[Translators] geolocation: translated country names (no thanks!)

wwp subscript at free.fr
Wed Dec 14 11:05:50 CET 2011


the geolocation plug-in offers (!) to translate a normalized list of
country names.

Well, to me, this is a very bad idea :-D, one could even name it a pain
in the *ss. The plug-in implementation should contain a normalized
multi-lang table and parse it or, fetch from an online database or..

Anyway! ISO defines a list of country names:
Following that link, I could only find the English and French lists.

Here you can find translated ISO lists in English/French/Spanish/Italian/Russian
at least), available under public domain:


See at bottom of page, all the download links.

I presume that once all translators will have provided country names
list in all languages, there will be no need for changing the way those
lists are handled by the plug-in code, but IMO there's still a need for
a better implementation.

HTH, and hope to see a comment on this from the geolocation maintainer
as well ;-).


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