[Users] [Bug 2577] Focus rectangle on folder list and message list headings doesn't get properly cleared when switching heading and horizontally scrolling list (underlines and vertical lines remain on screen)

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Mon Jan 9 12:01:43 CET 2012


pezcurrel <pezcurrel at tiscali.it> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Black lines under folder    |Focus rectangle on folder
                   |list and message list       |list and message list
                   |headings                    |headings doesn't get
                   |                            |properly cleared when
                   |                            |switching heading and
                   |                            |horizontally scrolling list
                   |                            |(underlines and vertical
                   |                            |lines remain on screen)

--- Comment #16 from pezcurrel  2012-01-09 12:01:43 ---
I have the bug with any theme I try, for example "clearlooks" and "human".
"clearlooks engine" comes with "gtk2-engines 1:2.20.0-0ubuntu1"
(/usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/libclearlooks.so), "human" uses - guessing
from dependencies - "gtk2-engines-murrine 0.90.3+git20100323-0ubuntu3"
Also tried with "gtk2-engines-xfce 2.6.0-2".

I tried to mess with the cvs code and found out that I can "fix" the problem by
changing src/gtk/gtkcmctree.c, line 941 ("/* draw focus rectangle */" block),
cairo_rectangle(cr, row_rectangle.x, row_rectangle.y,
cairo_rectangle(cr, row_rectangle.x, row_rectangle.y - 1,

It works here, but I really wouldn't call it a fix since I just "tried
something", basing a guess on the behaviour on my setup, and didn't even try to
understand all the logic behind the involved code since I guess it would take
much time for me.. hope this can be of some help for developers.

Another "brute fix" is to comment out the..
//        cairo_stroke(cr);
..few lines below, which completely disables the drawing of the focus rectangle
(here focus can be seen anyway by the different background color of selected
heading, as it was in previous versions).

Also, there's another strange behaviour: when scrolling the message headings
list from right to left, vertical lines stay drawed on the selected heading..
see the attachment in previous comment (this doesn't get "fixed" by the first
change I wrote of).

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