
      2006-06-08 [colin]	2.2.3cvs2
      2006-06-08 [colin]	2.2.3cvs3
      2006-06-09 [colin]	2.2.3cvs6
      2006-06-09 [colin]	2.2.3cvs7
      2006-06-10 [colin]	2.2.3cvs9
      2006-06-10 [colin]	2.2.3cvs10
      2006-06-11 [colin]	2.2.3cvs11
      Stuff i'd like to do post 2.3
      2006-06-11 [colin]	2.2.3cvs12
      2006-06-12 [colin]	2.2.3cvs13
      2006-06-12 [colin]	2.3.0cvs4
      2006-06-12 [colin]	2.3.0cvs5
      2006-06-12 [colin]	2.3.0cvs6
      2006-06-13 [colin]	2.3.0cvs9
      2006-06-14 [colin]	2.3.0cvs12
      2006-06-15 [cleroy]	2.3.0cvs13
      2006-06-15 [colin]	2.3.0cvs14
      2006-06-15 [colin]	2.3.0cvs16
      2006-06-16 [colin]	2.3.0cvs17
      2006-06-16 [colin]	2.3.0cvs18
      2006-06-16 [colin]	2.3.0cvs19
      2006-06-17 [colin]	2.3.0cvs20
      2006-06-18 [colin]	2.3.0cvs21
      2006-06-18 [colin]	2.3.0cvs22
      2006-06-19 [colin]	2.3.0cvs23
      2006-06-19 [colin]	2.3.0cvs24
      2006-06-20 [colin]	2.3.0cvs25
      2006-06-20 [colin]	2.3.0cvs26
      2006-06-20 [colin]	2.3.1cvs3
      2006-06-22 [colin]	2.3.1cvs11
      2006-06-22 [colin]	2.3.1cvs12
      2006-06-22 [colin]	2.3.1cvs13
      2006-06-22 [colin]	2.3.1cvs15
      2006-06-26 [colin]	2.3.1cvs21
      2006-06-26 [colin]	2.3.1cvs22
      2006-06-27 [colin]	2.3.1cvs26
      2006-06-28 [colin]	2.3.1cvs32
      2006-06-28 [colin]	2.3.1cvs33
      2006-06-28 [colin]	2.3.1cvs34
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs36
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs39
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs40
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs41
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs42
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs43
      2006-06-29 [colin]	2.3.1cvs44
      2006-06-30 [colin]	2.3.1cvs45
      2006-06-30 [colin]	2.3.1cvs47
      2006-07-01 [colin]	2.3.1cvs50
      2006-07-02 [colin]	2.3.1cvs51
      2006-07-03 [colin]	2.3.1cvs53
      2006-07-04 [colin]	2.3.1cvs54
      2006-07-04 [colin]	2.3.1cvs55
      2006-07-04 [colin]	2.3.1cvs56
      2006-07-04 [colin]	2.3.1cvs57
      2006-07-04 [colin]	2.3.1cvs58
      2006-07-05 [colin]	2.3.1cvs61
      2006-07-06 [colin]	2.3.1cvs65
      2006-07-06 [colin]	2.3.1cvs66
      2006-07-07 [colin]	2.3.1cvs69
      2.4.0-rc3 released
      2006-07-07 [colin]	2.3.1cvs70
      2006-07-07 [colin]	2.3.1cvs72
      2006-07-07 [colin]	2.3.1cvs73
      2006-07-08 [colin]	2.3.1cvs74
      2006-07-08 [colin]	2.3.1cvs75
      2006-07-08 [colin]	2.3.1cvs76
      2006-07-09 [colin]	2.3.1cvs77
      2006-07-09 [colin]	2.3.1cvs78
      2006-07-17 [colin]	2.3.1cvs84
      -rc4 ! :)
      2006-07-25 [colin]	2.3.1cvs85
      2006-07-27 [colin]	2.3.1cvs86
      2006-07-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs6
      2006-07-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs7
      2006-07-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs8
      2006-08-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs17
      2006-08-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs18
      2006-08-03 [cleroy]	2.4.0cvs19
      2006-08-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs20
      2006-08-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs23
      2006-08-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs24
      2006-08-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs25
      2006-08-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs26
      2006-08-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs27
      2006-08-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs28
      2006-08-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs29
      2006-08-06 [colin]	2.4.0cvs30
      2006-08-07 [colin]	2.4.0cvs31
      2006-08-07 [colin]	2.4.0cvs32
      2006-08-08 [colin]	2.4.0cvs33
      2006-08-09 [colin]	2.4.0cvs34
      2006-08-09 [colin]	2.4.0cvs35
      2006-08-09 [colin]	2.4.0cvs36
      2006-08-09 [colin]	2.4.0cvs37
      2006-08-09 [colin]	2.4.0cvs38
      2006-08-10 [colin]	2.4.0cvs39
      2006-08-11 [colin]	2.4.0cvs41
      2006-08-13 [colin]	2.4.0cvs45
      2006-08-14 [cleroy]	2.4.0cvs50
      2006-08-15 [colin]	2.4.0cvs51
      2006-08-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs54
      2006-08-17 [colin]	2.4.0cvs57
      2006-08-17 [colin]	2.4.0cvs58
      2006-08-17 [colin]	2.4.0cvs59
      2006-08-17 [colin]	2.4.0cvs60
      2006-08-17 [colin]	2.4.0cvs61
      2006-08-21 [colin]	2.4.0cvs67
      2006-08-21 [colin]	2.4.0cvs68
      2006-08-21 [colin]	2.4.0cvs69
      2006-08-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs71
      2006-08-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs73
      2006-08-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs74
      2006-08-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs75
      2006-08-23 [colin]	2.4.0cvs76
      2006-08-23 [colin]	2.4.0cvs77
      2006-08-23 [colin]	2.4.0cvs78
      2006-08-23 [colin]	2.4.0cvs79
      2006-08-24 [colin]	2.4.0cvs81
      2006-08-24 [colin]	2.4.0cvs83
      2006-08-24 [colin]	2.4.0cvs84
      2006-08-24 [colin]	2.4.0cvs85
      2006-08-25 [cleroy]	2.4.0cvs86
      2006-08-25 [colin]	2.4.0cvs92
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs96
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs97
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs98
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs99
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs100
      2006-08-27 [colin]	2.4.0cvs101
      2006-08-29 [colin]	2.4.0cvs107
      2006-08-29 [colin]	2.4.0cvs111
      2006-08-30 [colin]	2.4.0cvs112
      2006-08-30 [colin]	2.4.0cvs113
      2006-08-30 [cleroy]	2.4.0cvs114
      2006-08-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs115
      2006-08-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs116
      2006-08-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs117
      2006-08-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs118
      2006-08-31 [colin]	2.4.0cvs119
      2006-09-01 [colin]	2.4.0cvs127
      2006-09-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs128
      2006-09-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs129
      2006-09-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs130
      2006-09-02 [colin]	2.4.0cvs133
      2006-09-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs137
      2006-09-03 [colin]	2.4.0cvs138
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs142
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs143
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs144
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs145
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs146
      2006-09-04 [colin]	2.4.0cvs147
      2006-09-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs148
      2006-09-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs150
      2006-09-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs151
      2006-09-05 [colin]	2.4.0cvs152
      2006-09-06 [colin]	2.4.0cvs153
      2006-09-08 [colin]	2.4.0cvs164
      2006-09-10 [colin]	2.4.0cvs169
      2006-09-10 [colin]	2.4.0cvs170
      2006-09-11 [colin]	2.4.0cvs173
      2006-09-11 [colin]	2.4.0cvs174
      2006-09-12 [colin]	2.4.0cvs178
      2006-09-13 [colin]	2.4.0cvs179
      2006-09-13 [colin]	2.4.0cvs183
      2006-09-13 [colin]	2.4.0cvs184
      2006-09-13 [colin]	2.4.0cvs185
      2006-09-14 [colin]	2.4.0cvs186
      2006-09-14 [colin]	2.4.0cvs188
      2006-09-15 [colin]	2.4.0cvs189
      2006-09-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs191
      2006-09-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs192
      2006-09-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs193
      2006-09-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs194
      2006-09-16 [colin]	2.4.0cvs195
      2006-09-19 [colin]	2.4.0cvs199
      2006-09-20 [colin]	2.4.0cvs200
      2006-09-20 [colin]	2.4.0cvs201
      2006-09-21 [colin]	2.4.0cvs202
      2006-09-21 [colin]	2.4.0cvs209
      2006-09-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs210
      2006-09-22 [colin]	2.4.0cvs211
      2006-09-23 [colin]	2.4.0cvs212
      2006-09-25 [colin]	2.5.0cvs2
      2006-09-25 [colin]	2.5.0cvs3
      2006-09-26 [colin]	2.5.1cvs2
      2006-09-26 [colin]	2.5.1cvs3
      2006-09-26 [colin]	2.5.1cvs4
      2006-09-26 [colin]	2.5.1cvs5
      2.5.2 released
      2006-09-26 [colin]	2.5.2cvs1
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs2
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs3
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs4
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs5
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs6
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs7
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs8
      2006-09-27 [colin]	2.5.2cvs10
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs12
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs14
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs15
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs16
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs17
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs18
      2006-09-28 [colin]	2.5.2cvs19
      2006-09-29 [colin]	2.5.2cvs20
      2006-09-29 [colin]	2.5.2cvs21
      2006-09-29 [colin]	2.5.2cvs22
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs24
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs25
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs26
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs27
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs28
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs29
      2006-09-30 [colin]	2.5.2cvs30
      2006-10-01 [colin]	2.5.2cvs31
      2006-10-01 [colin]	2.5.2cvs32
      2006-10-01 [colin]	2.5.2cvs33
      2006-10-02 [colin]	2.5.2cvs34
      2006-10-02 [colin]	2.5.2cvs35
      2006-10-02 [colin]	2.5.2cvs36
      2006-10-02 [colin]	2.5.2cvs37
      2006-10-02 [colin]	2.5.2cvs38
      2006-10-03 [colin]	2.5.2cvs40
      2006-10-03 [colin]	2.5.2cvs41
      2006-10-04 [colin]	2.5.2cvs42
      2006-10-04 [colin]	2.5.3cvs5
      2006-10-05 [colin]	2.5.3cvs7
      2006-10-05 [colin]	2.5.3cvs8
      2006-10-05 [colin]	2.5.3cvs9
      2006-10-05 [colin]	2.5.3cvs10
      2006-10-06 [colin]	2.5.3cvs11
      2006-10-06 [colin]	2.5.3cvs12
      2006-10-06 [colin]	2.5.3cvs13
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs15
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs16
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs17
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs18
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs19
      2006-10-07 [colin]	2.5.3cvs20
      2006-10-08 [colin]	2.5.3cvs21
      2006-10-08 [colin]	2.5.3cvs22
      2006-10-08 [colin]	2.5.3cvs23
      2006-10-09 [colin]	2.5.3cvs26
      2006-10-09 [colin]	2.5.3cvs27
      2006-10-10 [colin]	2.5.3cvs28
      2006-10-10 [colin]	2.5.3cvs30
      2006-10-10 [colin]	2.5.3cvs31
      2006-10-12 [colin]	2.5.5cvs2
      2006-10-12 [colin]	2.5.5cvs3
      2006-10-12 [colin]	2.5.5cvs4
      2006-10-12 [colin]	2.5.5cvs5
      2006-10-14 [colin]	2.5.5cvs7
      2006-10-16 [colin]	2.5.5cvs8
      2006-10-17 [colin]	2.5.5cvs9
      2006-10-17 [colin]	2.5.5cvs10
      2006-10-17 [colin]	2.5.5cvs11
      2006-10-17 [colin]	2.5.5cvs12
      2006-10-18 [colin]	2.5.5cvs14
      2006-10-18 [colin]	2.5.5cvs15
      2006-10-18 [colin]	2.5.5cvs16
      2006-10-18 [colin]	2.5.5cvs17
      2006-10-19 [colin]	2.5.5cvs18
      2006-10-19 [colin]	2.5.6cvs2
      2006-10-20 [colin]	2.5.6cvs3
      2006-10-24 [colin]	2.5.6cvs6
      2006-10-27 [colin]	2.5.6cvs8
      2006-10-27 [colin]	2.5.6cvs9
      2006-10-27 [colin]	2.5.6cvs10
      2006-10-31 [colin]	2.5.6cvs12
      2006-10-31 [colin]	2.5.6cvs14
      2006-10-31 [colin]	2.5.6cvs15
      2006-11-01 [colin]	2.5.6cvs16
      2006-11-01 [colin]	2.5.6cvs17
      2006-11-01 [colin]	2.5.6cvs18
      2006-11-02 [colin]	2.5.6cvs19
      2006-11-07 [paul]	2.6.0cvs7
      try again
      add missing file
      2006-11-07 [paul]	2.6.0cvs8
      2006-11-07 [paul]	2.6.0cvs9
      2006-11-07 [paul]	2.6.0cvs10
      2006-11-07 [paul]	2.6.0cvs11
      2006-11-07 [colin]	2.6.0cvs12
      2006-11-07 [colin]	2.6.0cvs13
      2006-11-08 [paul]	2.6.0cvs14
      2006-11-08 [colin]	2.6.0cvs18
      2006-11-09 [colin]	2.6.0cvs22
      2006-11-09 [colin]	2.6.0cvs23
      2006-11-09 [colin]	2.6.0cvs24
      2006-11-10 [colin]	2.6.0cvs25
      2006-11-10 [colin]	2.6.0cvs26
      2006-11-10 [colin]	2.6.0cvs29
      2006-11-11 [colin]	2.6.0cvs30
      2006-11-11 [colin]	2.6.0cvs31
      2006-11-11 [colin]	2.6.0cvs32
      2006-11-11 [colin]	2.6.0cvs33
      2006-11-12 [colin]	2.6.0cvs35
      2006-11-12 [colin]	2.6.0cvs36
      2006-11-12 [colin]	2.6.0cvs37
      2006-11-12 [colin]	2.6.0cvs38
      Rewrap to fix 80 columns with 8-chars tab
      2006-11-13 [colin]	2.6.0cvs41
      2006-11-13 [colin]	2.6.0cvs42
      2006-11-13 [colin]	2.6.0cvs43
      2006-11-14 [colin]	2.6.0cvs44
      2006-11-14 [paul]	2.6.0cvs47
      2006-11-14 [paul]	2.6.0cvs48
      2006-11-29 [colin]	2.6.0cvs66
      2006-11-29 [colin]	2.6.0cvs67
      2006-11-29 [colin]	2.6.0cvs68
      rename in .cvsignore
      2006-11-30 [colin]	2.6.0cvs69
      2006-12-04 [colin]	2.6.0cvs81
      2006-12-04 [colin]	2.6.0cvs82
      2006-12-04 [colin]	2.6.1cvs2
      2006-12-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs6
      2006-12-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs7
      2006-12-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs8
      2006-12-09 [colin]	2.6.1cvs12
      2006-12-09 [colin]	2.6.1cvs13
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs14
      Complete Changelog
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs15
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs16
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs17
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs18
      2006-12-11 [colin]	2.6.1cvs19
      2006-12-12 [colin]	2.6.1cvs22
      2006-12-12 [colin]	2.6.1cvs23
      2006-12-12 [colin]	2.6.1cvs24
      2006-12-13 [colin]	2.6.1cvs26
      2006-12-13 [colin]	2.6.1cvs30
      2006-12-14 [paul]	2.6.1cvs33
      2006-12-14 [paul]	2.6.1cvs34
      2006-12-14 [colin]	2.6.1cvs35
      2006-12-15 [paul]	2.6.1cvs36
      2.7.0-rc1 released
      2006-12-16 [colin]	2.6.1cvs43
      2006-12-16 [colin]	2.6.1cvs44
      2006-12-17 [colin]	2.6.1cvs45
      2006-12-17 [colin]	2.6.1cvs46
      2006-12-18 [colin]	2.6.1cvs47
      2006-12-18 [colin]	2.6.1cvs50
      2006-12-19 [colin]	2.6.1cvs53
      2006-12-19 [colin]	2.6.1cvs54
      2006-12-19 [colin]	2.6.1cvs55
      2006-12-20 [colin]	2.6.1cvs59
      2006-12-21 [colin]	2.6.1cvs60
      2006-12-22 [colin]	2.6.1cvs64
      note rc release :)
      2006-12-22 [colin]	2.6.1cvs65
      2006-12-22 [colin]	2.6.1cvs66
      2006-12-25 [colin]	2.6.1cvs69
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs71
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs73
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs74
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs75
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs76
      2006-12-26 [colin]	2.6.1cvs77
      2006-12-27 [paul]	2.6.1cvs79
      2006-12-28 [colin]	2.6.1cvs85
      2006-12-28 [colin]	2.6.1cvs86
      2006-12-28 [colin]	2.6.1cvs87
      2006-12-29 [colin]	2.6.1cvs88
      2006-12-30 [colin]	2.6.1cvs89
      2006-12-30 [colin]	2.6.1cvs90
      2006-12-30 [colin]	2.6.1cvs91
      2007-01-02 [colin]	2.6.1cvs93
      2007-01-03 [colin]	2.6.1cvs99
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs101
      2007-01-04 [colin]	2.6.1cvs103
      2007-01-04 [colin]	2.6.1cvs105
      2007-01-05 [colin]	2.6.1cvs107
      2007-01-05 [colin]	2.6.1cvs108
      2007-01-05 [colin]	2.6.1cvs109
      2007-01-05 [paul]	2.6.1cvs110
      2007-01-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs111
      2007-01-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs112
      2007-01-06 [colin]	2.6.1cvs113
      2007-01-07 [colin]	2.6.1cvs114
      2007-01-08 [paul]	2.7.0cvs1
      2007-01-09 [colin]	2.7.0cvs3
      2007-01-09 [colin]	2.7.0cvs4
      2007-01-10 [colin]	2.7.0cvs5
      2007-01-10 [colin]	2.7.0cvs6
      2007-01-11 [paul]	2.7.0cvs8
      2007-01-11 [colin]	2.7.0cvs9
      2007-01-11 [colin]	2.7.0cvs10
      2007-01-12 [paul]	2.7.0cvs16
      2007-01-12 [colin]	2.7.0cvs17
      2007-01-13 [colin]	2.7.0cvs18
      2007-01-13 [colin]	2.7.0cvs19
      2007-01-13 [colin]	2.7.0cvs20
      2007-01-13 [colin]	2.7.0cvs21
      2007-01-13 [colin]	2.7.0cvs23
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs24
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs25
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs26
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs27
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs28
      2007-01-14 [colin]	2.7.0cvs29
      Fix Changelog
      2007-01-15 [colin]	2.7.1cvs3
      2007-01-15 [colin]	2.7.1cvs4
      2007-01-16 [colin]	2.7.1cvs5
      2007-01-16 [paul]	2.7.1cvs6
      2007-01-16 [paul]	2.7.1cvs7
      2007-01-16 [colin]	2.7.1cvs8
      2007-01-16 [colin]	2.7.1cvs9
      2007-01-16 [colin]	2.7.1cvs10
      2007-01-16 [colin]	2.7.1cvs11
      2007-01-17 [colin]	2.7.1cvs12
      2007-01-17 [colin]	2.7.1cvs16
      2007-01-17 [colin]	2.7.1cvs17
      2007-01-17 [colin]	2.7.1cvs18
      2007-01-18 [colin]	2.7.1cvs25
      2007-01-18 [colin]	2.7.1cvs31
      2007-01-19 [colin]	2.7.1cvs35
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs37
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs38
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs39
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs40
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs41
      2007-01-20 [colin]	2.7.1cvs42
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs43
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs44
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs45
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs46
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs47
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs48
      2007-01-21 [colin]	2.7.1cvs49
      2007-01-22 [colin]	2.7.1cvs50
      2007-01-23 [colin]	2.7.1cvs52
      2007-01-24 [colin]	2.7.1cvs54
      2007-01-25 [colin]	2.7.1cvs55
      2007-01-25 [colin]	2.7.1cvs59
      2007-01-30 [colin]	2.7.2cvs6
      2007-01-30 [colin]	2.7.2cvs7
      2007-01-30 [colin]	2.7.2cvs8
      2007-02-01 [colin]	2.7.2cvs10
      2007-02-01 [colin]	2.7.2cvs12
      2007-02-02 [colin]	2.7.2cvs14
      2007-02-02 [colin]	2.7.2cvs15
      2007-02-03 [colin]	2.7.2cvs17
      Fix revision
      2007-02-03 [colin]	2.7.2cvs17
      2007-02-03 [colin]	2.7.2cvs18
      2007-02-04 [colin]	2.7.2cvs19
      2007-02-04 [colin]	2.7.2cvs20
      2007-02-04 [colin]	2.7.2cvs21
      2007-02-05 [colin]	2.7.2cvs23
      2007-02-05 [colin]	2.7.2cvs24
      2007-02-06 [colin]	2.7.2cvs26
      2007-02-07 [colin]	2.7.2cvs30
      2007-02-08 [colin]	2.7.2cvs31
      2007-02-08 [colin]	2.7.2cvs32
      2007-02-08 [colin]	2.7.2cvs33
      2007-02-09 [colin]	2.7.2cvs38
      2007-02-11 [colin]	2.7.2cvs39
      2007-02-11 [colin]	2.7.2cvs40
      2007-02-11 [colin]	2.7.2cvs41
      2007-02-13 [colin]	2.7.2cvs43
      2007-02-14 [colin]	2.7.2cvs45
      2007-02-15 [colin]	2.7.2cvs46
      2007-02-15 [colin]	2.7.2cvs47
      Forgot to date rc1
      2007-02-17 [colin]	2.7.2cvs48
      2007-02-19 [colin]	2.7.2cvs52
      2007-02-20 [colin]	2.7.2cvs53
      2007-02-20 [colin]	2.7.2cvs56
      2007-02-20 [colin]	2.7.2cvs57
      2007-02-20 [colin]	2.7.2cvs58
      2007-02-21 [colin]	2.7.2cvs60
      2007-02-22 [paul]	2.7.2cvs61
      2007-02-22 [paul]	2.7.2cvs62
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs63
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs67
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs68
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs69
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs70
      2007-02-23 [colin]	2.7.2cvs71
      2007-02-25 [colin]	2.7.2cvs73
      2007-02-27 [colin]	2.8.0cvs2
      2007-02-27 [colin]	2.8.0cvs4
      2007-02-27 [colin]	2.8.0cvs5
      2007-02-27 [colin]	2.8.0cvs6
      2007-03-02 [colin]	2.8.0cvs9
      2007-03-03 [colin]	2.8.0cvs10
      2007-03-03 [colin]	2.8.0cvs11
      2007-03-04 [colin]	2.8.0cvs13
      2007-03-04 [colin]	2.8.0cvs16
      2007-03-04 [colin]	2.8.0cvs17
      2007-03-05 [colin]	2.8.0cvs23
      2007-03-12 [colin]	2.8.1cvs8
      hhm, strange bug
      2007-03-14 [colin]	2.8.1cvs9
      2007-03-14 [colin]	2.8.1cvs10
      2007-03-15 [colin]	2.8.1cvs15
      2007-03-16 [colin]	2.8.1cvs16
      2007-03-16 [colin]	2.8.1cvs17
      2007-03-20 [colin]	2.8.1cvs23
      2007-03-20 [colin]	2.8.1cvs24
      2007-03-20 [colin]	2.8.1cvs25
      2007-03-20 [colin]	2.8.1cvs26
      2007-03-20 [colin]	2.8.1cvs27
      2007-03-21 [colin]	2.8.1cvs28
      2007-03-21 [colin]	2.8.1cvs32
      2007-03-21 [colin]	2.8.1cvs33
      2007-03-21 [colin]	2.8.1cvs34
      2007-03-21 [colin]	2.8.1cvs35
      2007-03-22 [colin]	2.8.1cvs36
      2007-03-22 [colin]	2.8.1cvs37
      2007-03-22 [colin]	2.8.1cvs38
      2007-03-22 [colin]	2.8.1cvs39
      2007-03-23 [colin]	2.8.1cvs42
      2007-03-23 [colin]	2.8.1cvs43
      2007-03-23 [colin]	2.8.1cvs44
      2007-03-24 [colin]	2.8.1cvs49
      2007-03-25 [colin]	2.8.1cvs50
      2007-03-25 [colin]	2.8.1cvs51
      2007-03-26 [colin]	2.8.1cvs54
      2007-03-26 [colin]	2.8.1cvs55
      2007-03-26 [colin]	2.8.1cvs56
      2007-03-27 [colin]	2.8.1cvs57
      2007-03-28 [colin]	2.8.1cvs58
      2007-03-28 [colin]	2.8.1cvs59
      2007-03-28 [colin]	2.8.1cvs60
      2007-03-28 [colin]	2.8.1cvs61
      2007-03-29 [colin]	2.8.1cvs62
      2007-03-29 [colin]	2.8.1cvs65
      2007-03-29 [colin]	2.8.1cvs66
      2007-03-29 [colin]	2.8.1cvs67
      2007-03-30 [colin]	2.8.1cvs69
      2007-03-30 [colin]	2.8.1cvs70
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs71
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs72
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs73
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs75
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs76
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs77
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs78
      2007-03-31 [colin]	2.8.1cvs79
      2007-04-01 [colin]	2.8.1cvs80
      2007-04-02 [colin]	2.8.1cvs81
      2007-04-02 [colin]	2.8.1cvs83
      2007-04-03 [colin]	2.8.1cvs85
      2007-04-03 [colin]	2.8.1cvs86
      2007-04-03 [colin]	2.8.1cvs87
      2007-04-04 [colin]	2.8.1cvs88
      2007-04-05 [colin]	2.8.1cvs90
      2007-04-06 [colin]	2.8.1cvs91
      2007-04-09 [colin]	2.8.1cvs92
      2007-04-11 [colin]	2.8.1cvs93
      2007-04-12 [colin]	2.8.1cvs94
      2007-04-13 [colin]	2.8.1cvs95
      2007-04-13 [colin]	2.8.1cvs96
      2007-04-13 [colin]	2.8.1cvs97
      2007-04-14 [colin]	2.8.1cvs99
      2007-04-18 [colin]	2.9.0cvs6
      fix changelog
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs3
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs4
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs6
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs7
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs8
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs9
      2007-04-20 [colin]	2.9.1cvs10
      2007-04-21 [colin]	2.9.1cvs13
      2007-04-21 [colin]	2.9.1cvs14
      2007-04-23 [colin]	2.9.1cvs15
      2007-04-23 [colin]	2.9.1cvs17
      2007-04-24 [colin]	2.9.1cvs23
      2007-04-25 [colin]	2.9.1cvs24
      2007-04-26 [colin]	2.9.1cvs25
      2007-04-26 [colin]	2.9.1cvs27
      2007-04-26 [colin]	2.9.1cvs28
      2007-04-27 [colin]	2.9.1cvs29
      2007-04-27 [colin]	2.9.1cvs31
      2007-04-28 [colin]	2.9.1cvs33
      2007-05-02 [colin]	2.9.1cvs37
      2007-05-02 [colin]	2.9.1cvs38
      2007-05-03 [colin]	2.9.1cvs39
      2007-05-03 [colin]	2.9.1cvs42
      2007-05-04 [colin]	2.9.1cvs43
      2007-05-06 [colin]	2.9.1cvs46
      2007-05-09 [colin]	2.9.2cvs2
      2007-05-09 [colin]	2.9.2cvs3
      2007-05-10 [colin]	2.9.2cvs4
      2007-05-11 [colin]	2.9.2cvs6
      2007-05-14 [colin]	2.9.2cvs8
      2007-05-15 [colin]	2.9.2cvs9
      2007-05-25 [colin]	2.9.2cvs14
      2007-05-29 [colin]	2.9.2cvs16
      2007-05-30 [colin]	2.9.2cvs17
      2007-05-30 [colin]	2.9.2cvs18
      2007-05-31 [colin]	2.9.2cvs24
      2007-06-02 [colin]	2.9.2cvs27
      2007-06-04 [colin]	2.9.2cvs37
      2007-06-04 [colin]	2.9.2cvs39
      2007-06-06 [colin]	2.9.2cvs43
      2007-06-06 [colin]	2.9.2cvs44
      2007-06-12 [colin]	2.9.2cvs57
      2007-06-15 [colin]	2.9.2cvs61
      2007-06-16 [colin]	2.9.2cvs62
      2007-06-16 [colin]	2.9.2cvs63
      2007-06-16 [colin]	2.9.2cvs65
      2007-06-17 [colin]	2.9.2cvs67
      2007-06-19 [colin]	2.9.2cvs71
      2007-06-21 [colin]	2.9.2cvs72
      fix changelog
      2007-06-24 [colin]	2.9.2cvs73
      2007-07-02 [colin]	2.10.0cvs1
      2007-07-02 [colin]	2.10.0cvs2
      fix attribution :)
      2007-07-03 [colin]	2.10.0cvs4
      2007-07-04 [colin]	2.10.0cvs5
      2007-07-09 [colin]	2.10.0cvs10
      2007-07-09 [colin]	2.10.0cvs11
      2007-07-09 [colin]	2.10.0cvs12
      2007-07-10 [colin]	2.10.0cvs13
      2007-07-11 [colin]	2.10.0cvs16
      2007-07-13 [colin]	2.10.0cvs17
      2007-07-13 [colin]	2.10.0cvs19
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs21
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs22
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs23
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs24
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs25
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs26
      2007-07-14 [colin]	2.10.0cvs27
      2007-07-15 [colin]	2.10.0cvs28
      2007-07-16 [colin]	2.10.0cvs30
      2007-07-16 [colin]	2.10.0cvs31
      2007-07-16 [colin]	2.10.0cvs32
      2007-07-17 [colin]	2.10.0cvs36
      2007-07-18 [colin]	2.10.0cvs37
      2007-07-18 [colin]	2.10.0cvs41
      2007-07-18 [colin]	2.10.0cvs42
      2007-07-19 [colin]	2.10.0cvs43
      2007-07-19 [colin]	2.10.0cvs47
      2007-07-20 [colin]	2.10.0cvs48
      2007-07-20 [colin]	2.10.0cvs49
      2007-07-20 [colin]	2.10.0cvs51
      2007-07-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs53
      2007-07-23 [colin]	2.10.0cvs54
      2007-07-23 [colin]	2.10.0cvs55
      2007-07-23 [colin]	2.10.0cvs58
      2007-07-24 [colin]	2.10.0cvs59
      2007-07-25 [colin]	2.10.0cvs63
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs64
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs67
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs68
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs69
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs70
      2007-07-26 [colin]	2.10.0cvs71
      2007-07-27 [colin]	2.10.0cvs72
      2007-07-30 [colin]	2.10.0cvs78
      2007-07-30 [paul]	2.10.0cvs79
      2007-08-03 [colin]	2.10.0cvs86
      2007-08-03 [colin]	2.10.0cvs87
      2007-08-04 [colin]	2.10.0cvs88
      2007-08-04 [colin]	2.10.0cvs89
      2007-08-05 [colin]	2.10.0cvs90
      2007-08-05 [colin]	2.10.0cvs91
      2007-08-06 [colin]	2.10.0cvs95
      2007-08-07 [colin]	2.10.0cvs98
      Fix changelog (missing part)
      2007-08-08 [colin]	2.10.0cvs99
      2007-08-08 [colin]	2.10.0cvs100
      2007-08-08 [colin]	2.10.0cvs101
      2007-08-09 [colin]	2.10.0cvs107
      2007-08-09 [colin]	2.10.0cvs109
      2007-08-10 [colin]	2.10.0cvs110
      2007-08-17 [colin]	2.10.0cvs128
      2007-08-18 [colin]	2.10.0cvs130
      2007-08-19 [colin]	2.10.0cvs133
      2007-08-19 [colin]	2.10.0cvs134
      2007-08-19 [colin]	2.10.0cvs135
      2007-08-20 [colin]	2.10.0cvs137
      2007-08-21 [colin]	2.10.0cvs142
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs146
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs147
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs148
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs149
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs150
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs152
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs153
      2007-08-22 [colin]	2.10.0cvs154
      2007-08-23 [colin]	2.10.0cvs155
      2007-08-23 [colin]	2.10.0cvs156
      2007-08-24 [colin]	2.10.0cvs166
      2007-08-27 [colin]	2.10.0cvs177
      2007-08-27 [colin]	2.10.0cvs178
      2007-08-27 [colin]	2.10.0cvs179
      2007-08-28 [colin]	2.10.0cvs180
      2007-08-28 [colin]	2.10.0cvs181
      2007-08-28 [colin]	2.10.0cvs182
      2007-08-29 [colin]	2.10.0cvs183
      2007-08-30 [colin]	2.10.0cvs185
      2007-08-30 [colin]	2.10.0cvs186
      2007-08-31 [colin]	2.10.0cvs187
      2007-09-01 [colin]	2.10.0cvs189
      2007-09-02 [colin]	2.10.0cvs190
      2007-09-03 [colin]	3.0.0cvs2
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs13
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs14
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs15
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs16
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs17
      2007-09-16 [colin]	3.0.0cvs18
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs2
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs3
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs4
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs5
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs6
      2007-09-18 [colin]	3.0.1cvs7
      2007-09-19 [colin]	3.0.1cvs8
      2007-09-19 [colin]	3.0.1cvs9
      2007-09-19 [colin]	3.0.1cvs10
      2007-09-19 [colin]	3.0.1cvs11
      2007-09-20 [colin]	3.0.1cvs14
      2007-09-20 [colin]	3.0.1cvs15
      2007-09-21 [colin]	3.0.1cvs16
      2007-09-21 [colin]	3.0.1cvs21
      2007-09-22 [colin]	3.0.1cvs22
      2007-09-22 [colin]	3.0.1cvs23
      2007-09-22 [colin]	3.0.1cvs24
      2007-09-25 [colin]	3.0.1cvs28
      2007-09-26 [colin]	3.0.1cvs29
      2007-09-26 [colin]	3.0.1cvs30
      2007-09-26 [colin]	3.0.1cvs31
      2007-09-26 [colin]	3.0.1cvs32
      2007-09-26 [colin]	3.0.1cvs33
      2007-09-27 [colin]	3.0.1cvs35
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs36
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs38
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs39
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs40
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs41
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs42
      2007-09-28 [colin]	3.0.1cvs45
      2007-09-29 [colin]	3.0.1cvs46
      2007-09-30 [colin]	3.0.1cvs48
      2007-09-30 [colin]	3.0.1cvs49
      2007-10-03 [colin]	3.0.2cvs2
      2007-10-03 [colin]	3.0.2cvs3
      2007-10-03 [colin]	3.0.2cvs4
      2007-10-03 [colin]	3.0.2cvs5
      2007-10-03 [colin]	3.0.2cvs6
      Add missing file
      Fix potfile :)
      2007-10-04 [colin]	3.0.2cvs9
      2007-10-05 [colin]	3.0.2cvs11
      2007-10-05 [colin]	3.0.2cvs15
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs17
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs19
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs20
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs21
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs22
      2007-10-06 [colin]	3.0.2cvs23
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs24
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs25
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs26
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs27
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs28
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs29
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs30
      2007-10-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs31
      2007-10-08 [colin]	3.0.2cvs36
      2007-10-08 [colin]	3.0.2cvs37
      2007-10-08 [colin]	3.0.2cvs38
      Fix PATCHSETS/Changelog
      2007-10-09 [colin]	3.0.2cvs40
      Fix conflicts
      2007-10-09 [colin]	3.0.2cvs44
      2007-10-09 [colin]	3.0.2cvs45
      2007-10-10 [claws]	3.0.2cvs49
      2007-10-10 [paul]	3.0.2cvs50
      2007-10-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs52
      2007-10-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs53
      2007-10-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs55
      2007-10-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs56
      2007-10-11 [colin]	3.0.2cvs58
      Fix commit of two different things without telling
      2007-10-11 [colin]	3.0.2cvs63
      2007-10-12 [colin]	3.0.2cvs65
      2007-10-13 [colin]	3.0.2cvs68
      2007-10-13 [colin]	3.0.2cvs69
      2007-10-13 [colin]	3.0.2cvs70
      2007-10-14 [colin]	3.0.2cvs71
      2007-10-14 [colin]	3.0.2cvs72
      2007-10-14 [colin]	3.0.2cvs73
      2007-10-15 [colin]	3.0.2cvs74
      2007-10-15 [colin]	3.0.2cvs75
      2007-10-15 [colin]	3.0.2cvs76
      2007-10-17 [colin]	3.0.2cvs80
      2007-10-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs82
      2007-10-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs83
      2007-10-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs84
      2007-10-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs87
      2007-10-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs89
      2007-10-19 [colin]	3.0.2cvs90
      2007-10-19 [colin]	3.0.2cvs91
      2007-10-19 [colin]	3.0.2cvs92
      2007-10-22 [colin]	3.0.2cvs94
      2007-10-22 [colin]	3.0.2cvs96
      2007-10-22 [colin]	3.0.2cvs97
      2007-10-22 [colin]	3.0.2cvs98
      2007-10-23 [colin]	3.0.2cvs99
      2007-10-24 [colin]	3.0.2cvs100
      2007-10-24 [colin]	3.0.2cvs101
      2007-10-25 [colin]	3.0.2cvs102
      2007-10-25 [colin]	3.0.2cvs103
      2007-10-26 [colin]	3.0.2cvs104
      2007-10-28 [colin]	3.0.2cvs105
      2007-10-29 [colin]	3.0.2cvs106
      2007-11-02 [colin]	3.0.2cvs111
      2007-11-05 [colin]	3.0.2cvs118
      2007-11-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs121
      2007-11-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs124
      2007-11-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs125
      2007-11-07 [colin]	3.0.2cvs126
      2007-11-09 [colin]	3.0.2cvs129
      2007-11-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs130
      2007-11-10 [colin]	3.0.2cvs131
      2007-11-11 [colin]	3.0.2cvs132
      2007-11-11 [colin]	3.0.2cvs133
      2007-11-14 [colin]	3.0.2cvs135
      2007-11-14 [colin]	3.0.2cvs136
      2007-11-16 [colin]	3.0.2cvs137
      2007-11-16 [colin]	3.0.2cvs138
      2007-11-16 [colin]	3.0.2cvs139
      2007-11-16 [colin]	3.0.2cvs140
      2007-11-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs142
      2007-11-18 [colin]	3.0.2cvs143
      2007-11-19 [colin]	3.1.0cvs5
      2007-11-19 [colin]	3.1.0cvs6
      2007-11-19 [colin]	3.1.0cvs7
      2007-11-19 [colin]	3.1.0cvs8
      2007-11-20 [colin]	3.1.0cvs11
      2007-11-20 [colin]	3.1.0cvs12
      2007-11-21 [colin]	3.1.0cvs13
      2007-11-21 [colin]	3.1.0cvs14
      2007-11-22 [colin]	3.1.0cvs20
      2007-11-26 [colin]	3.1.0cvs28
      2007-11-26 [colin]	3.1.0cvs29
      2007-11-26 [colin]	3.1.0cvs30
      2007-11-27 [colin]	3.1.0cvs31
      2007-11-27 [colin]	3.1.0cvs38
      2007-11-27 [colin]	3.1.0cvs39
      2007-11-27 [colin]	3.1.0cvs40
      2007-11-27 [colin]	3.1.0cvs41
      2007-11-28 [colin]	3.1.0cvs42
      2007-11-28 [colin]	3.1.0cvs44
      2007-11-29 [colin]	3.1.0cvs45
      2007-12-03 [cleroy]	3.1.0cvs50
      2007-12-03 [colin]	3.1.0cvs51
      2007-12-04 [colin]	3.1.0cvs52
      2007-12-04 [colin]	3.1.0cvs55
      2007-12-04 [colin]	3.1.0cvs56
      2007-12-04 [colin]	3.1.0cvs57
      2007-12-05 [colin]	3.1.0cvs58
      2007-12-05 [colin]	3.1.0cvs59
      2007-12-05 [colin]	3.1.0cvs60
      2007-12-06 [colin]	3.1.0cvs61
      2007-12-06 [colin]	3.1.0cvs62
      2007-12-06 [colin]	3.1.0cvs63
      2007-12-07 [colin]	3.1.0cvs64
      2007-12-07 [colin]	3.1.0cvs65
      2007-12-07 [colin]	3.1.0cvs66
      2007-12-07 [colin]	3.1.0cvs67
      2007-12-07 [colin]	3.1.0cvs68
      2007-12-08 [colin]	3.1.0cvs69
      2007-12-10 [colin]	3.1.0cvs71
      2007-12-10 [colin]	3.1.0cvs72
      2007-12-14 [colin]	3.1.0cvs75
      2007-12-16 [colin]	3.1.0cvs77
      2007-12-18 [colin]	3.2.0cvs1
      2007-12-18 [colin]	3.2.0cvs2
      2007-12-18 [colin]	3.2.0cvs3
      2007-12-19 [colin]	3.2.0cvs8
      2007-12-19 [colin]	3.2.0cvs9
      2007-12-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs12
      2007-12-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs13
      2007-12-27 [colin]	3.2.0cvs17
      2007-12-27 [colin]	3.2.0cvs18
      2007-12-27 [colin]	3.2.0cvs19
      2007-12-28 [colin]	3.2.0cvs20
      2007-12-29 [colin]	3.2.0cvs21
      2008-01-05 [colin]	3.2.0cvs24
      2008-01-07 [colin]	3.2.0cvs28
      2008-01-08 [colin]	3.2.0cvs30
      2008-01-08 [colin]	3.2.0cvs33
      2008-01-09 [colin]	3.2.0cvs34
      2008-01-10 [colin]	3.2.0cvs35
      2008-01-11 [colin]	3.2.0cvs36
      2008-01-12 [colin]	3.2.0cvs38
      2008-01-12 [colin]	3.2.0cvs39
      2008-01-15 [colin]	3.2.0cvs41
      2008-01-15 [colin]	3.2.0cvs42
      2008-01-15 [colin]	3.2.0cvs43
      2008-01-15 [colin]	3.2.0cvs45
      2008-01-16 [colin]	3.2.0cvs46
      2008-01-17 [colin]	3.2.0cvs47
      2008-01-19 [colin]	3.2.0cvs49
      2008-01-19 [colin]	3.2.0cvs50
      2008-01-19 [colin]	3.2.0cvs51
      2008-01-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs52
      2008-01-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs53
      2008-01-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs54
      2008-01-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs55
      2008-01-20 [colin]	3.2.0cvs56
      2008-01-21 [colin]	3.2.0cvs57
      2008-01-21 [colin]	3.2.0cvs58
      2008-01-23 [colin]	3.2.0cvs63
      2008-01-23 [colin]	3.2.0cvs65
      2008-01-23 [colin]	3.2.0cvs66
      2008-01-24 [colin]	3.2.0cvs67
      2008-01-31 [colin]	3.2.0cvs70
      2008-01-31 [colin]	3.2.0cvs72
      2008-02-01 [colin]	3.2.0cvs74
      2008-02-04 [colin]	3.2.0cvs75
      2008-02-05 [colin]	3.2.0cvs76
      2008-02-08 [colin]	3.3.0cvs1
      2008-02-11 [colin]	3.3.0cvs5
      2008-02-12 [colin]	3.3.0cvs9
      2008-02-12 [colin]	3.3.0cvs10
      2008-02-12 [colin]	3.3.0cvs11
      2008-02-13 [colin]	3.3.0cvs12
      2008-02-15 [colin]	3.3.0cvs13
      2008-02-15 [colin]	3.3.0cvs14
      2008-02-18 [colin]	3.3.0cvs16
      2008-02-19 [colin]	3.3.0cvs18
      2008-02-20 [colin]	3.3.0cvs19
      2008-02-21 [colin]	3.3.0cvs20
      2008-02-23 [colin]	3.3.1cvs1
      2008-02-23 [colin]	3.3.1cvs2
      commit RELEASE_NOTES NEWS README from stable_3_3
      2008-02-26 [colin]	3.3.1cvs4
      2008-02-28 [colin]	3.3.1cvs5
      2008-03-01 [colin]	3.3.1cvs6
      2008-03-02 [colin]	3.3.1cvs7
      2008-03-02 [colin]	3.3.1cvs8
      2008-03-05 [colin]	3.3.1cvs10
      2008-03-05 [colin]	3.3.1cvs11
      2008-03-06 [colin]	3.3.1cvs16
      2008-03-07 [colin]	3.3.1cvs18
      2008-03-07 [colin]	3.3.1cvs19
      2008-03-10 [colin]	3.3.1cvs20
      2008-03-12 [colin]	3.3.1cvs22
      2008-03-12 [colin]	3.3.1cvs23
      2008-03-14 [colin]	3.3.1cvs24
      2008-03-16 [colin]	3.3.1cvs26
      2008-03-16 [colin]	3.3.1cvs27
      2008-03-16 [colin]	3.3.1cvs28
      2008-03-16 [colin]	3.3.1cvs29
      2008-03-18 [colin]	3.3.1cvs30
      2008-03-18 [colin]	3.3.1cvs31
      2008-03-20 [colin]	3.3.1cvs33
      2008-03-20 [colin]	3.3.1cvs34
      2008-03-21 [colin]	3.3.1cvs36
      2008-03-25 [colin]	3.3.1cvs38
      2008-03-26 [colin]	3.3.1cvs39
      2008-03-26 [colin]	3.3.1cvs40
      2008-03-27 [colin]	3.3.1cvs43
      2008-03-27 [colin]	3.3.1cvs44
      2008-03-31 [colin]	3.3.1cvs46
      2008-03-31 [colin]	3.3.1cvs47
      2008-04-01 [colin]	3.3.1cvs48
      2008-04-02 [colin]	3.3.1cvs49
      2008-04-02 [colin]	3.3.1cvs50
      2008-04-08 [colin]	3.3.1cvs55
      2008-04-17 [colin]	3.3.1cvs58
      2008-04-17 [colin]	3.3.1cvs59
      2008-04-18 [colin]	3.3.1cvs60
      lease complete the changelog entry below
      2008-04-18 [colin]	3.4.0cvs2
      2008-04-20 [colin]	3.4.0cvs3
      2008-04-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs4
      2008-04-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs5
      2008-04-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs6
      2008-04-23 [colin]	3.4.0cvs9
      2008-04-24 [colin]	3.4.0cvs10
      2008-04-24 [colin]	3.4.0cvs11
      2008-04-25 [colin]	3.4.0cvs12
      2008-04-25 [colin]	3.4.0cvs13
      2008-04-25 [colin]	3.4.0cvs14
      2008-04-25 [colin]	3.4.0cvs15
      2008-04-28 [colin]	3.4.0cvs16
      2008-04-30 [colin]	3.4.0cvs17
      2008-04-30 [colin]	3.4.0cvs18
      2008-04-30 [colin]	3.4.0cvs19
      2008-05-03 [colin]	3.4.0cvs21
      2008-05-03 [colin]	3.4.0cvs22
      2008-05-05 [colin]	3.4.0cvs24
      2008-05-05 [colin]	3.4.0cvs25
      2008-05-06 [colin]	3.4.0cvs26
      2008-05-07 [colin]	3.4.0cvs28
      2008-05-07 [colin]	3.4.0cvs29
      2008-05-13 [colin]	3.4.0cvs32
      2008-05-14 [colin]	3.4.0cvs34
      2008-05-14 [colin]	3.4.0cvs35
      2008-05-14 [colin]	3.4.0cvs36
      2008-05-15 [colin]	3.4.0cvs39
      2008-05-15 [colin]	3.4.0cvs40
      Add some release notes material.
      2008-05-15 [colin]	3.4.0cvs41
      2008-05-16 [colin]	3.4.0cvs42
      2008-05-16 [colin]	3.4.0cvs44
      2008-05-16 [colin]	3.4.0cvs47
      2008-05-17 [colin]	3.4.0cvs48
      2008-05-18 [colin]	3.4.0cvs49
      2008-05-18 [colin]	3.4.0cvs50
      2008-05-18 [colin]	3.4.0cvs51
      2008-05-19 [colin]	3.4.0cvs52
      2008-05-19 [colin]	3.4.0cvs53
      2008-05-19 [colin]	3.4.0cvs54
      2008-05-19 [colin]	3.4.0cvs55
      2008-05-21 [colin]	3.4.0cvs56
      2008-05-21 [colin]	3.4.0cvs57
      2008-05-21 [colin]	3.4.0cvs58
      2008-05-21 [colin]	3.4.0cvs59
      2008-05-21 [colin]	3.4.0cvs61
      2008-05-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs62
      2008-05-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs63
      2008-05-23 [colin]	3.4.0cvs64
      2008-05-24 [colin]	3.4.0cvs68
      2008-05-26 [colin]	3.4.0cvs70
      2008-05-28 [colin]	3.4.0cvs71
      2008-05-29 [colin]	3.4.0cvs72
      2008-05-29 [colin]	3.4.0cvs73
      2008-05-31 [colin]	3.4.0cvs75
      2008-05-31 [colin]	3.4.0cvs76
      2008-06-02 [colin]	3.4.0cvs77
      2008-06-02 [colin]	3.4.0cvs78
      2008-06-03 [colin]	3.4.0cvs80
      2008-06-04 [colin]	3.4.0cvs82
      2008-06-09 [colin]	3.4.0cvs83
      2008-06-09 [colin]	3.4.0cvs84
      2008-06-09 [colin]	3.4.0cvs85
      2008-06-11 [colin]	3.4.0cvs90
      2008-06-12 [colin]	3.4.0cvs91
      2008-06-16 [colin]	3.4.0cvs99
      2008-06-22 [colin]	3.4.0cvs104
      Fix my entry
      2008-06-24 [colin]	3.4.0cvs108
      2008-06-24 [colin]	3.4.0cvs109
      2008-06-25 [colin]	3.4.0cvs111
      2008-06-28 [colin]	3.5.0cvs1
      2008-07-03 [colin]	3.5.0cvs2
      2008-07-04 [colin]	3.5.0cvs5
      2008-07-04 [colin]	3.5.0cvs6
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs7
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs8
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs9
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs10
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs11
      2008-07-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs12
      2008-07-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs15
      2008-07-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs16
      2008-07-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs17
      2008-07-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs18
      2008-07-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs19
      2008-07-08 [colin]	3.5.0cvs22
      2008-07-08 [colin]	3.5.0cvs23
      2008-07-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs24
      2008-07-19 [colin]	3.5.0cvs25
      2008-07-23 [colin]	3.5.0cvs31
      2008-07-24 [colin]	3.5.0cvs32
      2008-07-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs33
      2008-07-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs34
      2008-07-26 [colin]	3.5.0cvs35
      2008-07-29 [colin]	3.5.0cvs36
      2008-07-29 [colin]	3.5.0cvs37
      2008-07-29 [colin]	3.5.0cvs38
      2008-07-30 [colin]	3.5.0cvs39
      2008-07-31 [colin]	3.5.0cvs40
      2008-08-01 [colin]	3.5.0cvs42
      2008-08-01 [colin]	3.5.0cvs43
      2008-08-02 [colin]	3.5.0cvs46
      2008-08-04 [colin]	3.5.0cvs48
      2008-08-04 [colin]	3.5.0cvs48
      2008-08-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs49
      Fix conflict
      2008-08-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs50
      2008-08-06 [colin]	3.5.0cvs51
      2008-08-06 [colin]	3.5.0cvs52
      2008-08-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs54
      2008-08-09 [colin]	3.5.0cvs55
      2008-08-10 [colin]	3.5.0cvs56
      2008-08-10 [colin]	3.5.0cvs57
      2008-08-13 [colin]	3.5.0cvs58
      finish last commit :)
      2008-08-14 [colin]	3.5.0cvs59
      2008-08-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs60
      2008-08-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs61
      2008-08-17 [colin]	3.5.0cvs62
      2008-08-19 [colin]	3.5.0cvs63
      2008-08-19 [colin]	3.5.0cvs64
      2008-08-21 [colin]	3.5.0cvs65
      2008-08-21 [colin]	3.5.0cvs66
      2008-08-21 [colin]	3.5.0cvs67
      2008-08-23 [colin]	3.5.0cvs68
      2008-08-24 [colin]	3.5.0cvs70
      2008-08-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs71
      2008-08-26 [colin]	3.5.0cvs74
      2008-08-27 [colin]	3.5.0cvs75
      2008-08-27 [colin]	3.5.0cvs76
      2008-08-28 [colin]	3.5.0cvs78
      2008-08-30 [colin]	3.5.0cvs85
      2008-09-01 [colin]	3.5.0cvs88
      2008-09-04 [colin]	3.5.0cvs89
      Fix update link
      2008-09-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs90
      2008-09-05 [colin]	3.5.0cvs91
      2008-09-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs92
      2008-09-07 [colin]	3.5.0cvs93
      2008-09-08 [colin]	3.5.0cvs94
      2008-09-09 [colin]	3.5.0cvs95
      2008-09-09 [colin]	3.5.0cvs96
      2008-09-10 [colin]	3.5.0cvs97
      2008-09-10 [colin]	3.5.0cvs98
      2008-09-12 [colin]	3.5.0cvs99
      2008-09-12 [colin]	3.5.0cvs103
      2008-09-14 [colin]	3.5.0cvs104
      2008-09-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs108
      Fix changelog
      2008-09-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs109
      2008-09-16 [colin]	3.5.0cvs110
      Mark release
      2008-09-17 [colin]	3.5.0cvs111
      2008-09-17 [colin]	3.5.0cvs112
      2008-09-18 [colin]	3.5.0cvs113
      2008-09-18 [colin]	3.5.0cvs114
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs115
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs116
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs117
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs118
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs119
      Add .cvsignore
      2008-09-20 [colin]	3.5.0cvs120
      2008-09-21 [colin]	3.5.0cvs121
      2008-09-22 [colin]	3.5.0cvs122
      2008-09-23 [colin]	3.5.0cvs123
      2008-09-24 [colin]	3.5.0cvs125
      2008-09-24 [colin]	3.5.0cvs126
      2008-09-24 [colin]	3.5.0cvs127
      2008-09-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs128
      2008-09-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs129
      Fix that damn stuff
      2008-09-25 [colin]	3.5.0cvs131
      2008-09-26 [colin]	3.5.0cvs132
      2008-09-26 [colin]	3.5.0cvs133
      2008-09-27 [colin]	3.5.0cvs135
      2008-09-27 [colin]	3.5.0cvs136
      2008-09-29 [colin]	3.5.0cvs138
      2008-09-29 [colin]	3.5.0cvs139
      2008-09-30 [colin]	3.5.0cvs140
      2008-10-01 [colin]	3.5.0cvs142
      2008-10-01 [colin]	3.5.0cvs143
      2008-10-02 [colin]	3.5.0cvs144
      Fix build on older gtk
      Fix date...
      2008-10-03 [colin]	3.6.0cvs1
      2008-10-04 [colin]	3.6.0cvs4
      2008-10-04 [colin]	3.6.0cvs6
      2008-10-06 [colin]	3.6.0cvs7
      2008-10-06 [colin]	3.6.0cvs8
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs9
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs10
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs11
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs12
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs13
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs14
      2008-10-07 [colin]	3.6.0cvs15
      2008-10-08 [colin]	3.6.0cvs16
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs18
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs19
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs20
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs21
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs22
      2008-10-09 [colin]	3.6.0cvs23
      fix again.
      remove openssl flags
      2008-10-10 [colin]	3.6.0cvs24
      2008-10-10 [colin]	3.6.0cvs25
      2008-10-10 [colin]	3.6.1cvs1
      2008-10-10 [colin]	3.6.1cvs2
      2008-10-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs3
      2008-10-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs4
      2008-10-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs5
      2008-10-30 [colin]	3.6.1cvs13
      2008-11-01 [colin]	3.6.1cvs14
      2008-11-04 [colin]	3.6.1cvs15
      2008-11-04 [colin]	3.6.1cvs16
      2008-11-05 [colin]	3.6.1cvs17
      2008-11-05 [colin]	3.6.1cvs18
      2008-11-07 [colin]	3.6.1cvs20
      2008-11-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs21
      2008-11-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs22
      2008-11-12 [colin]	3.6.1cvs23
      2008-11-13 [colin]	3.6.1cvs25
      2008-11-14 [colin]	3.6.1cvs26
      2008-11-14 [colin]	3.6.1cvs27
      2008-11-14 [colin]	3.6.1cvs28
      2008-11-15 [colin]	3.6.1cvs29
      2008-11-15 [colin]	3.6.1cvs30
      2008-11-15 [colin]	3.6.1cvs31
      2008-11-18 [colin]	3.6.1cvs32
      2008-11-18 [colin]	3.6.1cvs33
      2008-11-19 [colin]	3.6.1cvs34
      2008-11-19 [colin]	3.6.1cvs35
      2008-11-21 [colin]	3.6.1cvs38
      2008-11-21 [colin]	3.6.1cvs39
      2008-11-21 [colin]	3.6.1cvs40
      2008-11-25 [colin]	3.6.1cvs42
      2008-11-26 [colin]	3.6.1cvs43
      2008-11-26 [colin]	3.6.1cvs44
      2008-11-26 [colin]	3.6.1cvs45
      2008-11-26 [colin]	3.6.1cvs46
      2008-11-27 [colin]	3.6.1cvs47
      2008-11-28 [colin]	3.6.1cvs48
      2008-11-28 [colin]	3.6.1cvs50
      2008-11-28 [colin]	3.6.1cvs51
      2008-11-28 [colin]	3.6.1cvs52
      2008-12-01 [colin]	3.6.1cvs56
      2008-12-01 [colin]	3.6.1cvs57
      2008-12-03 [colin]	3.6.1cvs59
      2008-12-05 [colin]	3.6.1cvs61
      2008-12-09 [colin]	3.6.1cvs64
      2008-12-09 [colin]	3.6.1cvs66
      2008-12-10 [colin]	3.6.1cvs68
      2008-12-10 [colin]	3.6.1cvs69
      2008-12-11 [colin]	3.6.1cvs70
      2008-12-12 [colin]	3.6.1cvs72
      Fix previous commit
      2008-12-13 [colin]	3.6.1cvs73
      2008-12-13 [colin]	3.6.1cvs74
      2008-12-13 [colin]	3.6.1cvs75
      2008-12-15 [colin]	3.6.1cvs77
      2008-12-15 [colin]	3.6.1cvs78
      2008-12-16 [colin]	3.6.1cvs79
      2008-12-22 [colin]	3.7.0cvs4
      2008-12-28 [colin]	3.7.0cvs5
      2009-01-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs8
      2009-01-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs9
      2009-01-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs10
      2009-01-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs11
      2009-01-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs12
      2009-01-06 [colin]	3.7.0cvs15
      2009-01-06 [colin]	3.7.0cvs16
      2009-01-07 [colin]	3.7.0cvs17
      2009-01-08 [colin]	3.7.0cvs18
      2009-01-09 [colin]	3.7.0cvs19
      2009-01-09 [colin]	3.7.0cvs20
      2009-01-09 [colin]	3.7.0cvs24
      2009-01-09 [colin]	3.7.0cvs25
      2009-01-09 [colin]	3.7.0cvs26
      2009-01-10 [colin]	3.7.0cvs27
      Explain patch better
      2009-01-11 [colin]	3.7.0cvs30
      2009-01-11 [colin]	3.7.0cvs31
      2009-01-17 [colin]	3.7.0cvs37
      2009-01-17 [colin]	3.7.0cvs38
      2009-01-21 [colin]	3.7.0cvs40
      2009-01-21 [colin]	3.7.0cvs41
      2009-01-22 [colin]	3.7.0cvs42
      2009-02-06 [colin]	3.7.0cvs54
      2009-02-11 [colin]	3.7.0cvs58
      2009-02-11 [colin]	3.7.0cvs59
      2009-02-15 [colin]	3.7.0cvs65
      2009-02-15 [colin]	3.7.0cvs66
      2009-02-17 [colin]	3.7.0cvs67
      2009-02-22 [colin]	3.7.0cvs68
      2009-02-22 [colin]	3.7.0cvs69
      2009-02-23 [colin]	3.7.0cvs70
      2009-02-23 [colin]	3.7.0cvs71
      2009-02-23 [colin]	3.7.0cvs72
      2009-02-23 [cleroy]	3.7.0cvs73
      2009-02-24 [colin]	3.7.0cvs74
      2009-03-02 [colin]	3.7.0cvs76
      2009-03-03 [colin]	3.7.0cvs77
      2009-03-06 [colin]	3.7.1cvs1
      2009-03-07 [colin]	3.7.1cvs3
      2009-03-07 [colin]	3.7.1cvs4
      2009-03-07 [colin]	3.7.1cvs5
      2009-03-10 [colin]	3.7.1cvs9
      2009-03-10 [colin]	3.7.1cvs10
      2009-03-14 [colin]	3.7.1cvs12
      2009-03-15 [colin]	3.7.1cvs13
      2009-03-16 [colin]	3.7.1cvs14
      2009-03-16 [colin]	3.7.1cvs15
      2009-03-17 [colin]	3.7.1cvs18
      2009-03-17 [colin]	3.7.1cvs19
      2009-03-17 [colin]	3.7.1cvs20
      2009-03-19 [colin]	3.7.1cvs22
      2009-03-23 [colin]	3.7.1cvs23
      2009-03-23 [colin]	3.7.1cvs24
      2009-03-25 [colin]	3.7.1cvs25
      2009-03-27 [colin]	3.7.1cvs27
      2009-03-27 [colin]	3.7.1cvs28
      2009-03-30 [colin]	3.7.1cvs29
      Fix conflict
      2009-03-30 [colin]	3.7.1cvs30
      2009-03-31 [colin]	3.7.1cvs31
      2009-03-31 [colin]	3.7.1cvs32
      2009-04-02 [colin]	3.7.1cvs33
      2009-04-02 [colin]	3.7.1cvs34
      2009-04-03 [colin]	3.7.1cvs37
      Fix bug reference
      2009-04-05 [colin]	3.7.1cvs40
      2009-04-08 [colin]	3.7.1cvs41
      2009-04-08 [colin]	3.7.1cvs42
      2009-04-24 [colin]	3.7.1cvs45
      2009-05-04 [colin]	3.7.1cvs49
      2009-05-05 [colin]	3.7.1cvs50
      2009-05-05 [colin]	3.7.1cvs51
      2009-05-11 [colin]	3.7.1cvs54
      2009-05-16 [colin]	3.7.1cvs56
      2009-05-16 [colin]	3.7.1cvs57
      2009-05-22 [colin]	3.7.1cvs62
      2009-05-22 [colin]	3.7.1cvs63
      2009-05-22 [colin]	3.7.1cvs64
      2009-06-02 [colin]	3.7.1cvs65
      2009-06-05 [colin]	3.7.1cvs68
      2009-06-12 [colin]	3.7.1cvs72
      2009-06-12 [colin]	3.7.1cvs73
      2009-06-13 [colin]	3.7.1cvs75
      2009-06-18 [colin]	3.7.1cvs76
      2009-06-19 [colin]	3.7.1cvs77
      2009-06-26 [colin]	3.7.1cvs79
      2009-06-29 [colin]	3.7.1cvs80
      2009-06-29 [colin]	3.7.1cvs81
      2009-06-29 [colin]	3.7.1cvs82
      2009-06-29 [colin]	3.7.1cvs83
      2009-07-01 [colin]	3.7.1cvs84
      2009-07-06 [colin]	3.7.2cvs2
      2009-07-09 [colin]	3.7.2cvs4
      2009-07-10 [colin]	3.7.2cvs5
      2009-07-10 [colin]	3.7.2cvs6
      2009-07-10 [colin]	3.7.2cvs7
      2009-07-14 [colin]	3.7.2cvs8
      2009-07-16 [colin]	3.7.2cvs9
      2009-07-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs12
      2009-07-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs13
      2009-07-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs14
      2009-07-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs15
      2009-08-04 [colin]	3.7.2cvs16
      2009-08-18 [colin]	3.7.2cvs17
      2009-08-20 [colin]	3.7.2cvs18
      2009-08-21 [colin]	3.7.2cvs20
      2009-08-21 [colin]	3.7.2cvs21
      2009-08-21 [colin]	3.7.2cvs22
      2009-08-21 [colin]	3.7.2cvs23
      2009-08-21 [colin]	3.7.2cvs24
      2009-08-23 [colin]	3.7.2cvs25
      2009-08-23 [colin]	3.7.2cvs26
      2009-09-14 [colin]	3.7.2cvs31
      2009-09-14 [colin]	3.7.2cvs32
      2009-09-15 [colin]	3.7.2cvs33
      2009-09-16 [colin]	3.7.2cvs34
      2009-09-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs40
      2009-09-28 [colin]	3.7.2cvs41
      2009-10-03 [colin]	3.7.2cvs42
      2009-10-06 [colin]	3.7.2cvs46
      New repo in place. Testing
      Fix typo
      2009-10-20 [colin]	3.7.3cvs3
      2009-10-20 [colin]	3.7.3cvs4
      2009-10-20 [colin]	3.7.3cvs5
      2009-10-20 [colin]	3.7.3cvs6
      2009-10-27 [colin]	3.7.3cvs9
      2009-10-27 [colin]	3.7.3cvs10
      2009-11-07 [colin]	3.7.3cvs11
      2009-11-07 [colin]	3.7.3cvs12
      2009-11-25 [colin]	3.7.3cvs21
      2009-12-09 [colin]	3.7.3cvs36
      2009-12-29 [colin]	3.7.3cvs46
      2010-01-05 [colin]	3.7.3cvs55
      2010-01-15 [colin]	3.7.4cvs2
      2010-01-16 [colin]	3.7.4cvs4
      2010-02-02 [colin]	3.7.5cvs3
      2010-02-03 [colin]	3.7.5cvs4
      2010-02-09 [colin]	3.7.5cvs11
      2010-02-09 [colin]	3.7.5cvs12
      2010-02-09 [colin]	3.7.5cvs13
      2010-02-10 [colin]	3.7.5cvs16
      2010-02-10 [colin]	3.7.5cvs17
      2010-02-20 [colin]	3.7.5cvs22
      2010-02-22 [colin]	3.7.5cvs23
      2010-02-26 [colin]	3.7.5cvs24
      2010-02-27 [colin]	3.7.5cvs26
      2010-03-02 [colin]	3.7.5cvs31
      2010-03-09 [colin]	3.7.5cvs32
      Add cvsignore file
      2010-03-27 [colin]	3.7.5cvs42
      2010-04-12 [colin]	3.7.5cvs45
      2010-04-14 [colin]	3.7.5cvs46
      2010-04-22 [colin]	3.7.5cvs49
      2010-05-14 [colin]	3.7.6cvs3
      2010-05-14 [colin]	3.7.6cvs4
      2010-05-14 [colin]	3.7.6cvs5
      2010-07-08 [colin]	3.7.6cvs13
      2010-07-10 [colin]	3.7.6cvs16
      2010-07-24 [colin]	3.7.6cvs19
      2010-07-25 [colin]	3.7.6cvs20
      2010-07-25 [colin]	3.7.6cvs21
      2010-07-25 [colin]	3.7.6cvs22
      2010-08-16 [colin]	3.7.6cvs27
      2010-08-17 [colin]	3.7.6cvs28
      2010-08-25 [colin]	3.7.6cvs30
      2010-08-25 [colin]	3.7.6cvs31
      2010-09-19 [colin]	3.7.6cvs38
      2010-09-19 [colin]	3.7.6cvs39
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs43
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs44
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs45
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs46
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs47
      2010-10-02 [colin]	3.7.6cvs48
      2010-10-03 [colin]	3.7.6cvs51
      2010-10-03 [colin]	3.7.6cvs53
      2010-10-17 [colin]	3.7.6cvs55
      2010-10-17 [colin]	3.7.6cvs56
      2010-10-18 [colin]	3.7.6cvs57
      2010-10-26 [colin]	3.7.6cvs58
      2010-11-03 [colin]	3.7.6cvs61
      2010-11-17 [colin]	3.7.6cvs64
      2010-11-17 [colin]	3.7.6cvs65
      2010-11-20 [colin]	3.7.7cvs1
      2010-11-21 [colin]	3.7.7cvs3
      2010-11-22 [colin]	3.7.7cvs4
      2010-11-28 [colin]	3.7.7cvs7
      2010-11-30 [colin]	3.7.7cvs8
      2010-12-05 [colin]	3.7.8cvs1
      2010-12-14 [colin]	3.7.8cvs2
      2010-12-16 [colin]	3.7.8cvs3
      2010-12-16 [colin]	3.7.8cvs4
      2010-12-16 [colin]	3.7.8cvs5
      2010-12-17 [colin]	3.7.8cvs6
      2010-12-17 [colin]	3.7.8cvs7
      2010-12-17 [colin]	3.7.8cvs8
      2010-12-18 [colin]	3.7.8cvs10
      2010-12-19 [colin]	3.7.8cvs11
      2010-12-20 [colin]	3.7.8cvs12
      2010-12-20 [colin]	3.7.8cvs13
      2010-12-20 [colin]	3.7.8cvs14
      2010-12-20 [colin]	3.7.8cvs15
      2010-12-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs16
      2010-12-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs17
      2010-12-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs18
      2010-12-22 [colin]	3.7.8cvs19
      2010-12-22 [colin]	3.7.8cvs20
      2010-12-22 [colin]	3.7.8cvs21
      2010-12-23 [colin]	3.7.8cvs23
      2011-01-03 [colin]	3.7.8cvs24
      2011-01-03 [colin]	3.7.8cvs25
      2011-01-03 [colin]	3.7.8cvs26
      2011-01-06 [colin]	3.7.8cvs30
      2011-01-06 [colin]	3.7.8cvs31
      2011-01-18 [colin]	3.7.8cvs37
      2011-01-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs39
      2011-01-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs40
      2011-01-21 [colin]	3.7.8cvs41
      2011-01-25 [colin]	3.7.8cvs45
      2011-01-25 [colin]	3.7.8cvs46
      2011-01-25 [colin]	3.7.8cvs47
      2011-02-13 [colin]	3.7.8cvs55
      2011-02-22 [colin]	3.7.8cvs58
      2011-02-23 [colin]	3.7.8cvs59
      2011-02-23 [colin]	3.7.8cvs60
      2011-03-04 [colin]	3.7.8cvs63
      2011-03-15 [colin]	3.7.8cvs64
      2011-03-20 [colin]	3.7.8cvs67
      2011-04-03 [colin]	3.7.8cvs70
      2011-04-03 [colin]	3.7.8cvs71
      2011-04-08 [colin]	3.7.8cvs73
      2011-04-08 [colin]	3.7.8cvs75
      2011-04-08 [colin]	3.7.8cvs76
      2011-04-09 [colin]	3.7.8cvs77
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs2
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs3
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs4
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs5
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs6
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs7
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs8
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs9
      2011-04-10 [colin]	3.7.9cvs10
      2011-04-27 [colin]	3.7.9cvs17
      2011-04-30 [colin]	3.7.9cvs18
      2011-05-05 [colin]	3.7.9cvs19
      2011-05-12 [colin]	3.7.9cvs22
      2011-05-18 [colin]	3.7.9cvs23
      2011-05-25 [colin]	3.7.9cvs24
      2011-08-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs3
      2011-08-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs4
      2011-08-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs5
      2011-08-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs6
      2011-08-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs7
      2011-08-30 [colin]	3.7.10cvs8
      2011-08-30 [colin]	3.7.10cvs9
      2011-08-30 [colin]	3.7.10cvs10
      2011-08-30 [colin]	3.7.10cvs11
      2011-08-30 [colin]	3.7.10cvs12
      2011-08-31 [colin]	3.7.10cvs13
      2011-08-31 [colin]	3.7.10cvs14
      2011-09-02 [colin]	3.7.10cvs15
      2011-09-03 [colin]	3.7.10cvs16
      2011-09-18 [colin]	3.7.10cvs17
      2011-09-20 [colin]	3.7.10cvs18
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs19
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs20
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs21
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs22
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs23
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs24
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs25
      2011-10-07 [colin]	3.7.10cvs26
      2011-10-09 [colin]	3.7.10cvs27
      2011-10-17 [colin]	3.7.10cvs31
      2011-10-17 [colin]	3.7.10cvs32
      2011-10-17 [colin]	3.7.10cvs35
      2011-10-17 [colin]	3.7.10cvs36
      2011-10-22 [colin]	3.7.10cvs40
      2011-10-22 [colin]	3.7.10cvs41
      2011-10-22 [colin]	3.7.10cvs42
      2011-10-23 [colin]	3.7.10cvs44
      2011-10-23 [colin]	3.7.10cvs45
      2011-10-23 [colin]	3.7.10cvs46
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs47
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs48
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs49
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs50
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs51
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs52
      2011-10-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs53
      2011-10-28 [colin]	3.7.10cvs55
      2011-10-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs56
      2011-10-29 [colin]	3.7.10cvs57
      Refernce bug
      2011-10-31 [colin]	3.7.10cvs65
      2011-11-01 [colin]	3.7.10cvs67
      2011-11-01 [colin]	3.7.10cvs68
      2011-11-05 [colin]	3.7.10cvs71
      2011-11-06 [colin]	3.7.10cvs75
      2011-11-06 [colin]	3.7.10cvs76
      2011-11-08 [colin]	3.7.10cvs79
      2011-11-11 [colin]	3.7.10cvs82
      2011-11-11 [colin]	3.7.10cvs84
      2011-11-13 [colin]	3.7.10cvs85
      2011-11-19 [colin]	3.7.10cvs89
      2011-11-22 [colin]	3.7.10cvs99
      2011-11-25 [colin]	3.7.10cvs104
      2011-12-28 [colin]	3.8.0cvs5
      2011-12-28 [colin]	3.8.0cvs6
      2012-01-03 [colin]	3.8.0cvs9
      2012-01-03 [colin]	3.8.0cvs10
      2012-01-05 [colin]	3.8.0cvs11
      2012-01-09 [colin]	3.8.0cvs12
      2012-01-14 [colin]	3.8.0cvs14
      2012-02-05 [colin]	3.8.0cvs25
      2012-02-05 [colin]	3.8.0cvs26
      2012-02-29 [colin]	3.8.0cvs30
      2012-03-11 [colin]	3.8.0cvs31
      2012-04-01 [colin]	3.8.0cvs36
      2012-04-02 [colin]	3.8.0cvs37
      2012-04-02 [colin]	3.8.0cvs38
      2012-04-03 [colin]	3.8.0cvs39
      2012-05-11 [colin]	3.8.0cvs40
      2012-05-16 [colin]	3.8.0cvs44
      2012-05-16 [colin]	3.8.0cvs45
      2012-07-07 [colin]	3.8.1cvs7
      2012-07-07 [colin]	3.8.1cvs8
      2012-08-09 [colin]	3.8.1cvs26
      2012-08-09 [colin]	3.8.1cvs27
      2012-08-09 [colin]	3.8.1cvs28
      2012-08-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs29
      2012-08-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs30
      2012-08-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs31
      2012-08-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs32
      2012-08-16 [colin]	3.8.1cvs33
      2012-08-23 [colin]	3.8.1cvs34
      2012-08-27 [colin]	3.8.1cvs37
      2012-08-27 [colin]	3.8.1cvs38
      2012-08-27 [colin]	3.8.1cvs39
      2012-08-29 [colin]	3.8.1cvs40
      2012-08-29 [colin]	3.8.1cvs41
      2012-08-29 [colin]	3.8.1cvs42
      2012-09-05 [colin]	3.8.1cvs43
      2012-09-05 [colin]	3.8.1cvs44
      2012-09-08 [colin]	3.8.1cvs45
      2012-09-08 [colin]	3.8.1cvs46
      2012-09-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs48
      2012-09-11 [colin]	3.8.1cvs49
      2012-09-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs50
      2012-09-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs51
      2012-09-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs52
      2012-09-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs53
      2012-09-13 [colin]	3.8.1cvs55
      2012-09-13 [colin]	3.8.1cvs56
      2012-09-13 [colin]	3.8.1cvs57
      2012-09-14 [colin]	3.8.1cvs58
      2012-09-19 [colin]	3.8.1cvs61
      2012-09-19 [colin]	3.8.1cvs64
      2012-09-19 [colin]	3.8.1cvs65
      2012-09-19 [colin]	3.8.1cvs66
      2012-09-21 [colin]	3.8.1cvs68
      2012-09-21 [colin]	3.8.1cvs69
      2012-09-21 [colin]	3.8.1cvs70
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs74
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs75
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs76
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs77
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs78
      2012-09-26 [colin]	3.8.1cvs79
      2012-09-27 [colin]	3.8.1cvs80
      2012-09-28 [colin]	3.8.1cvs81
      2012-10-04 [colin]	3.8.1cvs83
      2012-10-04 [colin]	3.8.1cvs84
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs87
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs88
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs89
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs90
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs91
      2012-10-10 [colin]	3.8.1cvs92
      2012-10-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs93
      2012-10-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs96
      2012-10-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs97
      2012-10-17 [colin]	3.8.1cvs100
      2012-10-25 [colin]	3.8.1cvs104
      2012-10-25 [colin]	3.8.1cvs105
      2012-10-25 [colin]	3.8.1cvs106
      2012-10-25 [colin]	3.8.1cvs107
      2012-10-31 [colin]	3.8.1cvs109
      2012-10-31 [colin]	3.8.1cvs110
      2012-11-07 [colin]	3.8.1cvs113
      2012-11-08 [colin]	3.8.1cvs114
      2012-11-08 [colin]	3.8.1cvs115
      2012-11-08 [colin]	3.8.1cvs116
      2012-11-09 [colin]	3.8.1cvs117
      2012-11-12 [colin]	3.8.1cvs118
      2012-11-14 [colin]	3.8.1cvs119
      2012-11-14 [colin]	3.8.1cvs121

Darko Koruga (67):
      Check for strftime() in configure and use it to display date
      Synch with Hiroyuki's main branch.
      Use Alfons' strftime ui
      Use address book when showing sender name in summary pane (toggleable on/off).
      Better UI for strftime format.
      Fix segfault with invalid bold font.
      Update summary statistics if row is marked.
      darko fix segfault with improper bold font, correctly display summary stats after row is marked.
      Make MIME types case insensitive
      Fix show sender using address book with no e-mail address in From:.
      Shared folders support with a GUI.
      Target folder colourization.
      Fix crash when message that is marked for copy/move is unmarked.
      Fix target folder colourization to use user selected colour.
      Refresh target foldor colour when changed in preferences.
      Better smart wrapping.
      Smart quotation wrapping a-la VIM.
      Proper right margin calculation for smart wrapping.
      Don't treat tab as space when calculating line length.
      Improve smart wrapping - wrap lines without spaces.
      Don't wrap long URLs while composing a message.
      Move is_url_string() and gtkstext_str_strcmp() to gtkstext.c.
      Fix infinite loop when quoting long URL.
      Fix wrapping for good.
      New wrap quotation implementation. Move gtkstext_strncmp() to gtkstext.c.
      Improved wrapping on send to be smarter when quotation string is empty. Fix after last sync with main branch (GtkText vs. GtkSText issues).
      Remove functions that are now in gtkutils.c.
      Fix bug #492305 (see description in the changelog).
      Remove unnecessary line.
      Move GPG related informational messages to debug mode.
      Show key icon for encrypted mails in summary view.
      Removed quotation wrapping as it is now also in the main branch.
      Fix wrapping crash when URL is wider than wrapping margin.
      Added description for subject simplifing which is a very useful option.
      Use selected text on reply/forward.
      Fix const gchar */gchar * issue.
      Fix improper color initialization for important messages.
      Wrap on send improvements.
      Fix a typo in filename.
      Fix sender initials recognition.
      Fix my previous patch which did not compile after latest merge from main.
      Fix target folder colorization after one of last syncs.
      Fixed target folder colorization.
      Ability to set folder color in folderview
      Don't use UI stuff in folder.h
      Fix folder color so it works with GTK themes
      Don't reset tmp flags for messages copied to sent folder.
      Copy Gtk style from normal style to match font size for coloured folders.
      Use normal style when creating new folders to pick proper font size.
      Allow Mutt-like patterns in quick search.
      Proper check for NULL string, found by Colin.
      Proper check for filtering commands, found by Colin.
      Fix crash when unmarkin a message with unread children.
      Added locked pattern to extended search.
      Fix description for marked messages.
      Fix crash when importing pine addressbook (reported on ML by dybulk at tri8.net).
      Fix crash when importing pine address book entry with an empty name.
      Change my e-mail address.
      Fix previous entry.
      Fix infinite loop in wrapping.
      Code cleanup.
      Include wchar.h if available.
      Fix crash when word wrapping kicks in due to changed text by spell checker.
      Don't fall into infinite loop when adding a new LDAP server.
      Make summaryview compile again.
      2005-07-07 [darko]	1.9.12cvs27
      2005-07-21 [darko]	1.9.12cvs89

Fabien Vantard (9):
      2007-01-17 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs19
      2007-01-18 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs28
      2007-01-18 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs29
      2007-01-18 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs30
      2007-01-19 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs32
      2007-01-19 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs36
      2007-01-22 [fabien]	2.7.1cvs51
      2007-02-05 [fabien]	2.7.2cvs25
      2008-02-12 [fabien]	3.3.0cvs6

Hiroyuki Yamamoto (17):
      added USE_GTKGDK_XIM to acconfig.h
      changed sock_read() in some files to sock_gets().
      modified the layout of display header dialog.
      some minor fixes.
      removed some unnecessary files.
      modified the code for readability.
      send.c: a fix for pclose().
      more sync with 0.4.99cvs2.
      reverted headerwindow.c
      fixed a bug in compose.c, and removed unnecessary code.
      more merges of compose.c, removal of fatal warnings, and some minor fixes.
      fix for wrong comment
      fix for multibyte characters in undo.c.
      fixed the mark loss of hidden messages.
      fixed crash on reply and IMAP queue folder malfunction.
      sync one left change in imap.c.

Holger Berndt (44):
      2005-03-19 [holger]	1.9.6cvs1
      2005-03-21 [holger]	1.9.6cvs7
      Add my login, to get the name in the ChangeLog right.
      2007-08-24 [holger]	2.10.0cvs169
      2007-08-24 [holger]	2.10.0cvs170
      2007-09-20 [holger]	3.0.1cvs13
      2007-09-25 [holger]	3.0.1cvs27
      2007-10-10 [holger]	3.0.2cvs48
      2007-11-27 [holger]	3.1.0cvs34
      2007-11-27 [holger]	3.1.0cvs36
      2007-12-04 [holger]	3.1.0cvs53
      2008-01-14 [holger]	3.2.0cvs40
      2008-01-22 [holger]	3.2.0cvs59
      2008-06-13 [holger]	3.4.0cvs94
      2008-08-23 [holger]	3.5.0cvs69
      2009-02-06 [holger]	3.7.0cvs55
      2009-02-10 [holger]	3.7.0cvs57
      2009-05-10 [holger]	3.7.1cvs53
      2009-05-12 [holger]	3.7.1cvs55
      2009-08-20 [holger]	3.7.2cvs19
      2009-08-30 [holger]	3.7.2cvs27
      2009-09-07 [holger]	3.7.2cvs29
      2009-11-17 [holger]	3.7.3cvs14
      2009-11-21 [holger]	3.7.3cvs19
      2009-11-25 [holger]	3.7.3cvs22
      2009-12-01 [holger]	3.7.3cvs25
      2009-12-19 [holger]	3.7.3cvs41
      2009-12-20 [holger]	3.7.3cvs42
      2009-12-20 [holger]	3.7.3cvs43
      2009-12-20 [holger]	3.7.3cvs44
      2009-12-20 [holger]	3.7.3cvs45
      2010-01-16 [holger]	3.7.4cvs3
      2010-01-19 [holger]	3.7.4cvs6
      2010-02-09 [holger]	3.7.5cvs15
      2010-02-20 [holger]	3.7.5cvs21
      2010-02-27 [holger]	3.7.5cvs25
      2010-05-26 [holger]	3.7.6cvs9
      2010-07-29 [holger]	3.7.6cvs23
      2010-07-30 [holger]	3.7.6cvs24
      2010-07-30 [holger]	3.7.6cvs25
      2010-07-31 [holger]	3.7.6cvs26
      2011-07-07 [holger]	3.7.9cvs35
      2011-08-05 [holger]	3.7.9cvs40
      2011-10-23 [holger]	3.7.10cvs43

Hoà Viêt Dinh (111):
      added newsgroup list dialog
      added forgot files grouplist_dialog.h grouplist_dialog.c
      added comments in news.c and nntp.c
      changelog for newsgroups list
      custom headers configuration added
      inserted local account without SMTP server
      local account without SMTP
      displaying of headers in the mail viewer - customization
      fixes for custom headers and displaying of headers
      prefs_display_headers - show other headers
      removed local account without SMTP server - added option to use mail command
      Return Receipt
      option to enable/disable the return receipt feature
      headers display conf and custom header ui - cache version
      scoring / expression matcher
      scoring & bugfix for filtering
      bugfix for scoring - age in days instead of seconds
      scoring - bugfix for summaryview
      news scoring
      dialog box for matching and some other changes
      some code fix in procheader.c
      prefs_matcher.[ch] added
      finished matching UI
      ok & cancel buttons added - xhdr parsing fixed
      scoring dialog box finished
      Return-Receipt-To header / changes in matcher / better score sorting
      fixed bug in matching dialog box
      added additionnal matching criteria
      added a directory doc-src that contains informations about implementation
      new filtering
      new filering
      bugfix for headers matching
      filtering dialog box and some changes
      changed attachement into attachment
      new filtering action : forward - some fixes
      better handling of missing directories
      reedit enabled in queue
      mbox folder / fix for filtering
      removed debugging info
      mbox format completed
      fixes for mbox / changes matcher dialog
      global names for folder / read permission for folders / filtering to mbox
      handle menu option 'filter messages' / bugfix in mbox folders
      kill score / folder scoring / buf fixed for local account prefs
      keep attachement when forwarding or reediting mails
      queue notification / run a command when filtering and match with a command
      configuration for replying and forwarding
      filtering fix
      readonly configuration files
      nntp account / forwarding / scoring
      compose stuff
      some stuff around composing and forwarding messages
      follow-up and reply to / build threads with subjects
      building threads with subjects - bugfix
      added RFC doc
      new matcher config file parser
      bugfix of the config file parser
      clean the grammar
      we can now select newsgroups to display
      we can choose the newsgroups to display with wildcards
      news selection dialog box enhanced
      bugfix for newsgroup selection dialog
      bug and feature numbers
      bugfix for newsgroups list dialog
      nickname bug / options disabled when on inbox
      new newsgroups dialog box
      newsgroups dialog / enhanced mailto
      threading by subject is back
      threading - empty subject are ignored
      allows creation of mbox folder item from any files.
      undo patch feature, can be enabled through compose.h by adding a #define USE_UNDO_PATCH
      fixes for mail sending (in compose.c)
      bounce mails
      new matcher parser / bounce fix / rrr fixed
      cleaning filtering and new filtering action : bouncing
      some fixes in filtering code
      processing mails in folder - you can define rules than will be executed when entering folder, currently the action can only be remove of move mails
      bounce / processing
      bugfix for filtering
      fix a bug about filtering and bounce, be careful, filtering or bouncing action can not be yet used if external editor is automatically launched
      renderer, config is not yet build with a dialog box, you have to edit .sylpheed/rendererrc by hand, each line have to be : "[content-type] [program that will pipe content]", for example : "text/html lynx --dump -stdin"
      cancel news is finally implemented
      removed ac/gpgme.m4
      news cancelling update
      fixed local account
      property of attachment / news message count
      fix bug #516442, two bounce behaviours
      bugfix #516442
      TODO of hoa
      fixed some precondition in folder item
      fixed error in imap protocol and in imap things
      fixed a bug in imap.c - imap_fetch_msginfo() - in case there is no current folder
      removed "filtering setting" menu option and add a "cancel a news message" menu option
      fixed a yacc/bison syntax error
      escaping of string is fixed
      fixed escape_str() - thanks to Alfons
      finally solved the bug of matcher - regexp didn't work when '\' was in the string
      removed the escaped string from internal structures of matcher
      bug when editing filters or scoring rules is fixed
      prefs_filtering.c - wrong widget were shown after creation
      several actions for each filtering rules can now be defined
      complete the maintainer guide
      merged gtk2_imap_c branch with HEAD
      merged imap branch
      2005-07-04 [hoa]	1.9.12cvs12
      2005-07-09 [hoa]	1.9.12cvs31
      2005-07-10 [hoa]	1.9.12cvs33
      2005-07-14 [hoa]	1.9.12cvs50
      2005-07-15 [hoa]	1.9.12cvs59
      2005-08-13 [hoa]	1.9.13cvs33
      2007-04-26 [hoa]	2.9.1cvs26

Jens Oberender (29):
      updated translation
      Updated German Translation
      Updated German translation
      updated German translation
      updated German translation
      updated German translation and fixed two writing mistakes
      Updated German translation.
      Updated German Translations
      updated german translation
      Updated german translation
      some rubbish cleaned up
      * src/folder.c
      just the rest of the german translations
      - removed gettext from g_warnings
      added dialog for incomplete rules in scoring, filtering and matcher to ask
      just the german translation
      * src/jpilot.c
      updated German translation
      German translation
      fixed a compile problem with gcc 3.3
      Paul noticed that I stole his identity :-)
      just the German translations
      updated German translation and some corrections from Roland Bless <bless at tm.uka.de>
      German translation updated
      2003-07-01 [jens]
      German translation
      just added the tools README as README.tools to the docs stuff
      German translation
      updated German translation

Keith Edmunds (2):
      Fixed problem in imap.c where mails copied or moved between IMAP folders
      Remove superfluous include

Leandro A. F. Pereira (3):
      Create a new thread if subject changes. It's on by default, can be
      o Removed "Message/Create new thread" menu item
      o Cleanups

Luke Plant (17):
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/mimeview.[ch]
      * src/pixmaps/mimeview_gpg_expired.xpm
      *  src/gtk/gtkvscrollbutton.c
      * src/mimeview.[ch]
      * src/pixmaps/mimeview_gpg_expired.xpm
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/crash.c
      * src/summaryview.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/crash.c
      * src/mainwindow.c
      * src/messageview.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/mimeview.c
      * src/mimeview.[ch]

Martin Schaaf (14):
      add new ctree sorting code
      correct display recipient on From...
      added kill command to debuggerrc
      sorry changed alfons entry
      changed get_abbrev_newsgroup_name() that it shortens ng names only so long the name is shorter than the length param
      fix segfault in prefs_matcher_substitute_cb() when
      fix segfault in prefs_filtering.c
      fix segfault in prefs_matcher.c
      2004-12-17 [martin]	0.9.13cvs17.2
      2004-12-22 [martin]	0.9.13cvs21.2
      2005-08-18 [martin]	1.9.13cvs36
      2005-09-28 [martin]	1.9.14cvs60
      2005-10-27 [martin]	1.9.15cvs119
      2005-11-25 [martin]	1.9.100cvs36

Match Grun (73):
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Minor cosmetic change to Fonts on Display tab.
      Fixed truncated message.
      Included address book patch for VCard, JPilot, LDAP.
      Fixed lines for J-Pilot.
      New address book icons.
      New address book.
      New address book.
      New address book.
      New address book.
      minor updates
      minor update
      Included import of LDIF files
      Included import of LDIF files.
      fixed segfault when opening dialog,
      allow jpilot to handle unsync'ed address entries.
      upd jpilot, fix editldap_basedn
      Import Mutt address book. Modified ImportLDIF into wizard.
      Import MUTT. Update import LDIF.
      Fixed memory leak in reading data.
      Fixed spurious addressbook file names. Fixed test read file. Removed
      Included missing files.
      Fixed mem leak, addrbook file,...
      addressbook cut, copy and paste
      Addresbook cut, copy and paste.
      Addressbook cut, copy and paste. Sort user attributes. Tidy up
      Addressbook cut, copy and paste.
      Tidy up.
      Addressbook cut, copy and paste
      Tidy up, fix memory leak.
      Tidy up, fix memory leak.
      Included address harvester feature.
      Included address harvester feature.
      Add new functions.
      Improve address parsing.
      Import Pine address book.
      Improve address parsing.
      Address harvest recurse folders.
      Harvest address - recurse folders.
      Export address book to HTML.
      Export address book to HTML.
      Include patch addr completion patch from Gustavo Noronha.
      Included addr completion patch from Gustavo Noronha.
      Enable multiple emails per JPilot entry.
      improvements to support cut/paste
      improvements to cut/copy/paste addresses
      LDAP/UI code separation. Fix mem leak.
      LDAP/UI code separation. Fix mem leak.
      Fixed memory leak.
      Fixed memory leak.
      Fixed vCard bug (#16)
      Removed references to LDAP constants.
      Removed reference to LDAP constants.
      Eliminate reload addr items in addr book.
      Dynamic LDAP queries
      Make address folder name case insensitive.
      Enable address search.
      Fixed memleaks and segfaults
      reimplement new dynamic LDAP search.
      Fix tab/backtab - close bug 147
      Fix null ptr.
      extend LDAP search
      tweak import LDIF dialog.
      Add export LDIF.
      Add export LDIF.
      Export to LDIF.
      New icons for LDAP static search
      LDAP static search.
      LDAP static search

Melvin Hadasht (201):
      Updated fr.po translations
      pspell autoconf support
      switched to pspell and dropped ispell support
      added initial pspell support
      switch to pspell
      added pspell to compiled-in features list
      added pspell to compiled-in features list
      added gtkspell.c
      fixed the post-right-click focus pb
      fixed two gtkspell bugs
      updated translations
      dropped PSPELL_PATH macro
      changed 'dictionary_path' to 'dictionary' to be consistent
      changed 'dictionary_path' to 'dictionary' to be consistent
      fixed bug when compose window is under another window
      fixed bug when compose window is under another window
      small update for spell checking stuff
      added 'Learn from mistakes' option
      spell checking :
      added support for different encodings
      spell checker : added support for different encodings
      fixed bug for US-ASCII introduced by the encoding code
      spell checker: fixed bug for US-ASCII introduced by the encoding code
      fixed bug where gtkpspell didn't set the path correctly
      fixed bug where gtkpspell didn't set the path correctly
      fixed crash when using default path (introduced in 0.6.2claws10)
      spell checker: fixed crash when using default path &  tiny bug for initial
      Added summary and more detailed instructions for the spell checker
      Updated, corrected and completed french translation (1291t+0f+0u)
      added summary and detailed installation instructions for spell checker in README.claws
      fixed bug #476792 Selection overtyping with spell checker
      re-enabled account autoselection feature for forward and reedit lost
      gtkpspell_get_dict(): more readable code (even if function is not used yet)
      added enriched.[ch] files
      added support to view text/enriched
      added support to view text/enriched
      parse text/enriched messages.
      added support to text/enriched
      added support to text/enriched
      fixed bug #486106 to select correct account when reediting a queued message
      hack to fix bug that prevented to make/paste selections after switching
      fixed a warning during compilation introduced in 0.6.5claws56
      fixed bug #490076 (hunted down by Alfons who implemented a workaround
      updated french translation
      last minute update (undo levels)
      UI improvements: headers and subject reordering, better keyboard focusing..
      spell checker options in a separate tab to decrease window height.
      updated spell checker usage instructions
      Simplify focus to subject entry code.
      Improved subject simplification by regexp.
      fixed bug about foreground color used by the spell checker.
      Fixed bugs:
      Added popup menu for common preferences and account preferences
      updated few translations
      Made account selection when reediting queued message work again
      fixed Claws crash introduced by the menu reorganisation in claws38
      Fixed 'Ctrl-Enter' feature for sending.
      Updated french translation
      New spell checker code
      fixed a long standing spell checker bug which could cause a crash after sendinf a message
      fixed spell checker related bug which may result in a crash
      fix default dictionary not being saved
      Fixed bug which stopped autochecking
      Fixed insensitive Bcc button in addressbook
      Fixed bug where scoring and filtering windows stopped autochecking.
      Improved and fixed folder view 'Mark all read'
      Made spelling more friendly
      Various bug fixes and enhancements, see ChangeLog.claws 2002-02-03
      Added user definable actions on message body/file
      Added forgotten new file in POTFILES.in
      Made possible fast switching with last dictionary.
      actions rewrite, see ChangLog.claws 2002-02-12 0.7.0claws62
      fix a typo
      Fixed "feature" where actions's output was duplicated
      Made gtkut_editable_get_selection return NULL if selection is of length zero.
      Updated French translation
      Added missing include in prefs_folder_item.c
      Added missing include in prefs_actions.c
      Fixed compile-time warnings
      Added PSPELL_PATH configuration macro
      Fixed bug with descending sort order in summary view
      Corrected changelog mismatch
      Added user definable notification on new mail arrival.
      Added a forgotten log
      Changed the pixmap of the receive button to MAIL_RECEIVE.
      Updated and corrected French translation
      Made the new mail notification command always execute asynchronously.
      Made 'Ctrl-Enter' on send ignore some modifiers
      Don't display actions' in/out dialog if there's no output
      src/procmsg.c corrected typo
      src/procmsg.c po/fr.po po/it.po po/pt_BR.po completed typo fixing
      Updated French translations
      (removed irrelevant changelog)
      tools/gpg-sign *REMOVED*
      * src/addrbook.c
      * src/selective_download.[ch]
      * src/gtkspell.c
      Updated French translations
      Fix some memory leaks
      Fixed a crash introduced in 0.8.0claws5 when log is cut under
      Made the actions' input/ouput dialog display without delay
      fixed bug that could crash Sylpheed when highlighting all misspelled words.
      fixed bug where 'Article' button acted as 'Email' button
      removed unrequired "execinfo.h" header
      Made some debug info not translatable and few code cleanups
      Updated French translations
      Readded custom widget support in alertpanel lost in last sync
      updated fr.po
      merged GNU_aspell_branch
      updated a bit the text concerning the spell checker in README.claws
      Fixed typos
      fixed test's equality sign in aspell.m4
      removed some obsolete code in gtkaspell.c
      More consistent labeling
      Updated French translation
      Improved GNU/aspell checking and fixed bug #614490
      Fixed typo which could break linking
      ac/aspell.m4 behaves better and says no when test program cannot be run
      Made the actions help text for %p more clear
      Updated French translation
      Fixed memory leak from bug #622040
      Removed buggy macro from bug #622040
      Added Melvin's TODO list
      Fixed bug with dictionary menu list and removed unnecessary code in suggestion menu list
      Added a test to not run the spell checker without a default dictionary
      Actions: Fixed bug #622275 and made actions' output be displayed live
      Fixed a memleak introduced in image scaling code
      Added a missing function declaration in prefs_common.h
      Fixed log clipping bug #616795
      Added a check for NULL prefs_common.dictionary
      Updated French translations
      * src/prefs_actions.c
      Inform about signature expirations. Gpgme 0.3.10 is now required.
      New trailing
      Fixed crash when using '%p' Actions on displayed images + code clean up
      justify actions' help text
      fix bug [14] where new mail notification worked incorrectly with IMAP accounts
      Fixed typo that could make new messages count incorrect
      * src/folderview.c
      folderview_check_new(): More precise function description
      * src/prefs_actions.c
      Updated French translations
      Cosmetic changes to the Actions' syntax help text
      Description window: allow resizing/horizontal scroll bar;do not expand/fill vertically
      src/compose.c: corrected and modified an alert message
      Updated French translations
      Make sure all user's input is sent to the action and then close the socket
      fix for message display in UTF-8 locales (unintentionnaly removed in 0.8.6claws6
      Updated French translations
      Actions: new tokens (%u, %h and %s)
      Actions: added cancel/ok buttons to user's argument dialog, fix mem leak, fix help text
      Added html mail viewing using Dillo
      prefs_actions.c: fixed compilation warnings
      dillo_viewer.c: fixed bug where it was impossible to view more than 1 text/html per message
      Added a README file for the Dillo plugin
      Improved the README file for the Dillo plugin
      Improved help text of Actions' syntax
      New: Dillo plugin preferences (patch by Dimitar Haralanov)
      Fixed bug where Dillo prefs issued warnings on Cancel. Comply a litte better to coding style
      Updated French translations
      src/gtkaspell.c -> src/gtk/gtkaspell.c
      Privatized most of GtkAspell's structures
      compose.c: updated to take into account the changes in GtkAspell
      Fix bug #184
      Added bug #184's patch author
      Implemented a progress bar that counts the number of completed tasks when the action runs more that one comman
      Implemented a progress bar that counts the number of completed tasks when the action runs more that one comman
      Updated French translations
      Fixed bug #215
      Fixed typo introduced after 0.9.3claws92 that prevented compilation; Updated Makefile.am to make automake happy
      Updated French translations
      Improve synchronous action exit code (fixes long delay after action exit on RH9
      updated French translations

Michael Rasmussen (21):
      2009-11-30 [mir]	3.7.3cvs24
      2009-12-09 [mir]	3.7.3cvs35
      2010-01-03 [mir]	3.7.3cvs51
      2010-02-03 [mir]	3.7.5cvs5
      2010-02-08 [mir]	3.7.5cvs10
      2010-05-22 [mir]	3.7.6cvs8
      2010-10-02 [mir]	3.7.6cvs49
      2010-10-02 [mir]	3.7.6cvs50
      2010-10-03 [mir]	3.7.6cvs52
      2010-12-03 [mir]	3.7.7cvs10
      2011-06-18 [mir]	3.7.9cvs26
      2011-07-30 [mir]	3.7.9cvs38
      2011-08-13 [mir]	3.7.9cvs46
      2011-08-14 [mir]	3.7.9cvs47
      2011-12-16 [mir]	3.8.0cvs3
      2011-12-18 [mir]	3.8.0cvs4
      2012-06-25 [mir]	3.8.0cvs56
      2012-07-03 [mir]	3.8.1cvs2
      2012-07-03 [mir]	3.8.1cvs4
      2012-07-03 [mir]	3.8.1cvs5
      2012-09-22 [mir]	3.8.1cvs72

Oliver Haertel (55):
      Custom Toolbar 1
      Custom Toolbar 2
      Custom Toolbar 3
      Custom Toolbar Final
      empty toolbar issue
      fix substitute pixmap bug
      move C. Toolbar to Configuration menu
      en/disable Toolbar Action Buttons
      Custom Toolbar: fix crash on CANCEL
      Bug Fix #596834 and #596832
      rename toolbar.xml
      code cleanup
      custom toolbar: compose win
      custom toolbar: compose win 1
      custom toolbar: compose win 2
      custom toolbar: compose win 3
      custom toolbar: compose win final
      README entry explaining custom toolbar
      plug leak in pop3_top_recv
      make toolbar events translatable
      remove typedef
      getting ready for messageview toolbar patch
      messageview toolbar patch 1 by Ivan Francolin Martinez (ivanfm at sourceforge.net)
      messageview toolbar patch 2 by Ivan Francolin Martinez (ivanfm at sourceforge.net)
      messageview toolbar patch 3 by Ivan Francolin Martinez (ivanfm at sourceforge.net)
      messageview toolbar patch 4 by Ivan Francolin Martinez (ivanfm at sourceforge.net)
      add Ivan F. Martinez (Messageview toolbar patch
      disable compose button by default, move deleted msgs to trash
      msgview stays open if msgs are deleted
      handle several messageviews correctly
      reorder pixmaps, logo last entry
      generic toolbar generation
      use generic toolbar handling
      add toolbar.c to translate-me-list
      enable addressbook and actions
      fix messageview toolbar reply
      fix bugs introduced while fixing messageview reply
      fix bugs introduced while fixing messageview reply
      toolbar reply refactoring: part 1
      toolbar reply refactoring: part 2
      remove nasty comments
      fix the fix messageview toolbar delete
      fix last commit
      remove selective donwload
      remove selective download
      remove selective download
      remove selective download
      remove POP3_TOP
      remove selective download
      remove POP3_TOP
      remove selective download
      fix crash in folder_destroy
      remove Pop3SessionType, enable set default toolbar button

Paul Mangan (2275):
      Imported version 1.0
      added add-sender-to-addressbook patch
      Added Alfons font selection patch
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs1
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs2
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs4
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs5
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs6
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs7
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs8
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs9
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs11
      more sync with sylpheed 0.4.99cvs11
      sync with sylpheed 0.4.99
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre1
      Minor UI stuff relating to clarity, continuity and English usage
      Minor UI typo correction
      fixed typo that broke forwarding
      new icon  plus sync and English improvements
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre1
      UI stuff: changes to the English
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre1
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre1 release
      fixed what was broken in last sync
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre2
      added tools directory and scripts
      added instructions for ldif-to-xml.py
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre2 release
      fixed 'compose news' bug in icon-and-text toolbar
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre3
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre3
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre3
      pt_BR.po updated
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre3
      updated pt_BR.po
      very small bug fix
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre3 release
      colour message instead of mark it
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre4
      More sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre4
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre4
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre4
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre4 release
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0pre5
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.0
      added gif2xface tool
      correct image mime headers
      updated pt_BR.po
      updated pt_BR.po
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.1cvs6
      more sync with sylpheed 0.5.1cvs6
      updated de.po
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.1cvs7
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.2cvs1
      added RH7.1 to valid environments in manual/en
      added 'recieve at get all' to 'Edit accounts' window
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3 plus button
      sync account.c with sylpheed 0.5.3 plus button
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3 release
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3 release
      updated translations
      fix target folder colorization
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3 release
      clean up after 0.5.3 sync
      remove unnecessary code
      enable 'dynamic' signatures
      reverse previous changes
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs4
      re-implement (un)ignore thread
      fix interface.optmenu_recvdialog
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs5
      fix open attachment with whitespace bug
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs7
      renamed labelcolors.[ch] to colorlabel.[ch]
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs9
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs9
      blue fodlers and trashcan
      add Summary->Next/Prev labeled message
      sync with sylpheed 0.5.3cvs10
      add mini-icons to windows
      enhanced account selection on replies
      extra configure results output
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.0 release
      updated translation
      add prefs_templates.c
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.0cvs1
      fix segfault on Re-edit
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.0cvs4
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.0cvs4
      updated translation
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.1 release
      updated translation
      add new addressbook
      add new addressbook to POTFILES.in
      updated translations
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.1cvs2
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.1cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.1cvs6
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs1
      add 'score equal to' option
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
      more sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
      configure 'go to next folder' dialog
      more sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs5
      make 'Follow-up and reply to' sensitive
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs6
      change comment format
      add eudora-2-vCard convertor
      updated translations
      add importldif.c
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs8
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs9
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs10
      make 'Reply' reply to MLs
      fix 'Reply to all'
      fix X_BEENTHERE segfault
      updated translation
      correction to English
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs11
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs12
      more sync with sylpheed 0.6.2cvs12
      updated translation
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3 release
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs1
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs2
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs6
      enable ascii-armored gpg messages
      enable decryption of ascii-armored gpg messages
      separate username/password for SMTP Auth
      updated translations
      fix typo
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs7
      fix Re-edit bug in Message menu
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs7
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs8
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.3cvs9
      auto mv to working directory
      insert file with DOS line endings
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.4 release
      updated translations
      gettextize gpg plaintext warning
      improve insert DOS/MAC file
      ignore css tags in html mail
      make 'ignore css tags' case-insensitive
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.4cvs1
      minor improvements to the English
      ignore CSS and javascript in html mail
      updated translations
      activate links in html mail
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.4cvs6
      don't hardcode top-level folder name
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.4cvs18
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5 release
      merge with SYNC-B4-REL and sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs5
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs7
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs8
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs8
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs9
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs10
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs11
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs12
      fix scrambled umlauts
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs14
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs16
      read top level mailbox name - presume nothing
      fix filter_conv.pl
      fix recurring unread state bug
      add 'Mark all read', remove 'Add sender to address book'
      updated Spanish translation
      updated translation
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs18
      more sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs18
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs19
      remove unused files
      usability enhancements to quoting
      remove conflicts
      make 'Bounce' sensitive
      more sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs19
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs20
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs21
      fix 'Empty Trash' pop-up window' bug
      fix 'Empty Trash' pop-up window bug
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs22
      more usability enhancements to quoting
      newscache cleaner
      script to switch between main and claws
      two new scripts in 'tools'
      add the two new scripts
      add Carsten to claws-branch
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs23
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs24
      allow spaces in imap foldernames
      imap server gets informed of MARKED, UNMARKED and REPLY events
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs25
      enable ability to hide read messages
      allow for 'hidereadmsgs'
      updated translation
      updated Spanish translation
      improve dodgy English
      fix sensitivity of 'Search folder...'
      improvement to 'Hide read messages'
      correction to my last entry
      prefer 'Reply-To' header over mailing list header
      remove unused summary_set_menu_senstive entry
      remove unused summary_set_menu_sensitive entry
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs27
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.5cvs28
      release 0.6.6
      move 0.6.6 release entry
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.6
      update for sync with 0.6.6
      increase undo levels to 50
      updated translation
      updated de translation
      make undo levels user-configuarable
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.6cvs1
      sync with sylpheed 0.6.6cvs3
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0 release
      updated Brazilian translation
      filter_conv.pl now writes to matcherrc
      remove test data
      updated translation
      0.7.0 release
      allow for Boolean Op and case-sensitivity
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs7
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs8
      Italian translation
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs12
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs15
      more sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs15
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs16
      allow gpgme in non-standard locations
      move 'Mark all read' to folder view menu
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs19
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs22
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs24
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs27
      updated translation
      make 'Hide read messages' sensitive
      add --send cli option
      fix 'Hide read messages' sensitivity
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs30
      fix 'Reply to all' bugs
      re-add 'Delete entire line' ('Delete line+')
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs33
      updated translation
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs36
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs38
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs39
      missed in sync with sylpheed 0.7.0cvs39
      missed a '.' during sync
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.1 release
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.1cvs1
      make toolbar refresh smoother
      updated translations
      release 0.7.1claws
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.1cvs8
      add description of Actions and Pixmap Themes
      remove unneeded files (sync with 0.7.1cvs8)
      remove reference to 'headerwindow.c'
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.1cvs9
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2
      updated translation
      0.7.2claws release
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs11
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs11
      forgotten during sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs11
      add 'Selective download'
      remove generated files that shouldn't be here
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs14
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs15
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs17
      updated translation
      Append 'Separate' to 'Folder Tree' and 'Message View' in 'View'
      ascii-armored pgp messages: make decryption and signature verification work again
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs18
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs21
      fix segfault on opening a mime part
      add ability to 'Select thread'
      recognise urls that just begin with 'www'
      remove duplicated item
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs22
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.2cvs24
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.3
      updated translation
      updated pt_BR message catalog
      updated english manual
      removing unneeded files
      add FAQs
      remove buggy pgp plaintext code
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.3cvs1 (bug fix)
      add the .cvsignore files to faq
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.3cvs4
      updated message nl catalog
      add fr manual
      update en FAQ
      update es FAQ
      update fr FAQ
      remove unneeded file
      add fr manual, update FAQs
      re-add contributor name
      update es FAQ
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4
      update English FAQ
      add Italian FAQ
      update translations
      release 0.7.4claws
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs2
      add filter rename/delete on folder rename/delete
      clean up a little
      fix a typo
      fix gpg account default signing/encrypting setting bug
      code clean up
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs3
      exit if no rules found, rename filterrc after completion
      improve filter conversion tool
      fix 'dynamic' signatures
      fix Return-receipt
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs5
      mark crossposted messages as read
      correct some spellings
      add en_GB message catalogue
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs6
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs8
      add ability to leave downloaded mail on server for n days
      sync with sylpheed 0.7.4cvs9
      sync with 0.7.4cvs11
      sync with 0.7.4cvs11
      correct a spelling mistake
      match Nickname on auto-address completion
      fix messed-up commit
      renamed: 'Tools', move 'delete duplicate' to 'Tools', re-arrange 'Tools' menu
      sync with 0.7.4cvs16
      move 'Gather addresses to 'Tools'
      move 'Gather addresses' to 'Tools
      updated pt_BR.po
      re-arrange the common prefs compose tab
      fix style irregularities
      re-arrange the common prefs compose tab; fix style irregularities; update de.po
      enable NNTP over SSL
      get full hostname
      add Last Name placeholder for quoting
      correct a few menuitem labels
      sync with 0.7.4cvs19
      sync with 0.7.4cvs21
      remove unneeded code
      fix bug from last commit
      sync with 0.7.4cvs23
      sync with 0.7.4cvs24
      add 'fast filter' for claws' filtering
      sync with 0.7.4cvs25
      sync with 0.7.4cvs26
      sync with 0.7.4cvs26
      sync with 0.7.4cvs29
      sync with 0.7.4cvs29
      sync with 0.7.4cvs31
      allow for collapsed folder trees
      improve filter_conv.pl
      work for all types of rules
      make filter_conv.pl work for all rules
      fix bugs wrt path to mailbox & multiple mailboxes
      fix bugs in filter_conv.pl
      more bug fixing
      sync with 0.7.4cvs32
      fix missing MODE_READER bug
      fix missing MODE_READER bug
      try to authenticate with CRAM-MD5
      sync with 0.7.4cvs33
      sync with 0.7.4cvs35
      relicensed - sync with main
      sync with 0.7.4cvs37
      sync with 0.7.4cvs39
      enable storing of GnuPG passphrase
      updated pt_BR message catalog
      sync with 0.7.4cvs49
      sync with 0.7.4cvs51
      sync with 0.7.4cvs52
      sync with 0.7.5
      add German FAQ
      add German manual
      add Spanish manual
      add German and Spanish manuals
      add to and rearrange the pixmap entries
      update the manuals and FAQs
      sync with 0.7.5cvs3
      updated Italian message catalog
      updated es, nl and pt_BR message catalogs
      sync with 0.7.4cvs
      sync with 0.7.4cvs4
      fix account_find_from_address() bug
      fix account_find_from_address() bug
      more sync with 0.7.5cvs7
      display url in statusbar
      sync with 0.7.5cvs9
      fix 'View->Open in new window' bug
      sync with 0.7.5cvs11
      sync with 0.7.5cvs14
      sync with 0.7.5cvs16
      sync with 0.7.5cvs19
      add record of sylpheed-claws-w32 branch
      sync with 0.7.5cvs20
      reverse last commit
      sync with 0.7.6cvs1
      sync with 0.7.6cvs4
      updated es.po
      fix default folder for sent/draft/deleted msgs bug
      updated es.po
      0.7.6claws released
      add better description of Actions
      add Actions scripts
      sync with 0.7.6cvs8
      fix url display
      fix url parsing
      fix url parsing and displaying
      make sure all tools are chown'ed
      make sure all tools are chmod'ed
      make tools executable
      sync with 0.7.6cvs13
      more sync with 0.7.6cvs13
      rename 'Bounce' to 'Redirect'
      fix memory leak in
      make a correction and add more info to README.claws
      sync with 0.7.6cvs14
      kmail to sylpheed addressbook convertor
      add kmail to sylpheed addressbook convertor perl script
      add description of kmail2sylpheed.pl
      correct typo
      correct typo in tools/README
      correct a typo
      correct typo in src/prefs_account.c
      sync with 0.7.6cvs15
      sync with 0.7.6cvs16
      sync with 0.7.6cvs18
      fix SSL related bugs
      correct a typo
      fix SSL bugs in imap.c
      sync with 0.7.6cvs20
      sync with 0.7.6cvs21
      updated pt_BR.po
      sync with 0.7.6cvs24
      add 'Sort by locked/score'
      sync with 0.7.6cvs25
      updated selective download
      correct a typo on the Receive tab
      CREATE_RADIO_BUTTONS(): fixed a typo and corrected the behavior of the radio buttons
      /src/prefs_account.c:CREATE_RADIO_BUTTONS(): fixed a typo and corrected the behaviour of the radio buttons
      allow filename to be typed in
      updated nl.po
      updated es.po
      0.7.7claws release
      0.7.8claws release
      sync with 0.7.8 main
      remove unneeded code
      fix hiding of exec_btn
      sync with 0.7.8cvs1
      sync with 0.7.8cvs3
      sync with 0.7.8cvs5
      remove code committed in error
      fix bug introduced in last commit
      add script that eases the creation of *.po files
      add GPL copyright info
      add GPL copyright info in tools/update-po
      sync with 0.7.8cvs6
      updated po/it.po
      fix 'No more unread messages' persistant pop-up window bug
      add '' to Makefile.am to allow for new and older autotools
      allow for new and older autotools
      sync with 0.7.8cvs7
      don't gettextise empty strings
      sync with 0.7.8cvs10
      sync with 0.7.8cvs11
      sync with 0.7.8cvs11
      updated pt_BR message catalog
      add sylpheed man page
      fix syntax error
      updated Spanish message catalog
      sync with 0.7.8cvs13
      sync with 0.7.8cvs14
      sync with 0.7.8cvs16
      sync with 0.7.8cvs19
      remove libkcc
      sync with 0.7.8cvs21
      more sync with 0.7.8cvs21
      add Martin to list of authors
      sync with 0.7.8cvs23
      sync with 0.7.8cvs26
      change Sergey's email address
      increase show_url_timeout
      sync with 0.8.0
      updated pt_BR.po
      replace filter conversion script with reimplemeted version
      sync with 0.8.0
      updated en_GB translation
      reflect theme changes, fix Gdk Warning when creating pixmap from NULL window, and minor clean up
      correct typos
      fix 'EXTRA_DIST'
      add browser command line for galeon
      fix sensitivity of 'Select thread'
      add Xavier FACQ
      updated translations
      updated pt_BR.po
      updated es.po
      correction to ChangeLog.claws
      updated ru.po
      0.8.0claws release
      sync with 0.8.0cvs1
      sync with 0.8.0cvs2
      sync with 0.8.0cvs3
      a few corrections
      sync with 0.8.1
      a small correction
      sync with 0.8.1cvs1
      sync with 0.8.1cvs2
      sync with 0.8.1cvs3
      sync with 0.8.1cvs4
      add my TODO list
      add OOo2sylpheed.pl script
      0.8.1claws release
      sync with 0.8.1cvs5
      add '--attach' option
      add '--attach' option to man page
      sync with 0.8.1cvs7
      sync with 0.8.1cvs8
      updated Spanish message catalog
      sync with 0.8.1cvs10
      sync with 0.8.1cvs12
      sync with 0.8.1cvs13
      sync with 0.8.1cvs14
      sync with 0.8.1cvs15
      sync with 0.8.1cvs17
      sync with 0.8.1cvs19
      sync with 0.8.1cvs21
      add Serbian message catalog
      add outlook2sylpheed script
      sync with 0.8.1cvs22
      add custom toolbar files
      add custom toolbar files to POTFILES.in
      updated pt_BR.po
      obey coding style; follow UI text conventions
      re-position and resize custom toolbar window
      don't write Processing progress to status bar
      don't write Processing progress to status bar; re-position and resize custom toolbar window
      re-work UI
      re-work custom toolbar UI
      rename 'A_SEND_QUEUD' to 'A_SEND_QUEUED'
      rename 'Pixmap' to 'Icon' throughout UI
      fix missing entry
      replace Up/Down pixmaps with text
      update English FAQ
      update Spanish FAQ
      fix bug where clicking 'OK' creates an icon & text toolbar regardless of prefs
      don't translate debug info
      update Serbian message catalog
      update Italian message catalog
      sync with 0.8.1cvs24
      fix bug where 'Compose News' icon showed wrong tooltip
      update Spanish message catalog
      fix bug where 'Cancel' button creates icon and text toolbar regardless of prefs
      fix non-translated tooltips bug
      update Brazilian message catalog
      re-order prefs_toolbar_cancel()
      sync with 0.8.1cvs25
      re-order prefs_toolbar_cancel() and sync with 0.8.1cvs25
      add check for '.' to QUOTE_IF_REQUIRED
      sync with 0.8.1cvs26
      fix crash when changing field type in Quick Search bar
      sync with 0.8.1cvs27
      fix alignment of colour selector in folder properties
      sync with 0.8.1cvs28
      sync with 0.8.1cvs29
      give full control of display or non-display of Execute icon to Custom toolbar settings
      sync with 0.8.1cvs29
      sync with 0.8.1cvs30
      sync with 0.8.1cvs30
      sync with 0.8.1cvs31
      updated message catalogs
      update English manual
      sync with 0.8.2 release
      sync with 0.8.2cvs4
      sync with 0.8.2cvs5
      sync with 0.8.2cvs6
      sync with 0.8.2cvs6
      add new domain name
      sync with 0.8.2cvs8
      sync with 0.8.2cvs9
      sync with 0.8.2cvs10
      remove ldif-to-xml.py
      sync with 0.8.2cvs11
      sync with 0.8.2cvs12
      add Bulgarian translation
      add The Bat! addressbook conversion script
      add The Bat! addressbook conversion script and Bulgarian message catalog
      sync with 0.8.2cvs13
      sync with 0.8.2cvs14
      [sync with 0.8.2cvs15]
      updated Bulgarian message catalog
      sync with 0.8.3
      re-align colour selector button
      force BASE64 encoding for 8-bit text when signing
      sync with 0.8.3cvs3
      sync with 0.8.3cvs4
      updated message catalogs
      version 0.8.3claws
      sync with 0.8.3cvs5
      sync with 0.8.3cvs6
      sync with 0.8.3cvs7
      sync with 0.8.3cvs8
      update Bulgarian and Serbian message catalogs
      update message catalogs
      sync with 0.8.4cvs1
      sync ldap detection from 0.8.5
      fix typo: sync ldap detection from 0.8.5cvs1 not 0.8.5
      sync with 0.8.5
      update Italian, Brazilian and Serbian message catalogs
      *** empty log message ***
      release 0.8.5claws
      fix quote reply format for newsgroups reply bug
      give credit where credit is due
      update en_GB.po
      update pl.po
      update es.po
      be more verbose in the description of OOo2sylpheed.pl
      add Cc and Bcc to template
      updated Bulgarian message catalog
      updated Spanish message catalog
      fix OOo2sylpheed.pl: allow for spaces in the file name
      allow for spaces in the file name
      add new Kmail addressbook convertor script for newer versions of kmail/kaddressbook
      add new Kmail addressbook convertor script for newer versions of kmail/kaddressbook
      fix typo: kmail 1.4.7
      sync with 0.8.5cvs15
      fix 'Create filter rule' bug
      remove main's 'filter' code
      update to reflect removal main's 'filter' code
      remove filter.c and prefs_filter.c from POTFILES.in
      remove filter.c and prefs_filter.c
      make a debug_print() not translatable
      filter_conv.pl: fix bug where user-defined headers were ignored
      fix bug where user-defined headers were ignored
      remove last remnants of main's filter code
      replace icons with pngcrushed icons
      sync with 0.8.5cvs17
      updated Spanish translation
      sync with 0.8.5cvs19
      allow 'on-the-fly' changing of the type of encryption and/or signing used (mime/ascii) via the compose window
      sync with 0.8.5cvs20
      add a forgotten '#if USE_GPGME ... #endif'
      fix reply-to-list bug. closes bug report [633382]
      revert last commit
      re-implement GnuPG 'on-the-fly' mode selection
      prevent mixed-mode Privacy settings
      correct some typos
      catch a typo
      re-word a label
      sync with 0.8.5cvs21
      sync with 0.8.5cvs22
      update Spanish translation
      sync with 0.8.5cvs23
      fix typo
      (ahem) fix another typo
      sync with 0.8.5cvs24
      update Italian translation
      sync with 0.8.6 release
      updated Russian message catalog
      fix commit conflict
      fix bug [ 603259 ] 'attachment got lost on bounce'
      fix sensitivity of menu items in compose_redirect()
      more sensitivity fixes to redirect mode
      fix for message display in UTF-8 locales
      add new team members and contributors
      add 'autom4te.cache' to .cvsignore
      updated Italian translation
      updated Bulgarian translation
      updated translations
      0.8.6claws release
      update Serbian translation
      sync with 0.8.6cvs3
      sync with 0.8.6cvs4
      sync with 0.8.6cvs3
      sync with 0.8.6cvs5
      fix breakage caused by last commit
      sync with 0.8.6cvs11
      commit correct version of compose.c
      sync with 0.8.6cvs12
      do command-line processing before gtk_init
      improve the English in the GUI
      a few more improvements to the English
      sync with 0.8.6cvs13
      more changes to the English
      fix the checking of GTK with XIM support on different OSs, such as FreeBSD
      re-instate 'Check for new messages' in Newsgroup and after a crash check only local folders for new messages
      re-instate 'Check for new messages' in Newsgroup
      after a crash check only local folders for new messages
      fix bug [642731] 'Wrong selected account with drafted mail'
      sync with 0.8.6cvs15
      fix timewarp in ChangeLog.claws
      update POTFILES.in to reflect recent changes
      fix problem with quoted strings in filter_conv.pl
      update Spanish translation and add new Hungarian translation
      initial Hungarian translation
      sync with 0.8.6cvs16
      clean up
      clean up: remove unneccesary includes
      put back needed include
      fix bug [649746] edit accounts: move account reverted
      update POTFILES.in
      update Spanish translation
      sync with 0.8.6cvs17
      fix menubar sensitivity on send; fix english; fix typo
      fix menubar sensitivity on send
      fix english
      sync: fix typo
      sync with 0.8.6cvs22
      sync with 0.8.6cvs23
      sync with 0.8.6cvs26
      sync with 0.8.6cvs27
      fix bug 643638
      fix coding style of addrbook.c
      fix coding style
      update Bulgarian, Spanish and Serbian translations
      fix signature-stripping on replies bug
      updated Italian translation
      updated en_GB translation
      fix typo and add licence header
      updated Polish translation
      Santa Claws release
      update Russian translation
      update Hungarian translation
      partial sync with 0.8.8 release
      remove 'src/prefs.c'
      update Bulgarian translation
      update Bulgarian translation
      0.8.8claws release
      update Spanish translation
      update Brazilian translation
      sync with 0.8.8
      fix 'sort by recipient'
      remove unneeded 'GtkWidget *vbox'
      fix bug [ 659054 ] incorrect sorting of 'From' column
      remove obsolete entry from POTFILES.in
      remove obsolete entry
      fixes and improvements to tb2sylpheed
      update Spanish translation
      fix bug 605957 'shortcuts in popup-menu'
      prefs_filtering_action_select(): improve logic and uniformity of gui
      small change to English
      fix an old typo
      sync with 0.8.8cvs1
      add script to enable phoenix as default browser
      remove full path to sylpheed executable, just 'sylpheed' will do
      update and re-arrange
      when using 'Add sender to addressbook' allow name to be edited and remarks to be entered; update Italian translation
      when using 'Add sender to addressbook' allow name to be edited and remarks to be entered
      update Italian translation
      sync with 0.8.8cvs2
      sync with 0.8.8cvs3
      revert unwnated sync
      add info about 'dynamic' signatures
      sync with 0.8.8cvs4
      change English used in Alert when entry is not used
      a sync from main which fixes the news account folders' Properties bug
      sync with 0.8.8cvs5
      update Bulgarian translation
      fixes to the Message View toolbar and menu
      sync with 0.8.8cvs6
      rename configure.in to configure.ac
      rename configure.in to configure.ac
      sync with 0.8.8cvs8
      store folder and message-id of message forwarding to in queue header and set forward flag after sending
      fix typo
      sync with 0.8.8cvs9
      sycn with 0.8.8cvs11
      remove INSTALL.jp
      sync with 0.8.9 release
      update Brazilian translation
      *** empty log message ***
      update Bulgarian translation
      its now 2003
      don't translate 'Separator'
      add aspell to CPPFLAGS
      et correct default for spamassassin_receive_spam. slightly re-word descriptions and some other minor changes
      revert last folder.c commit
      revert last commit
      update Spanish, Italian, Russian and Serbian translations
      sylpheed-0.8.9claws release
      *** empty log message ***
      fix bug where a change to the sorting method or thread view of a folder's messages is lost if simpify-subject is set and toggled on or off.
      conv_encode_header():  fix bug when long headers with 8-bit characters are used
      re-implement per-folder message threading
      re-add (closes bug #X) comments to changelog entries
      re-add (closes bug #X) comments to changelog entries
      correct description: implement per-folder collapsed/expanded threads setting [late night log entry]
      summary_thread_build{}, summary_thread_init{}: remove unneeded reference to summaryview->folder_item
      rename the 'Unread' column to 'Status'
      rename summary_unread_clicked{} to summary_status_clicked{}
      speed up of marking messages as read
      update POTFILES.in
      sync with 0.8.9cvs1
      sync with 0.8.9cvs2
      sync with 0.8.9cvs3
      sync with 0.8.9cvs4
      indicate GnuPG signed messages by displaying an icon in the Attachment column
      indicate GnuPG signed messages by displaying an icon in the Attachment column
      update Spanish translation
      update Brazilian translation
      sync with 0.8.9cvs6
      sync with 0.8.10
      sync with 0.8.10cvs2
      update my entries
      sync with 0.8.10cvs6
      fix bug where both an 'Account properties' window and a 'Folder properties' window were opened when clicking on 'Properties' in an NNTP or IMAP folder's popup menu
      fix bug where a newsgroup folder's processing rules were merged with the global filtering rules when the newsgroup folder was deleted
      correct --enable-openssl
      sync with 0.8.10cvs7
      updated translations; Allow the building of RPMs by a regular user
      updated translations
      update Spanish translation
      0.8.10claws release
      fix failure of 'make release'
      fix failure of 'make release'
      show which plugins are configured in the configure output
      sync with 0.8.10cvs9
      fix 'Follow-up and Reply-to'
      make replies behave correctly, re: RFC 1036, Section 2.2.3, paragraph 1
      sync with 0.8.10cvs11
      move signature settings to Account Prefs
      Add 2 Actions scripts which search freshmeat/google for the selected text using the browser configured in sylpheedrc
      add GPL header
      add info about google/freshmeat search scripts
      when a 'protocol error' is encountered disconnect from the server
      sync with 0.8.10cvs12
      sync with 0.8.10cvs13
      sync with 0.8.10cvs14
      make blue the default new mail colour
      as a Drafts folder is a special folder allow it to have its own unique icons
      add a 'List all keys' button to key selection dialog
      fix bug [688596] Reply-to header in news
      fix bug #54 'yesterdays date is displayed in the message summary window'
      move 'Maximum number of articles to download' to account prefs
      add tooltips to online/offline button and account selector button
      sync with 0.8.10cvs17
      revert commit 0.8.10claws26
      google/freshmeat search Actions scripts should now work with any configured browser
      fix bug where the address book crashes with multiple lookups
      sync with 0.8.10cvs18
      sync with 0.8.10cvs19
      update POTFILES.in to reflect recent movement of files
      sync with 0.8.10cvs20
      re-order 'Signature' items in Account Prefs
      add the --check option to po/Makefile.in.in
      update Bulgarian translation
      revert commit 0.8.10claws54 - breaks editing of address book
      fix compilation error
      sync with 0.8.10cvs21
      list 'Compiled plugins' in 'About' window
      sync with 0.8.10cvs23
      sync with 0.8.10cvs25
      remove reference to gtkxtext.h in src/Makefile.am
      remove reference to gtkxtext.h
      compose.c: freeze text before autosave and thaw afterwards
      freeze text before autosave and thaw afterwards
      folderview.c: if configured font can't be loaded fall back to gtk default
      fix bugs 73 and 74
      fix bugs 73, 'Crash when selecting top-level folder'
      fix bugs 74, 'Crash opening editor window with pseudo-color display'
      revert commit 0.8.10claws92
      sync with 0.8.11 release
      update Spanish translation
      sync with 0.8.11cvs2
      make some strings translatable
      update English manual, update Bulgarian, Italian, and Serbian translations
      update Bulgarian, Italian, and Serbian translations
      update English manual
      update Spanish translation
      a sync from 0.8.11cvs4
      0.8.11claws release
      sync with 0.8.11cvs5
      update Polish translation
      add multiwebsearch Actions script
      fix typo in multiwebsearch.pl
      remove 'Compiled-plugins' section from about.c; slight change to description text of the dillo_viewer plugin
      slight change to description text
      remove 'Compiled-plugins' section
      removed (sync with 0.8.11cvs6)
      sync with 0.8.11cvs6
      prefs_account.c: Re-write 'Tunnel command to open connection' as 'Use command to communicate with server', and disable it for all except IMAP accounts
      sync with 0.8.11cvs11
      sync with 0.8.11cvs12
      sync with 0.8.11cvs13
      sync with 0.8.11cvs14
      sync with 0.8.11cvs14
      sync with 0.8.11cvs15
      sync with 0.8.11cvs16
      sync with 0.8.11cvs18
      sync with 0.8.11cvs20
      clean up after last commit
      update Spanish translation
      sync with 0.8.11cvs21
      add Clam AntiVirus plugin
      activate archive scanning option
      add .cvsignore
      fix memory leaks and cleanup clamav_plugin.c
      sync with 0.8.11cvs22
      sync with 0.8.11cvs24
      add Lock/Unlock to summary view popup menu
      add common prefs option '/Interface/Open next message on deletion'
      rearrange common prefs
      sync with 0.8.11cvs27
      use gulong for P_COLOR so that it compiles/runs on 64-bit systems
      correct a typo
      sync with 0.8.11cvs28
      remove 'Open next message on deletion' option
      sync with 0.8.11cvs29
      updated and improved outlook2sylpheed.pl
      sync with 0.8.11cvs31
      remove pgptext.[ch] as its not used any more
      sync with 0.8.11cvs33
      sync with 0.8.11cvs35
      correct strange float value
      restore double-clicking of the [application/pgp-signature (Select 'Check signature' to check)] line in the message view
      fix return-receipt
      more sync with 0.8.11cvs35
      sync with 0.8.11cvs36
      fix crash when performing an action on a mime part
      fix crash when performing an action on a mime part
      add reference to Sylpheed-Claws team
      configure.ac: arrange the plugins in reverse alphabetical order; clamav_plugin.[ch], clamav_plugin_gtk.c: rename some params, resize max_size window, re-arrange the order of some gui elements, improve descriptions; image_viewer/plugin.c, mathml_viewer/mathml_viewer.c: add descriptions; spamassassin_gtk.c: resize max_size window, re-arrange the order of some gui elements; messageview.c, mimeview.c: correct typos
      correct typos
      resize max_size window, re-arrange the order of some gui elements
      add descriptions
      rename some params, resize max_size window, re-arrange the order of some gui elements, improve descriptions
      be more descriptive
      get rid of eye-hurting function signatures :)
      fix bug where opening folder has massive slowdown when using the 'Display sender using address book' option
      revert the 'fix' of 0.8.11claws128 because it doesn't fix it
      a better fix for the bug where opening folder has massive slowdown when using the 'Display sender using address book' option
      update Bulgarian translation
      sync with 0.8.11cvs38
      revert match's changes to (finally) remove the bug where opening a folder causes massive slowdown when using the 'Display sender using address book' option
      update Czech translation
      clean up
      sync with 0.8.11cvs39
      fix typo introduced in last sync
      sync with 0.8.11cvs41
      add convert_mbox.pl script
      sync with 0.8.11cvs43
      sync with 0.9.0pre1
      fix bug in convert_mbox.pl
      sync with latest 0.9.0pre1
      sync with latest 0.9.0pre1
      sync with 0.9.0
      gettextise clamav and dillo plugins
      remove unnecessary debug_print
      add 'Recipient' label for FORWARD, FORWARD_AS_ATTACHMENT, and REDIRECT actions
      fix 'pop before smtp' timeout
      sync with 0.9.0cvs1
      link clamav_lib to the plugin and not to the main program
      correct ChangeLog.claws mess
      sync with 0.9.0cvs3
      minor change in the comments
      sync with 0.9.0cvs3
      sync with 0.9.0cvs4
      sync with 0.9.0cvs5
      sync with 0.9.0cvs6
      fix discrepency between open_unread_on_enter and always_show_msg
      sync with 0.9.0cvs7
      revert to get ldap into it previous working state
      add new Taiwanese translation
      revert to get ldap into it previous working state and add new Taiwanese translation
      add missing '\n'
      add missing files
      update translations
      update translations
      0.9.0claws release
      sync with 0.9.0cvs8
      sync with 0.9.0cvs9
      sync with 0.9.0cvs10
      add kmail to sylpheed mailbox conversion script
      sync with 0.9.1
      fix bug where changing account would insert sig even if auto_sig was FALSE
      sync with 0.9.1cvs1
      sync with 0.9.2 release
      fix bug where the insert sig button would be effective only when auto_sig was set
      sync with 0.9.2cvs2
      renamed and edited 'launch_phoenix' to reflect the browser's name change from 'phoenix' to 'firebird'
      fix Bug #136 'Nonprovided quotation marks crash claws'
      enable the use of Ctrl+A to select all text in the sourcewindow
      sync with 0.9.2cvs5
      sync with 0.9.2cvs6
      sync with 0.9.2cvs7
      sync with 0.9.2cvs9
      sync with 0.9.2cvs10
      fix thread by subject/sort by date
      revert last commit because it breaks more than it fixes
      sync with 0.9.2cvs11
      fix text-selection for replying
      sync with 0.9.2cvs12
      sync with 0.9.3
      sync with 0.9.3cvs1
      new Croatian translation
      sync with 0.9.3cvs2
      fix bug where multipart/alternative messages would slip through without being scanned
      update ac/missing/gettext.m4 to version 0.12
      disable addressbook 'Lookup' button
      update Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Serbian translations
      *** empty log message ***
      update man page
      *** empty log message ***
      version 0.9.3claws
      add addrquery.h to src/Makefile.am
      tools/README: update old information and add missing information
      sync with 0.9.3cvs12
      inc.c: remove two instances of 'GTK_EVENTS_FLUSH'
      add link to the Claws site's FAQ page in Help menu
      redraw icon list on signature check
      correction: one line better than two
      sync with 0.9.3cvs15
      sync with 0.9.3cvs16
      Redirect fixes: enable automatic account selection and do not append signature to message on changing account
      indicate missing keys and expired sigs/keys in mime view column
      minor changes: fix typos
      fix typo
      src/mimeview.c: increase the gutter size of paned so that the panes can be resized
      fix typo
      partial sync with 0.9.3cvs21
      tools/multiwebsearch.pl: do whitespace substitution before passing the string to the browser
      a sync from 0.9.3cvs17
      re-commit changes from 0.9.3claws58
      sync with 0.9.4cvs1
      update Spanish translation
      use the colour from the folder pref unless the folder has new messages
      fix 2 auto-sig bugs
      prepend '\n\n' to a siganture without a separator
      split the folder prefs into 2 separate pages
      remove duplicated code
      update Croatian and Serbian translations
      update Spanish translation
      version 0.9.4claws
      sync with 0.9.4cvs3
      sync with 0.9.4cvs4
      clear the progressbar unconditionally
      add Leandro and Luke to claws-branch section
      sync with 0.9.4cvs6
      update Russian translation
      update and define claws bugzilla location
      cosmetic changes
      add #include "defs.h"
      update Bulgarian translation
      fixes Bug #281 'in src/manual.c URL for manuals and FAQ wrong'
      sync with 0.9.4cvs7
      sync with 0.9.4cvs8
      sync with 0.9.4cvs9
      sync with 0.9.4cvs11
      add forgotten version change
      reduce GUI clutter by placing hints into tooltips
      add 'Content-Disposition: inline' to a text/plain part when using PGP/MIME signing
      sync with 0.9.4cvs12
      trim uri before sending to the statusbar
      sync with 0.9.4cvs13
      update Spanish translation
      ClamAV plugin gui tweaks
      add Slovak translation
      fix version number
      update Spanish, Slovak, and Serbian translations
      add missing files to src/Makefile.am
      0.9.5claws released
      *** empty log message ***
      rename and adopt the normal claws format
      fix gettextization
      enable building with automake 1.8
      ac -> m4
      sync with 0.9.10claws57 HEAD
      sync with 0.9.10claws67 HEAD
      replace deprecated gtk_signal... functions
      replace deprecated gtk_signal... functions (2 forogtten files)
      clean up Makefiles
      sync with 0.9.11cvs17 HEAD
      sync with 0.9.12cvs17
      correct version
      sync commitHelper script with HEAD
      sync with 0.9.12cvs18 HEAD
      add missing ChangeLog-gtk2.claws entry
      sync with 0.9.12cvs26 HEAD
      update/correct ChangeLog-gtk2.claws and PATCHSETS
      update PATCHSETS
      update/correct ChangeLog-gtk2.claws and PATCHSETS
      correct PATCHSETS
      sync with 0.9.12cvs28 HEAD
      sync with 0.9.12cvs28 HEAD
      fix Bug 556 Organisation-header is sent even if empty
      fix Bug 556 'Organisation-header is sent even if empty'
      replace deprecated gtk_window_set_policy
      replace deprecated gtk_window_set_policy
      remove gtk_window_set_wmclass()
      remove gtk_window_set_wmclass()
      replace deprecated gtk_progress*
      complete the replacement of deprecated gtk_progress_*
      update Brazilian Portuguese translation
      correct PATCHSETS
      change gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy from
      sync with HEAD
      sync with HEAD
      sync with HEAD
      2004-08-09 [paul]	0.9.12cvs55.2
      2004-08-09 [paul]	0.9.12cvs55.3
      modify PGP/MIME plugin's description
      2004-08-21 [paul]	0.9.12cvs66.2
      2004-08-21 [paul]	0.9.12cvs66.4
      2004-09-17 [paul]	0.9.12cvs102.1
      2004-09-29 [paul]	0.9.12cvs113.1
      2004-10-01 [paul]	0.9.12cvs116.1
      2004-10-04 [paul]	0.9.12cvs120.1
      2004-10-12 [paul]	0.9.12cvs124.1
      2004-10-12 [paul]	0.9.12cvs124.2
      2004-10-21 [paul]	0.9.12cvs130.2
      2004-10-21 [paul]	0.9.12cvs131.2
      2004-10-26 [paul]	0.9.12cvs132.3
      2004-10-27 [paul]	0.9.12cvs134.1
      2004-10-29 [paul]	0.9.12cvs135.1
      sync with HEAD
      sync with HEAD
      update tools/textviewer.sh (sync with HEAD)
      add credit for French translation
      2004-11-03 [paul]	0.9.12cvs138.1
      2004-11-06 [paul]	0.9.12cvs139.2
      update Spanish translation
      2004-11-12 [paul]	0.9.12cvs146.1
      2004-11-12 [paul]	0.9.12cvs146.4
      2004-11-13 [paul]	0.9.12cvs146.6
      2004-11-13 [paul]	0.9.12cvs146.7
      2004-11-13 [paul]	0.9.12cvs146.8
      2004-11-17 [paul]	0.9.12cvs155.1
      2004-11-18 [paul]	0.9.12cvs158.1
      2004-11-18 [paul]	0.9.12cvs158.2
      2004-12-01 [paul]	0.9.12cvs177.2
      2004-12-03 [paul]	0.9.12cvs180.1
      2004-12-04 [paul]	0.9.12cvs182.1
      2004-12-04 [paul]	0.9.12cvs182.2
      2004-12-04 [paul]	0.9.12cvs182.3
      2004-12-08 [paul]	0.9.13cvs8.2
      2004-12-18 [paul]	0.9.13cvs21.1
      2004-12-30 [paul]	0.9.13cvs22.1
      2004-12-30 [paul]	0.9.13cvs22.2
      2004-12-31 [paul]	0.9.13cvs23.1
      2005-01-07 [paul]	0.9.13cvs29.1
      2005-01-19 [paul]	1.0.0cvs1.1
      2005-01-20 [paul]	1.0.0cvs3.1
      2005-01-24 [paul]	1.0.0cvs12.1
      2005-01-25 [paul]	1.0.0cvs14.1
      2005-01-26 [paul]	1.0.0cvs15.1
      2005-01-26 [paul]	1.0.0cvs15.2
      2005-01-29 [paul]	1.0.0cvs23.2
      2005-02-01 [paul]	1.0.0cvs24.2
      2005-02-03 [paul]	1.0.0cvs25.2
      2005-02-03 [paul]	1.0.0cvs25.3
      2005-02-05 [paul]	1.0.0cvs28.1
      sync with HEAD
      2005-02-10 [paul]	1.0.1cvs3.2
      2005-02-10 [paul]	1.0.1cvs4.1
      updated by Pavlo Bohmat
      2005-02-11 [paul]	1.0.1cvs4.2
      2005-02-12 [paul]	1.0.1cvs4.4
      2005-02-12 [paul]	1.0.1cvs4.5
      2005-02-17 [paul]	1.0.1cvs11.4
      2005-02-21 [paul]	1.0.1cvs15.2
      2005-02-21 [paul]	1.0.1cvs15.3
      2005-02-25 [paul]	1.0.1cvs15.12
      2005-02-25 [paul]	1.0.1cvs19.1
      2005-02-27 [paul]	1.0.1cvs20.1
      2005-03-11 [paul]	1.0.3cvs1.1
      commit the correct file
      2005-03-11 [paul]	1.0.3cvs2.1
      2005-03-17 [paul]	1.0.3cvs2.2
      2005-03-18 [paul]	1.0.3cvs2.4
      2005-03-18 [paul]	1.0.3cvs2.5
      2005-03-18 [paul]	1.0.3cvs3.1
      initial GTK2 release, version 1.9.6
      2005-03-20 [paul]	1.9.6cvs2
      2005-03-21 [paul]	1.9.6cvs8
      2005-03-21 [paul]	1.9.6cvs9
      add script to send pdfs as attachments from Adobe Reader 7
      clean up early morning mess (tsk)
      2005-03-29 [paul]	1.9.6cvs10
      2005-03-30 [paul]	1.9.6cvs12
      2005-04-01 [paul]	1.9.6cvs19
      2005-04-05 [paul]	1.9.6cvs25
      2005-04-05 [paul]	1.9.6cvs26
      2005-04-06 [paul]	1.9.6cvs27
      2005-04-12 [paul]	1.9.6cvs33
      2005-04-18 [paul]	1.9.6cvs41
      2005-04-19 [paul]	1.9.6cvs42
      2005-04-20 [paul]	1.9.6cvs43
      2005-04-21 [paul]	1.9.6cvs44
      2005-04-21 [paul]	1.9.6cvs45
      2005-05-05 [paul]	1.9.6cvs52
      2005-05-05 [paul]	1.9.6cvs53
      2005-05-05 [paul]	1.9.6cvs54
      2005-05-06 [paul]	1.9.6cvs56
      2005-05-06 [paul]	1.9.6cvs57
      2005-05-09 [paul]	1.9.6cvs58
      1.9.9 release
      add i18n status script
      2005-05-11 [paul]	1.9.9cvs2
      2005-05-19 [paul]	1.9.9cvs13
      2005-05-19 [paul]	1.9.9cvs14
      1.9.11 release
      * tools/kdeservicemenu/install.sh
      Pawel Pekala listed twice
      update Russian translation
      2005-05-27 [paul]	1.9.11cvs16
      2005-05-30 [paul]	1.9.11cvs19
      2005-05-30 [paul]	1.9.11cvs20
      2005-05-31 [paul]	1.9.11cvs26
      2005-05-31 [paul]	1.9.11cvs27
      2005-06-01 [paul]	1.9.11cvs30
      2005-06-03 [paul]	1.9.11cvs37
      2005-06-03 [paul]	1.9.11cvs38
      2005-06-03 [paul]	1.9.11cvs39
      2005-06-06 [paul]	1.9.11cvs41
      2005-06-07 [paul]	1.9.11cvs44
      2005-06-08 [paul]	1.9.11cvs46
      2005-06-08 [paul]	1.9.11cvs47
      2005-06-08 [paul]	1.9.11cvs48
      2005-06-14 [paul]	1.9.11cvs66
      2005-06-15 [paul]	1.9.11cvs70
      2005-06-15 [paul]	1.9.11cvs71
      2005-06-15 [paul]	1.9.11cvs72
      2005-06-15 [paul]	1.9.11cvs73
      2005-06-16 [paul]	1.9.11cvs76
      2005-06-16 [paul]	1.9.11cvs77
      2005-06-24 [paul]	1.9.11cvs95
      2005-06-24 [paul]	1.9.11cvs96
      2005-06-24 [paul]	1.9.11cvs97
      2005-06-26 [paul]	1.9.11cvs104
      1.9.12 release
      2005-06-28 [paul]	1.9.12cvs3
      2005-06-28 [paul]	1.9.12cvs4
      2005-07-04 [paul]	1.9.12cvs15
      2005-07-04 [paul]	1.9.12cvs16
      2005-07-04 [paul]	1.9.12cvs17
      2005-07-11 [paul]	1.9.12cvs34
      2005-07-11 [paul]	1.9.12cvs35
      2005-07-12 [paul]	1.9.12cvs37
      2005-07-12 [paul]	1.9.12cvs39
      2005-07-13 [paul]	1.9.12cvs44
      2005-07-13 [paul]	1.9.12cvs45
      2005-07-13 [paul]	1.9.12cvs46
      2005-07-14 [paul]	1.9.12cvs47
      2005-07-14 [paul]	1.9.12cvs48
      2005-07-15 [paul]	1.9.12cvs53
      2005-07-15 [paul]	1.9.12cvs55
      2005-07-15 [paul]	1.9.12cvs56
      2005-07-15 [paul]	1.9.12cvs57
      2005-07-15 [paul]	1.9.12cvs58
      2005-07-17 [paul]	1.9.12cvs70
      2005-07-17 [paul]	1.9.12cvs71
      2005-07-17 [paul]	1.9.12cvs76
      2005-07-18 [paul]	1.9.12cvs77
      2005-07-19 [paul]	1.9.12cvs80
      2005-07-19 [paul]	1.9.12cvs82
      2005-07-19 [paul]	1.9.12cvs83
      2005-07-21 [paul]	1.9.12cvs88
      2005-07-22 [paul]	1.9.12cvs91
      1.9.13 release
      2005-07-24 [paul]	1.9.13cvs1
      pt_BR updated
      2005-07-25 [paul]	1.9.13cvs2
      2005-08-01 [paul]	1.9.13cvs3
      2005-08-02 [paul]	1.9.13cvs7
      2005-08-03 [paul]	1.9.13cvs10
      2005-08-05 [paul]	1.9.13cvs14
      2005-08-05 [paul]	1.9.13cvs15
      2005-08-06 [paul]	1.9.13cvs18
      2005-08-06 [paul]	1.9.13cvs19
      2005-08-07 [paul]	1.9.13cvs21
      2005-08-17 [paul]	1.9.13cvs34
      2005-08-17 [paul]	1.9.13cvs35
      2005-08-19 [paul]	1.9.13cvs37
      2005-08-19 [paul]	1.9.13cvs38
      2005-08-19 [paul]	1.9.13cvs39
      2005-08-19 [paul]	1.9.13cvs40
      2005-08-19 [paul]	1.9.13cvs41
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs46
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs47
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs48
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs49
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs50
      2005-08-22 [paul]	1.9.13cvs51
      2005-08-23 [paul]	1.9.13cvs52
      2005-08-23 [paul]	1.9.13cvs53
      2005-08-23 [paul]	1.9.13cvs54
      2005-08-23 [paul]	1.9.13cvs55
      2005-08-24 [paul]	1.9.13cvs56
      2005-08-24 [paul]	1.9.13cvs57
      2005-08-24 [paul]	1.9.13cvs58
      2005-08-29 [paul]	1.9.13cvs69
      2005-08-29 [paul]	1.9.13cvs70
      2005-08-29 [paul]	1.9.13cvs71
      1.9.14-rc4 released
      2005-08-31 [paul]	1.9.13cvs74
      2005-09-01 [paul]	1.9.13cvs76
      2005-09-02 [paul]	1.9.13cvs79
      2005-09-02 [paul]	1.9.13cvs80
      2005-09-04 [paul]	1.9.13cvs81
      2005-09-04 [paul]	1.9.13cvs82
      2005-09-05 [paul]	1.9.13cvs83
      1.9.14 released
      2005-09-08 [paul]	1.9.14cvs7
      2005-09-09 [paul]	1.9.14cvs11
      2005-09-09 [paul]	1.9.14cvs12
      2005-09-12 [paul]	1.9.14cvs19
      2005-09-12 [paul]	1.9.14cvs20
      2005-09-12 [paul]	1.9.14cvs21
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs25
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs26
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs27
      1.9.15-rc1 released
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs28
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs29
      2005-09-14 [paul]	1.9.14cvs30
      2005-09-15 [paul]	1.9.14cvs31
      2005-09-15 [paul]	1.9.14cvs32
      2005-09-17 [paul]	1.9.14cvs38
      1.9.15-rc2 released
      updated by Fabien Vantard
      2005-09-21 [paul]	1.9.14cvs47
      2005-09-22 [paul]	1.9.14cvs48
      2005-09-26 [paul]	1.9.14cvs51
      1.9.15-rc4 released
      2005-09-26 [paul]	1.9.14cvs52
      2005-09-28 [paul]	1.9.14cvs59
      2005-09-29 [paul]	1.9.14cvs61
      2005-09-30 [paul]	1.9.14cvs63
      2005-10-01 [paul]	1.9.14cvs64
      2005-10-01 [paul]	1.9.14cvs65
      2005-10-03 [paul]	1.9.14cvs66
      2005-10-03 [paul]	1.9.14cvs67
      2005-10-03 [paul]	1.9.14cvs68
      1.9.15 release
      2005-10-05 [paul]	1.9.15cvs13
      2005-10-06 [paul]	1.9.15cvs15
      2005-10-07 [paul]	1.9.15cvs19
      credit authors of new default icons
      2005-10-13 [paul]	1.9.15cvs34
      2005-10-14 [paul]	1.9.15cvs45
      2005-10-14 [paul]	1.9.15cvs46
      remove ex-team member
      2005-10-17 [paul]	1.9.15cvs65
      2005-10-17 [paul]	1.9.15cvs66
      2005-10-19 [paul]	1.9.15cvs74
      1.9.99-rc2 released
      2005-10-20 [paul]	1.9.15cvs79
      2005-10-20 [paul]	1.9.15cvs80
      2005-10-21 [paul]	1.9.15cvs87
      2005-10-21 [paul]	1.9.15cvs88
      2005-10-23 [paul]	1.9.15cvs94
      2005-10-24 [paul]	1.9.15cvs100
      2005-10-24 [paul]	1.9.15cvs101
      1.9.99-rc3 released
      2005-10-25 [paul]	1.9.15cvs103
      2005-10-25 [paul]	1.9.15cvs104
      2005-10-26 [paul]	1.9.15cvs112
      2005-10-27 [paul]	1.9.15cvs116
      fix typo
      2005-10-27 [paul]	1.9.15cvs117
      2005-10-27 [paul]	1.9.15cvs118
      2005-10-27 [paul]	1.9.15cvs120
      2005-10-27 [paul]	1.9.15cvs122
      2005-10-29 [paul]	1.9.15cvs126
      2005-10-31 [paul]	1.9.15cvs129
      2005-10-31 [paul]	1.9.15cvs130
      removed (part 1 of tidy up
      * .cvsignore
      1.9.99 released
      2005-10-31 [paul]	1.9.99cvs1
      2005-11-02 [paul]	1.9.99cvs3
      2005-11-07 [paul]	1.9.99cvs14
      2005-11-07 [paul]	1.9.99cvs15
      1.9.100 released
      2005-11-14 [paul]	1.9.100cvs11
      2005-11-14 [paul]	1.9.100cvs13
      2005-11-18 [paul]	1.9.100cvs19
      2005-11-18 [paul]	1.9.100cvs20
      2005-11-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs23
      remove 'standalone' declaration
      2005-11-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs24
      2005-11-23 [paul]	1.9.100cvs29
      2005-11-24 [paul]	1.9.100cvs31
      2005-11-25 [paul]	1.9.100cvs33
      2005-11-25 [paul]	1.9.100cvs34
      2005-11-25 [paul]	1.9.100cvs35
      2005-11-27 [paul]	1.9.100cvs37
      2005-11-27 [paul]	1.9.100cvs38
      2005-11-27 [paul]	1.9.100cvs39
      2005-11-30 [paul]	1.9.100cvs45
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs48
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs49
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs50
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs51
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs53
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs55
      2005-12-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs56
      2005-12-03 [paul]	1.9.100cvs57
      2005-12-04 [paul]	1.9.100cvs60
      additional info for last commit
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs61
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs62
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs63
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs64
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs65
      2005-12-05 [paul]	1.9.100cvs66
      2005-12-06 [paul]	1.9.100cvs69
      2005-12-07 [paul]	1.9.100cvs72
      2005-12-08 [paul]	1.9.100cvs75
      2005-12-09 [paul]	1.9.100cvs80
      2005-12-09 [paul]	1.9.100cvs81
      2005-12-11 [paul]	1.9.100cvs82
      2005-12-12 [paul]	1.9.100cvs83
      2005-12-15 [paul]	1.9.100cvs91
      OOo2sylpheed.pl not need for OOo 2.0
      2005-12-15 [paul]	1.9.100cvs93
      2005-12-19 [paul]	1.9.100cvs94
      2005-12-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs96
      2005-12-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs98
      2005-12-21 [paul]	1.9.100cvs99
      2005-12-21 [paul]	1.9.100cvs100
      2005-12-22 [paul]	1.9.100cvs102
      2005-12-22 [paul]	1.9.100cvs103
      2005-12-23 [paul]	1.9.100cvs106
      update Miquel Oliete's email address
      updates to names/email addresses
      2006-01-01 [paul]	1.9.100cvs117
      2006-01-02 [paul]	1.9.100cvs118
      2006-01-03 [paul]	1.9.100cvs120
      2006-01-04 [paul]	1.9.100cvs123
      2006-01-04 [paul]	1.9.100cvs124
      2.0.0-rc3 released
      2006-01-09 [paul]	1.9.100cvs126
      2006-01-09 [paul]	1.9.100cvs128
      2006-01-09 [paul]	1.9.100cvs129
      2006-01-10 [paul]	1.9.100cvs131
      2006-01-10 [paul]	1.9.100cvs132
      2006-01-10 [paul]	1.9.100cvs133
      2006-01-10 [paul]	1.9.100cvs135
      2006-01-11 [paul]	1.9.100cvs137
      2006-01-12 [paul]	1.9.100cvs139
      fix ChangeLog typo
      2006-01-13 [paul]	1.9.100cvs141
      2006-01-13 [paul]	1.9.100cvs142
      2006-01-13 [paul]	1.9.100cvs143
      2006-01-13 [paul]	1.9.100cvs144
      2006-01-13 [paul]	1.9.100cvs146
      2006-01-14 [paul]	1.9.100cvs148
      2.0.0-rc4 released
      2006-01-16 [paul]	1.9.100cvs158
      2006-01-18 [paul]	1.9.100cvs166
      2006-01-18 [paul]	1.9.100cvs167
      2006-01-18 [paul]	1.9.100cvs168
      2006-01-19 [paul]	1.9.100cvs171
      2006-01-19 [paul]	1.9.100cvs172
      2006-01-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs174
      2006-01-20 [paul]	1.9.100cvs175
      2006-01-21 [paul]	1.9.100cvs178
      2006-01-22 [paul]	1.9.100cvs179
      2006-01-23 [paul]	1.9.100cvs181
      2006-01-24 [paul]	1.9.100cvs183
      2006-01-25 [paul]	1.9.100cvs185
      mention bug fix
      2006-01-26 [paul]	1.9.100cvs188
      2006-01-26 [paul]	1.9.100cvs189
      2006-01-27 [paul]	1.9.100cvs191
      2006-01-28 [paul]	1.9.100cvs193
      2006-01-29 [paul]	1.9.100cvs195
      2006-01-29 [paul]	1.9.100cvs196
      2006-01-29 [paul]	1.9.100cvs197
      2006-01-29 [paul]	1.9.100cvs198
      2006-01-30 [paul]	1.9.100cvs200
      version 2.0.0
      2006-01-30 [paul]	2.0.0cvs2
      2006-02-01 [paul]	2.0.0cvs4
      2006-02-01 [paul]	2.0.0cvs5
      2006-02-02 [paul]	2.0.0cvs9
      2006-02-07 [paul]	2.0.0cvs27
      2006-02-09 [paul]	2.0.0cvs37
      2006-02-15 [paul]	2.0.0cvs50
      2006-02-24 [paul]	2.0.0cvs79
      2006-03-05 [paul]	2.0.0cvs110
      2006-03-07 [paul]	2.0.0cvs117
      2006-03-07 [paul]	2.0.0cvs118
      2006-03-07 [paul]	2.0.0cvs119
      2006-03-07 [paul]	2.0.0cvs120
      2006-03-09 [paul]	2.0.0cvs123
      2006-03-09 [paul]	2.0.0cvs124
      2006-03-09 [paul]	2.0.0cvs126
      2006-03-10 [paul]	2.0.0cvs129
      2006-03-12 [paul]	2.0.0cvs133
      2006-03-12 [paul]	2.0.0cvs134
      2006-03-12 [paul]	2.0.0cvs135
      2006-03-12 [paul]	2.0.0cvs136
      2006-03-17 [paul]	2.0.0cvs145
      2.1.0-rc1 released
      2006-03-22 [paul]	2.0.0cvs162
      2006-03-23 [paul]	2.0.0cvs164
      2006-03-23 [paul]	2.0.0cvs165
      credit where credit is due
      2.1.0-rc2 released
      2006-04-05 [paul]	2.0.0cvs185
      2006-04-05 [paul]	2.0.0cvs186
      add info about tbird2syl.py
      2.1.0 unleashed
      2006-04-07 [paul]	2.1.0cvs13
      2006-04-13 [paul]	2.1.0cvs37
      2006-04-13 [paul]	2.1.0cvs38
      2006-04-14 [paul]	2.1.0cvs43
      2006-04-20 [paul]	2.1.1cvs17
      2006-04-20 [paul]	2.1.1cvs18
      2006-04-20 [paul]	2.1.1cvs19
      2006-04-25 [paul]	2.1.1cvs33
      2006-04-27 [paul]	2.1.1cvs37
      2006-04-27 [paul]	2.1.1cvs38
      add compose_no_markup to french manual
      2.2.0-rc1 released
      2006-04-28 [paul]	2.1.1cvs40
      2006-04-28 [paul]	2.1.1cvs41
      2006-05-12 [paul]	2.2.0cvs5
      2006-05-12 [paul]	2.2.0cvs6
      2006-05-12 [paul]	2.2.0cvs7
      2006-05-13 [paul]	2.2.0cvs9
      2006-05-15 [paul]	2.2.0cvs17
      2006-05-17 [paul]	2.2.0cvs27
      2006-05-17 [paul]	2.2.0cvs28
      2006-05-18 [paul]	2.2.0cvs31
      2006-05-18 [paul]	2.2.0cvs32
      2006-05-19 [paul]	2.2.0cvs35
      bring this forgotten file up to date
      2006-05-24 [paul]	2.2.0cvs50
      2006-05-29 [paul]	2.2.0cvs63
      2006-06-03 [paul]	2.2.0cvs79
      2006-06-06 [paul]	2.2.1cvs4
      2006-06-06 [paul]	2.2.1cvs5
      2006-06-06 [paul]	2.2.1cvs6
      2006-06-06 [paul]	2.2.2cvs1
      2006-06-07 [paul]	2.2.2cvs2
      2006-06-08 [paul]	2.2.3cvs1
      2006-06-09 [paul]	2.2.3cvs4
      2006-06-09 [paul]	2.2.3cvs5
      2006-06-12 [paul]	2.2.3cvs14
      2.3.0 released
      quietly remove this obsoleted script
      2006-06-14 [paul]	2.3.0cvs10
      2006-06-14 [paul]	2.3.0cvs11
      2006-06-20 [paul]	2.3.1cvs1
      2006-06-20 [paul]	2.3.1cvs2
      2006-06-21 [paul]	2.3.1cvs5
      2006-06-21 [paul]	2.3.1cvs6
      2006-06-21 [paul]	2.3.1cvs7
      2006-06-21 [paul]	2.3.1cvs9
      2006-06-21 [paul]	2.3.1cvs10
      2006-06-22 [paul]	2.3.1cvs14
      2006-06-24 [paul]	2.3.1cvs17
      2006-06-24 [paul]	2.3.1cvs18
      2006-06-27 [paul]	2.3.1cvs23
      2006-06-28 [paul]	2.3.1cvs27
      2.4.0-rc1 released
      2006-06-28 [paul]	2.3.1cvs28
      2.4.0-rc1 released
      2006-06-28 [paul]	2.3.1cvs29
      2006-06-28 [paul]	2.3.1cvs30
      2.4.0-rc2 released
      2006-06-30 [paul]	2.3.1cvs46
      2006-07-05 [paul]	2.3.1cvs60
      2006-07-06 [paul]	2.3.1cvs62
      2006-07-07 [paul]	2.3.1cvs67
      fix typo
      2006-07-07 [paul]	2.3.1cvs68
      2006-07-07 [paul]	2.3.1cvs71
      2006-07-11 [paul]	2.3.1cvs79
      2006-07-12 [paul]	2.3.1cvs80
      2006-07-12 [paul]	2.3.1cvs81
      2006-07-31 [paul]	2.3.1cvs88
      2006-07-31 [paul]	2.3.1cvs89
      2006-07-31 [paul]	2.3.1cvs90
      2006-07-31 [paul]	2.3.1cvs91
      2.4.0 unleashed
      2006-07-31 [paul]	2.4.0cvs5
      2006-08-02 [paul]	2.4.0cvs12
      2006-08-02 [paul]	2.4.0cvs13
      2006-08-02 [paul]	2.4.0cvs14
      2006-08-12 [paul]	2.4.0cvs42
      2006-08-13 [paul]	2.4.0cvs43
      2006-08-14 [paul]	2.4.0cvs46
      2006-08-14 [paul]	2.4.0cvs47
      2.5.0-rc1 released
      2006-08-14 [paul]	2.4.0cvs48
      2006-08-16 [paul]	2.4.0cvs52
      2006-08-16 [paul]	2.4.0cvs53
      2006-08-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs62
      2006-08-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs63
      2006-08-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs64
      add info about the bug item
      2006-08-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs65
      2006-08-20 [paul]	2.4.0cvs66
      2006-08-22 [paul]	2.4.0cvs70
      2006-08-22 [paul]	2.4.0cvs72
      2006-08-25 [paul]	2.4.0cvs87
      2006-08-25 [paul]	2.4.0cvs90
      2006-08-28 [paul]	2.4.0cvs102
      2006-08-28 [paul]	2.4.0cvs103
      2006-08-28 [paul]	2.4.0cvs104
      2006-08-28 [paul]	2.4.0cvs105
      2006-08-28 [paul]	2.4.0cvs106
      2006-08-29 [paul]	2.4.0cvs108
      2006-08-29 [paul]	2.4.0cvs109
      2.5.0-rc2 released
      2006-09-01 [paul]	2.4.0cvs120
      credit it
      2006-09-02 [paul]	2.4.0cvs132
      2006-09-03 [paul]	2.4.0cvs134
      2006-09-03 [paul]	2.4.0cvs135
      correct the ChangeLog description
      2006-09-03 [paul]	2.4.0cvs136
      2006-09-04 [paul]	2.4.0cvs139
      2006-09-04 [paul]	2.4.0cvs141
      2006-09-05 [paul]	2.4.0cvs149
      2006-09-06 [paul]	2.4.0cvs157
      2.5.0-rc3 released
      2006-09-06 [paul]	2.4.0cvs158
      2006-09-07 [paul]	2.4.0cvs159
      2006-09-07 [paul]	2.4.0cvs160
      2006-09-10 [paul]	2.4.0cvs171
      2006-09-14 [paul]	2.4.0cvs187
      2006-09-16 [paul]	2.4.0cvs190
      2006-09-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs196
      2006-09-18 [paul]	2.4.0cvs197
      use HTML entities in translators' names
      2006-09-21 [paul]	2.4.0cvs206
      2006-09-25 [paul]	2.4.0cvs214
      2.5.0 unleashedcd sylpheed-claws
      2.5.1 released
      update version number following stable release
      2006-10-05 [paul]	2.5.3cvs6
      2006-10-09 [paul]	2.5.3cvs25
      2006-10-11 [paul]	2.5.3cvs32
      bump up version number following stable release
      bump up version number following stable release
      2006-10-13 [paul]	2.5.5cvs6
      bump up version number following stable release
      2006-10-21 [paul]	2.5.6cvs4
      forgot this update in last commit
      2006-10-26 [paul]	2.5.6cvs7
      2006-11-06 [paul]	2.5.6cvs20
      2006-11-06 [paul]	2.5.6cvs22
      2.6.0 unleashed
      2006-11-08 [paul]	2.6.0cvs15
      2006-11-08 [paul]	2.6.0cvs16
      2006-11-08 [paul]	2.6.0cvs17
      2006-11-09 [paul]	2.6.0cvs19
      2006-11-09 [paul]	2.6.0cvs20
      2006-11-10 [paul]	2.6.0cvs27
      2006-11-12 [paul]	2.6.0cvs34
      2006-11-14 [paul]	2.6.0cvs45
      2006-11-14 [paul]	2.6.0cvs46
      2006-11-16 [paul]	2.6.0cvs50
      2006-11-16 [paul]	2.6.0cvs51
      2006-11-16 [paul]	2.6.0cvs53
      2006-11-17 [paul]	2.6.0cvs54
      2006-11-18 [paul]	2.6.0cvs55
      2006-11-19 [paul]	2.6.0cvs56
      give credit for patch
      2006-11-24 [paul]	2.6.0cvs58
      2006-11-25 [paul]	2.6.0cvs59
      2006-11-26 [paul]	2.6.0cvs60
      2006-11-26 [paul]	2.6.0cvs61
      2006-11-26 [paul]	2.6.0cvs62
      2006-11-26 [paul]	2.6.0cvs63
      2006-11-27 [paul]	2.6.0cvs64
      2006-11-27 [paul]	2.6.0cvs65
      2006-11-30 [paul]	2.6.0cvs70
      2006-12-01 [paul]	2.6.0cvs74
      2006-12-01 [paul]	2.6.0cvs79
      2006-12-02 [paul]	2.6.0cvs80
      2006-12-04 [paul]	2.6.0cvs83
      2006-12-04 [paul]	2.6.1cvs1
      2006-12-05 [paul]	2.6.1cvs3
      2006-12-05 [paul]	2.6.1cvs4
      2006-12-06 [paul]	2.6.1cvs9
      2006-12-06 [paul]	2.6.1cvs10
      2006-12-12 [paul]	2.6.1cvs20
      2006-12-12 [paul]	2.6.1cvs21
      2006-12-13 [paul]	2.6.1cvs27
      2006-12-13 [paul]	2.6.1cvs28
      2006-12-15 [paul]	2.6.1cvs37
      2006-12-20 [paul]	2.6.1cvs56
      2006-12-23 [paul]	2.6.1cvs67
      2006-12-23 [paul]	2.6.1cvs68
      2006-12-31 [paul]	2.6.1cvs92
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs94
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs95
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs96
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs97
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs98
      2007-01-03 [paul]	2.6.1cvs100
      2.7.0-rc3 released
      2007-01-07 [paul]	2.6.1cvs115
      2007-01-08 [paul]	2.6.1cvs117
      2007-01-08 [paul]	2.6.1cvs118
      2007-01-08 [paul]	2.6.1cvs119
      2.7.0 unleashed
      2007-01-08 [paul]	2.7.0cvs2
      2007-01-12 [paul]	2.7.0cvs13
      2007-01-12 [paul]	2.7.0cvs14
      2007-01-12 [paul]	2.7.0cvs15
      2007-01-13 [paul]	2.7.0cvs22
      2007-01-15 [paul]	2.7.0cvs30
      2007-01-15 [paul]	2.7.0cvs31
      2007-01-15 [paul]	2.7.1cvs1
      2007-01-17 [paul]	2.7.1cvs13
      2007-01-17 [paul]	2.7.1cvs14
      2007-01-17 [paul]	2.7.1cvs15
      2007-01-18 [paul]	2.7.1cvs20
      2007-01-18 [paul]	2.7.1cvs21
      2007-01-18 [paul]	2.7.1cvs22
      forgot to mention -v
      2007-01-19 [paul]	2.7.1cvs33
      2007-01-19 [paul]	2.7.1cvs34
      2007-01-23 [paul]	2.7.1cvs53
      2007-01-26 [paul]	2.7.2cvs1
      2007-01-27 [paul]	2.7.2cvs3
      2007-02-01 [paul]	2.7.2cvs13
      2007-02-05 [paul]	2.7.2cvs22
      2007-02-07 [paul]	2.7.2cvs27
      2007-02-07 [paul]	2.7.2cvs28
      2007-02-07 [paul]	2.7.2cvs29
      2007-02-09 [paul]	2.7.2cvs34
      2007-02-09 [paul]	2.7.2cvs35
      2007-02-09 [paul]	2.7.2cvs36
      2007-02-09 [paul]	2.7.2cvs37
      2007-02-18 [paul]	2.7.2cvs49
      2007-02-18 [paul]	2.7.2cvs50
      2007-02-19 [paul]	2.7.2cvs51
      2007-02-23 [paul]	2.7.2cvs64
      2007-02-25 [paul]	2.7.2cvs72
      2007-02-26 [paul]	2.7.2cvs75
      2.8.0 unleashed
      2007-02-26 [paul]	2.8.0cvs1
      2007-03-05 [paul]	2.8.0cvs21
      2007-03-06 [paul]	2.8.0cvs24
      2007-03-06 [paul]	2.8.1cvs1
      2007-03-09 [paul]	2.8.1cvs5
      2007-03-15 [paul]	2.8.1cvs13
      2007-03-15 [paul]	2.8.1cvs14
      2007-03-17 [paul]	2.8.1cvs22
      2007-03-21 [paul]	2.8.1cvs29
      2007-03-24 [paul]	2.8.1cvs45
      2007-03-24 [paul]	2.8.1cvs46
      2007-03-24 [paul]	2.8.1cvs47
      2007-03-26 [paul]	2.8.1cvs52
      2007-03-30 [paul]	2.8.1cvs68
      2007-03-31 [paul]	2.8.1cvs74
      2007-04-02 [paul]	2.8.1cvs82
      2007-04-03 [paul]	2.8.1cvs84
      note when 2.9.0-rc1 was released
      2007-04-05 [paul]	2.8.1cvs89
      2007-04-16 [paul]	2.8.1cvs101
      2007-04-16 [paul]	2.8.1cvs102
      2.9.0 unleashed
      2007-04-16 [paul]	2.9.0cvs1
      2007-04-18 [paul]	2.9.0cvs7
      2007-04-18 [paul]	2.9.0cvs8
      2007-04-19 [paul]	2.9.0cvs9
      2007-04-19 [paul]	2.9.1cvs1
      2007-04-24 [paul]	2.9.1cvs20
      2007-04-24 [paul]	2.9.1cvs21
      2007-04-27 [paul]	2.9.1cvs30
      2007-04-30 [paul]	2.9.1cvs35
      2007-05-02 [paul]	2.9.1cvs36
      2007-05-06 [paul]	2.9.1cvs45
      2007-05-08 [paul]	2.9.1cvs48
      2007-05-08 [paul]	2.9.2cvs1
      2007-05-25 [paul]	2.9.2cvs15
      2007-06-08 [paul]	2.9.2cvs46
      2007-06-11 [paul]	2.9.2cvs53
      2007-06-11 [paul]	2.9.2cvs54
      2007-06-14 [paul]	2.9.2cvs59
      2007-06-15 [paul]	2.9.2cvs60
      fix ChangeLog typo
      2007-06-16 [paul]	2.9.2cvs64
      2007-06-17 [paul]	2.9.2cvs66
      2007-06-18 [paul]	2.9.2cvs69
      2007-06-28 [paul]	2.9.2cvs74
      2007-06-28 [paul]	2.9.2cvs75
      2007-07-02 [paul]	2.9.2cvs77
      2007-07-02 [paul]	2.9.2cvs78
      2.10.0 unleashed
      2007-07-03 [paul]	2.10.0cvs3
      2007-07-07 [paul]	2.10.0cvs9
      2007-07-10 [paul]	2.10.0cvs14
      2007-07-13 [paul]	2.10.0cvs18
      2007-07-14 [paul]	2.10.0cvs20
      2007-07-16 [paul]	2.10.0cvs29
      2007-07-17 [paul]	2.10.0cvs33
      2007-07-17 [paul]	2.10.0cvs34
      2007-07-17 [paul]	2.10.0cvs35
      2007-07-18 [paul]	2.10.0cvs38
      2007-07-18 [paul]	2.10.0cvs39
      2007-07-18 [paul]	2.10.0cvs40
      2007-07-19 [paul]	2.10.0cvs44
      2007-07-19 [paul]	2.10.0cvs45
      2007-07-19 [paul]	2.10.0cvs46
      2007-07-20 [paul]	2.10.0cvs52
      note when the RC was done
      2007-07-25 [paul]	2.10.0cvs62
      2007-07-26 [paul]	2.10.0cvs65
      2007-07-26 [paul]	2.10.0cvs66
      2007-07-27 [paul]	2.10.0cvs73
      2007-07-27 [paul]	2.10.0cvs74
      2007-07-27 [paul]	2.10.0cvs75
      2007-07-27 [paul]	2.10.0cvs76
      2007-07-27 [paul]	2.10.0cvs77
      2007-07-30 [paul]	2.10.0cvs80
      2007-07-31 [paul]	2.10.0cvs81
      2007-08-01 [paul]	2.10.0cvs82
      2007-08-02 [paul]	2.10.0cvs83
      2007-08-02 [paul]	2.10.0cvs84
      2007-08-03 [paul]	2.10.0cvs85
      2007-08-09 [paul]	2.10.0cvs106
      3.0.0-rc2 released
      2007-08-11 [paul]	2.10.0cvs113
      2007-08-13 [paul]	2.10.0cvs117
      2007-08-16 [paul]	2.10.0cvs126
      2007-08-18 [paul]	2.10.0cvs129
      2007-08-19 [paul]	2.10.0cvs132
      2007-08-20 [paul]	2.10.0cvs136
      2007-08-21 [paul]	2.10.0cvs139
      2007-08-21 [paul]	2.10.0cvs143
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs160
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs161
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs162
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs163
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs164
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs165
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs167
      2007-08-24 [paul]	2.10.0cvs168
      2007-08-25 [paul]	2.10.0cvs171
      2007-08-25 [paul]	2.10.0cvs172
      2007-08-25 [paul]	2.10.0cvs173
      2007-08-25 [paul]	2.10.0cvs175
      2007-09-03 [paul]	2.10.0cvs191
      3.0.0 unleashed
      2007-09-05 [colin]	3.0.0cvs6
      2007-09-05 [colin]	3.0.0cvs7
      2007-09-05 [colin]	3.0.0cvs8
      2007-09-06 [wwp]	3.0.0cvs9
      2007-09-07 [paul]	3.0.0cvs10
      2007-09-16 [paul]	3.0.0cvs11
      2007-09-16 [paul]	3.0.0cvs12
      2007-09-18 [paul]	3.0.1cvs1
      2007-09-20 [paul]	3.0.1cvs12
      2007-09-21 [paul]	3.0.1cvs18
      2007-09-21 [paul]	3.0.1cvs19
      2007-09-21 [paul]	3.0.1cvs20
      2007-09-23 [paul]	3.0.1cvs25
      2007-09-24 [paul]	3.0.1cvs26
      2007-09-28 [paul]	3.0.1cvs37
      2007-09-28 [paul]	3.0.1cvs43
      2007-09-28 [paul]	3.0.1cvs44
      2007-10-02 [paul]	3.0.2cvs1
      2007-10-04 [paul]	3.0.2cvs7
      2007-10-04 [paul]	3.0.2cvs8
      2007-10-05 [paul]	3.0.2cvs12
      2007-10-05 [paul]	3.0.2cvs13
      2007-10-06 [paul]	3.0.2cvs16
      add a new line at the end to stop the whinging
      2007-10-06 [paul]	3.0.2cvs18
      2007-10-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs32
      2007-10-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs33
      2007-10-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs34
      2007-10-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs35
      2007-10-09 [paul]	3.0.2cvs41
      2007-10-09 [paul]	3.0.2cvs42
      2007-10-09 [paul]	3.0.2cvs46
      correct the [name]
      2007-10-10 [paul]	3.0.2cvs51
      2007-10-10 [paul]	3.0.2cvs54
      2007-10-10 [paul]	3.0.2cvs57
      2007-10-12 [paul]	3.0.2cvs64
      2007-10-13 [paul]	3.0.2cvs66
      2007-10-13 [paul]	3.0.2cvs67
      correct 3.0.2cvs78 ChangeLog entry
      2007-10-18 [paul]	3.0.2cvs81
      thin down current ChangeLog by moving older entries to ChangeLog.2.0.0-3.0.0
      2007-10-18 [paul]	3.0.2cvs85
      2007-10-30 [paul]	3.0.2cvs107
      2007-10-30 [paul]	3.0.2cvs108
      2007-10-30 [paul]	3.0.2cvs109
      mention when 3.1.0-rc1 was released
      2007-10-31 [paul]	3.0.2cvs110
      2007-11-03 [paul]	3.0.2cvs112
      2007-11-03 [paul]	3.0.2cvs113
      2007-11-04 [paul]	3.0.2cvs114
      correct last commit
      2007-11-04 [paul]	3.0.2cvs115
      2007-11-04 [paul]	3.0.2cvs116
      2007-11-06 [paul]	3.0.2cvs119
      2007-11-07 [paul]	3.0.2cvs122
      2007-11-07 [paul]	3.0.2cvs123
      2007-11-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs127
      2007-11-08 [paul]	3.0.2cvs128
      2007-11-12 [paul]	3.0.2cvs134
      note when 3.1.0-rc2 was released
      2007-11-19 [paul]	3.0.2cvs145
      3.1.0 unleashed
      2007-11-20 [paul]	3.1.0cvs9
      2007-11-20 [paul]	3.1.0cvs10
      2007-11-22 [paul]	3.1.0cvs15
      2007-11-22 [paul]	3.1.0cvs16
      2007-11-23 [paul]	3.1.0cvs21
      2007-11-23 [paul]	3.1.0cvs22
      2007-11-23 [paul]	3.1.0cvs24
      2007-11-25 [paul]	3.1.0cvs27
      2007-12-01 [paul]	3.1.0cvs46
      2007-12-01 [paul]	3.1.0cvs47
      2007-12-01 [paul]	3.1.0cvs48
      2007-12-08 [paul]	3.1.0cvs70
      2007-12-15 [paul]	3.1.0cvs76
      2007-12-17 [paul]	3.1.0cvs79
      3.2.0 released
      2007-12-18 [paul]	3.2.0cvs5
      2007-12-18 [paul]	3.2.0cvs6
      2007-12-18 [paul]	3.2.0cvs7
      2007-12-19 [paul]	3.2.0cvs10
      2007-12-21 [paul]	3.2.0cvs14
      2007-12-22 [paul]	3.2.0cvs15
      2007-12-23 [paul]	3.2.0cvs16
      2008-01-23 [paul]	3.2.0cvs64
      2008-01-27 [paul]	3.2.0cvs68
      2008-02-01 [paul]	3.2.0cvs73
      2008-02-08 [paul]	3.3.0cvs1
      oops, getting ahead of myself
      3.3.0 unleashed
      2008-02-09 [paul]	3.3.0cvs3
      2008-02-10 [paul]	3.3.0cvs4
      2008-02-19 [paul]	3.3.0cvs17
      fix a typo
      2008-02-23 [paul]	3.3.0cvs21
      2008-02-26 [paul]	3.3.1cvs3
      2008-03-07 [paul]	3.3.1cvs17
      2008-03-12 [paul]	3.3.1cvs21
      2008-03-16 [paul]	3.3.1cvs25
      2008-03-21 [paul]	3.3.1cvs35
      2008-03-24 [paul]	3.3.1cvs37
      2008-04-10 [paul]	3.3.1cvs56
      2008-04-10 [paul]	3.3.1cvs57
      2008-04-18 [paul]	3.3.1cvs61
      3.4.0 release
      2008-04-22 [paul]	3.4.0cvs7
      2008-04-23 [paul]	3.4.0cvs8
      2008-05-04 [paul]	3.4.0cvs23
      2008-05-06 [paul]	3.4.0cvs27
      2008-05-13 [paul]	3.4.0cvs33
      2008-05-15 [paul]	3.4.0cvs37
      2008-05-15 [paul]	3.4.0cvs38
      2008-05-16 [paul]	3.4.0cvs43
      2008-05-16 [paul]	3.4.0cvs45
      2008-05-16 [paul]	3.4.0cvs46
      2008-05-23 [paul]	3.4.0cvs65
      2008-05-24 [paul]	3.4.0cvs66
      2008-05-24 [paul]	3.4.0cvs67
      2008-05-26 [paul]	3.4.0cvs69
      2008-05-29 [paul]	3.4.0cvs74
      2008-06-03 [paul]	3.4.0cvs81
      2008-06-16 [paul]	3.4.0cvs97
      2008-06-16 [paul]	3.4.0cvs98
      2008-06-21 [paul]	3.4.0cvs101
      2008-06-21 [paul]	3.4.0cvs102
      2008-06-21 [paul]	3.4.0cvs103
      2008-06-27 [paul]	3.4.0cvs114
      2008-06-27 [paul]	3.4.0cvs115
      2008-06-27 [paul]	3.4.0cvs116
      3.5.0 released
      2008-07-04 [paul]	3.5.0cvs3
      2008-07-04 [paul]	3.5.0cvs4
      2008-07-05 [paul]	3.5.0cvs13
      2008-07-06 [paul]	3.5.0cvs14
      2008-07-07 [paul]	3.5.0cvs20
      2008-07-07 [paul]	3.5.0cvs21
      2008-07-20 [paul]	3.5.0cvs27
      2008-07-20 [paul]	3.5.0cvs28
      2008-07-20 [paul]	3.5.0cvs30
      2008-08-01 [paul]	3.5.0cvs41
      2008-08-01 [paul]	3.5.0cvs44
      2008-08-02 [paul]	3.5.0cvs45
      2008-08-29 [paul]	3.5.0cvs82
      2008-09-12 [paul]	3.5.0cvs100
      2008-09-12 [paul]	3.5.0cvs101
      2008-09-12 [paul]	3.5.0cvs102
      2008-09-23 [paul]	3.5.0cvs124
      2008-09-25 [paul]	3.5.0cvs130
      2008-09-28 [paul]	3.5.0cvs137
      2008-10-03 [paul]	3.5.0cvs145
      3.6.0 unleashed
      2008-10-04 [paul]	3.6.0cvs3
      2008-10-04 [paul]	3.6.0cvs5
      2008-10-08 [paul]	3.6.0cvs17
      3.6.1 unleashed
      2008-10-16 [paul]	3.6.1cvs7
      2008-10-17 [paul]	3.6.1cvs8
      2008-10-18 [paul]	3.6.1cvs9
      2008-10-24 [paul]	3.6.1cvs10
      2008-10-24 [paul]	3.6.1cvs11
      2008-10-24 [paul]	3.6.1cvs12
      2008-11-22 [paul]	3.6.1cvs41
      2008-11-28 [paul]	3.6.1cvs49
      2008-11-29 [paul]	3.6.1cvs53
      2008-11-30 [paul]	3.6.1cvs54
      2008-11-30 [paul]	3.6.1cvs55
      2008-12-03 [paul]	3.6.1cvs58
      2008-12-05 [paul]	3.6.1cvs60
      2008-12-07 [paul]	3.6.1cvs62
      2008-12-07 [paul]	3.6.1cvs63
      2008-12-09 [paul]	3.6.1cvs65
      2008-12-09 [paul]	3.6.1cvs67
      2008-12-12 [paul]	3.6.1cvs71
      forgot to give credit for the patch
      2008-12-15 [paul]	3.6.1cvs76
      fix log entry
      2008-12-19 [paul]	3.6.1cvs80
      3.7.0 unleashed
      correction for release
      updated again for late ru.po submission
      updated again for late nl.po submission
      2008-12-21 [paul]	3.7.0cvs1
      2008-12-21 [paul]	3.7.0cvs2
      2008-12-21 [paul]	3.7.0cvs3
      2008-12-29 [paul]	3.7.0cvs6
      2008-12-30 [paul]	3.7.0cvs7
      2009-01-09 [paul]	3.7.0cvs21
      2009-01-09 [paul]	3.7.0cvs22
      2009-01-09 [paul]	3.7.0cvs23
      2009-01-11 [paul]	3.7.0cvs28
      2009-01-11 [paul]	3.7.0cvs29
      2009-01-11 [paul]	3.7.0cvs32
      2009-01-17 [paul]	3.7.0cvs35
      2009-01-17 [paul]	3.7.0cvs36
      2009-01-21 [paul]	3.7.0cvs39
      2009-01-27 [paul]	3.7.0cvs43
      2009-01-27 [paul]	3.7.0cvs44
      2009-01-28 [paul]	3.7.0cvs45
      2009-01-30 [paul]	3.7.0cvs46
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs47
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs48
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs49
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs50
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs51
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs52
      2009-01-31 [paul]	3.7.0cvs53
      2009-02-12 [paul]	3.7.0cvs60
      2009-02-12 [paul]	3.7.0cvs61
      2009-02-12 [paul]	3.7.0cvs62
      2009-02-12 [paul]	3.7.0cvs63
      2009-02-12 [paul]	3.7.0cvs64
      2009-03-06 [paul]	3.7.0cvs78
      3.7.1 released
      2009-03-08 [paul]	3.7.1cvs6
      2009-03-08 [paul]	3.7.1cvs7
      2009-03-09 [paul]	3.7.1cvs8
      2009-03-16 [paul]	3.7.1cvs16
      2009-03-16 [paul]	3.7.1cvs17
      2009-03-18 [paul]	3.7.1cvs21
      fix conflict
      2009-04-03 [paul]	3.7.1cvs35
      2009-04-03 [paul]	3.7.1cvs36
      2009-04-03 [paul]	3.7.1cvs38
      2009-04-04 [paul]	3.7.1cvs39
      small corrections
      2009-04-12 [paul]	3.7.1cvs43
      2009-04-19 [paul]	3.7.1cvs44
      2009-04-25 [paul]	3.7.1cvs46
      2009-04-25 [paul]	3.7.1cvs47
      2009-04-26 [paul]	3.7.1cvs48
      2009-05-06 [paul]	3.7.1cvs52
      2009-05-19 [paul]	3.7.1cvs58
      2009-05-21 [paul]	3.7.1cvs59
      2009-05-21 [paul]	3.7.1cvs60
      2009-06-24 [paul]	3.7.1cvs78
      2009-07-03 [paul]	3.7.1cvs85
      fix file encoding issues
      3.7.2 unleashed
      2009-07-04 [paul]	3.7.2cvs1
      2009-07-09 [paul]	3.7.2cvs3
      2009-07-19 [paul]	3.7.2cvs11
      2009-09-07 [paul]	3.7.2cvs28
      2009-10-05 [paul]	3.7.2cvs43
      2009-10-05 [paul]	3.7.2cvs44
      2009-10-05 [paul]	3.7.2cvs45
      2009-10-07 [paul]	3.7.2cvs47
      2009-10-07 [paul]	3.7.2cvs48
      2009-10-07 [paul]	3.7.2cvs49
      bring in line with 3.7.3 release
      2009-10-17 [paul]	3.7.3cvs1
      2009-10-18 [paul]	3.7.3cvs2
      2009-12-19 [paul]	3.7.3cvs40
      2009-12-31 [paul]	3.7.3cvs48
      2009-12-31 [paul]	3.7.3cvs49
      2010-01-01 [paul]	3.7.3cvs50
      2010-01-03 [paul]	3.7.3cvs52
      2010-01-08 [paul]	3.7.3cvs56
      fix encoding
      2010-01-08 [paul]	3.7.3cvs57
      3.7.4 unleashed
      2010-01-08 [paul]	3.7.4cvs1
      give the guy some credit
      3.7.5 unleashed
      2010-03-11 [paul]	3.7.5cvs33
      2010-03-25 [paul]	3.7.5cvs39
      2010-04-30 [paul]	3.7.5cvs53
      2010-05-01 [paul]	3.7.5cvs54
      2010-05-01 [paul]	3.7.5cvs55
      3.7.6 unleashed
      2010-05-14 [paul]	3.7.6cvs6
      2010-05-22 [paul]	3.7.6cvs7
      2010-11-19 [paul]	3.7.6cvs66
      3.7.7 unleashed
      2010-11-25 [paul]	3.7.7cvs6
      2010-12-03 [paul]	3.7.7cvs11
      2010-12-04 [paul]	3.7.7cvs12
      3.7.8 unleashed
      2010-12-22 [paul]	3.7.8cvs22
      2011-01-06 [paul]	3.7.8cvs27
      2011-01-06 [paul]	3.7.8cvs29
      2011-01-23 [paul]	3.7.8cvs42
      2011-01-23 [paul]	3.7.8cvs43
      2011-02-10 [paul]	3.7.8cvs49
      2011-02-10 [paul]	3.7.8cvs50
      2011-02-13 [paul]	3.7.8cvs54
      2011-02-16 [paul]	3.7.8cvs56
      2011-02-16 [paul]	3.7.8cvs57
      2011-03-18 [paul]	3.7.8cvs66
      2011-03-26 [paul]	3.7.8cvs68
      2011-03-31 [paul]	3.7.8cvs69
      2011-04-09 [paul]	3.7.8cvs78
      3.7.9 unleashed
      2011-04-09 [paul]	3.7.9cvs1
      2011-04-11 [paul]	3.7.9cvs11
      2011-04-11 [paul]	3.7.9cvs12
      2011-04-23 [paul]	3.7.9cvs13
      2011-04-24 [paul]	3.7.9cvs14
      2011-04-24 [paul]	3.7.9cvs15
      2011-04-24 [paul]	3.7.9cvs16
      2011-06-05 [paul]	3.7.9cvs25
      2011-06-21 [paul]	3.7.9cvs27
      2011-07-03 [paul]	3.7.9cvs28
      2011-07-03 [paul]	3.7.9cvs29
      2011-07-03 [paul]	3.7.9cvs30
      2011-07-05 [paul]	3.7.9cvs31
      2011-07-06 [paul]	3.7.9cvs34
      2011-08-05 [paul]	3.7.9cvs39
      2011-08-06 [paul]	3.7.9cvs41
      2011-08-06 [paul]	3.7.9cvs42
      fix indentation
      2011-08-09 [paul]	3.7.9cvs43
      2011-08-12 [paul]	3.7.9cvs45
      2011-08-17 [paul]	3.7.9cvs48
      2011-08-18 [paul]	3.7.9cvs49
      2011-08-23 [paul]	3.7.9cvs50
      2011-08-27 [paul]	3.7.9cvs52
      version 3.7.10 unleashed
      2011-08-27 [paul]	3.7.10cvs1
      2011-08-28 [paul]	3.7.10cvs2
      2011-10-15 [paul]	3.7.10cvs28
      2011-10-20 [paul]	3.7.10cvs39
      2011-10-31 [paul]	3.7.10cvs62
      2011-10-31 [paul]	3.7.10cvs63
      2011-11-10 [paul]	3.7.10cvs81
      2011-12-02 [paul]	3.7.10cvs109
      2011-12-16 [paul]	3.7.10cvs113
      3.8.0 released
      2011-12-16 [paul]	3.8.0cvs1
      2011-12-28 [paul]	3.8.0cvs7
      2012-03-29 [paul]	3.8.0cvs35
      correct commitHelper's mistake
      2012-05-16 [paul]	3.8.0cvs41
      2012-05-16 [paul]	3.8.0cvs42
      2012-05-16 [paul]	3.8.0cvs43
      2012-05-16 [paul]	3.8.0cvs46
      2012-05-27 [paul]	3.8.0cvs47
      2012-05-27 [paul]	3.8.0cvs48
      2012-05-30 [paul]	3.8.0cvs49
      2012-06-20 [paul]	3.8.0cvs54
      2012-06-27 [paul]	3.8.0cvs57
      2012-06-27 [paul]	3.8.0cvs58
      3.8.1 unleashed
      2012-06-30 [paul]	3.8.1cvs1
      make release day a little easier
      2012-07-07 [paul]	3.8.1cvs9
      2012-07-08 [paul]	3.8.1cvs10
      2012-07-10 [paul]	3.8.1cvs13
      2012-07-10 [paul]	3.8.1cvs14
      2012-10-13 [paul]	3.8.1cvs99
      2012-10-19 [paul]	3.8.1cvs102
      2012-10-31 [paul]	3.8.1cvs111
      2012-11-14 [paul]	3.8.1cvs120
      2012-11-14 [paul]	3.8.1cvs122
      2012-11-14 [paul]	3.8.1cvs123
      3.9.0 unleashedcd claws

Paweł Pękala (106):
      [pawel]	3.7.3cvs13
      *** empty log message ***
      freebsd date lacks --utc
      2009-11-17 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs15
      2009-11-18 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs16
      2009-11-18 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs17
      2009-11-19 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs18
      2009-11-24 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs20
      2009-12-02 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs27
      2009-12-02 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs28
      2009-12-02 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs29
      2009-12-03 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs30
      2009-12-04 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs31
      2009-12-04 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs32
      2009-12-05 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs33
      2009-12-08 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs34
      2009-12-10 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs39
      2009-12-29 [pawel]	3.7.3cvs47
      2010-01-17 [pawel]	3.7.4cvs5
      2010-01-22 [pawel]	3.7.4cvs7
      2010-01-22 [pawel]	3.7.4cvs8
      2010-01-23 [pawel]	3.7.4cvs9
      2010-01-23 [pawel]	3.7.4cvs10
      2010-01-31 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs1
      2010-01-31 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs2
      2010-02-03 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs6
      2010-02-03 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs7
      2010-02-08 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs8
      2010-02-08 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs9
      2010-02-09 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs14
      2010-02-10 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs18
      2010-03-21 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs34
      2010-03-21 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs35
      2010-03-22 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs36
      2010-03-23 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs37
      2010-03-24 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs38
      2010-03-26 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs40
      2010-03-27 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs41
      2010-03-29 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs43
      remove spaces
      2010-04-15 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs47
      2010-04-15 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs48
      2010-04-22 [pawel]	3.7.5cvs50
      2010-06-29 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs12
      2010-08-23 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs29
      2010-09-10 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs32
      2010-09-11 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs33
      2010-09-12 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs34
      2010-09-12 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs35
      2010-09-17 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs37
      2010-09-19 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs40
      2010-09-20 [pawel]	3.7.6cvs41
      2010-12-01 [pawel]	3.7.7cvs9
      2011-01-06 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs28
      2011-01-06 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs32
      2011-01-06 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs33
      2011-01-14 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs34
      2011-01-14 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs35
      2011-01-15 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs36
      2011-01-19 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs38
      2011-02-05 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs48
      2011-02-10 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs51
      2011-02-10 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs52
      2011-03-01 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs61
      2011-03-02 [pawel]	3.7.8cvs62
      2011-05-09 [pawel]	3.7.9cvs20
      2011-10-30 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs58
      2011-10-30 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs59
      2011-10-30 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs60
      2011-10-30 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs61
      2011-10-31 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs64
      2011-10-31 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs66
      2011-11-05 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs70
      2011-11-06 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs73
      2011-11-06 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs74
      2011-11-07 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs77
      2011-11-07 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs78
      2011-11-08 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs80
      2011-11-11 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs83
      2011-11-17 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs86
      2011-11-18 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs88
      2011-11-19 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs90
      2011-11-19 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs91
      2011-11-19 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs94
      2011-11-20 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs95
      2011-11-20 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs96
      2011-11-21 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs97
      2011-11-21 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs98
      2011-11-24 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs102
      2011-11-24 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs103
      2011-11-26 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs105
      2011-11-28 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs106
      2011-12-08 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs111
      2011-12-09 [pawel]	3.7.10cvs112
      2011-12-29 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs8
      2012-01-20 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs15
      2012-01-20 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs16
      2012-02-01 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs20
      2012-02-02 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs21
      2012-02-02 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs22
      2012-02-02 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs23
      2012-02-08 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs27
      2012-02-10 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs28
      2012-02-13 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs29
      2012-03-14 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs32
      2012-03-15 [pawel]	3.8.0cvs33

Ricardo Mones (130):
      2005-10-16 [mones]	1.9.15cvs64
      2005-10-24 [mones]	1.9.15cvs98
      2005-10-25 [mones]	1.9.15cvs109
      2005-10-26 [mones]	1.9.15cvs113
      2005-10-31 [mones]	1.9.15cvs128
      2005-11-29 [mones]	1.9.100cvs41
      2005-12-14 [mones]	1.9.100cvs90
      2006-01-14 [mones]	1.9.100cvs147
      2006-01-24 [mones]	1.9.100cvs182
      2006-01-24 [mones]	1.9.100cvs184
      2006-01-29 [mones]	1.9.100cvs199
      2006-02-06 [mones]	2.0.0cvs18
      2006-03-09 [mones]	2.0.0cvs128
      2006-04-05 [mones]	2.0.0cvs184
      2006-04-06 [mones]	2.1.0cvs6
      2006-04-06 [mones]	2.1.0cvs7
      2006-04-16 [mones]	2.1.0cvs50
      2006-05-29 [mones]	2.2.0cvs62
      2006-06-10 [mones]	2.2.3cvs8
      2006-06-15 [mones]	2.3.0cvs15
      2006-06-20 [mones]	2.3.1cvs4
      2006-07-30 [mones]	2.3.1cvs87
      2006-08-17 [mones]	2.4.0cvs55
      2006-08-17 [mones]	2.4.0cvs56
      2006-08-24 [mones]	2.4.0cvs80
      2006-08-25 [mones]	2.4.0cvs88
      2006-08-25 [mones]	2.4.0cvs89
      2006-08-26 [mones]	2.4.0cvs94
      2006-08-26 [mones]	2.4.0cvs95
      2006-09-01 [mones]	2.4.0cvs121
      2006-09-09 [mones]	2.4.0cvs166
      2006-09-24 [mones]	2.4.0cvs213
      2006-10-06 [mones]	2.5.3cvs14
      2006-10-24 [mones]	2.5.6cvs5
      2006-11-06 [mones]	2.5.6cvs21
      2006-11-10 [mones]	2.6.0cvs28
      2006-12-13 [mones]	2.6.1cvs25
      2006-12-13 [mones]	2.6.1cvs29
      2007-01-07 [mones]	2.6.1cvs116
      2007-01-25 [mones]	2.7.1cvs60
      2007-02-25 [mones]	2.7.2cvs74
      2007-04-15 [mones]	2.8.1cvs100
      2007-09-03 [mones]	3.0.0cvs1
      2007-09-21 [mones]	3.0.1cvs17
      2007-09-26 [mones]	3.0.1cvs34
      2007-09-30 [mones]	3.0.1cvs47
      2007-10-05 [mones]	3.0.2cvs10
      2007-10-11 [mones]	3.0.2cvs62
      2007-10-18 [mones]	3.0.2cvs86
      2007-11-18 [mones]	3.0.2cvs144
      2007-12-17 [mones]	3.1.0cvs78
      2007-12-19 [mones]	3.2.0cvs11
      2007-12-29 [mones]	3.2.0cvs22
      update .es.po
      2008-06-10 [mones]	3.4.0cvs86
      2008-06-10 [mones]	3.4.0cvs87
      2008-06-10 [mones]	3.4.0cvs89
      2008-06-13 [mones]	3.4.0cvs95
      2008-06-13 [mones]	3.4.0cvs96
      2008-06-20 [mones]	3.4.0cvs100
      2008-06-22 [mones]	3.4.0cvs105
      2008-06-23 [mones]	3.4.0cvs106
      2008-06-24 [mones]	3.4.0cvs110
      2008-08-07 [mones]	3.5.0cvs53
      2008-08-07 [mones]	3.5.0cvs53
      2008-09-16 [mones]	3.5.0cvs105
      2008-09-26 [mones]	3.5.0cvs134
      2008-09-30 [mones]	3.5.0cvs141
      2008-11-06 [mones]	3.6.1cvs19
      2009-01-12 [mones]	3.7.0cvs34
      2009-02-08 [mones]	3.7.0cvs56
      2009-02-27 [mones]	3.7.0cvs75
      2009-03-11 [mones]	3.7.1cvs11
      2009-05-21 [mones]	3.7.1cvs61
      2009-06-03 [mones]	3.7.1cvs66
      2009-06-03 [mones]	3.7.1cvs67
      2009-06-12 [mones]	3.7.1cvs74
      2009-07-18 [mones]	3.7.2cvs10
      2009-09-10 [mones]	3.7.2cvs30
      2009-09-20 [mones]	3.7.2cvs35
      2009-11-27 [mones]	3.7.3cvs23
      2009-12-02 [mones]	3.7.3cvs26
      2010-01-04 [mones]	3.7.3cvs53
      2010-01-04 [mones]	3.7.3cvs54
      2010-03-02 [mones]	3.7.5cvs30
      2010-04-09 [mones]	3.7.5cvs44
      2010-04-26 [mones]	3.7.5cvs51
      2010-10-04 [mones]	3.7.6cvs54
      2010-11-16 [mones]	3.7.6cvs63
      2010-11-24 [mones]	3.7.7cvs5
      2010-12-18 [mones]	3.7.8cvs9
      2011-01-23 [mones]	3.7.8cvs44
      2011-02-11 [mones]	3.7.8cvs53
      2011-05-12 [mones]	3.7.9cvs21
      2011-07-05 [mones]	3.7.9cvs32
      2011-07-06 [mones]	3.7.9cvs33
      2011-07-18 [mones]	3.7.9cvs36
      2011-07-21 [mones]	3.7.9cvs37
      2011-08-27 [mones]	3.7.9cvs51
      2011-10-15 [mones]	3.7.10cvs29
      2011-10-16 [mones]	3.7.10cvs30
      2011-10-17 [mones]	3.7.10cvs33
      2011-10-17 [mones]	3.7.10cvs34
      2011-10-19 [mones]	3.7.10cvs37
      2011-10-20 [mones]	3.7.10cvs38
      2011-10-26 [mones]	3.7.10cvs54
      2011-11-02 [mones]	3.7.10cvs69
      2011-11-18 [mones]	3.7.10cvs87
      2011-11-19 [mones]	3.7.10cvs92
      2011-11-19 [mones]	3.7.10cvs93
      2012-03-26 [mones]	3.8.0cvs34
      2012-07-10 [mones]	3.8.1cvs12
      2012-08-24 [mones]	3.8.1cvs35
      2012-09-09 [mones]	3.8.1cvs47
      2012-09-12 [mones]	3.8.1cvs54
      2012-09-14 [mones]	3.8.1cvs59
      2012-09-16 [mones]	3.8.1cvs60
      2012-09-19 [mones]	3.8.1cvs62
      2012-09-19 [mones]	3.8.1cvs63
      2012-09-19 [mones]	3.8.1cvs67
      2012-09-22 [mones]	3.8.1cvs71
      2012-09-25 [mones]	3.8.1cvs73
      2012-10-03 [mones]	3.8.1cvs82
      2012-10-06 [mones]	3.8.1cvs85
      2012-10-09 [mones]	3.8.1cvs86
      2012-10-12 [mones]	3.8.1cvs94
      2012-10-12 [mones]	3.8.1cvs98
      2012-10-18 [mones]	3.8.1cvs101
      2012-10-24 [mones]	3.8.1cvs103
      2012-11-06 [mones]	3.8.1cvs112

Salvatore De Paolis (42):
      2007-03-04 [iwkse]	2.8.0cvs12
      2007-07-25 [iwkse]	2.10.0cvs60
      2007-07-25 [iwkse]	2.10.0cvs61
      2007-10-09 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs41
      2007-10-09 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs39
      2007-10-09 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs39
      2007-10-09 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs43
      2007-11-05 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs117
      2007-11-06 [iwkse]	3.0.2cvs120
      2007-12-02 [iwkse]	3.1.0cvs49
      2008-04-03 [iwkse]	3.3.1cvs51
      2008-04-04 [iwkse]	3.3.1cvs52
      2008-04-04 [iwkse]	3.3.1cvs53
      2008-04-04 [iwkse]	3.3.1cvs54
      2008-06-03 [iwkse]	3.4.0cvs79
      *** empty log message ***
      2008-08-25 [iwkse]	3.5.0cvs72
      2008-08-28 [iwkse]	3.5.0cvs77
      2008-08-28 [iwkse]	3.5.0cvs79
      2008-08-29 [iwkse]	3.5.0cvs83
      2008-08-29 [iwkse]	3.5.0cvs84
      2009-06-06 [iwkse]	3.7.1cvs69
      2009-06-06 [iwkse]	3.7.1cvs70
      2009-06-06 [iwkse]	3.7.1cvs71
      2009-09-24 [iwkse]	3.7.2cvs36
      2009-09-24 [iwkse]	3.7.2cvs37
      2009-09-24 [iwkse]	3.7.2cvs38
      2009-09-24 [iwkse]	3.7.2cvs39
      2009-12-10 [iwkse]	3.7.3cvs37
      2009-12-10 [iwkse]	3.7.3cvs38
      2010-03-01 [iwkse]	3.7.5cvs27
      2010-03-01 [iwkse]	3.7.5cvs28
      2010-03-01 [iwkse]	3.7.5cvs29
      2010-05-04 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs1
      2010-05-04 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs2
      2010-06-21 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs10
      2010-07-09 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs14
      2010-07-09 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs15
      2010-07-10 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs17
      2010-07-11 [iwkse]	3.7.6cvs18
      2012-10-12 [iwkse]	3.8.1cvs95

Sergey Vlasov (55):
      Removed autogenerated files which do not belong in the CVS tree.
      Added .cvsignore to ignore autogenerated files silently.
      Made CVS ignore more autogenerated files.
      Added "--enable-maintainer-mode".
      Sync with sylpheed-0.4.65cvs4 and made it compile.
      Enhanced GnuPG key selection support.
      More verbose change log for enhanced GnuPG key selection support.
      Added option to warn about queued messages on exit.
      Removed config.h.in; added it (and also stamp-h, tags, TAGS) to .cvsignore
      Added TAGS to .cvsignore
      Fixed wint_t typedef detection (did not work with gcc-2.96)
      Removed src/Makefile.in (it is autogenerated)
      Fixed typo in sylpheed_SOURCES (prefs_headers.h)
      Added NNTP authentication support
      Fixed wint_t type detection again
      nntp_list(): return real error code instead of hardcoded NN_ERROR
      Fixed and improved NNTP authentication support.
      Reverted previous changes for NNTP authentication support (needs to be
      New NNTP authentication code.
      Fixed a problem with NNTP authentication failure handling (need to
      Added a check button for NNTP authentication to account preferences.
      Fixed a bug with disabled username/password boxes when editing POP3
      Added an option to disable the startup warning about GnuPG (from
      Fixed a bug when no article can be fetched after server timeout if the
      Applied the marknav patch (commands to move to prev/next marked message).
      Modified displayed headers configuration window:
      Added option to enable/disable GnuPG signature check popup.
      Fixed some compilation problems and warnings.
      Fixed some more compilation warnings.
      Fixed ESC handling in the custom header delete confirmation.
      Moved return receipt check button to the correct place.
      Removed unneeded files.
      Added new command "Reply to author".
      Made "Reply to author" send an email reply to a news posting.
      Added a toolbar button for the "Reply to author" command.
      Fixed hang on SMTP server failure.
      Fix for ISO-8859-* encodings with libjconv.
      src/smtp.c (smtp_ok): fixed sock_gets() error handling.
      Created autoconf/automake rules for the quote format parser.
      Created autoconf/automake rules for the quote format parser.
      Created autoconf/automake rules for the quote format parser.
      Fixed quote format parser compilation.
      Put lex/yacc autogenerated files in .cvsignore
      Added some files to EXTRA_DIST to fix "make dist".
      New base64 decoder (can handle unusual line lengths).
      Keep Bcc and Reply-To fields in the compose window visible if they are
      Fixed segfault when closing LDIF import window with the window manager.
      Fixed problem with copying messages to IMAP folders when the
      Use charset name "Windows-1251" instead of "CP1251".
      Fixed man page installation (use the correct automake method instead
      Applied (with some modifications) patch to set the micalg parameter
      Convert newlines in the message text to the canonical form
      * src/compose.c
      Removed first-dot escaping when using external command to send messages
      Fixed the problem of changing the window position when Sylpheed was

Thorsten Maerz (86):
      fix: parse empty addressbook (patch 552457)
      dont parse empty addressbook
      fix select_all and copy in multipart messages
      fixed cr/lf and ">" in html pages
      fixed last commit: use > instead of " (no version increment)
      fclose() matcherrc after reading
      corrected coding style (kept version)
      use binary mode for file access
      added calypso import script
      Fixed expansion of empty fields in matchactions
      Included save_all patch from Xaview FACQ
      fixed memleaks, coding style
      updated doc:selective download, delete on server
      save_all fixes
      fixed toolbar change/save issues
      updated TODO
      add default_reply_to folder option (closes patch 581044)
      exclude current msg from -hide read messages-
      remove rescan warning
      removed aspell from TODO
      removed GSList declaration causing trouble on MacOS-X
      added credits
      add check if gpg is active
      reenabled default_reply_to folder option
      inc_start(): Files were not moved from .processing to inbox
      fix default-reply-to (closes Feture Request #643656)
      cleaned up conflicting declarations of imageview_show_image()
      Updated hungarian translation (updated by Gal Zoltan)
      Added "search for message-id" script and doc
      inhibit endless loop if msg references itself
      detect loops across several messages
      fixed acessing members of freed pfile struct
      fixed printing wrong variable
      fixed wrong return value
      close file before rename
      Fix mh_get_msginfo() segfault if file is inaccessible
      Updated german translations
      use guint for message numbers (fix count in grouplist dialog)
      Updated german translations
      show progress while fetching news headers
      revert news progressbar (GUI separation)
      save-all fixes
      do not use description as attachment name
      fix compile errors with GNU gettext-0.11.5
      get_resized_size() and prefs_common accessible from plugins
      added function descriptions
      corrected implementation of mh_folder_destroy()
      fix possible compile issues: C++ comments, non-int function
      forgot version increment
      included missing intl.h
      possible use of uninitialized pointer while dragging
      fix typos
      dont free prefs_common.aspell_path when closing compose
      added mail_receive_hook
      added source and hook descriptions
      fix compile error
      fix compile error
      inital gtk2 patch
      keypress fixes
      second cumulative gtk2 patch
      Fix compile bug in src/compose.c, removed src/gtk/gtkstext.[ch]
      faq, man, manual moved to doc/; fix automake warnings
      sync 098claws
      variable names messed up
      textview: hide cursor, restore old click behaviour
      expand nodes containing subscribed groups
      remove orphaned mimeview unref()
      crash when inserting file in compose window; use gtkrc-2.0 intead of gtkrc
      reimplement spellchecker
      Fix SSL receive; Fix clipboard menu hotkeys
      Fix SSL certificate list not shown; Fix clicks in mimetree
      remove double g_source_attach()
      change coding style
      re-enable different font settings for gtk1/2; fix folder prefs displayed wrong; set 'sunken' shadow type
      enable customizable accelerators
      allow multiple selections without ctrl key
      sync 099claws
      utf8 conversion for theme info
      2004-12-07 [torte]	0.9.13cvs2.2
      2005-02-05 [torte]	1.0.0cvs27.1
      2005-03-20 [thorsten]	1.9.6cvs3
      2005-03-20 [thorsten]	1.9.6cvs4
      2005-03-20 [thorsten]	1.9.6cvs5
      2005-04-04 [thorsten]	1.9.6cvs24
      2005-05-05 [thorsten]	1.9.6cvs55

Tristan Chabredier (528):
      2005-10-15 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs48
      2005-10-16 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs51
      2005-10-16 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs52
      2005-10-17 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs67
      2005-10-17 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs68
      2005-10-23 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs95
      2005-10-23 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs96
      2005-10-23 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs97
      2005-10-25 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs102
      2005-10-26 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs110
      2005-10-26 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs114
      2005-10-26 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs115
      2005-10-27 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs121
      2005-10-27 [wwp]	1.9.15cvs123
      2005-11-02 [wwp]	1.9.99cvs5
      2005-11-04 [wwp]	1.9.99cvs10
      2005-11-04 [wwp]	1.9.99cvs11
      2005-11-06 [wwp]	1.9.99cvs12
      2005-11-08 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs1
      2005-11-08 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs2
      2005-11-10 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs6
      2005-11-14 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs12
      2005-11-15 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs14
      2005-11-15 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs15
      2005-11-17 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs16
      2005-11-18 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs21
      2005-11-22 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs26
      2005-12-02 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs52
      * Changelog:
      2005-12-02 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs54
      2005-12-12 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs84
      2005-12-28 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs109
      2005-12-28 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs110
      2005-12-28 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs111
      2006-01-09 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs127
      2006-01-19 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs170
      2006-01-20 [wwp]	1.9.100cvs173
      2006-02-06 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs19
      2006-02-08 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs31
      2006-02-08 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs32
      2006-02-09 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs38
      2006-02-09 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs40
      2006-02-10 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs42
      2006-02-12 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs44
      2006-02-13 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs46
      2006-02-15 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs51
      2006-02-15 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs52
      2006-02-15 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs53
      2006-02-15 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs54
      2006-02-15 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs55
      2006-02-16 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs57
      2006-02-16 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs58
      2006-02-20 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs63
      2006-02-20 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs64
      2006-02-20 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs65
      2006-02-20 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs66
      2006-02-21 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs68
      2006-02-21 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs69
      2006-02-22 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs70
      2006-02-22 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs71
      2006-02-22 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs72
      2006-02-23 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs74
      2006-02-23 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs75
      2006-02-23 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs76
      2006-02-23 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs77
      2006-02-24 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs80
      2006-02-24 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs81
      2006-02-27 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs86
      2006-02-28 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs87
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs88
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs89
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs90
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs91
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs92
      2006-03-01 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs93
      2006-03-02 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs99
      2006-03-02 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs100
      2006-03-02 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs101
      2006-03-04 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs105
      2006-03-04 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs106
      2006-03-04 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs107
      2006-03-04 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs108
      2006-03-04 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs109
      2006-03-06 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs111
      2006-03-06 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs112
      2006-03-06 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs113
      2006-03-09 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs125
      2006-03-09 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs125
      2006-03-09 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs127
      2006-03-14 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs137
      2006-03-17 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs146
      2006-03-17 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs147
      2006-03-17 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs148
      2006-03-19 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs155
      2006-03-21 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs160
      2006-03-23 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs166
      2006-03-26 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs174
      2006-03-26 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs175
      2006-03-27 [wwp]	2.0.0cvs176
      2006-04-06 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs11
      2006-04-06 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs12
      2006-04-07 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs14
      2006-04-07 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs15
      2006-04-12 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs32
      2006-04-12 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs33
      2006-04-12 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs34
      2006-04-12 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs35
      2006-04-13 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs36
      2006-04-13 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs39
      2006-04-14 [wwp]	2.1.0cvs46
      2006-05-13 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs10
      2006-05-13 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs11
      2006-05-13 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs13
      2006-05-15 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs14
      2006-05-16 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs19
      2006-05-16 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs20
      2006-05-17 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs25
      2006-05-17 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs26
      2006-05-17 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs30
      2006-05-19 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs36
      2006-05-19 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs37
      2006-05-19 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs38
      2006-05-22 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs45
      2006-05-22 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs47
      2006-05-24 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs51
      2006-05-24 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs52
      2006-05-24 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs53
      2006-06-01 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs70
      2006-06-02 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs72
      2006-06-02 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs73
      2006-06-04 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs80
      2006-06-04 [wwp]	2.2.0cvs82
      2006-06-05 [wwp]	2.2.1cvs3
      2006-06-12 [wwp]	2.3.0cvs1
      2006-06-12 [wwp]	2.3.0cvs2
      2006-06-12 [wwp]	2.3.0cvs3
      2006-06-13 [wwp]	2.3.0cvs7
      2006-06-13 [wwp]	2.3.0cvs8
      2006-06-21 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs8
      2006-06-23 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs16
      2006-06-27 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs25
      2006-06-28 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs31
      2006-06-28 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs35
      2006-06-29 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs37
      2006-06-29 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs38
      2006-07-03 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs52
      2006-07-05 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs59
      2006-07-06 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs63
      2006-07-06 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs64
      2006-07-12 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs82
      2006-07-16 [wwp]	2.3.1cvs83
      Removed for re-adding.
      Re-added w/ binary flag.
      2006-07-31 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs1
      2006-07-31 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs2
      2006-07-31 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs3
      2006-07-31 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs4
      2006-08-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs9
      2006-08-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs10
      2006-08-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs11
      2006-08-02 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs15
      2006-08-02 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs16
      2006-08-03 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs21
      2006-08-03 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs22
      2006-08-11 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs40
      2006-08-13 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs44
      2006-08-14 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs49
      2006-08-24 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs82
      2006-08-25 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs91
      2006-08-26 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs93
      2006-08-29 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs110
      2006-09-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs122
      Added missing Changelog entry (commitHelper doesn't know about CVSEDITOR).
      2006-09-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs123
      2006-09-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs124
      Typo (s/is/if/).
      2006-09-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs125
      2006-09-01 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs126
      2006-09-02 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs131
      Fixed missing text in changelog.
      2006-09-04 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs140
      2006-09-06 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs154
      2006-09-06 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs155
      2006-09-06 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs156
      2006-09-07 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs161
      2006-09-07 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs162
      2006-09-07 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs163
      2006-09-09 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs165
      2006-09-09 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs167
      2006-09-09 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs168
      2006-09-10 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs172
      2006-09-11 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs175
      2006-09-12 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs176
      2006-09-12 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs177
      2006-09-13 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs180
      2006-09-13 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs181
      2006-09-13 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs182
      2006-09-19 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs198
      2006-09-21 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs203
      2006-09-21 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs204
      2006-09-21 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs205
      2006-09-21 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs207
      2006-09-21 [wwp]	2.4.0cvs208
      2006-09-25 [wwp]	2.5.0cvs1
      2006-09-27 [wwp]	2.5.2cvs9
      2006-09-27 [wwp]	2.5.2cvs11
      2006-09-30 [wwp]	2.5.2cvs23
      2006-10-04 [wwp]	2.5.3cvs2
      2006-10-04 [wwp]	2.5.3cvs3
      2006-10-04 [wwp]	2.5.3cvs4
      2006-10-10 [wwp]	2.5.3cvs29
      2006-10-17 [wwp]	2.5.5cvs13
      2006-10-30 [wwp]	2.5.6cvs11
      2006-10-31 [wwp]	2.5.6cvs13
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs1
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs2
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs3
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs4
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs5
      2006-11-06 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs6
      2006-11-09 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs21
      2006-11-13 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs39
      2006-11-13 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs40
      2006-11-15 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs49
      2006-11-16 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs52
      2006-11-21 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs57
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs71
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs72
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs73
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs75
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs76
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs77
      2006-12-01 [wwp]	2.6.0cvs78
      2006-12-05 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs5
      2006-12-07 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs11
      2006-12-14 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs32
      2006-12-15 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs39
      2006-12-15 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs40
      2006-12-15 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs41
      2006-12-15 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs42
      2006-12-18 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs48
      2006-12-18 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs49
      2006-12-19 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs51
      2006-12-19 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs52
      2006-12-20 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs57
      2006-12-20 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs58
      2006-12-21 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs61
      2006-12-21 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs62
      2006-12-21 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs63
      2006-12-26 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs70
      2006-12-26 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs72
      2006-12-27 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs78
      2006-12-27 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs80
      2006-12-27 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs81
      2006-12-28 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs82
      2006-12-28 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs83
      2006-12-28 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs84
      2007-01-03 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs102
      2007-01-04 [wwp]	2.6.1cvs104
      2007-01-11 [wwp]	2.7.0cvs7
      2007-01-12 [wwp]	2.7.0cvs11
      2007-01-12 [wwp]	2.7.0cvs12
      2007-01-15 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs2
      2007-01-18 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs23
      2007-01-18 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs24
      2007-01-18 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs26
      2007-01-18 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs27
      2007-01-25 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs56
      2007-01-25 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs57
      2007-01-25 [wwp]	2.7.1cvs58
      2007-01-26 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs2
      2007-01-28 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs4
      2007-01-29 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs5
      2007-01-31 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs9
      2007-02-01 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs11
      2007-02-13 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs42
      2007-02-14 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs44
      2007-02-20 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs54
      2007-02-20 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs55
      2007-02-21 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs59
      2007-02-23 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs65
      2007-02-23 [wwp]	2.7.2cvs66
      2007-02-27 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs3
      2007-02-28 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs7
      2007-03-01 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs8
      2007-03-04 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs14
      2007-03-04 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs15
      2007-03-05 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs18
      2007-03-05 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs19
      2007-03-05 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs20
      2007-03-05 [wwp]	2.8.0cvs22
      2007-03-06 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs2
      2007-03-07 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs3
      2007-03-09 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs4
      2007-03-12 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs6
      Added missing copyright headers.
      2007-03-14 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs11
      2007-03-14 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs12
      2007-03-16 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs18
      2007-03-16 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs19
      2007-03-16 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs20
      2007-03-17 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs21
      2007-03-21 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs30
      2007-03-21 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs31
      2007-03-22 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs40
      2007-03-23 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs41
      2007-03-24 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs48
      2007-03-26 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs53
      2007-03-29 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs65
      2007-03-29 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs64
      2007-04-14 [wwp]	2.8.1cvs98
      2007-04-17 [wwp]	2.9.0cvs2
      2007-04-17 [wwp]	2.9.0cvs3
      2007-04-17 [wwp]	2.9.0cvs4
      2007-04-17 [wwp]	2.9.0cvs5
      2007-04-19 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs2
      2007-04-20 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs5
      2007-04-20 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs11
      2007-04-20 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs12
      2007-04-23 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs18
      2007-04-24 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs19
      2007-04-24 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs22
      2007-04-27 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs32
      2007-04-29 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs34
      2007-05-03 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs40
      2007-05-03 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs41
      2007-05-05 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs44
      2007-05-06 [wwp]	2.9.1cvs47
      2007-05-10 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs5
      2007-05-13 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs7
      2007-05-22 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs10
      2007-05-23 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs11
      2007-05-23 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs12
      2007-05-23 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs13
      2007-05-30 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs19
      2007-05-30 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs20
      2007-05-30 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs21
      2007-05-30 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs22
      2007-05-31 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs23
      2007-05-31 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs25
      2007-05-31 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs26
      2007-06-03 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs28
      2007-06-03 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs30
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs31
      Grmbl, fixing changelog.
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs32
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs33
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs34
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs35
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs36
      2007-06-04 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs38
      2007-06-05 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs40
      2007-06-05 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs41
      2007-06-05 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs42
      2007-06-07 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs45
      2007-06-08 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs47
      2007-06-08 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs48
      2007-06-08 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs49
      2007-06-08 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs50
      2007-06-10 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs51
      2007-06-10 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs52
      2007-06-12 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs55
      2007-06-12 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs56
      2007-06-14 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs58
      2007-06-17 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs68
      2007-06-18 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs70
      2007-06-29 [wwp]	2.9.2cvs76
      2007-07-04 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs6
      2007-07-05 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs7
      Fix a typo.
      2007-07-05 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs8
      2007-07-10 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs15
      2007-07-20 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs50
      2007-07-23 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs56
      2007-07-23 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs57
      2007-08-06 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs92
      2007-08-06 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs94
      2007-08-06 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs96
      2007-08-07 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs97
      2007-08-08 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs103
      2007-08-08 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs104
      2007-08-08 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs105
      2007-08-09 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs108
      2007-08-10 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs111
      2007-08-10 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs112
      2007-08-12 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs115
      2007-08-12 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs116
      2007-08-13 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs118
      2007-08-13 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs119
      2007-08-14 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs121
      2007-08-21 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs140
      2007-08-21 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs141
      2007-08-21 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs144
      2007-08-21 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs145
      2007-08-22 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs151
      2007-08-23 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs157
      2007-08-23 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs158
      2007-08-24 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs159
      2007-08-25 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs174
      2007-08-26 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs176
      2007-08-30 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs184
      2007-09-01 [wwp]	2.10.0cvs188
      2007-09-03 [wwp]	3.0.0cvs3
      2007-09-04 [wwp]	3.0.0cvs5
      2007-10-05 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs14
      2007-10-10 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs47
      2007-10-11 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs59
      2007-10-11 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs60
      2007-10-11 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs61
      Reworked the plugin window layouts, patch by Pawel Pekala <c0rn at o2.pl>.
      Grmbl, forgot to use commitHelper for 3.0.2cvs77.
      2007-10-17 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs78
      2007-10-17 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs79
      2007-10-18 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs88
      2007-10-19 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs93
      2007-10-22 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs95
      Fix dup cvs117 entries.
      2007-11-16 [wwp]	3.0.2cvs141
      2007-11-19 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs1
      2007-11-19 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs2
      2007-11-19 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs3
      2007-11-19 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs4
      2007-11-22 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs17
      2007-11-22 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs18
      2007-11-22 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs19
      2007-11-23 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs23
      2007-11-23 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs25
      2007-11-23 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs26
      2007-11-27 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs32
      2007-11-27 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs33
      2007-11-27 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs35
      2007-11-27 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs37
      2007-11-28 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs43
      2007-12-04 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs54
      2007-12-12 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs73
      2007-12-12 [wwp]	3.1.0cvs74
      2007-12-18 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs4
      2007-12-29 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs23
      2008-01-06 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs25
      2008-01-07 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs26
      2008-01-07 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs27
      2008-01-07 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs29
      2008-01-08 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs31
      2008-01-08 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs32
      2008-01-12 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs37
      2008-01-15 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs44
      2008-01-17 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs48
      2008-01-22 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs60
      2008-01-22 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs61
      2008-01-22 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs62
      2008-01-28 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs69
      2008-01-31 [wwp]	3.2.0cvs71
      2008-02-09 [wwp]	3.3.0cvs2
      2008-02-12 [wwp]	3.3.0cvs7
      2008-02-12 [wwp]	3.3.0cvs8
      2008-02-18 [wwp]	3.3.0cvs15
      Global and per-folder templates can now override the From name (this
      Revert previous (mis-)commit.
      2008-03-06 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs12
      2008-03-06 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs13
      2008-03-06 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs14
      2008-03-06 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs15
      2008-03-19 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs32
      2008-03-27 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs41
      2008-03-27 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs42
      2008-03-29 [wwp]	3.3.1cvs45
      2008-05-02 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs20
      2008-05-12 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs30
      2008-05-13 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs31
      2008-05-21 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs60
      2008-06-10 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs88
      2008-06-13 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs92
      2008-06-13 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs93
      2008-06-23 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs107
      2008-06-26 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs112
      2008-06-26 [wwp]	3.4.0cvs113
      2008-08-26 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs73
      2008-08-28 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs80
      2008-08-28 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs81
      2008-08-31 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs86
      2008-08-31 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs87
      2008-09-16 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs106
      2008-09-16 [wwp]	3.5.0cvs107
      2008-10-03 [wwp]	3.6.0cvs2
      2008-10-13 [wwp]	3.6.1cvs6
      2008-11-13 [wwp]	3.6.1cvs24
      2008-11-19 [wwp]	3.6.1cvs36
      2008-11-19 [wwp]	3.6.1cvs37
      2009-01-06 [wwp]	3.7.0cvs13
      2009-01-06 [wwp]	3.7.0cvs14
      2009-01-12 [wwp]	3.7.0cvs33
      Add per-folder default cc, bcc and reply-to.
      2009-03-06 [wwp]	3.7.1cvs2
      2009-10-21 [wwp]	3.7.3cvs7
      2009-10-21 [wwp]	3.7.3cvs8
      2010-04-26 [wwp]	3.7.5cvs52
      2010-06-23 [wwp]	3.7.6cvs11
      2010-09-17 [wwp]	3.7.6cvs36
      2010-09-30 [wwp]	3.7.6cvs42
      2010-11-02 [wwp]	3.7.6cvs60
      2010-11-04 [wwp]	3.7.6cvs62
      2010-11-20 [wwp]	3.7.7cvs2
      2011-03-17 [wwp]	3.7.8cvs65
      2011-04-05 [wwp]	3.7.8cvs72
      2011-04-08 [wwp]	3.7.8cvs74
      2011-08-12 [wwp]	3.7.9cvs44
      2011-11-05 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs72
      2011-11-23 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs100
      2011-11-24 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs101
      2011-11-29 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs107
      2011-11-29 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs108
      2011-12-08 [wwp]	3.7.10cvs110
      2011-12-16 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs2
      2012-01-10 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs13
      2012-01-25 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs17
      2012-01-31 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs18
      2012-01-31 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs19
      2012-02-03 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs24
      2012-06-02 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs50
      2012-06-02 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs51
      2012-06-02 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs52
      2012-06-02 [wwp]	3.8.0cvs53
      2012-07-06 [wwp]	3.8.1cvs6
      2012-07-15 [wwp]	3.8.1cvs15
      2012-08-27 [wwp]	3.8.1cvs36
      2012-10-29 [wwp]	3.8.1cvs108


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