[Users] Email-linked notes

alb348 at gmail.com alb348 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 09:23:06 CET 2012

I was very happy to find out that a note-taking solution for Claws Mail 
has been implemented by one the developers 
This solution allows you to link a note to an email, and the note can be 
stored externally. This is a very useful idea, and I believe it deserves 
to be developed further.
However, as Holger points out, his implementation is not very end-user 
friendly. But that is only because it's just an early prototype.

PLEASE, Holger, could you please develop this concept further, because 
it would be fantastic!

Features my wishlist:
* option to store the email-linked notes either externally (Tomboy or 
other programs) or internally (managed by Claws Mail, and stored in a 
text file in the direcory of the stored emails)
* the notes should be searchable (from within Claws Mail)
* option to encrypt the notes (ok, maybe I am demanding too much, I 
know, but this is a wishlist, so I wish...;)

If you could integrate email-linked notes into the main Claws Mail 
program, it would be really appreciated.
I hope the other users will share my opinion.


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