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Sun Oct 9 15:15:34 CEST 2011


--- Comment #32 from Hanno Meyer-Thurow  2011-10-09 15:15:34 ---
So, there is no need for any sorting within the GtkTreeView? Great!
To simply rebuilt seems faster anyway, good.

I wonder if it is possible to add callbacks for the GtkTreeView column button
clicked events.
Or if there needs to be an own GtkSortable implementation to manage that. I
hope not ...

On a sidenote, I added a GtkTreeModel based on GtkTreeStore from gtk git 3.2
For now I only removed the GtkSortable implementation. Now, one can start to
fiddle with the underlying data containers. Hopefully, this stays somewhat
close to upstream to sync with their changes/fixes.
Well, will be semi-difficult anyway for various reasons.

One would need to fix the CMTreeStore for Gtk+ 2.x:
cmtreestore.c: In function 'cm_tree_store_tree_model_init':
cmtreestore.c:203:8: error: 'GtkTreeModelIface' has no member named

A quick test result here for ~5000 entries:
tree populate takes 250ms vs list 30ms

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