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Fri Nov 16 08:27:36 CET 2012

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	ChangeLog PATCHSETS configure.ac 
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2012-11-16 [paul]	3.9.0cvs7

	* po/de.po
		fix by Thomas Bellmann 

Index: configure.ac
RCS file: /home/claws-mail/claws/configure.ac,v
retrieving revision 1.654.2.4583
retrieving revision 1.654.2.4584
diff -u -d -r1.654.2.4583 -r1.654.2.4584
--- configure.ac	15 Nov 2012 15:23:13 -0000	1.654.2.4583
+++ configure.ac	16 Nov 2012 07:27:33 -0000	1.654.2.4584
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@

RCS file: /home/claws-mail/claws/PATCHSETS,v
retrieving revision
retrieving revision
diff -u -d -r1.1.2.4515 -r1.1.2.4516
--- PATCHSETS	15 Nov 2012 15:23:12 -0000
+++ PATCHSETS	16 Nov 2012 07:27:33 -0000
@@ -4504,3 +4504,4 @@
 ( cvs diff -u -r -r src/Makefile.am;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/action.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/addr_compl.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/addressbook.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/addrgather.c;  cvs diff -u -r 1.382.2.617 -r 1.382.2.618 src/compose.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/editaddress.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/editgroup.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/main.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/mainwindow.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/message_search.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/prefs_display_header.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/prefs_filtering_action.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/prefs_matcher.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/prefs_other.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/prefs_toolbar.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/printing.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/stock_pixmap.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/summary_search.c;  cvs diff -u -r 1.395.2.456 -r 1.395.2.457 src/summaryview.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/textview.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/Makefile.am;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/colorlabel.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/combobox.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/combobox.h;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkcmclist.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkcmclist.h;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkcmctree.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtksctree.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkshruler.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkutils.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkutils.h;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/inputdialog.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/quicksearch.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/plugins/pgpcore/Makefile.am;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/plugins/pgpinline/Makefile.am;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/plugins/pgpmime/Makefile.am;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/plugins/smime/Makefile.am;  ) > 3.9.0cvs4.patchset
 ( cvs diff -u -r -r src/main.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/statusbar.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkcmclist.c;  cvs diff -u -r -r src/gtk/gtkcmclist.h;  ) > 3.9.0cvs5.patchset
 ( cvs diff -u -r 1.395.2.457 -r 1.395.2.458 src/summaryview.c;  ) > 3.9.0cvs6.patchset
+( cvs diff -u -r -r po/de.po;  ) > 3.9.0cvs7.patchset

Index: ChangeLog
RCS file: /home/claws-mail/claws/ChangeLog,v
retrieving revision 1.396.2.3686
retrieving revision 1.396.2.3687
diff -u -d -r1.396.2.3686 -r1.396.2.3687
--- ChangeLog	15 Nov 2012 15:23:13 -0000	1.396.2.3686
+++ ChangeLog	16 Nov 2012 07:27:32 -0000	1.396.2.3687
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2012-11-16 [paul]	3.9.0cvs7
+	* po/de.po
+		fix by Thomas Bellmann
 2012-11-15 [colin]	3.9.0cvs6
 	* src/summaryview.c

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