[Users] [Bug 2371] Port to GTK+3.0

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Sat Oct 8 14:53:35 CEST 2011


--- Comment #28 from Gerard Seibert  2011-10-08 14:53:35 ---
Purely my own observation, but I have found that continued support for multiple
versions can significantly lead to program "bloat" and in some situations case
a "regression" in application performance and/or stability. Plus, it causes the
developers resources to be further strained. A significantly improved version,
GTK 3.x is now available. To ignore it would seem asinine. I would propose that
it be incorporated into claws-mail at a moderate rate, cumulating in the
removal for support for the GTK 2.x versions withing 2 years. In that manner,
everyone has time to make the required accommodations and modifications to
their systems.

Then again, that is just my 2¢.

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