[Users] Moving files

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Wed Jan 4 12:01:42 CET 2012

> I want to move my entire Claws setup to a different machine with a
> different
> username but retaining all the email history etc.
> In other words move from /home/foo to /home/bar
> I suspect that some entries in the various Claws files will be using
> full length
> names like /home/foo/{somefile}
> Is there a simple way to find and change these?

My guess is that there are no long file names, and therefore the
simplest solution would be to;

1. Copy over /home/foo/.claws-mail/ to /home/bar/.claws-mail
2. Copy over /home/foo/Mail to /home/bar/Mail
3. Change any username specific entries in your new configuration 
(these entries are normally related to your isp account and probably
don't need changing)
4. depending on how you do the copy, you may have change ownership of
the transferred files.

If that doesn't work, just remove the .claws-mail and Mail directories
and look for a better answer


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