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Sat Dec 14 11:13:40 CET 2013

The annotated tag 3.9.3 of project "claws" (Claws Mail) has been created
        at  4122bca4777d02939627b2f782101c94791500e8 (tag)
   tagging  5f224c577a9ab7b8e0a2c1af1148ea1010e50426 (commit)
  replaces  3.9.2
 tagged by  Paul
        on  Sat Dec 14 10:13:27 2013 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
3.9.3 unleashed

Andrej Kacian (3):
      Use MIME-Version instead of Mime-Version header, to conform to RFC 2045.
      In folder select dialog, allow type-search to match any part of folder names, not just beginning.
      In compose window, allow address completion to match any part of address, not just beginning.

Colin Leroy (20):
      Fix configure failing when cross-building for win32
      Implement a password get hooklist, allowing plugins to
      Add Michal to AUTHORS
      Fix typo preventing Win32 build
      More win32 fixes
      Add pthred libs
      Make signature auto-check not blocking.
      Fix an use-after-free
      Fix python check resetting LIBS on win32
      Fix exports
      Finish previous fix
      One more fix
      And again. This is starting to get ridiculous
      Fix bug #3004, "claws picks wrong mime type for attachments"
      Understand webcals:// as https://.
      Fix useless call to gpg_err_code for sig->validity
      Don't check versions (does not seem to have any adverse effects,
      Fix bug #3011, "crash when using %f Action on two or more uncached
      Better fix for bug #3009; conv_filename_to_utf8() converts strings
      Fix assertion (port != NULL) in password_get() for

Holger Berndt (34):
      Python plugin: Add explicit cast for function argument
      Python plugin: Better error reporting during directory creation
      Python plugin: Make some functions static
      Python plugin: Improve error reporting during plugin init
      Python plugin: Extend plugin description
      Add libetpan to jhbuild moduleset
      Python plugin: Fix typo
      Python plugin: Const fix and better description of MessageInfo objects
      Python plugin: Indent fix
      Python plugin: Add accessor to accounts, and an Account object
      Python plugin: Add account address
      Python plugin: Make account name and address read-only attributes
      Python plugin: Remove unused account methods
      Python plugin: Add folder properties
      Python plugin: Include information about default account
      Python plugin: Make it possible to query current and default account
      Python plugin: Make fwdinfo accessible in compose window object
      Python plugin: Add accessor to Account object for compose window
      Python plugin: Let Account objects compare equal if they refer to the same account
      Python plugin: Account: Create Python objects for members on the fly
      Python plugin: Folder: Create Python objects for members on the fly
      Python plugin: Folder: Add identifier property
      Python plugin: Account: Harden string representation
      Python plugin: MessageInfo: Create Python objects for members on the fly
      Python plugin: Folder: Return None for folders without an id
      Python plugin: Add Mailbox type
      Python pluging: Folder: Add accessor to Mailbox object
      Python plugin: Make it possible to get folder tree from a Mailbox
      Python plugin: Mailbox: Add type checking function
      Python plugin: Make it possible to select a mailbox in folderview
      Python plugin: Folder: Add message counts as read-only properties
      Python plugin: Example: Make recursive-mark-as-read also work on mailbox
      Python plugin: Folder: Let path return the absolute path
      Python plugin: Folder: Fix deprecation warning

Michael Rasmussen (2):
      Fix bug 3002 'undefined reference to check_file_integrity'.
      Updated Team list to be in sync with section=community on the web

Paul (40):
      fix double-free crasher in Edit Accounts dialogue
      fix debian bug #711864, 'claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin: when creating meeting GTK_IS_COMBO_BOX_TEXT failed'
      fix a bunch of combobox related warnings
      fix implicit declaration warning
      fix a couple more compiler warnings
      clean up former extra-plugins Makefiles
      also add Henri Bauer here
      remove obsolete maemo support
      in the output of `claws-mail -V` use 'Enchant' instead of 'aspell' and whilst I'm at it, make all the uppercase/lowercase match the About dialogue too
      fix bug 2957, 'Double-free in account preferences'
      fix bug 2961, 'Partial retrieval not available with PGP/Inline encrypted messages'
      fix DNS Prefetching leak
      fix bug 2960, 'rfc3156 deviation regarding hash symbols'
      fix bug 2954, 'Crash in "Save Image As" for HTML message'
      upgrade to and require gettext >= 0.18, fixes build/install with automake 1.13
      fix bug 2794, ' account privacy signing method ignored on reply'
      insert X-Bogosity header like the option says, not X-Claws-Bogosity header
      fix bug 2994, 'translating folder name'
      fix bug 2986, 'Down and Delete buttons have same hotkey in filtering config' and then some
      make "Present main window" translatable
      fix bug 2995, 'closing extended quick search information panel triggers window focus bug'
      no need to do ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H twice
      fix bug 2979, 'claws fails to load (empty) folderlist.xml and shows account wizard'
      fix bug 2989, 'Segfault at startup because of corrupted folderlist.xml'
      revert part of last commit
      add option to disable the 'Subject is empty' warning dialogue
      fix bug 2940, 'Extended search dialog too small for content in polish l10n'
      fallback to 'localhost' rather than 'unknown' as some SMTP servers reject 'EHLO unknown', e.g. gmx and web.de. Thanks to Hanno Meyer-Thurow.
      before parsing the values, remove whitespace from Content-Type, Content-Transfer-Encoding, and Content-Disposition header values
      ooops! I forgot the brackets in the last commit. d'oh!
      fix bug 3021, 'Icon key_pgp_signed always shows as the default, never the themed version'
      be less brutal: don't remove all spaces, just remove spaces at the end of the string
      add 'Replace Signature' menu item
      implement enhancement bug 3026, 'replace short by long IDs in dialogue(s) of gpg related plugin(s)'
      fix off-by-one count
      make the frame label more accurate
      fix sensitivity and state of 'hide read threads'
      update the Plugins window label to link to 'more inforamtion' rather than 'more plugins', since all plugins are built-in now
      update translations
      3.9.3 unleashed

Pawel Pekala (2):
      Fix python check for systems with dlopen(3) in libc (BSD family)
      Revert last commit

Ricardo Mones (34):
      Revert undesired effect of fixing bug #2927
      Deprecated gthread functions in newer glib
      Use the correct type for adjustments
      Complete the fix for bug #2132
      Fix bug #2982 'variable declaration behind FLOCK conditional'
      Fix sorting errors of previous modification and some more
      Don't return FALSE when is NULL
      Remove implicit declaration warning for “networkmanager_is_online”
      Fix access beyond array bounds
      Fix msginfo checks
      Fix typo
      Fix remaining cases of bug #2923
      Fix bug #2210, but not on Address Book
      Fix segfault for addresses without name part
      Quote all specials in name as defined on RFC
      New utils function escape_internal_quotes
      Fix bug #2964 'Lack of escaping of nested double-quotes in To: header'
      Clean ‘account.c:1866:2: warning: comparison between pointer and integer’
      Clean args const-ness in cm_menu_set_sensitive_full
      Clean address_keeper const-ness warnings
      Clean att_remover warnings
      Clean fancy warnings
      Clean ‘geolocation_plugin.c:260:23: warning: initialization discards 'const' qualifier from pointer target type’
      Clean ytnef.c warnings
      Clean spam_report warnings
      Clean all ‘… warning: "_POSIX_C_SOURCE" redefined’
      Clean ‘perl_plugin.c:993:8: warning: unused variable 'tag_id'’
      Clean clamd plugin warning
      Clean mailmbox plugin warnings
      Clean ‘warning: variable 'self' set but not used’
      Clean ‘newmail.c:132: warning: `sys_errlist' is deprecated’
      Clean poppler_viewer.c switch warnings
      Fix poppler required version accordingly
      Fix bug #3009 ‘"Rebuild folder tree" causes SIGSEGV if a directory name isn't valid utf-8’


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