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--- Comment #10 from Little Girl  2012-01-09 05:53:41 ---
My hardware:
- Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT video card
- Hard drive: Western Digital SATA
- Motherboard: ASUS M2N-E AM2
- Processor: AMD Athlon 2.4 Ghz dual core
- RAM - Corsair DDR2 SDRAM 2 GB 

My software:
- Email: Claws Mail 3.8.0
- Operating system: Kubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)
- Desktop: KDE 4.4.5
- Boot manager: GRUB 1.98
- Dependency for Claws Mail: GTK version? No idea. Maybe you can tell me which
version I have. This is what dpkg -l | grep libgtk has to say:
ii  libgtk2.0-0                          2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1                     
         The GTK+ graphical user interface library
ii  libgtk2.0-bin                        2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1                     
         The programs for the GTK+ graphical user int
ii  libgtk2.0-common                     2.20.1-0ubuntu2.1                     
         Common files for the GTK+ graphical user int
ii  libgtkmm-2.4-1c2a                    1:2.20.3-0ubuntu1                     
         C++ wrappers for GTK+ (shared libraries)
ii  libgtksourceview2.0-0                2.10.4-0ubuntu1                       
         shared libraries for the GTK+ syntax highlig
ii  libgtksourceview2.0-common           2.10.4-0ubuntu1                       
         common files for the GTK+ syntax highlightin
ii  libgtkspell0                         2.0.16-1                              
         a spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView wi

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