[Devel] The CVS to Git migration schedule

Ricardo Mones ricardo at mones.org
Fri Mar 15 12:36:38 CET 2013

  Hi all,

  Yes, as subject suggests the moment you were eagerly awaiting has arrived!

  The plot is expected to be as follows:

  - CVS server is shutdown, put in readonly mode and restarted
  - A repository tarball is generated and downloaded to a faster machine
  - Migration scripts are run on the faster machine
  - The generated git repo is checked, tarballed and re-uploaded to server
  - The git tarball is unpacked on /home/git, latest stage scripts run
  - Some more checks to verify everything's in place and working
  - Send a mail announce to devel@, users@ and translators@
  - Go to sleep!

  Starting time is Saturday 16th of March, 2013 at 22:00 UTC¹.

  If everything goes well, everything should be done in 2 hours or so.
  If not, the process will be reverted and CVS will be in read-write
  mode again.

  Things expected to be "broken" after the above process succeeds:

  * The "Claws Mail CVS tracker" page will stop updating on commits
  * Bugzilla's automatic message when some bug # is mentioned in
    ChangeLog (this should be modified to read git log instead)
  * Autobuilders pulling from CVS
  * Messages to the commit@ list will have different format (you may
    have to check your filtering/processing rules).


¹ http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?p0=1440&iso=20130316T22
  Ricardo Mones 
  The world will end in 5 minutes. Please log out.            Unknown

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