[Users] Privacy issue (was Webmail support in Claws Mail )

alb348 at gmail.com alb348 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 13:27:33 CET 2012

*>>/You may call me paranoid, but the thought that everyone can easily
/>>/know that this weekend I am here or there, and that on that date I was
/>>/in that city, is a rather disturbing thought, which flatly violates
/>>/any privacy expectation. /

Colin wrote:
 >If your privacy expectation is that high, you'd be better off sending
 >your emails via your own server, configured with SSL + SMTP 
 >and configured to avoid logging the submitter's IP address.

Sorry, Colin, but it is not really the case that my privacy expectations 
are "that" high.

Moreover, instead of the technically advanced solution that you 
suggested, I would
rather use the relatively simpler solution of using webmail. As I 
explained in my first post, such a solution is already available as a 
Thunderbird add-on (under the name Webmail Notifier, although it is 
something more than a simple notifier), and it works great. Why can't we 
have the same thing in Claws Mail?

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