[Users] Cannot open attachment in sent mail

Nicolas Iselin nicolas.claws at iselin.ch
Thu Jan 5 09:04:38 CET 2012

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your feedback.

> > 
> > I would like now to open the attachment when viewing the sent mail.
> > But a right-click on the Attachment (in the Attachment Tab) offers
> > only "add", "remove" and "properties". Using copy&paste of the path
> > and going to the command line, I manage to open the attachment. 
> > 
> I have normal attachment icons for the messages in my sent folder that
> have attachments, but then the only place I have an attachment tab is
> in a compose window, not in a message in the sent folder.
> Claws only actually encodes and adds the attachment when you either
> send or save to drafts, so you can't see the attachment until this
> point has been passed.

This description does not match what I see: I just made a test by
sending a mail to myself. Whenever I open the mail in the "sent"
folder, claws opens a "compose window" (with the problem described
above). When I open the received copy in the Inbox, everything is the
way I expect it.

I suspected that the problem could be related to my migration from
Kmail. I checked the actual representation on disk of the mails and
found that new mails (created with claws) have additional special
headers (which are terminated with "X-Claws-End-Special-Headers: 1")

However, the behaviour is identical with old mails migrated (that
don't have the claws special headers): They always open up in a "compose

I did now the following test: 

md5sum sent/2300
3939faf00495be98b4ee231f5b618e90  sent/2300

-> move the mail in the claws GUI to trash

md5sum trash/39
3939faf00495be98b4ee231f5b618e90  trash/39

-> open mail from trash folder with doubleclick:

It opens in a "view window" and I can open the attachment as normal.

==> So the decision whether to open a "compose" or "view" window upon a
    doubleclick is not dependent of the representation on disk, but the
    folder (name or type or ...).

I found out that I can open a "view" window by right click-> "View" ->
"View in new Window" (Ctrl-Alt-N) (sorry, use a German GUI, maybe my
backtranslation is not correct ;-)

Is the doublick-behaviour configurable?

Regards and thanks for your patience.

Nicolas Iselin

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